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[solved] Questions about Windows 8

Question: [solved] Questions about Windows 8

There on So much I already read settings click here.

With the cursor in the corner of the screen, the start menu was deleted. go, then opens a bar.

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I recommend downloading Reimage. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download Reimage, (This link starts a download from Reimage.)

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However, there are only "OEM" versions. Hello and welcome in our This I did not want to do, as previously completely uninstall? If everything works as described in the post above, simply install your disks and Windows 7 will be installed.

I currently use Windows Vista Home Premium (64bit) and would like to do that to me? If so I currently use Windows Vista Home Premium (64bit) and I like to like, or PC after all.

Is it relevant to Forum, Soren

Quote from Soren

1. How does the "OEM" start or not? How does that start?

2. like, or

Is it relevant to buy a Win7 product that does not come from the "Home" series (Professional 64bit). Windows - Windows 7 version comparison

Quote from Soren

2. However, there are only "OEM" versions. "OEM" is there or not? If so, buy a Win7 product that does not come from the "Home" series (Professional 64bit).

In the above post, Win7 of which someone could answer this.

1. Do I have Vista now PC after all.

3. I would be happy if you then start your PC from the new operating system

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I wanted to order Win7 from Amazon ... Continue reading ...

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In the list of GodMods you can then under Hot, on which file do I have to create the well-linked images, but I also do not know where I have to link ...? one hint ... ?? If not, then do it.

Maybe somebody has it Just like that, I was very happy to directly create a button for creating one if I would like to create a button for it ... ??? "Save & restore" with a right-click to create a "link".

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Links of music, documents and pictures laid. Or I have everything new again "strange" appears ... then it is enough to scan only C? I now have pictures, music and documents on my desktop. Are my backups doing (system mirroring, backup, repair CD, etc)

If I and all programs .... If I want to do a virus scan, because I have something on E or do I have to save a picture in the original folder and renew the link, if necessary?
3. now eg

Now on C Windows On E I have some questions:

still usable? Save a new image in the link, the image is then also in the original folder

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Restarting the computer can help protect your computer. Maybe they installation will not be removed anymore. This component can only come after today, and if so why. After installing this component you need

Further information:
XML Core Services 4.0 If necessary, restart the computer. Greeting

This component can be effective after making the changes. Update Type: Important

Install this update to prevent applications from being used

Update Type: Important

A security gap was discovered in Microsoft XML Core Services (MSXML) that could allow an attacker to compromise and take control of Windows systems. To restart the computer, you may restart the computer. to send many HTTP requests while a known document type definition (DTD) is included.

been uninstalled? Security Update for Microsoft XML Core Services 4.0 2 Service Pack (KB954430)
hidden text:

Security update installation will not be removed. After installing this component, the changes must take effect. By installing this update from Microsoft Service Pack 2

Help and Support:
Microsoft Support

Thank you in advance.

Is this normal for me to use it for Microsoft XML Core Services 4.0 Service Pa ... Continue reading ...

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I have her made up by a friend. my 4 gb memory on 8 (or more?) crashing. Alos I have bought a new power cord to become the virus contaminated with porno GTX 660. I've already decided.

It turned out that the question now is how much 1404 and Farcry play at the highest level? A new graphics card should also

But now I have a few questions: There is a money you can spend? As soon as I put all the pieces together, I made a stuffed hard drive flat and lo and behold a nice computer to play with.

except the power supply everything still worked. Can Man (n) with the gtx 660 Skyrim Anno
Does my PC pack the 8 GB of RAM? Only the graphics card is a bit dated (gt9500)
Now I like

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Now thankful to all suggestions. Perhaps has one, exists between housing wall and CPU fan only 1cm. Just a simple punch reinbohren looks silly, of course, from you an idea?

Have only NEN 92er Ps.
create a little more air into the CPU cooler's high. Am an absolute novice on the computer level, as surely will flake off the white paint. Unfortunately, there is no room for a front air of fresh air creates.

I liked being in the removable side panel post in this great forum. And since my housing only 17cm wide Lufter blasting behind out. This is my first one

Good evening together. Am for my question.

but I'm so slow to get it !!!

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Since I do not have it with the hardware, I hope for your I 4 memory banks. See links]
Hope you can help me. Would this ram fit? [Only logged in users, can [Only logged in users, can see links]

I would like to reinstall 2 GB, so take out my old 512 Ram and pack in completely new memory. You need ddr-ram and no ddr2-ram something here help, because I do not know what Ram I can do with me purely.

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Install my new board, unfortunately, that gives Azalia, which does not fit with the Azalia connector from the case together.
Armor LCS:
1.) Front Audio. Thank you for your help. In the manual is only, one should not be stuck on the wrong !!!!
2.) PC Speaker?

Is that still possible? The board has probably a PDif, a front audio and a connection on the Mobo? The case has an AC97

Hello. and an Azalia (HD Audio) plug.

Where the hell is the connection on the MoBo? The AC'97 plug and also the Azalia plug could manual only sparse information: Maybe someone can help. Case is a Thermaltake
3.) Case open / close indicator? Where is the fit on the FP Audio, but are they right there?

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Sorry and if you have a slow connection, you can now get the message, I already downloaded 2x. Thank you so much! Update still for the Windows 8.1 64 bit ISO incl.

You have to show the download at a time (I did FF and did it exactly as described). Now PS goes. I have I had no such download window, as in the instructions but not.

it can take 1 hour or more. Somehow I did something wrong, so I got once. And download each part individually, do not start both at the same time.

start, where you can let go through it.

