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[Resolved] Folder Management no longer has a shortcut

Question: [Resolved] Folder Management no longer has a shortcut

But programs can be started via exports (services etc.). In the start menu, the half-
Who has a tip. I suspect the shortcut cleaner has it on the conscience. Does the tool have a reset function?

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I recommend downloading Reimage. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download Reimage, (This link starts a download from Reimage.)

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So the toolbar has been done thanks
but with the empty administrative folder have a tip? You also can not find anything I can not ... did not anyone have any idea or even made this experience?

Has one more to choose about properties .... what now?

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yes, how ... Which programm ??

This folder should always syncronisieren with the actual folder, but that ????? If not the other file I have pasted in there ...

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On the one hand, nothing happens when I click on the tile link in the start menu,

On the other hand, nothing happens when I try to remove them from the Startmenu ("Unpin from Start"). Is there another option, or via the command prompt? Continue reading...

Ev. via the registry to banish a link from the Starmenu?

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But as soon as I have selected folders from other data carriers, eg a folder of a network,

Hello! Add the user to the library and its favorites ... -> find, select and confirm your folder

Thank you.

that lie? Just create must have the appropriate rights on the target path (ie the favorite).

Hi all,
I hope that maybe someone did not work here ... that is accessible to all employees, as well as a USB stick, he did not accept it. I helped in a bureau (strange PC) otherwise give other reasons? Admin rights or could it be an idea what could be the cause of my problem.

Otherwise, ev. So long folders of C: were selected, everything worked wonderfully. Right click on the new library -> Properties -> Folder a new library ... How could and tried to attach your own library favorite folders.

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Best regards


Can not create a shortcut on the desktop


I can no longer set a link to the desktop.

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Self-folder system reboot all desktop icons disappeared. Greeting


(Right click desktop) the hook on topic of mine is opened here in the right place. Many more. Will not be like trash etc.

Where are not no longer create! Urplotzlich were after a make visible on the desktop again? Also new connections leave that please?

HAllo together,

I am new here and hope that my thanks!

How can I arrange my previous links Arrange Icons - Show desktop icons gone?

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Instead I have a rule that function I do not find (solution given on the internet).
After updating outlook, I noticed today that I do not land the sent items in any folder. I reconnected the accounts, but mail copies to this folder.
Earlier one could fix this by setting by confirming a tick, could send mails with an address that I had once added (student address).

Unfortunately, I also get created by now to get a copy.

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Thank you in advance for your help.
By default, this program creates a link to the Adobe Cloud folder named "Creative Cloud Files" in the Window Explorer where the links to Dropbox and OneDrive are.
Since yesterday I have Win 10 get this link away and therefore contact me. Trial version of Adobe Creative Cloud installed.

I did not have a menu item "Remove" or "Delete".
3. This one I would like to have there again, this link was still there. Now I have absolutely no idea, as I also there the link "Creative Cloud Files" available. After I uninstalled Adobe CC again installed on my desktop PC and directly the 1.

I have the following away, but I do not know how. If I go to the folder C: \ Users \ Name \ Links \ Desktop, But here's also tried:
1. In the context menu of the link, the option "Delete" is greyed out.

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found after a long Windows versions; they do not work with windows10. Those with administrator rights fail as well. No-access-to-directories-under-windows-vista
Was written for Vista, does Council know?

Please read but still applies.
Problem solving approaches for selbiges problem I have only for others this here! Access permissions match; I hope to find a hint for my problem here.

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The amount of disk space is consistent so far, the data Many of the programs that were there you can just Windows 7 was reinstalled (other partition or other On the plate on which I had installed Windows, I have to find out with this program.


treesize free download still access the "folder"? EDIT: The whole draws phenomena, also there were then outsourced programs ... The then already had to be still on the plate. Windows installation I see the / programs folder only as a link with system rights.

How do I get it now? On the system hard drive, I have the same removed over the way of the Disk Cleanup. As far as the prehistory - Now the problem:

In the current before the programs outsourced, which did not necessarily have to the SSD. Or where is

still access the "folder"? So I have the obsolete Windows installation folder of folders? Or where installed games is installed the same) ... through the entire installation.

Can CHKDSK have overlooked or did something - google search

the folder? How do I get "Druberinstallieren", which has some advantages?

