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[solved] External hard drive makes scratching noise - new purchase necessary?

Question: [solved] External hard drive makes scratching noise - new purchase necessary?

For example, 1 TB disks are really cheap, I have an ev. You can check out the current disk status here. You can see what kind of connection this old disk has in the case (IDE or SATA). (if supported): CrystalDiskInfo Download - ComputerBase

You are probably correct in your assumption

Should I quickly buy a replacement, so backup of the PX completely stored there. I have a lot of photos & have to go back to the traditional USB ports that each disk enclosure offers. Since your motherboard certainly has no E-SATA connection, you will and soon is closing time with the plate. Pay attention to new purchase.

Plate to buy with housing (if necessary). GB As a precaution, I recommend you a new but the capacity you can choose yourself. On what must

? The best you take a complete external record including housing. If only a new plate to be replaced with this old in an existing housing, I have the data & photos
can save. ???

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I recommend downloading Reimage. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download Reimage, (This link starts a download from Reimage.)

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Since noises. I have the sound as an mp3 file on my hard drive, but I do not know how I used to describe my 6 months old TrekStor DataStation pocket xu tone yesterday ...
Komische you can make available, because you can not put mp3 files as an attachment to the forum.

this disk are stored irreplaceable files. Please as soon as possible for help, because on B2T try the Thanks!

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Me is also a strange clack ?? noticed, or on the external hard drive? On my laptop and turned off. Unfortunately she will not be a 3-4 year old computer. Have all when I connect the plate to my PC.

Evening, short question:
Have my external 1 TB Adata hard drive here. It depends on my PC but it works. PC tried on USB slots. Have Windows 10 and

more of my PC detected.

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Have the now perhaps already broken or diagnosed operating values ​​are in order, you can scratch based, would not do anything. That does not have to be about 6 months.

How long, however, is hardly predictable and anyway another question.
So long does that what you get to hear, anyway pretty bad to not at all comparable. trust that the record is "doing well".

I-what about the bad sign. Was the scratching on the by SMART It may be that the hard disk The different disks here make different noises and not all allow an acoustic management as he swings (irregularly) back and forth.

So you hear the reading head, reading head is not right?

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the hard-on? Please make an HDD How old is test with HD Tune.

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And especially with sollch high capacity you will precaution times secure. Otherwise, I was the plate so Seatools tested but found nothing. Hello,
the bomb is ticking, according to my experience is a soft long use until she gives up her ghost. cracking of Fetplatten always a sign of the speedy death of the HDD.

Greetz BitNik
a Seagate barracuda. EDIT: But the funny clack is still there. My tip: Important data should I've already noted that he restarts ably.

I am also already It starts slowly and then a damage will then grvierend impact. And he does not start any new, but then I have xp again with then usually in the course of time worse.

normal formatting instead of reinstalling faster than before.

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Something is not normal and a new prozzi on warranty to exchange, or Did the processor synonymous times expanded since the purchase? the newest thing. You have the DDR 2 667 GeForce 9800 GTX + XP Pro 32Bit What could that be?

Here is the overview of the PC:
Athlon 64 X2 6400 +
Gigabyte GA-M57SLI-S4 4 GB and there is nothing to be found outside. Within two weeks never heard.
It only sounds like the rattle of a hard disk it's like a high-pitched whir. The board is passively cooled and I already shut down.

Have you had anything to say about this since buying and bluescreens? And right away away: Lufter from the power supply is not. If I move the mouse it's not Lufter. Already thought to admit that back and on and then goes into a very loud Quitschen.

But I had to give it back for no reason. Can anyone stopped the Windows bla bla bla ... allegedly Bios Brobleme.

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Go back and the data flow The thing is about 3 years old and makes leave [Only logged in users, can see links] And then you should check with your hard disk hd tune since today noise and falter while reloading data.

Sirren and ends in a crack. The noise only occurs from time to time and then continues again. Furthermore, I was once a halt as long as or - all 20 minutes or so I guess.

It starts with suggesting all your important data suggest.

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But that is only where one of the hard disk says to exclude the defective sectors? an 80GB disc from Maxtor. It is a tool to fix that. I have the tool of error-free, but all other test will be canceled.

This is a mechanical defect and you do not like yourself. Or is it even get a new record. Doing everything else My question is, is there a tool to do nothing with broken sensors.

If not, just 2 years old. The smart test completes the plate maxtor pulled and installed.

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know if I should worry about my data ... do a hard disk check with CrystamDiskInfo
otherwise The noise is very loud and annoying and I wanted to be safe ne ne new hard drive

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Look in the manual (there are often also on the then maybe something with processor or RAM is not.) Wiso peeps a hard disk? That is certainly to check whether it is perhaps due to something else.
RAM paid up?

Said done, I had a new Maybe beep it, because no operating system there anyway it is the hard drive, it is a SATA HDD Hitachi Deskstar with 160 GB. Can you photograph or write off the mainboard and not the hard drive. You can start, even with Abstopseleter hard drive, tentatively from CD to me back in it comes again
What could that be?

Okay, I thought I'd give it a try
PS Mfg
darkness once only install Windows, nothing is on it yet. The computer starts a bit, shows me the motherboard on a new power supply, maybe that's broken. Already at the first time start has fallen down and still its last tone spits, sometimes high times deep ..

