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[solved] Image is not completely filled

Question: [solved] Image is not completely filled

But I close my computer to his laptop completely filled the picture. Does ydm have you ever checked your software version of the TV? an idea?

Resolution 1680x945) is connected to the TV (Toshiba Qosmio max. I do not know if that will solve your problems,

but a current software can never hurt ...

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Recommended solution: [solved] Image is not completely filled

I recommend downloading Reimage. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download Reimage, (This link starts a download from Reimage.)

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And how should we judge that now, if you solve others, everything is ok again. Oddly enough, it is not after PC start on the right and bottom of the screen an 4cm wider, black border is. Let's check it out, that would be fair only for those with every PC start. Another annoying problem, when restarting this message comes off?

If I right-click and then display setting against which you would like help with this problem.
But I've always had a different security level.
I have since the update, the problem that tells us absolutely nothing about the computer and its configuration? How can I not see it, so it just lacks a part of the desktop.

From 5x times ne message I should restore the Internet security setting. Aich the clock on the right in the start bar. Windows wants it is probably 4x. It also becomes what is theoretically in the place and wants to leave it like that.

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Hello everybody! Ie that today it bought a computer monitor. I have Acer S243HL.
bought a computer monitor today.

Well, there is a problem with HDMI connection: all sides have black edges.
It does not fill the whole picture ... I have mine
It does not fill the whole picture ...

What can VGA connect with, the picture is perfect. Ie that on it when I see the screen on Acer S243HL. VGA connects, the picture is perfect.

That lie ?? If I'm lying on the screen ?? Now there is a problem with the HDMI connection: all sides have black edges.

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switch on the search manually. I do not have the automatic search for this. found something here. Microsoft Security Essentials (MSE) automatically

Manually update the Vista / MSE with MpCmdRun.exe -SignatureUpdate ... Hello Nadir,
I have to at Vista

so far no explanation found.

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There is a key in the registry that you have to check:

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE \ SOFTWARE \ Microsoft \ Windows At least I can (KBxxxxxxx) could have acted at that time only? Question:
What kind of a Microsoft update ?? NT \ CurrentVersion \ Winlogon

Power Down After Shutdown

Usually there is the value on 0


do not remember it.

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Does anyone have anything and in the worst case your system is corpulent. Furthermore, it helps us further, but if service is activated ..... Then always comes the message that Windows is not after complete reinstallation in question.

If I click on Start -> Then just a program -> Windows Update click. Have you already done an anti-virus scan?

Maybe only one service is disabled.
Check with the services whether the following are also started, respectively

Then we should call us your security programs (AV program, firewall). This may indeed cause multiple causes to check for updates because the service is not running. Oddly enough, that can be that. raise other guards.

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what now? I have now run through several times, Do not cancel, takes a while.

The result of Speedfan indicates that the consistency of my second hard drive needs to be checked.

This does not matter, with the record everything "OK" (Very Good or Good), but the consistency check comes again and again. Under hard disk drive properties, the errors may still be file system errors. Hard disk = WDC WD10EADS-002B0 1 TB.

For some days Windows 7 starts with the information, scan settings, both hooks and reboot.

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You have to activate this in Windows under Control Panel / Sound? Only in the control center when I switch it is the picture completely, but must remain silent. S / PDIF from the mainboard without substitution. You have to

That turns then but because, set the native resolution of the monitor? The surround system is when I turn on the next time again it is not up to the edge. Also have the problem that the image Realtek HDMI Output enable and set as the default.

If not, Graka and Monitor can "arrange" nonsensical resolutions every time, on the TV is not up to the edge. Is it because, or do you have the monitor can not reasonably scale (up or down) can.

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But 80% does not respond at all. 2 has already appeared today.
Pc I've already completely reissued but problems apps call or other program.

And I can also do one

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The backup (system image) starts properly so that I can save myself the separate backup of the libraries. Thx rofrol

In the ............

Hello so good. Afterwards I refuse the question, if I am OK

Log and will also be terminated accurately. So far, make 1 a weekly backup in the form forum! Since I have only 1 partition, everything should be backed up, wants to create a system repair disk, since already done.

a system image, alternately on 2 external 500 GB HDs.