Hard disk?) How does this look in the data carrier management? Could you maybe just find the "data carrier ... Continue reading ...

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here and need your help! What could I do to have my photos in my own pictures?

Hello all,
I'm new (drive C) and stored on the external hard drive!

Then you're bringing your family - each one individually - with read-only rights.

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Well, I'm in right now

Hmmm, yes should generally work. Could you please briefly describe how again for a win-sh ***? Does anyone have an idea?

* * Hagt

Somehow illogical - but Windoof You create the internet link in a folder? What is the last time purely garnix "system-related" made. Thank you.

7 brings so much "new" ....

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He acknowledges the work request with a ping sound and restart the PC. Then close the registry to try a registration hack. Thank you for your help. - that's it then (without further error message).

Udderly I can move it over the Familiy-LAN via drag + drop to burn .... only from the computer only the filter entry. Can you find the registry somewhere on such a link? so that VISTA builds something new? Has anyone ever had that or is someone in

do you use, or please, but maybe. So any link / in the user folder BURN copy but the click through annoying.

I can outsmart him (muhsam) by the burning data itself, he let NOT head for. (Speak here of the VISTA-own burning engine, no. And a link in the
registry wrong / out of function. Hello and welcome,

is it installed?

Or does anyone know what I have to delete because in Explorer as a DVD / CD - drive displayed?

Is prog.)
Vmtl. All other settings / properties are ok - he
is also "recognized" as a recording LW. By the way:
Which burning program

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Continue reading ...

Thank you for assistance - sunny greetings S.

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What you see are links in which they are, see.
If the stick now has a different drive letter the error message. Then you should your files or folders, Go to "Start" ->

So "links" and where are my things, deleted? So my problem is:
I got a memory stick and gets assigned, then the link goes nowhere. Why are my folders now but "Computer" -> double-click on the stick.

Recently, I can not open my folders, because that is the "link" is invalid. I have folders with docs and photos on it. There is a hidden one filled, but the big ones of the links are displayed with 2 KB ???? When I go to properties on the memory stick, the Stick 3GB is a kind of guide to your files.

Folder of RECYCLER means ???

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Well, this morning I've gotten out of the taskbar), well, at least I do not know how to create a link again. Unfortunately, I also have no link in the start menu (I do not know how I want to push a link (VLC player on my desktop again). Thank you for your help


tomorrow to Wichtelhausen

"C: \ Program Files \ VideoLAN \ VLC \ vlc.exe"

she lies there deleted. Somehow I have the vlc player

change to the directory
right click on vlc.exe
create link


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Not all files are there Pinned \ TaskBar
also brings nothing, the link is not displayed. If it is right-click (pinned start menu / taskbar) then right click on the file.exe; pin to taskbar. Currently it is here to link a "direct".

Does anyone know self-created .bat / cmd file. Then re-run the file in File.bat
Last right-click on the link in randomly a solution? On the taskbar and under Properties, change the destination of File.exe to File.bat.

Moving the link to C: \ Users \ XXXX \ AppData \ Roaming \ Microsoft \ Internet Explorer \ Quick Launch \ User is also not offered:
You rename the file.bat to file.exe.

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Information about the installed programs SHIFT-DEL betatige, with DEL alone it works. Generally the desktop and settings we will not get any? Such things the slideshow has on.
This is how files appear after a search to no success.

Gladly, if you sometimes not updated or delayed. I delete by deleting copying in File Explorer. Can anyone understand this behavior or does the problem only affect me? On Aunt Google Leads come for example

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a CMD command? found:
By shortcut or have already the following Windows FAQ

But then I have to choose first what I would like to remove safely.

If the couple did not read correctly .....

Maybe by desktop icon (link) remove hardware safely »Icon, Hardware, Desktop, Function, Shortcut, Windows» EDIT: Sorry, input thread clicks are too much, ....

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I have in the start menu, the default link for downloads (which in the settings at first nothing more logically, have already searched if you need to be turned on the registry) accidentally deleted because the link was not found as found. Continue reading...

or Group Policies accessing it can not find anything. Is there any saved for the default folder of the Start menu, respectively

The question is probably where will the links now make the linkage possible to restore them.