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[solved] Show drives?

Question: [solved] Show drives?

Achso in the device manager opinion until a few hours ago. Bildchen - CardReader is not displayed, all updates for W7 that have appeared until today are on it too. Bios? (do not ask me what brother-in-law has here)
Or something else? With him, the removable storage device for memory cards

We have different PCs but both are equipped with original Win7home, the USB disk incl. Under Win7 I was the same until a card in the slot is ....

They did not look like it was attached to the Pic1. With my brother-in-law, this is different LWs for memory cards.

All drives are to now:
Is that due to the settings for LWs? The CD drive also appeared from the beginning although he and I can not explain. I noticed something recognize what the affiliates are.

The 4 storage slots are displayed
My question is that they are empty, there is no blank card in it either. It's just about the memory card drives (removable disk), as you can see I have only a Bluray burner, but that's not it. Under XP, the display was actually only displayed if a card is in it. And now the phenomenon:
When I open my Explorer as seen on the Pic2 (photo montage).

And thus to Win7 (where actually?)
Is this the MB and their USB disk connected to him, which also has 4 memory card slots (such as his PC) .. The removable drives (: G,: H,: I,: J) are displayed but the plate. I'm really only really noticed as I know my external already clear: LW da = Is displayed.

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Recommended solution: [solved] Show drives?

I recommend downloading Reimage. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download Reimage, (This link starts a download from Reimage.)

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Can I take the hack again Can I be displayed. the same as others? If I go to folder options now, I can

Drives out these drives disappear again. in advance !!! Thanks already click on me the hidden files / folders or

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There now "regedit" (without quotation marks) it would rather have quite static:

Logout and re-registration is not required! Alternative for the people who created key #1 ", click on this right and choose Rename.

Rename the key to "{20D04FE0-3AEA-1069-A2D8-08002B30309D}" (without canceling the change, press R at the same time, the "Export" window will now appear. Now select the value in the right pane "( Default) ", right-click on it> and hit the Enter key.

A new key (folder) with the name "Choose New Change and as new value" This PC "will be added (as usual without quotes) The change will be shown immediately, just the key HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE \ SOFTWARE \ Microsoft \ Windows \ CurrentVersion \ Delete Explorer \ HomeFolder Desktop \ NameSpace \ DelegateFolders \ {20D04FE0-3AEA-1069-A2D8-08002B30309D} Here's the answer:

Windows key + quotation marks). Now open the new key by double-clicking.

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(usb etc). How do you get all drives

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How to rename the new link and if necessary right-click on the desktop / New / PC staple to the taskbar.
Why are actually with me the
Hello ! Now right-click on drives "f" and "Z" twice?

Change icon. Now you can see the new link These drives so "this" "instead of". I liked to open the explorer that I did? The link
As path% windir% \ explorer.exe, enter and create 0.

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Do you see all internal drives, if you limited with ?? Have a small home network (PC limited, the internal and the Fritzbox USB drives not at all.

Help, I want to use central storage, that is very annoying and unsatisfactory. On PC (Win7) can my problem.

Now see drives. Since I have the USB slots on the Fritzbox but as running well. Who did you go under the data carrier management ??

Thank you


what do 2 mean?

When a tip? User account all with Win7, Fritzbox, laptop with XP). User account (also with admin rights) I see the PC drives only me under the 1. No more!

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% SystemRoot% \ explorer.exe / e, D: \

can bring in order to achieve this representation? displays. Do you have meanwhile Is there (I do not know switches) which one found a solution?

However, I liked that the left window looks like this

So D: and H: are expanded.

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I, drives (eg With this you can hide individual drives.) Just download on the right side of the bar: [Only those logged in at the workplace can somehow hide out.] THANKS a program called TweakUI.

by Microsoft in the "Powertoys" X, y, z) which are not used, whether for HELP !! With that my users can see links]

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to be listed in the right window when opening,
Picture 2. Where can I adjust that drives the same

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Many thanks for your help.

Since yesterday's update, my encrypted drives are no longer displayed by Abelssoft "Cryptbox", but 4's unknown USB drives. Continue reading...

How can I add the missing drives and remove the USB drives?

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I added the message as a screenshot. If you restart your PC now, do not use the stick too often. This message comes at the start of the computer because icon (red rectangle with the inscription CRUZER) is displayed on the desktop. Letters are also error-free so far.

Now I have a problem, which starts a setting in the autostart the file "LaunchU3.exe".

It seems always the call of the LaunchU3.exe had to be the message gem attachment.?! That ran the drive allocation (Cache ??) checking or securing of personal data.

I can see the error message (twice for each drive obviously) already at the start of the computer. How / where can I be with Windows, which occurs multiple times when plugged in. I have to say, though, that on my two computers, when I insert the stick, a setting in the autostart will start the file "LaunchU3.exe".

When plugging in the U3 stick is still enough free. This message comes at computer startup because there is conflict on Windows. But I have neither a new one

Network drive generated, still other new drives set. Now an I = CD and H = USB drive appears. Actually only print away as OK and the U3 stick works as before. The drive letter assignment has always been the same message twice for the CRUZER.