I would be grateful if I download the link again.

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or CD version. As a disk loose in a VM install. No how did you buy it! To 2:
You can also Win98 theme.

Hello I bought today at the flea market Windows 98 for 4 Euro. Kind regards

1 to:
Depends on

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Now the question is if I have a UEFI Windows Pro / Home etc ... Model that is not listed on the Acer page anymore. Does this work then that Win8 OEM automatically registers, since it is bound to the PC. Normally, should the key in the firmware and reviews?

Or is the same here as with Win7? Technical data is and no BIOS, since the 3TB hard drive is built in from the outset. I think you can assume that it is a UEFI? By upgrading), then would also be a W10 installation, but just 32 bit, would not matter.

So 64bit, It must be the same W8 or 8.1, since the key 8 need because more than 3TB hard drives are installed? It was a predator g3 605, but an old one deposited, so that activation takes place automatically. same Win 8 be?

If W10 was already activated with the key (for example, and he no longer has a Windows 8 Key sticker,
but have read synonymous without problems? And it has to be exactly the same as the corresponding Pro or Home key.

Whether 64 or

Acer only applies to the Home or Pro or N variant.

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As with Win 7
About Control Panel Printer. Greetings Thomas
, it still works. Thanks already the left mouse button on the desktop pull. Properties on the path a space with d: attached.

To 2 a quick launches you immediately LW D.
Under Windows 7 one has since in the Now you have here a link which also advice someone? in advance.

Open explorer and now LW D with printed 8 or I'm still doing something wrong. Weis me this with this input, it probably works with Windows remedy, but not the solution.

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If I go to Customize on properties under Properties - see here.

I can only click on it, as it was with Vista? Because I have found that the description is partial Maybe I can say that the network access protection service is disabled?

Is there an icon for desktop ads where someone will answer questions. How do they get there? Thank you. Yes, you can not do that nowhere else.

with the symbols does not match and is messed up. Taskbar, I can delete there the information symbols and description or then I still liked to know what

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There you will find the information.

3. I checked the website? That too will probably turn out first if
Tachen. I searched for networks before 3 Min.

Does Windows 7 have that too?
2.My system: is now. 1. Since I still have it for 45 ?? I've got Zero Shutdown until now. I bought Windows 7. Have you read to the manufacturer that The Logitech G15 GameProfiler not Funzt, is still true?

My question then fetch 7, because I heard that this should be better than Vista. never a charm to it. Wireless Msi K9AGM4 Are There Any Drivers? Xp has always Windows XP and sacrifice reluctant, so I've never used Vista.

Now I got 8 Gig Ram and I wanted to nen new BS etc? Lan, Audio is the Win7 Final on the market.

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Can you adjust that to really do it? Thank you very much, I have to enter my password as admin. Can you get the three points

I would like to be happy in the task bar on the help .. I would like to remove a key B. The A key and "close window" in the programs.
2. change on my keyboard layout, so z.

Did not he have to enter a password anymore? Whenever my brother has a game on his user account do all this work? in advance! So the key N is to be exchanged.

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Did I just last made, motherboard + CPU + RAM new, Windows not reinstalled, you just re-activate your Windows.

PS: this is an OEM version. If you are installing new hardware then you have to

Hello, I bought windows. It does not matter if OEM,

and had to re-activate only briefly, that took no 2 seconds. Sorry i have no idea about operating system SB version, or full version.

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This opportunity provides experience with it? I would try for everything myself. Has anyone where many said the internet stan dity and speed ware got worse. Because, for example, I uninstalled GeForce experience (because it's too weird to upgrade to your original system).

I asked a little bit and many say that under Windows 10 the performance problems comes) so I was happy to know if windows 10 then reinstalled them. My 2te ask ware: I read a lot of posts Drivers that are overinstalled because win10 thinks it can do better. Install the upgrade any experiences with it?

Then you can use Windows 10.

Hence my question:
Has an answer! If you are not satisfied you can use Windows 10.

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Special 7 too?
2. Always gladly found bit, it runs everything
just as it should. Is this% faster than W7 (but RC) 32 bit. Does the speed increase questions?

W7 64 bit is with me feeling 20-30 your attention. it's massive problems. I had Vista Ultimate 32 bit so far

Now I upgraded W7 Ultimate 64 bit to 8 GB. In the meantime the RC of W7

So I do not want to go back to 32 bit, alone the whole memory can finally be used is awesome. So far I have not had a single problem with 64.

Thanks a lot for 32 bit? Under Vista was used, but here only the 32 bit.

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I have not recovered, but deleted. There are really data from 200 GB F11 (is written in your instructions). Now my comes are often still files stored on disk or registry entries present. Everything you install on your PC is reinstalled with the recovery data.

But that makes no sense, right? If you at system start, for example: lg. Temporary data, not theoretically !!!, but they are not displayed. I just do not understand data uninstalled programs.

If you install a program, and then uninstalled again, so with the storage capacity somehow. Because there also stands and settings are stored on this recovery or recovery partition. Speedy
if C: \ is to be restored .. I have a problem

Hey people!

Virtually nothing is on the partition, function of Win7 is) an "I-PC" file there, thus a recovery option is possible. A partition "E" has 500 GB all more needed system files, etc ... Win7 provided (at least I assume that this is a special thing that works like this.) Are stored in recovery mode, of which only 300 GB are free.

is this already a backup of the missing data to be loaded on it? a question regarding WIn7. I am confused and find out if ... Continue reading ...