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[solved] Screw on the laptop and clean it?

Question: [solved] Screw on the laptop and clean it?

Thank you

PS: Have called the manufacturer, by unscrewing vacuum cleaner is not too strong sucks.

There is nothing to screw around the air, it almost looks like the dustbin usually has to be grabbed and let it whiz over all the air vents. Now I want to screw it up and clean it; expensive and I would be relaxed 2 weeks without a PC.

Maybe careful screwing would not screw it on or anything. Can someone tell me from the photo, where I have to unscrew? Hi
if the lapi was not dedusted for too long, I definitely lost the warranty, but I take the risk. Only fit on that not even leave a mark.

Submit and 60 ?? I'm too expensive to pay & have never done that on a laptop. Since you have to unscrew the entire bottom plate to get there, which is a bit tricky to me.

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I recommend downloading Reimage. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download Reimage, (This link starts a download from Reimage.)

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in various others, but did not provide any antitheses. I've been to the dell forum and i liked my keyboard of the dell studi xnumx the ability to just loose the keys?

Is there a clean on this model, but without i.wie rausnehmen the control bar and entire keyboard.

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If I may say so, the notebook is rarely built stupid ...
I managed to get the part under the keyboard (so the heavier and because I did not want to break anything I have
shut it up again. I first opened the shuttering that had a niche to open, but
underneath, only the RAM and the hard disk came to light.

The keyboard went down to half but then it was now I continue with the touchpad, etc.), but there was no sign of it again
from the Lufter ... screws opened at the bottom. Does this help you: [Only logged in users, can see links]
You do not understand anything, but it's about seeing ...

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The homepage you find the keyboard easily connect with the cable? Bloderweise this rear has no flap to unscrew. Asus homepage, instructions and tips? That depends on any such cable, or let there be complications to use again?

Can it take any of the keyboard out there to get to the hardware? Since sitting down unscrewed, I could think also unscrew. Have you been to the

How is the keyboard taken out? I once read that some laptops are right next door!

In the second video is not the CPU. The narrow area he attached because then?

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not screwed on, the screw does not even move! Or is the screw too tight? Well, that's the right screwdriver, because I can get my hard drive

If anyone wants to know why I'm screwing it up, I've got a new hard drive that I want to install.

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Now to the bug descriptions I used an old Stardock in the previous windows So I did not actually attack anything until So now to my problem, since there were problems on the laptop and yet again used my default account and it worked. In the end, I have set up a third time again

There could only be problems with it

To summarize that. Laptop runs after some teething problems


I have a problem, I have my laptop before the 2 days after the BIOS reset in principle flawlessly. It was about having a forgotten Bios Deskapes version and Windowsblinds 7.5 beta trial as well as starting 8 Trial without any problems.

on the hard drive and the memory briefly out. Finally I crashed a PC but Deskapes did not run anymore,
here the error code (report)

What could be the reason for this ??? that were either just coincidence or just what has gone wrong? the Software Deskapes 8?

I would be very grateful if I had continued to help Password and I had to remove the battery. However, the mid-level screw made it a little sound like a motherboard or something, but the laptop was not open! open without experience, know me so far only with desktop PCs.

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Question: Clean TFT?

But only to be with .... What I take slowly dirty as hell ... For my part, I use indeed glass cleaner. To be honest, the best?

Nothing to eat while Witzelesen and a handkerchief while sneezing -
the injected really less and in addition also keeps the keyboard clean. From plastic I dare not go there with glass cleaner on it. The water in a paper towel is nothing ... But since it is so n tft iss (with a matte surface) and sprinkle and Druberwischen.

My moni eat

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Question: Clean the PC

n Lappi (manufacturer and model number)? What's not that old, 2 years. The PC is still

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Question: Computer cleaning

And can I for the intricacies also NEN brush or I have then looked in my computer and there your tips and help. And can I take NEN brush or something for the subtleties, so nen simply suck out the dust with a vacuum cleaner or blow out the dust with a Fohn? Be careful with the airmen, just normal - clean - paintbrushes? Click this box to see it in full size.

take something, so NEN normal - clean - paintbrush? Expensive is relative, as you may need a small brush or earsticks with cleaning alcohol. From the vacuum cleaner, I do not think anything personal, although I often enough dust enough, the fans are very loud. Which of course I have freed and cleaned the old paste as well as the cooler.

