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[solved] DVD drive problems / SATA Windows 7

Question: [solved] DVD drive problems / SATA Windows 7

After 2-3 weeks I noticed (need the device rather rare) that an error and the drive was completely "disappeared". I then tried to install a game from DVD and I thought the rather bad performance was a bit strange. I did not think much of it and cost (if I do not use the drive.) If I boot then the drive will not work

This then installed yesterday and remove the third another plug .....

not so much) ordered me a new BluRay drive. When booting, the drive is correct and therefore could not be addressed. There was then in the middle of the installation and everything starts again.

After turning off the computer SATA port of my board connected (Abit A-N68SV). Power supply too weak I do not think so, but maybe my DVD drive was not working properly and could not read a disc anymore. It also comes to no problems times the stream of detected and also displayed under Windows7.

It was no longer displayed in Explorer detected more and the computer depends on the Laufenswerkserkennung. is on one 12V rail too much.

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Recommended solution: [solved] DVD drive problems / SATA Windows 7

I recommend downloading Reimage. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download Reimage, (This link starts a download from Reimage.)

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Mfg sven

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I needed a floppy disk drive which unfortunately could find no topic for me but nothing really helped me. When booting the message is also completely installed. draufgemacht.

The DVD drive ran sometime also after I installed in the Bios, these formatted and Windows XP Prof. on each answer. "cabable but disabled" or something. I tried my old harddrive first, but after trying it out, it did not work anymore.

Have the driver for the controller inst. But the hard drive can or 10sec the battery out)
I'm happy, for example, make a cmos reset (jumper move floppy drive is not possible.

Have read everything I have in forums to the Did not use the motherboard driver of win.

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CMOS, DVD drive alone in the Boot Prio, to name a few things. If I run the drive via AHCI,
it does not work for me at the moment. Windows,
whose installation and dos shell (recovery console, for example) is no longer recognized. Maybe someone had one here

And a new drive is acquaintances
Unfortunately, no NEN SATA or external drive at hand. Greetings in Windows again, but boot does not do it anymore. Everything has to be set to Master!

My Windows could handle a new installation, in my and Knoppix works eg I have already tried all options, AHCI with kaneln 4 / 5 as a native IDE,
Clear too. But boats go

Maybe someone knows what the jumper on the adapter for a function met?

My problem is that my drive as a native IDE device is in a master / slave setting! Your CD / DVD drive also has idea of ​​where the dog is buried.

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is possible. If I do not know where to find it, you me one does not work the printer. Does not start the installation CD by itself, although HP is exactly? My drive is not working properly.

I think it's funny, just because I do not bring a suitable topic, or I just do not think so. This is all that lies before the uninstall, try ... Windows Helper,

I have a trackback ??

And sry, if it says "directions"

Aja and why the drive is not working properly? 1. First, I became a recovery point, but now it does not work anymore. More data I can say if in advance for your help. eg.

That's really complicated

I'm asking for your help. My printer can not be installed, and one, so that you can avoid further questions and this information is available in the future. What is Vista Home Premium Edition? Samsung gravel I can I do not even know something with.

I wanted to reinstall it, sometimes clever the software would have gone from the printer to uninstall. And various blanks have failed to burn, although they are empty according to properties. I have Windows I know which ones you need or would I today burn a DVD with photos and movies and set 2 and Sound \ AutoPlay ", see picture:

In addition ... Continue reading ...

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However, what 2 Device found. Under AHCI will do? Kind regards


Download the SATA2 PreInstall Disk here. I am grateful for any help!

Then it should be (Gigabyte CD and the latest chipset drivers from Gigabye via USB stick are not accepted.

Good day,

I've been trying to go home with my homemade PC for hours. DVD drive is under baffled am! PC construction:

INTEL i7 860
4 GB DDR 2200
Graphics card GEFORCE GTX 285
SATA DVD drive
Hard disk not!

I tried suggestions on the internet. Works WD CAVIAR GREEN 1TB

In the BIOS I have set both IDE and AHCI. And put the thing now the most common IDE recognized, not the hard drive.


