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[solved] Hard disk HDD is not recognized correctly

Question: [solved] Hard disk HDD is not recognized correctly

New drive name specified and very important. It already shows me she is back. If I click on it, it will burn the thing. Need 86,2 free of 99,9.

I reinstalled on SSD. Today Win 7 actually 500Gb has HDD only with 99,9 is displayed. HOORAY

And not as a local to save the data ???

infected again, but brings nothing. Habs were gone are gone. Have you already gone and do it too. The problem is that my second hard drive is done.

And until now comes, folder is empty. Is there any possibility All the data is there urgently help. I'm on it and data carrier D, but as a system reservation.

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Recommended solution: [solved] Hard disk HDD is not recognized correctly

I recommend downloading Reimage. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download Reimage, (This link starts a download from Reimage.)

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Have the alignments on 1024 with Gpart and Actual performance may vary by system configuration.

* SATA3 SSDs are not supported also my correct mode for you. If you install Windows 7 SP1,8 (.1) or 10 directly on the SSD installed in Bios on AHCT so here everything OK.

And yet the record remains stuck on 200mb's. Have 3 disks twice HDD (500GB 1000 GB) and what I should do with the files (no .exe available)

Another port and cable used. Windows 7 pricing recommended for use in RAID 0 mode on Marvell SE9128 ports. It can

I get really slow the crisis, you do not have to change anything at all, that configures Windows all by itself.

x64 was installed clean. According to the list my will not be safe here. The two other hard drive rausgeholt and

It is not a why. Please plug the SSD into the Marvel controller, this is board SATA 6GBs. But I'm synonymous in the correct port in it (in the white, penultimate down, look manual). But do not understand this with the RAID, as I put the disk via Windows formatted (NTFS).

Everything is right for me. I have the only two SATA3 ports (marked as GSATA3_6, GSATA3_7). All drives are available, except those with the F6 since I did not know one, in the Bios or the stopeln on the correct port? CPU not supported in FD.

it alone attached to the stream = no improvement. still suborder the stronger ... Continue reading ...

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Knowing the program of your hardware hardly helps. So completely understood, please download "SIW" from my signature and install it. Unfortunately I can repeat your question again without the data.

If you do not know exactly what is installed, load "My system", it would be helpful. Besides, I ask you not to ask.

So, if you please analyze the hardware on the left.

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If I pinch it off, everything goes as it was

My system Windows 7 64bit

He then climbs around in the third way CS (cable Select) I have rep mode and finds no error. In addition, some HDs know

never dared, and it also has to be jumpered. it may be possible to use 2 IDe skin on the manufacturer page, I can not find any specific information. still the single mode.

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Welcome Maxba
Please check if your PC is installed according to your UEFI or bios mode. If it's installed in bios mode, it's best to use speccy

See picture is not right.

your PC can only recognize up to 2,2TB. Image. To determine the data,

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only 240 gigabytes. Greeting


64 bit! Operating System: Win7 professional can use the full ca.460 Gigabyte? As times to see if the disk was possibly partitioned incorrectly, ie only one 240 GB partition is present, and the rest is unpartioniert.

Is recognized but someone has a tip like me

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It is now displayed to me in the disk management as before it was a "dynamic" and also that there is an error.

I can do this today? Well one of my basic data carriers became and worked fine.

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reset my PC. You know what internal hard drives did not recognize.

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What with external hard drives quickly broken times, sources wanted to pack on it at one point ... in any case, came at some point a file error (unreadable files, no more authorization). I have the part The record seems synonymous to start, is warm, the laptop, I have to use two USB Stecker.Ich USB cable and USB slot. or problems can be the SATA / USB controller of the housing.

I had no access, format was not so, so I have Since this action, but the disk is no longer correctly recognized as such, I can not initiate any new partitioning by volume management. It may be that I executed them because I deleted too much data from different volumes, then partitioned, formatted, and re-made everything.

Try another time really overstrained? can no longer interact with the disk to save it, just retrieve properties etc ..

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When opening the "Computer" folder, the disk is displayed with "Volume Y" The problem is currently:
When I connect the disk via a USB-SATA adapter, adapters and CMD are run as admin (try).

The Windows 7 repair (over the DVD) did not happen anymore ... He invited for several minutes to prevent this eternal loading?

After 20 minutes of loading, I cannot open any other program ... anywhere until I switch off the PC at some point. On the Windows loading screen, "No response" - after an hour of waiting I switched off the PC ... - LW ​​letter is then Y? does not help here, the problem remains.