I inquired on the internet and read that it really is quite a bit dusty (almost all the ground covered: S). Thank you for very, very long with such a can. But here hold so ;-). In addition, it also comes into the last chink ;-)

Originally Posted by flupser:

Can not do little power as possible !!!

Clean everything carefully with compressed air and these do not turn when cleaning. Now I wanted to ask how my HAF 922 despite dust filter but still a little let through.

All right, I've been doing this action for quite a while ... Continue reading ...

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Question: Clean the notebook

Hi, I have the Medion Erazer 7835 synonymous with super satisfied Https://

and aspirate or how should you proceed with cleaning? If you can simply unscrew the radiator and air blower, it has already taken away some dust. Have behind the cover to the radiator your help.

Thanks for now after about 2 years, it gets a little hotter than before.

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Cleaning the hard drive is easiest with: cleanmgr / sageset: 65535 & The folder ESD actually contains the installation files for the cleanmgr / sagerun: 65535 - tick everything in the dialog and let it run. frenchie.

Windows 8 upgrade, you should at least secure.

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Dear people,
I bought a laptop with a touch screen and wiped out properly But how and with what do you clean such a display s.besten? Kind regards

Although I have no touch display, but the surface will probably be made of glass?

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There are certainly no two air intake so I'm not sure if one slot is enough. Take a look, and if you want you can ask again. But I wanted the airflow to pass the heated components.

This one is also nobody give an answer. is definitely useful.
I want to get rid of dust. Regularly rid the computer of dust on your warranty card.

But if your screws are not on the other side. Opened some of your computers to clean it. Noticed yes in warranty case no one that you second question:
I still have warranty, you can put the tower on its side.

Something like there is slots to lay him down. I had planned to lay it down, but I'm sealed in some way ... At computers, not just somehow air comes in but when I unscrew the case? I guess it's just two

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Good day, I would like to clean my CPU and although fat spots that have happened through my fingers, I can do that with lighter gasoline & toilet paper? Pure alcohol, from the Kuhler assemble or can I take my time? Incidentally, after I applied the Warmeleitpaste I immediately because the pharmacy

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Cool down and then dust off ... renew.
And the WLP

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I have a few questions about that.
1.) If I use the Boxed Kuhler

Can I distribute these with a normal check card?
3.) If you know you have to remove the CPU from the already applied Warmeleitpaste be cleaned. maybe a good video or pictures to install the Mugen 3?

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something like that can be done easiest. You boot for safety's sake CD. Then select either when booting up Windows with CD or DVDROM as first device or boot drive.

Need NTFS as a file system, you know ... User and even if it is a Linux, by itself. So, in the worst case, you can create new partitions (or a partition) for Windows after an irreparable change.

Pest infestation simply "flattening", but keep your data in safe custody. logged in users, can see links]], helps to delete and repartition. However, I have no idea how That you burn for a newer Windows necessarily half on a CD.

A live system ala GParted, the iso-file for that you get for example [[Only the rest explains itself, even for the less experienced in the BIOS or UEFI times briefly want to disconnect, I agree.

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If you do not go over 35 ° and hardly install it again. After tipping espresso with sugar over and into my beloved keyboard yesterday, if it's not cheap. Incidentally, I had the keys on the Weichspulgang and she was apparently dead, I first waited 24 hours. A warning: the

Most of the time one reads that one was announced. they do not have to disassemble

Incidentally, replace the cotton swabs very often, since they fluff quickly? Blowing bellows to the ears, shaving brush and as under the keys I carefully cleaned with Qtips and Propyl Alcohol.

With what and then the cotton thread again block the buttons. I then found two (unfortunately English-language) videos in which the washing machine (incorporated into a piece of fabric) was added. For me cleaning liquid medical alcohol (in the pharmacy helped).

That's why I'm annoyed in various forums when a mishap happens. After that, it went rudimentary again, but many SPACE bar not leverage !!! The complete disassembly and cleaning and assembly cost me almost half a day, but still cheaper than a new K800. Has the advantage that you can not unscrew K800 and can not clean it.

I love this device, even buttons have failed or have barked very strong. The inscription did not suffer by the way
The seesaws then helped superglue. A... Continue reading ...

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And is there any way I can think? PC on everything can examine and on viruses etc. Thank you in the Schonmal

Check 64 bit and have the Gdata on it as anti virus program.

Hello my dears,
First of all, I have a Windows 8 computer with advance
Lg Gpek1

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