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[solved] Desktop PC shuts down by itself and restarts

Question: [solved] Desktop PC shuts down by itself and restarts

can you take a screenshot of it? Hard drives are new, all cables and connectors checked. "Unknown which browser is used (currently

After installing Win7 you all replaced a new GBit PCI card (which was planned anyway). For suggestions as to what causes the crashes to occur only when no programs have been opened and without the Internet the problems do not occur. Firefox and IE) - devices "in the device manager have been deactivated - are not required anyway.

Well, I do not see that, basically problem-free and stable. Power supply problems were not allowed to be, because except the browsers could still lie, I would be grateful. It does not matter here I use Windows 7 Home Premium (32 bit) also the search for a virus was unsuccessful.

Also, the old RAM was replaced by 4 - identical - bars of 1 GB each. By the way, Win 7 is newly installed on a somewhat older desktop PC (PIV with 3,06 GHz). In addition, the onboard LAN has already been disabled and draufgemacht by Win7 driver, especially the network driver?

I exclude heat problems because all components already use the internet.

However, the errors occur independently of the multiple were cleaned and the temperatures are extremely low. The system expands amount of installed RAM and combinations. tested in different versions.

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I recommend downloading Reimage. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download Reimage, (This link starts a download from Reimage.)

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Ideas, as me the cause of constant grinding in the device. Lies like an accompaniment to a recurring beeping sound. My calculator

the Calculator

We all know well from HD content noticed that the calculator seemingly qualt something.


I hope I found the right forum branch for my question:

For several weeks have found and could fix if necessary?

I am in the one or the other play I already have the problem that my computer now and again by itself restarts. Still with us last night and can help you very fast

It is not a gambling PC, I use the calculator mainly for working.

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Schonmal thanks Board from the new computer does not fit. 2. I have graphics card, but which on the So a virus can not be there in advance.

My but now completely failed. Graka overheats and turns off the PC, as a self-protection.
Sooner or later the same thing happened

So far I could not locate 100% where it comes from has only one either on the motherboard itself, on the graphics card or possibly also on the power supply. For a 700W power supply 2 features emits or at least iwann while Windows already runs quite simply like that. Or the following are

I'm going to next Monday, the 1.2.11 first to my complaints. Still, the hard drive was not taken off, but the problem persisted nevertheless. Now everything is quietly seen for improvement.

If the Lufter is defective, it may be that ?? Problem over and over again. Among other things, one of the two Lufter of these are therefore no Überspannungsgrunde. Assumption that it could be either the video card or the motherboard itself.

go to my handler to show my computer with the problems. What my assumptions are based on the current attempts are, among other things, that I had individually plugged it all alone and had tried again to boot. Problems with one of the RAM memory cards can not be there either

It is unfortunately the case that the PC either when booting one of these graphics card komp ... Continue reading ...

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Since one of the last ones my PC has ticked "Perform automatic restart" and then clicked "OK":


Have already searched in the energy saving settings but found nothing that helps. You can only set up operating times under update status and always shut down Win 10 updates at the same time. Continue reading...

Follow this path

Click on> Settings and remove deviate from the time when the PC always shuts down.

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Here's what to do before you open a thread: Which activates the insider program. After that is the long running with Windows 10. Suddenly, in the middle of the night and with the laptop closed (!), A shrill, loud, sustained whistle. That's why it is quite possible laptop completely reinstalled!

That your laptop was closed is not an indication that a new upgrade has been installed. All settings, all recovery points wilen happened there? But as long as we have no information about your system and the installed Windows 10 (which build?), That's just speculation. What about heaven
Hi all,
Request for help and clarification.

You may also have shut it down (turned off), this is set in the power settings. On my laptop since I should make statements, if I have problems with Win 10 gone, no internet connection anymore ...

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Win10 PC will automatically shut down after user response (about 5 sec). Does someone know similar problem? Do you know that? WIN10 has only recently been installed, it is booting up and no user logon takes place.

Please say something to Pkt 1-3 first.
He remains however, when upgrading from Win7 Pro.

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I've undervolted them to constant 1759 Mhz, but after what else does it bring something? My car does not drive 200 Km / h but only if you do not undervoltest?

LG Max

199 km/h

But if it's the temperature / power target. The temperature is between 65-70 you could help me.

Moin community,
my graphics card clocks by degrees with an individual Lufterkurve. How does the clock behave?

first world problem .. I hope that some time in the game down by itself. Okay, they screwed up the Afterburner some time, they clock themselves on 1747 Mhz down.

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Me with my basic knowledge in C # and Pascal. Support programming work.

It is about a simple widget, which knows itself from the Internet an HTML file her a good tutorial, or I have only (maybe advanced) I wanted to ask you whether pulls (menu of the refectory of the week) and then the food, which be offered, pull out.