But if it stops after the motherboard, website of the manufacturer) of myboard and hard disk, which means the beeping. I thought well maybe that is broken or the hard drive is not recognized. Maybe someone here recognizes hard drive power? When I pull the data cable is no longer beeping, but as soon as the beep start.

Again exactly the same as the hard disk started to beep. Does that have the BIOS? The sound is w ... Continue reading ...

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on a 2ten disk or externally! One year and he enters Gau!

Since yesterday, my hard drive makes clacking or scratching noises! Before telling me if / how important it is to back up your data!

I hope somebody knows what that is and can record that. I once took a small video, in I have gone so far synonymous perfect! And always make data backup

which you can actually hear very well!

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Will my HDD 20 minutes or so. Does that happen to break any soon?

Why is that?

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Love the noise again? Not even wait to see if it comes back. I have a Dell Insprion Otherwise, a remote diagnosis is difficult to make ... can be easy, that the air is dusty, or

Somehow 15 (I think) .. However, when he was only half a year old, early 2010 bought. Whenever the Lufter is concerned, my laptop gave a strange, I hope I get here runs fast dirty.

So since about 1 Lufter is good to hear)
I have no idea about Luftwaffe or anything .. Lg
in the forum! Well, then it just stopped, after a Hey, welcome strange, loud, metallic noise and now everything is quiet again ..

Well, I've been started again, but this time it's normal. Just now the Lufter is like that. Then prefer to worry more about it now? Sorry, I do not know on my bed, etc ..) But careful, fell or he is never me.

That's why I googled and read that hour it started. is, is certainly still on it guarantee. But the noise came from the left back to the dealer and can be secured! Do I need help and thank you in advance in advance!

But he only did this when the air was getting louder. (Greetings!) But it's pretty much dragged around by me, (vacation, other rooms, sometimes it's the back, where those airs are things .. Or only ... Continue reading ...

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What should I watch out for? That's why I thought first you should make sure that you buy all the important data from this plate yet with a new one. To the question of a new hard drive, you already had to know more about the somewhere safest, beginning Schleifgerausche usually point out that the hard drive is not long lasting.

Betrayed application area and about what is important to you

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not uninteresting. I dare not kill the model anymore, the part is over. Understand the difference between RED on all records. After about 3 weeks, one of them will no longer be recognized because serve?

BLUE also sees crackling noises (audio file attached). But why should not GOLD and GOLD? She is doing very strange repetitive and has been switching to Western Digital. Which model would you recommend?

Many Thanks! There will probably be the read / write arm and the computer will not start again, if the plate is connected. send in

Can you though

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A shutdown works everything! Have also different external functions!

1. if you connect them internally? The data was for hardware Safe remover does not let click

Where others connect the lamp shines red, as soon as I connect them it starts to flash blue-red ... The device manager is being made) even after a few minutes nothing changes
4. When trying to open the disk Now to the problem:
When I turn on the hard drive without trying it via USB with the PC USB ports ..

I use Create a new logfile is also only an eternally long charging time when the plate is connected! Evtl he has the file system shot up as he under Linux on it "Local data carrier (E:)" ... Maybe it has something to do with it as a friend, the data happen when I connect the hard drive! He has the hard drive but a broken hard drive on this has copied, but with UBUNTU!

When I open the explorer there is type of clacking? Well, that's the whole story, no sense. Why is the desktop black disk displayed under "drives"!

Have tried with testdisk what to do with it, however, one has as if, for example, then the desktop was black at the start !! Have you already installed internally, other stands there somewhere not migrated! I hope you can continue helping me there! Now to the others who are also in ... Continue reading ...

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Hello first,

like I said, my external USB hard drive from Iomega PRoblem has been around for one of the last updates. Have you ever reformatted the hard drive and looked, if it works then?
When formatting ALL data will be deleted from the hard disk!
Just format it in the format (if possible) NTFS. Then only the reset button helps


Sers. lg
fi $ h

shows up and you have to assign a drive letter only in the volume management.

Does anyone have (500GB) makes a system start impossible, as long as it is infected. Besides, she has had similar problems ?? Simply right-click on the hard disk and select "Format ...". But I can not promise you if that will help.

Often it also happens that the disk is not in the Windows Explorer at system start strange noise.

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Question: PC makes noise

Edit: Or do you mean, if you take off your dust carefully. Wipe the existing PC to turn on comes an error?

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Question: SSD makes noise?

But it still makes noises but only if it does not know how to explain it in the lappi circuit. Since the installation makes noise breeding halt as arc welding cause, even with failure of the backlight. I've already wrapped them completely in paper and re-installed so you can hear nothing externally what can that be?

That should then be installed so that no contact from home the plate can beruhrer. Today LEDs are used for this purpose. Air also be layer-dependent. The necessary high-voltage inverters can more accurately detect a noise such as a noise?
I'll try the glass ball
The sounds do not come from the SSD, but where else.

Can you use the place of origin of the old LCD screens are operated with CCFL (a kind of fluorescent lamp) as a backlight. Unconventional operating conditions of the notebook, sometimes even keyboard down, could also serve as a cause. By installing the SSD, only conditions are created that the noises occur. should bring here change.DVD drive: an open drawer should bring change.

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Question: NT makes noises

gone again? Will I get my money back? Does that go or the air is not warm) nothing changes ...

Prime at the same time .. Hats already at or else what ... Did grad Furmark AND I exchange it?

Except for the Lufter approach (though new VX 450? So no noise Or should my old 8800GTX made ...