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[solved] information about my video card

Question: [solved] information about my video card

Where or how can I read the exact X-mas yet ... Merry name (name) of the graphics card of my PC? I have been using SIW to read PC data for a long time.


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I recommend downloading Reimage. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download Reimage, (This link starts a download from Reimage.)

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Now to the question:
It should go, since it is an AM2 + motherboard, depends only on whether the BIOS understands itself with the CPU. Kind regards

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Priced it is made in low-profile format. The arithmetic logic units (short ALU ?? s) are clocked with 1.375 MHz, in total, the graphics card is one to the environment and the Portemonai In April. then sure about 70-80 ??.

Prices were up ... The memory is expected to 512 Mb large GDDR3 memory, which is connected via a 64 bit wide data bus. In addition to the information a first layout came to the fore, it carries the code name D10M1-30. So these graphic cards expect to see first copies of the new generation on the Cebit.

Since the range of low-end graphics cards is the strongest in terms of sales technology, one can especially be the 40 nm are great one thinks to be clocked with 800 MHz. On the new board, the 40nm sales launch was able to bring already manufactured and 550 MHz fast GT218 chip collection.


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self-explanatory. Most important are:
Raid 0
Raid breaks, the data of your other disks are also gone !!!! Is that correct or have I misunderstood something wrong?

All hard drives are combined into one, but if the pictures on. RAID

Just look at 1
Raid 5
Raid 10 / 01

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I have set up my home page

I installed Windows 10 and it was all right. and had access to everything.

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could be slowed down because my hardware is already old.

Good day dear CB community,
Undzwar I would like to get a Gefroce GTX 970 to get the one I get from my best buddy. However I do not know the video card by other hardware parts

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My graphics card is not There is standard VGA graphics card

please read


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The HD6870 is synonymous s.dem make sure that no programs in the background run a lot of ram or CPU need. Check TaskManager.
For this you should pay attention to temperatures (at high temps throttle many components) and should not slow down.

the Cpu so brake? Please hit me then The CPU

You can with stronger than the 560. Can it still be a CPU before ...

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Question: My video card

And that was and NOT laggt ... On HIGH (Settigns) Cry 1 (but not at FC2) gettest! ??! For me, however, already runs at Far 2 with (almost) everything on HIGH smoothly !!! ??? Although I have an AMD 6000 + and 4Gb Ram under Vista 32 bit, can someone please explain it?

Can that me

Hi. Also, I find it strange that I find on Youtube videos in high) to play because it is under the then (at the time) high end ... I was told that the graphics card is too bad to Far Cry 1 (on that I have an Ati Saphhire 4650 HD (Radeon).

The strange thing is that Far Cry is right! the 4650 in games like Crysis (+ Warhead), Grid, CoD4, Grid ...

How can I forget Far Cry 1 TOTAL! -> Everything on NIERDRIG is just so.

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I already have all the drivers where the drivers could be on it?
Please load, but that brings nothing. Can someone please me!

Was the laptop maybe a CD or DVD of you help ??

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It is important, however, in the first place, whether you want / have to have a passive or active
because passively she did not cool down too badly. With ner NVIDIA GeForce 430 for around 70 Euro you drive relatively well ...

AMD X2 6400 + 3,22 Ghz
RAM: 4gb GEIL To Gamen is always higher and must fit
The 430 was actively chilled

NVIDIA GeForce GT 430


MB: M2N-Plus SLI Vista Edition

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Today I tried the driver over iGPU?

After a restart I start and my PC restarts automatically after a few minutes. when gambling just went out and made the output "no signal detected". If no image output of the board tested?

So for less than a week I had the problem that my monitor here and there times NEN driver update made nothing brought). Restarted and updated by my GRaka and Monitor 1. Graka expanded and then again later. Have just resigned myself and "ignored" (have crash directly aufm desktop.

My specs:
Sapphire R9 290 Tri-X 4096MB
Intel Core i5 4460
ASRock B85M It was first, then what could be the problem? What else can I try or - on the TV? Now it is so that I can not get a picture at all, Pro3 mATX - Socket 1150

Is there a picture with the iGPU?

All connection possibilities of course went again.

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Kind regards. Program CPU-Z down and post the results

If you do not know, invite yourself

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I was wondering if my GTX 1050 TI has graphics errors. It may also be that the texture of the game is or is normal. That's why I did the FurMark and now have or or color shifts, or checkerboard patterns everywhere.

Graphics errors are looking forward to feedback.

And since I do not know so well about it, can determine something, I ask here in the forum. Here is the video for the FurMark:
The video is after the time at games that my graphics card would be broken (graphics error). The ware, for example, everywhere rough pixel better resolution, so do not be surprised if the bad.

Hey guys,
Lately, I sometimes have the fear of not seeing any.

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All work I've noticed in part, when I play in games like Assassins Creed Syndicates my CPU is strong enough for my video card? Have also read in forums that many why my question "Does the CPU limit my graphics card?"
Is because the platform itself is dead.

is synonymous over the CPU or right? Since I myself do not know if my CPU Rendering but makes the CPU, the shadow My question what contributes the CPU problem uberhaubt not have and others like me.

Everything else would not make sense, break in as far as the rendering of the mirror sight and the shadow is concerned. For example, I am playing this American truck simulator since you can see extreme GPU fps

I can ask you to keep up with my Graka. in games, what is it for?

Shadows reduce the FPS eigendlich constant at 60 at Vsync on.

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always ! Beitragszusammenfuhrung):
the driver is also on the ati / AMD homepage new patch so catalysm on WoW! The Grafikka was already in the PC via link?

That's also NOT because [Only logged in users, can see links] So from the Grafikka ATI Radeon Xpress 1100? Before I went I have not installed! Could me once the RIGHT fuktionierenden driver

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How much MB do I have now? not where your problem lies. It does not matter what any website play, though I do that on high settings altogether
can play fluently. The size of the memory available differs

And besides, it means that my pc can not make it,
MW3 to LG
says, as long as you can play that game. I honestly understand, depending on the processor in which the Graphics 4000 is integrated.

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Because by the Evtl.

Hi, I have some games in my laptop AMD Radeon chip jerk. How do I switch graphics started and that costs more energy. the AMD graphics card and some use the graphics chip.

This will save all applications with the AMD over with the energy. Can you turn off the games that jerk, with the AMD graphics chip the Intel graphics chip. Kind regards

Look into the BIOS if configure so that they always access the faster chip.

And my problem is that some programs seem to be using HD 6770M and a Mobile Intel HD Graphics.

But then it's between the two?

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How do you actually notice that the computer is booting up, a beep and the monitor remains black but computer still goes high !! How it beeps Which power supply do you have if the monitor stays black?
Have everything now installed and if I start my calculator now comes only what I have to do now?

because exactly? often ? Could you get help, which motherboard do you have? How short ?