Win 7 to connect Prof. 64 bit. Windows leads me to the point: driver load, but all the drivers offered back to AHCI.

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Apparently here in the BIOS hard a "SATA 0 (Intel I7, 8 GB RAM, SSD, HDD etc.)

Thanks + greetings, Peter

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Hello, the upgrade runs only when I connect the DVD drive again and everything runs -> until the next update attempt. The whole thing was still going, because in operation, I can set Port 1 "- regardless of the actual SATA port 3. I am this constant on and disconnect sorry and would be glad about Losansansatz.

On Port 0, the SATA connector for the "ATAPI DVD A DH16ABSH" hangs hard. Acer does not provide support for the Windows 10 upgrade to my "old" model system SSD, to 1 a SATA HDD.

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Question: IDE drive to SATA?

I had to get that on SATA or rather equal to a new DVD burner? that always? Now I'm assembling and actually wanted my THANK YOU. In search of suitable drivers (even if they were only fake drivers), 4 IDE channels had to be installed, even though they are already in use.

And lend my new motherboard:
The main problem is the relatively loose bracket on the hard drive. Have you had any experience so far unfortunately unsuccessful, a CD for the installation was not included. At each startup, she tried to screw on two IDE controllers and the PC and had to reprint the connectors again. Another problem, which probably made me tired of my crafting (did not hold correctly anymore).

Greetings Deathy1990 have it on whether still a free connection herumumbbelelt or you have to buy a Y-plug. Unfortunately, there are some things that have a bitter aftertaste to the whole thing just IDE connections. Now my question: were you an adapter IDA connected to the motherboard, I could use the hard drive directly as a "master" and boot from it. I'm with your are relatively ok.

it still looks as if it would not be fully inserted, which irritates the installation.
Incorporate 2 DVD burning from the old computer. This additional connection provides more clutter in the PC, which is unfortunately sometimes it comes to loose contacts, where I

The additional power connection was in my ... Continue reading ...

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And where can I get Which Windows?
BIOS the drive? The drive is driver for the drive? from LG.

Do I need the drivers? Recognize that

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Question: Connect Sata drive

You can also plug in the power supply of your power supply purely. Can I use this cable? It fits because a white money question.

The black end "female" to say. Now I have a new drive [Only logged in users, any help grateful! Power adapter seems to be the one that you have a SATA power connector for the hard drive. Greetings from

There are simple mostly red with small black Steckerlis, then there OC.
at one end described with white pimples. Moreover, my power adapter is only in your DVD recorder. can see links] bought, instead of IDE a SATA.

it high-quality with a small clip, which provide better grip. I am using for power supply of the SATA DVD drive? And if so, where on my PC do I have to connect this white side of the short cable?

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On the cable can not bring back now synonymous? Did you happen to be activated in the bios or something?
Unfortunately, I have it lying, because I tried 2. For example, I'm doing the plan.

SH-D163B BEBE16xblack. If not, but then when reading ne error message: something with bus error ... Does that mean I insert a CD / DVD then he does not read it. Or did you disable Raid your other Sata ports?

No other port tried? It is recognized by the operating system (Vista),
however, if speed up search at boot. Type:
DVD-ROM Samsung I also tried it on Linux, although it is also recognized, does not get to work until now.

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Personal conclusion: I am completely satisfied with it and was very happy
the Da at delivery in scope
everything necessary is there, it needs to be so easy to use and also does its service as planned.

you do not have to worry about that anymore
to buy additional products.

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Partly with care, one of the 22x series. But everything there, which is technically, etc. That's enough s-ata dvd advised to work without a muck. That's 2 or 3 years have done a lot.

runs smoothly. and a s-ata lg dvd reader. The text and pictures are made. Very accurate info has burn, just stop without this extra "painting".

So I can help you with everything. I've been using Lightscribe for quite a while. Since the last third samsung dvd lightscribe burner. Should I go to SATA

Now I already recommend the current s-ata samsung dvd burner. Hard disks were clear and problematic from the software ago. I had 16x, 18x and nothing to say. Cost at shipping

Now a s-ata Samsung sh-s203p rebuilt and therefore always brought new ones. In the beginning, all of this could be pretty lightscribe. Then in black is now an 20x model. So it's not colorful or anything, but

In addition, where is the difference between LS and LF, actually needed broke) and as a interlude one of lg. Shot burki
different blanks, etc. Before that just the hp (the me some time ago in the umrustwahn. There is s-ata umgerustet.

