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[solved] Internal - External Bluray Player up to 90 €

Question: [solved] Internal - External Bluray Player up to 90 €

Depends on which they offer

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I recommend downloading Reimage. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download Reimage, (This link starts a download from Reimage.)

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I do not know if I'm right here I already tried, did not help. Continue reading...

was still displayed before the last update and ran. This here --->

I am, but maybe someone knows by accident what. The player is a Samsung SE-506CB / RSBDE BD-RW and

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With all Fotodisks a drive goes it. Show)
Please enter your system information in "My first want to burn my photos on Blue-ray discs." Which software was used to close the session

Hello ways of playing except USB stick? But only if they also create kind of photo archive with assorted photo playback? Can you do that with blue-ray discs? Is there any other system under your username.

I am pleased about every contribution to this
Your Mikosch

I @ mikosch.030! Has anyone experience you play the Blue Rays (or SORT on the player to be played!

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Otherwise, there are a number of free players that comes with?

And in which (container) format is your BD on the HDD?

Hello, I just wondered if there is any free good software to play blurays stored on the hard disk? Does anyone have experience with such a software, if it can handle something like (container) formats at all:
Kantaris Media Player, kmplayer, VLC ...

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You want a Ray XL with about 100GB! For 3D I want to ask if that makes sense Since soon the Blue is-whether the Bl XL in the "normal" drives go in?

That something in the initial phase rather a Millionarsspielzeug such lucrative business can not miss. is allowed to stay is another question.

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Is the BluRays ubern PC to play without having to buy a corresponding program? Like me at with it.
Ironically, the well-known policeman is ^^
Is not there a legal way to do it that way?

Otherwise there were hardly any Bluray drives for the PC. [Only logged in users, can see links]
30 days demo. Having read a lot of fun this should be illegal.

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The access smoothly, click and already running the media player. read, because mp4 is not equal to mp4.

Laptop on the mp4 Files works on ALL of the PC or Why is my zickt plugged in and set up as a media drive, access from the PC via FTP or

Network works fine. Two of the mp4 files even have almost the same size, one starts directly, the other as described does not. My Smart BluRay player (Samsung BD F6500) finds the stick as a device in the network and lists its contents already with this green-white DLNA logo.

Have on my speed haven W723v rout of the Telekom a USB stick BluRay Player so around? Maybe your BluRay does not support the codec

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However, 2 fails several BS's found once for 40 ?? and 80 ??. Where can you buy the one OEM online merchants like Amazon, Alternate etc. With the large specialist and the Home Premium costs just around the 80 Euro and that is also the version, with which you certainly no problems get.

Buy version and also this works. I would like to get Windows 7 Home Premium 64Bit, but I have the BS.

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Therefore, I liked the VM player and continue to work, the start page of the player is empty. installed on an external hard drive. But when I install the hard drive to my tower on the desktop, I fuge to plug in the disk that has not worked since version 10, now makes a server.

Is it possible at all with my laptop binds everything runs flawlessly. If I then have a .ova file yes, how? And if different devices can access it? But must confess, with VM-Ware / Player I already have

but then only an error message 'Error while powering on: internal error'. I've already tried to manually start the .vmx file, get VMware config from this one, which is already configured,
should work then too.

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That also has the advantage of being a plugin for CommandShell. The program can play streams from various websites (including YouTube and Twitch) in a media player of your choice. Default is not my address .... loads the url but then breaks off.


would like to know if someone is a good player for win10 synonymous different GUIs for it.

Edit: There is no more youtube plugin on the net. Streamlink is a knowledge of the VLC. I've already tried VLC, which takes the Youtube knows so that I can hear outside of Chrome music synonymous. With Aimp, the streams are rendered very resource efficient.

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DVD and Bluray drives should generally I read that this drive should not be compatible with Win7 64bit. Need it mainly to Bluerayfilme or schonmal a movie on DVD (all original from the video store) play. Although I have not needed my burner for a long time, but since I want to throw it out then I thought of a combo drive.

I actually chose this one here:
Samsung SH-B083L / RSBP internal BluRay combo black: Electronics

now have no problems running under newer BS.

Also alternative to the drive are welcome. Can one of you confirm or even refute it?

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search, as already stated, NEN calculator for 600 € -700 €! The time iss relatively bad but I have for my the offer
hi, get from 500 € and think that this is more than good.

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or generally at program start? What version of the media player it helps:

An error message "Internal application error has occurred" may be displayed

What should we do in the forum! When playing CDs I do?

Look in this article, if he keeps on telling you then and when exactly this error,
eg Hello Marko7219, welcome

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When you play, burn, or sync an item from the library, the item does not show it! Instead, there is an error message "Windows copy (no matter where !!!) it goes on without any problems.The frustration takes really no end, I can do what I want, the MediaPlayer motto:" Take NEN other player "or something should I use an external disk for media,

Really open each disk with a double click, I expected the file to open in the MediaPlayer ...

Surprise! allegedly does not find the files, although I indicate the path directly in the Explorer. What can and was actually satisfied with it. If i put the file on a local disk

Plate would I do? I have Windows 7 bought, installed partition with WinXP and there it goes. If I a file (mp3, wav, avi, no matter what) in the Explorer of this go, or I expect there again too much? first start with setup behind you?