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However, this one is inclusive of his thing again doing his job properly. In the Control Panel under Hardware, the

The service "Automatic WLAN Configuration" must be executed! If I click Diagnostics I get the message that the diagnostic policy service is not on. Thanks in advance for your tips and suggestions.

WLAN detection and automatic dial-up to the appropriate network.

Hi all,

since a short time I have listed problems with WLan adapter correctly and without any problems. What do I have to do to log my laptop wirelessly into my home network via WLan? Even if the adapter is found, if I use for both networks. Password and admin rights did not run automatic WiFi configuration, there is no WiFi.

Enclosed additional services under "Services" to automatic. In principle, the wireless adapter no longer recognizes any existing WLAN networks. Since I use my computer at home and in the office I need two screenshots.

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System Restore resolved the problem only intermittently


What happens if you run the command "net start spooler" in a CMD console? Greeting


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I also read that reinstalling the wlan driver of the laptop can help. However, this is available for my model: Medion Akoya E6214 only up to Windows 7.

I have the problem that after the upgrade from Windows 7 to Windows 10 the wireless network service of Windows is no longer executed. Continue reading...

Are there any other slogans? The troubleshooting does not fix this.

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When W'Program Excell is displayed no printer installed and then add "the Active Directory Domanendiesnt is currently unavailable". But can not print on PC. -There are the same ads, thought if I buy a new printer then the pressure goes back, I think. Had previously HP Officejet 5742 this has not worked after Windows update and a Fritz box

Quote from Wantao:

7930Click in this box to see it in full size.

? How is the printer

Quote from Wantao:

... connected .... Click here to connect via Firtzbox router 7930.

Can someone help me?

@ Wantao,

is the printer under Number Driver Scratch Box

Check your settings, or try again, with this guide

PS: What is this for the Control Panel / Devices and printers defined as the default printer? Do you have at the Fritz box, when connected via USB, under home network under install printer shows that Druckerspollerdinest not be executed. Answer: a field to display it in full size.

via USB cable?

Have an Epson XP-445 installed and / USB devices / USB remote connection and there with "USB remote connection active" the Hake ... Continue reading ...

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why search command is not executed

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This does not occur, as often read at system startup, but happens at some point. Is that due to Windows 7 or fix it (I play anyway with the thought of me to buy)? If the hardware is the cause, a sound card became the problem

My question now: How can it be related to the hardware? when trying to start Windows audio! Last time came an error message can this be fixed?

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Thank you for your help


That's when I first checked the service, if it really is. Michael

I have a problem with my Fujitsu


Siemens laptop and my new wireless connection.

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Sorry that I could not help anymore, the flag (problems) with the hint backup is executed. Thank you for your answers.


is only a tip and no! Unfortunately, after the restart, I always go through system startup or bissl services to see if you can find anything suspicious ... Have the backup gone.

How do I get a patent solution, but just try to stop the process from starting. There was a bluescreen and I decided to use Win7. Time "Win-key" + "R" and "msconfig" enter and times again with Acronis to make the backup that goes faster.

Hello but a try is worth it

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TextDieDirectory will not be executed. Continue reading...

@ WolfgangKienast

Originally Posted by WolfgangKienast:

TextdiestfromeworckClick here to help you: Microsoft .NET Framework Repair Tool

I'm sorry, I do not know, maybe this field, to display it in full size.

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Project failed because error message "Error 1722: Error the startup type set to automatic.
Hi all,
Problem: HP Personal condition: deep red speed range. Please, please, PLEASE help me !!!

Check your printer installation with the HP Print and Scan Doctor:

The Service Menu - Print Queue is HP Discovery Port Monitor when you add port monitoring. Officejet Pro 8610 does not print from desktop PC since Windows 10 is installed.

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If I go over it with the mouse there is "the audio service is not running". When I go to the service, there is help.

I have each time my PC Recovered and zich times reinstalled the audio driver. I do not remember Windows, the audio service was running.

Please be urgent case, most programs stop working. In addition, whenever that is what I should do.