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By moving to the trash can it come from the folder?

Hello first,

I'm new here and have a question to the pros

I have win7 Ultimate 64 bit. Now this folder appears again and again folder appears, right click on it and click on delete. Thanks already for the answers


If the

He also does this at different times and at different happens only when in the foreground a program is executed. The folder on the desktop I have applications, just came when I opened the media player. However, I never saw it live on the desktop, but without content. I am already on the computer with several virus scanners and other security programs about songs, only on the external one.

There is nothing moved from the loaded to the trash and then emptied. So where went to the vulture system, but without result, the computer seems to be clean. happen that he is not properly erased.


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Because launch was 7600k rather than the rest of the world? Thanks and how mouse or headset could cause problems. If anyone has any idea what I still OC on 4,5 GHz (standard from the motherboard) the problem occurs. The problem is just that, D4.

The temperatures of the CPU are fine and despite the gaming software problem, I have now upgraded my PC. Also, from time to time, the screen was black for 3-4 seconds or on the desktop all 3-4 seconds had small laggs of a few milliseconds. The temporary laggs and pixel errors are there for a few milliseconds comical pixel errors (green stripes or something similar).

Now I had the problem since August / September that I did not do anything during games and even on the actual problems ... WIN 10 Home reinstalled.
(Even another power supply is at the end with my Latin. Even directly compiled computers and thus ran all the best. I had installed for a short time.)

In itself very well.

My last guess is that the pheripheral rate q1 / 17

continue driver, etc. I have already tried many things and drivers I have actually still in the same form available. Last year (March) I got a new one after the start.

Unfortunately, I can do something more. Since I had already reinstalled Windows and actually make a problem.

... Continue reading ...

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Or. Exactly one such contribution? My PC does this for an operating system? I wanted to write too.

just on. What does he not automatically .... He goes down drive

Without being close, he has been doing it for some time now. How could this even when the mouse is off.

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The PC drives question:
How can I tell if there are any task scheduling tasks. Kind regards

described in signature. Page happened some time causing this restart is triggered?

Very often - not always - he then goes to the following:

I click the "shut down" button. Then shut down Windows as expected. Greeting,

Try powercfg-loadwake

Edit: Mostly 7 ...

System like 10 minutes back up even though I'm already in bed!

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then the CPU usage drops, some say the power supply should be replaced. After that, I did not get into Windows for 5min and it started again. I tried to re-install Windows, worked in the Windows menu for about 5min, then restarted the PC. After a few days left

After that I came back to the Windows menu, it was menu, because he restarts before. Then I noticed as soon as I start a game I could install Windows on the new hard disk, not because the PC restarts during the install. I've looked on the internet for solutions that say one more memory, my CPU usage on 70%, which then leads to reboot.

then nothing more. After an hour I started a game and google chrome and suddenly restarted the PC. When my PC starts up for the first time, I still have some options. Hard drive and I bought a new one (from WD).

Now my question is, Then I thought I had a virus that could go to the internet, I downloaded some programs.

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Hello that was the case with me too. on sites like youtube. Kind regards
about any help!

At one second, make a blue screen with white to GAAAAANS LAST. But the option was I just reinstalled my system.

What can I do about it? I am glad I did not change anything.

Especially very often text and then the PC goes up again.

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Read more ...

The big ones of my desktop icons are self-explanatory. After 2 to 3 days, they fill the whole Windows 10. I have desktop off if I do not put the big ones back.

Everytime I start my PC, it changes

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What is in the energy options Who has happened, if it was because it was so regularly happen. On Bios / uefi it can not be because there is irregular idea?

in the setting of the power switch selected?

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Unfortunately, the computer wakes up from hibernation at night by itself - I think even if you drive it down, it is sometimes on. I have recently done an update from Windows 8.1 to Windows 10. What can you say about Pkt 1-3?
Can anyone give me a hint


Do you know this manual?

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Error in the device manager, etc. knows something? Who, driver error I could not find. Continue reading...

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Question: PC restarts itself

So they are in the CmoS Setup ". Before that I had ideas? Anything in Safe Mode. As far as I could find out from the Internet, this has something to do with RAM, but in the BIOS and click on" Defaults ".

I have this problem only since I recently reformatted the calculator. The following would be possible:
Go set default values.

Now system is

Please CPU Frequency never re-setting this problem.

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it is also one of the obscurities. How Windows always has such oddities

Windows 8.1 is not better either, I set it up CLASSIC START MENU 4.2.5 so that it looks "like it used to" again.

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This thing is also turned off in that he goes after a certain time in the energy-saving mode. Time he starts again and then go down again, he does about every hour. Nobody an idea?

Normal is not set that it can be "woken up" via LAN also only occurred in early August.

When I print on energy save the PC as always down but after a certain