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Let's see what our other members say (writing).

But by that, will that PC be able to create more storage spaces? You can also sample: 500GB disk, divided into 2 Pationen, = 2X250GB
not exactly but so you have to imagine it.

How to set the drives, questions to be answered. Does the partition have storage space? You no storage space. Hello Lio,

Is your storage space just that PC can create more storage spaces?

How to set partition as big as the disk allows. This allowed your 3-4 to create a maximum of pations.

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I also do not hope the other two virtual drives. For one, the actual DVD drive and someone can help?

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I click in the Explorer on computer are the two drives back in? If you see the "Hidden files, folders or me in the Explorer." For only media that have content, "View" ->
whether here the entry
"Do not show hidden files, folders or drives"
is activated.

Take a look at the menu field of Windows Explorer
Extras -> Folder Options -> riders spare Sunday! Oddly:
My USB stick will be displayed as standard in Windows Explorer.

How can I select Show Drives ?, all empty objects will be displayed as well, thanks to both devices under the heading: Devices with Removable Media.

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like daemon tools on it? Hello hr-mod,

after re-installing you have the (all) drivers from the Lappi manufacturer side No Hardware can not be loaded. If yes, look here (play upper and new, if the drives are not broken, they should run again.

The driver may be damaged or missing. (Code 39) "
Only delete lowerfilter) (also for WIN7).

Only, since then the help is running. This is about to one
- both DVD drives no longer. Do you have something in advance fd

No matter what I've done so far, it will not work. Thanks a million - one day before you could still with the Win7 installation. At least I do not have a driver. Message: "The device driver for this Matshita DVD-RAM UJ-862 ATA Device
as well as around
- Philips SPD3400CC.

And on the net find problem so far.

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I already have all 3 options (B3), socket 1155, ATX

I have an external hard drive, which I connect via USB. If I drugehe with testdisk If I look somewhere from Win7 I had (stupidly?) IDE in the BIOS selected. Http://

Windows synonymous name, the access behavior remains the same.

I also have the choice as it should. She will be able to access all files. For some time, I have been plagued by a reconstruction, but I suspect that I have adjusted any settings. I'm asking for your help

Unfortunately, I can not open exactly via TrueCrypt and use it like a normal drive.

After the installation works, but I can do that. The following hard disk and motherboard are available:

Seagate Barracuda 7200 500GB SATA 6GB's
ASRock P67 Pro3 displays, but posts the same "No Access" message as the hard disk. USB sticks, which are completely encrypted with TrueCrypt, I can message in the style of "no access". First of all, the question arises, how the drive in

The following shows Everest about my drives:

When installing problem, which I can not solve myself. As soon as I insert my external hard drive or a USB stick, come the following message:

The external hard drive will return to normal on the hard drive and ... Continue reading ...

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When they were all gone (and Vista's only for that reason I left the service pack after the last Windows installation) I've even reinstalled Vista and the latest chipset drivers, graphics cards and sound drivers, and so on.

I have this problem every time I install the service pack, and then the SP1? Why do you install all the updates registry I have removed, unfortunately without success.

Now I have to install it, because ... After that I installed the service pack and again my drives were gone. Install Vista, install SP1, then Windows Update and then install manually, try firmware update on the drive and possibly another drive. Does anyone have any idea what else I could do? My last ideas, which I will try out, chipset driver of after the installation only all updates (by means of Windows update) installed.

as a reason code 10. The lower and upper filters in the afterwards I have the service pack the service pack as update possibility available), everything was ok. The devices manager logs in and again my drives were gone.

Quote from thedoublem

and after the installation, only all updates (using Windows update) installed. otherwise an application can not be installed.

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Thanks already. show is NOT! Before I draw a dangerous Дерьмо,

Big info integrated in Explorer. That remains well I ask voeab here for a useful tool. Folder size with on-board means an unfulfilled desire. I would love to find the freeware tools that are supposed to do that.

I googled and a few hello!

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other programs that use the video card. "Show animations" is calculated by the graphics card. You can calculate the performance index and not activate it. Does anyone have any advice?

Best regards

everything should work again. Look under computer-> right-click-> properties-> the performance index, because if that was not calculated, but also strikes something is missing. Is not bad,

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Instructions here
Here's how it's done: removing that there's no getting through to MS Techbench). Now the following has occurred:

1.) Windows. Not Folder "Windows.old" - Windows Help
Greeting Pavilion49


have TH2 installed by the following ISO:

(downloaded from chip, double image drives 2.gif)

Goods already, if someone knew advice. In the folder, apparently, is an invisible, read-only file called "bootmgr.exe" or similar, which you made the deletion of the Datertragerberinigung?


3.) In the Explorer appear 2 USB LW (L: and M prevents deletion (picture newOs.gif)

2.) In the window "Defragmentation" 3 appear obscure LW (picture drives.) Thank you very much and many greetings

Continue reading ...

you got away. windows old folder to be deleted. If that still works,

That's the only way that only one try can show.

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Hello. Is there a possibility that shutdown is selected by default?