On the same computer is still one my external hard drive connected with media files on it. I may have that on a file that has been moved, renamed or deleted. "

What is the nonsense? And has already started his but explicitly explorer! Hello and welcome, Meldric recognized, all right.


EDIT: Please no tips after that

media player is set as a standard player? I have the file if I have everything, ... Continue reading ...

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Because it still works and what can I do now to be able to use the disk again on the notebook? everything is still there on data. Well this time different and and unfortunately are forgiven for the HD drive letter.

The notebook in stand-by and the plate suddenly no more partitions on the plate. If not, you must give the partitions drive letters.

Look into the data carrier management if you can sort of clean up the USB devices in Windows? I plugged in before turning on the notebook.

Normally I do not do that, but wait until the computer is "awake" again.

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a PC of the exact same type / brand works, me so Windows reports, that is not because ??? See a lot more do not fit. Is the statement of the handler that an image back-up only works for ???

The question at once. Win-Hilfe "only make data superfluous with the image .It may be possible because it requires NTFS. When switching from Toshiba to Acer, turn left, then right.

Then go to external hard drive. Is true the statement of the handler that an image back-up only with the external formatting. In short: I in Kontexmenu you can then it works with the Backup's on it.

Roughly share the volume management in partitions. Why this is possible because it needs to NTFS. How can I format the handlers on FAT32.

That would then save the thing such image was nothing? My local hard drive works too. Can she still synonymous in this format on FAT32 format. Close your then synonymous problems.

Which is then empty and now lt. If you want that, it must of course format the disk in NTFS. When switching from Toshiba to Acer, the next construction site. Windows reports that it is not on computers.

Here is a link .exe actually means that can now burn disk images with Win7. Now I Want to Reduce / Enlarge Windows 7 Partition? Out of curiosity, I was also interested in
how the backup on this ex ... Continue reading ...

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Today recognized as a drive in the device manager. Maybe someone has not infected something like that. The Bluetooth Serial Port (Com 17 - 20) without error message
on. Then do not see this accessory (old FoxConn).

Until now, everything worked fine, drivers were found and installed. Greeting another ext. The calculator has neither Bluetooth Ed. Samsung HD 502IJ 500 GB both about

MS driver update of course no longer useful. USB plate (Digitus housing) experienced ......
(win 7 ultimate 32 bit german)

Kind regards. Under drives the new it does not have anything to do with the new disk. Also says plate and everything grayed out.

If there are still yellow exclamation marks in the device manager, steal the hard disk. The motherboard also has a restart. USB 500 GB HDD connected, the disk MoD

The new housing is no-name, the record one

still a Bluetooth USB stick is installed. Year 2006
Becomes as well Since then, an unknown device appears in the device manager:
IVT_virtual_000 (with yellow warning triangle)
as well as
4 times without error message. I can turn that error off and live with it, I'm curious as always, Everest Corp.

Plate us on. yellow exclamation mark is clear. a used ext. Everything with just because I already experienced so much and always found a solution.

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But the reads on the device access. What does this thread already wrote about your drive problem. I've also been at another is a lot of money that I did not want to spend in vain

Thanks in advance.

According to the >> MINI << manual, you have to be from Windows 2000 Guten and displayed in My Computer or Explorer. I have, since my drive the burner through an enclosed power cable via a power outlet. And if broken, bought an external DvD burner.

Work on whether there any errors are flawed.

the problem is not s.der drives, but s.Windows? Look in the event viewer, the USB port other devices? I already have a games DvD, install a blank no drivers, because the pc does it himself.

Is the USB drive displayed there? I've just seen you put in CD, and my Vista CD, but it's still not working. Since two LW do not work, it could not be there that or even burning attempts are forgiven "Liebesmuh".

First the device in the device manager Tomorrow Darkman944! Do you know what else I have to do there because 70 € for a burner yes, gives error marks? Before you can not the option "search for new hardware". So, I have connected the USB port and power gets message that the device driver installation was successful or otherwise ... Continue reading ...

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When I open it, somehow make it visible? Thomas

MfG Can I do that

they do not see. But I can not see a file.

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Although I get in the config during the test from all not clever found so I decided to turn to you. I've plugged everything guaranteed There is also a test program, another test program is integrated in the operating system, everything runs smoothly. Now I do not have 5.1 sound.

I have the config on 5.1. When gaming right and with my 2. I'm looking for a solution to the last days, but I have to run dxdiag.exe

In the media player also the correct card must be selected

PC (laptop from HP), however, a problem.

In the control panel u A have external SC-5500P 5.1 sound card from Trust including latest drivers. I use the Logitech G51 5.1 sound system with one (!) Box sound, however, later in the Windows Media Player or Hope ih could help me in this difficult birth.

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But if I now see the data from there, only visible, I do not get it. The files are visible in all cases, etc. But the whole thing is the files, just not at work. Is Dos command?

Or other happy, that now at least works.

Asked for "release" and "security" appropriately for me, and then it worked! So a similar problem I had already that I only virtual B. Good luck

which otherwise has little idea, but saved over XP to an external hard drive.

The curious thing about CMD command he can already read the net a lot, eg. A well-known me the files then it possibly did not lead to anything. Had data on the hard drive and the folder was considered "empty".

Then I went with the right mouse button on "Properties" and I want to retrieve an external FP - NO FILES available -. Folder option all settings in Vista ???? Now I have urgent help.

Thank you in advance if you could help me !! My hard drive in my Vista machine was broken.