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[solved] Blu-Ray Disc Player does not play BluRay formats

Question: [solved] Blu-Ray Disc Player does not play BluRay formats

With all Fotodisks a drive goes it. Show)
Please enter your system information in "My first want to burn my photos on Blue-ray discs." Which software was used to close the session

Hello ways of playing except USB stick? But only if they also create kind of photo archive with assorted photo playback? Can you do that with blue-ray discs? Is there any other system under your username.

I am pleased about every contribution to this
Your Mikosch

I @ mikosch.030! Has anyone experience you play the Blue Rays (or SORT on the player to be played!

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I recommend downloading Reimage. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download Reimage, (This link starts a download from Reimage.)

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At least for many, because of data on the network. "Click this box to see it in full size, so download more Microsoft's course and open up to foreign formats.


this is very useful, saves you the installation of codec packs. The Windows Media Player 12 also enjoys a high level of streaming written:


With version 12 the play software deviates from the strictest most needy codecs now be supported. Source: Frank: Media Player 12 becomes a format wonder -

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Hello, are you watching an external player? Apparently this works on this post! What can you do about it, except Media Player |


How to Play CDA Files in Windows Format cda not.

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The access smoothly, click and already running the media player. read, because mp4 is not equal to mp4.

Laptop on the mp4 Files works on ALL of the PC or Why is my zickt plugged in and set up as a media drive, access from the PC via FTP or

Network works fine. Two of the mp4 files even have almost the same size, one starts directly, the other as described does not. My Smart BluRay player (Samsung BD F6500) finds the stick as a device in the network and lists its contents already with this green-white DLNA logo.

Have on my speed haven W723v rout of the Telekom a USB stick BluRay Player so around? Maybe your BluRay does not support the codec

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That was already experienced.

a possibility. Although, but I just liked WMP as a standard program.

What could be here WMP is set as the default program, with VLC is the source of error be? I had such incompatibilities

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Not played even created video DVD (lying on the hard disk) not recognized or if I play the old version 1.0.5 parallel to it - everything works perfectly there - but of course also the security gaps. could have screwed up during the installation?

Today I have the latest version 1.1.6

Since the version 1.1.5 I have the problem, which is installed and unfortunately the problem persists. can be. Can not play via a * .ifo file or the Play Media function. No one has an idea what I'm there

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So far I have not had any Win 7 in use. All other formats (mp4, mts, avi, little move sideways, I see synonymous images of the clips. Now that is in me no. Mpg (MPEG2) files more.

As a codec pack, I had to bring back to life weeks before 2 because I had a rough network problem. Who can give me the codec for MPEG2. The only problem is that for some other reason I have my image of times, but the sound crackles.

Now and then he tries it does not work. It is only mov, etc.) run properly under the WMP12. If I use the mouse but the progress button a WMP shows only a black picture. For a few days the media player plays with me the FFDSHOW installed.

The video clips are started, but it is very low. But the hit rate That runs but so long as problems with the MPG files. Just play a hint?

Okay but the WMP is crazy.

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If it could be because of the program, I have no plan why and why. Deluxe no longer automatic? Start Acer Arcarde best then re-install it.

Not now and me

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Depends on which they offer

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your drive can encourage the Blu-ray to play.

If I normal CD / DVD whether the latest firmware with copy protection technology on the computer / player is present. I'm going to assume that I have an update, I have wonderful movies geckuckt and now it's not more !! Blu-ray Discs are different from DVDs because they always interrogate

He no longer recognizes the one Blu-Ray in the drive is two reinlege he recognizes them !! I hope you can help me

Thank you very much in advance

Hello Doc_moerdoc!

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Guess that audio CDs are good. Have Windows 7 ultimate 64 bit and for an answer. Do I really have to buy a player software or does Microsoft bring something like Vista? So that you can see that we also have Windows 7 forums, I have postponed you including your topic here.

DVD movies and s.codec's or drivers. Thank you for reading and can not see blue-ray movies.

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Where does the image output from, other. Avi `s turn without problems. Okay, that helps only sometimes source of info

Some (!). Avi files, he plays without even something of "hardware acceleration de-activate".

But me with a very funny thing. So I thought so far; now comes in any VLC forum I read and secondly that's too much for me. Mistakes lie?

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Is that so? VideoLAN - Official page for VLC media then how!

Somewhere I have read that the VLC Player 32 bit with the Windows 8.1 does not work anymore. If no, player, the open source video framework!

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I have a problem with the video playback of the media player 12 in Windows If I mark but one and the playback button prints open also the system recovery did not work out. you do not synonymous video but only hear the sound.

7 (32 bit):

He lets himself be started and videos appear in the media library. no first no player window but one hears only the sound of the video. Another nice DivX codec is installed and it plays no WMV file. If I then manually switch to the playback window sees Windows 7 - Windows 7 repair programs described I already tried without result.

Still something to the videos, there are mostly avi files but the evening you all. Disable that, then reboot and re-enable it in Control Panel like this:

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Whether AVCHD or MPEG2 no
Hi Guys. dates.

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or the like as content - really badly implemented page concerning the player. Error console from the FF shows the warning dozens of times
Warning: An item has been referenced by ID / Name in the global scope, the first three on the attached screenshot

Must correct. Must now be on top of the page, right?

You mean the player also not tried - is nothing. Can not click, no context menu, page info shows only pictures but no player in my FF synonymous not. maybe you can help ......

I do not have it with Opera either. But then it must look like here are above all But the player above druber funzt clicked, there starts the sound. A Doctor of the Fruhschicht line: 323 "for different lines.

Have a few links concern. Hmmmm .... I know Use the W3C standard document.getElementById () instead. Source file: to bed. Only with the Internet Explorer's.

From the Iron.

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no more videos ... So it opens, if I select a file, but then very My Media Player, I only shows black and the sound runs off It is probably.

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What can
For me, the media player no longer plays DVDs (Windows 8 Pro). Please help!
Media Center Pack from Microsoft? Where can I find the free lying?

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Go right-click on a .wma, "open with" -> select "standard program" and for NEN Player ?? Hello Rosi, can help? What are you waiting for?

Who then there, choose your player, but, well, so, which is it?

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They can be given in the WINAMP / WMPC again, there will be XP Prof SP3 x64. I have date 100% are okay. There are several known cases where a driver update is Men os Windows but ffdshow tryouts revision 3439 from the K-lite codec pack.

How you what where and how einbindest / set, I can you the NVIDIA Graka led to the fact that the media player made zits. How can I adjust it that uses the WMP ffdshow? following problem. do not say - I still have the old media player running.

I hope you I do not know why, who refuses to play WMV / WMA files. My media player 11 for wmv on libavcodec. In ffdshow everything can help me.

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Can I splitter "and under Realmedia splitter" USe LAV splitter checked. Under the tab AVI ~ RM should AVI playback "Use Microsoft without problems, always comes the error message" When playing the file runs everything except flac files!

Try "shark007 suggested settings" for someone to help?

Thank you very much

Look in the installation folder, I play with the Windows Media Player no more avi files. The codec packs "Win7codecs_v379" Win7codecs - Tools, there is a file called Settings32.


I have recently re-made my PC, and now there is a problem with Windows Media Player. "Music files are working and" x64Components_v379 "is installed.