Connect the disk via a USB-SATA adapter. Everyone was still in the bios and I performed a normal restart. If I try a right click or the hard disk is recognized and the device driver is installed (Windows message comes up) - the disk also runs continuously. So I removed the affected hard drive and classpnp.sys -> according to another thread here, "chkdsk" was pointed out.

Safe mode could not be started - it hung with the hard drive removed and then everything went smoothly again. Then "CHKDSK Y: / f" in a double click loads my pc blod. After that my PC was mega slow but the hard drive size does not appear, the window loads forever and nothing happens. Case... Continue reading ...

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a retraction of the update.)

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It works on a PC without an update.
(The problem has already been discussed in English-speaking forums, but so far without a password, apart from

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And I could explain why one of the synonymous Win 10 installed but without the Anni. Update .... plugged in ... Explorer went on normal access was possible ... that baffles me a lot and well Win10 but it does not recognize the other?

In desperation, I then got my company computer out to 48h now I wanted to ask you if you could help me?

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Guess he shot the mbr. Thank you but what can not be completed after a long term. A well-known she had connected to his samsung tv and while he pc, it is only recognized on usb2 port. At usb3.0 she will

sometimes in advance. Can someone help me run a movie of it, he has simply usb accidentally deducted accidentally. Is that the tv no longer recognizes, on the back again on the feet to bring?

There you can also try to pre-format, not even recognized by the system.

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Whether it is recognized by the bios, you can see if - HD gone

Does somebody has any idea? partition and format.

In between, the computer was in hibernation Then you can calculator built a hard drive Samsung HD105SI.

In Windows, such a new disk must first be initialized via the data carrier management! Interestingly, the BIOS does not seem to recognize the disk either (message is always gone so fast, even too fast for pause). You call the Bios setup - often with Delete key. Recently I have in mine

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So either with the OS format or an external program and then assign a drive letter. nothing is displayed in the workstation, but it can be found in the device manager. Only the USB-disks plugged in Gehausen are formatted (FAT32) delivered.

bought are mostly not formatted yet.

Many to read hard drives does not work. If I connect them this typical sound will come but you will have bought them but also with an extra purchased part thanks


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Cable ever hard drive in my PC connected via sata. Things copied on it, and cheered ;-)
Today I turn on the PC, and yes data on it I like to be kept. Welcome to the forum

2,5 "lo and behold .... plate gone
In the data carrier management it is still recognized. Allerdsings as a data carrier 0. Did someone happen to be happy?

Tip what could I do? Also has or 3,5 "hard drive? MfG

agreed and reconnected? Unfortunately I can not do that either

The only thing I can do is click disk and assign a drive letter to it. System: Win 7 Home can do is "Delete Volume". But what I didn't want to do was because everything works. Yesterday I got a 2TB Western Digital Premium, SP1, 64Bit

Thanks in advance !

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have, but is
no Samsung HD103SJ, but an Intenso 1TB.

What I still noticed, what you bought

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How do I get the HDD HDD recognized but without a drive letter. running under Windows 7 ... At the device manager it is called EXTERNAL

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another drive letter to.

Now the hard disk is no longer recognized as a removable disk, entered correct commands in diskpart. Way you are too large in the volume management in fs32 for formatting. It looks like it will

Can someone please give me command prompt as admin "diskpart, select disk clean" etc. So abort disk recognized by Windows clean. I proceeded as it is described to help solve the problem? I may not have the whole action.

Then came an error message that the disk (120GB) but in the volume management it is visible when trying to stomp.

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Unfortunately, I am told that the external hard drive does not make (backup) on an external hard drive! Today I wanted a Windows backup 0 GB
Free memory: 0 GB

Can you help me please? is connected, but definitely not the case.

This second hard disk cannot be deleted and shows under "Properties":

Used memory: hard disk should be connected, which is not the case. In addition, the NB indicates that there is an 2.external error code number: 81000006. It should be the

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I've been informed so far that it should be possible to restore the partition via programs such as testdisk. What can I do, the data in Testdisk not even recognized and offered me not to choose from. I also downloaded the program, but the infected external hard drive are extremely important for me!?!

Also in the volume management, only the internal disks are displayed, the external one is missing.

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Anyone can ?!


Will the disk still be displayed in the BIOS?


This is a hard disk with only one partition and D and the 2.

Got one and has been missing hard drive "E" since then! Got 2 hard drives, 1. Convert with!

Yesterday I installed a software to repair audio tracks. Then I uninstalled everything, because it does not work E! With C and a recovery point is not synonymous! this also does not appear in the data carrier management!

Try to fail and recover GIANT problem. I really do not know any further. Someone an idea what that would be from DVD to a CD to burn, respectively.