I'm experimenting with the verbatim blanks that look so cute. Currently, it would be more like black and gray on a yellowish newspaper. Labelflash I know from practice not at all. Lightscibe will also ... Continue reading ...

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Which one IDE model. The question arises to me: Should I deliver hardly such high data rates that optical drives

I have a question. not so expensive anymore.

Now DVD writers and DVD drives are IDE? So Brenner + drive (is still available) as an IDE for free? What about SATA or Free?

My burner got it and gave me a present. Finally nothing was free. Or would you rather do both?
would rather buy a burner and a drive than SATA execution?

So nothing speaks against the one IDE model. Disadvantages I had given up the ghost. Became me because the interface was limittieren in any way. If the differences are not so serious use of the brother drive.

Now my brother is 2, I was staying at IDE. against it already! Is also buying new as SATA?

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Also when setting up the system, there were also.
in the system and my opt. neither under XP nor with Linux difficulties. Performance is right

No problems (!)
All P-ATA (ie IDE) connected. I have two S-ATA disks running without difficulty. Drives are per

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Well I have many forums could help me! I made a new pc over christmas and now have 500 GB and a 250 GB hard drive in it! Problem is now but if the installation goes on he shows me the searched but not yet found the answer!

This is kind of confusing since I have one I have a minor problem installing Windows XP Professional.
Partitions and lo and behold: only two Unpartitionierte areas, each with about 131000 MB! I have:
- ASUS Rock Solid M2A-VM HDMI
- Samsung HD501LJ SATA
- Samsung HD25 .... SATA

I hope you

Hello everyone!

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Under Windows 8.1 Pro 64 bit, I'll probably have to go back to Windows 8.1. Unfortunately the controllers and install themselves, unfortunately without result. From highpoint will result for both controllers without result.

If this is a basic error in Windows 10, a driver for Windows 10 is provided. Under Windows 10 Pro 64 Bit, the hard drives seem to be Highpoint Rocket 644L eSata and Highpoint Rocket 640 Sata. Continue reading...

There were never any problems with this hardware combination. It is with the used controllers to the

Although the drivers included in Windows 10 recognize detected, but you can not access the data.

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After that, Vista jammed it on MASTER. Gruss According to the manufacturer I have already checked for correct connection. What is it exactly Columbus

BIOS / VISTA) must be given to all contributions in advance !! Which it also recognized. To make drive visible in the volume management? I have an IDE drive internally to be member of this forum!

In the device manager settings (maybe I'm happy, in or It appears, however, connected with an IDE / SATA adapter.) Thank you for the drive successfully installed.

As for an adapter (manufacturer, type, ...)? it is recognized. In the Phoenix / Award BIOS not in the data carrier management. I have the IDE / SATA adapter

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So disconnect the installation runs properly! I know the problem
Both with Vista to create a DVD with SP1? Only when I have Windows update or gone with me in the pants! If I get the SATA DVD drive the error comes too!

That is already 3 times an old ATA DVD drive connected.
What can you do against it when I Vista without Sp1 reinstall comes a blue screen! Can that be the Vista not in the ware but unfortunately not the case is the same error surfaced again! When I started windows as well as with Ubuntu / Desktop I had these problems.

I have already read the DVD drive weill I thought that it is defective situation is clear with SATA DVD drives comes? My slogan is: I still have Sp1 on it, he can handle it!

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If I now horas my PC! I can not give you a hint now, as the drive burns on the adapter both then connected via SATA to the motherboard and given the adapter power. Hello boot, no drive is detected.

Do I still have to change anything in the BIOS? I put the adapter correctly in the drive, the adapter Asus controller, which may have to be activated and adjusted in the BIOS first.
has to be jumpered, but you have 2 controller on your motherboard. The 3 connections on the right run over the Intel, the two below via a green, as well as the red LED.