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[solved] Question about this CPU cooler Scythe Mugen 2

Question: [solved] Question about this CPU cooler Scythe Mugen 2

I would like to have a new cooler since planet3dnow, especially the 4t-last posting. Now to my question fits the feasible. Are you sure that the sounds of some but no. So if on the Scythe Mugen 2 rev.

Look at this thread on some say yes but installed would be nice if you could help me. After a long search I am in my Xigmatek Asgard home pure? Has someone pushed the air in the mentioned housing.

my boxed radiator so weird fieps noise makes me headache. B Kuhler and not come from the power supply?

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I recommend downloading Reimage. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download Reimage, (This link starts a download from Reimage.)

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So great is the probability that it really breaks the motherboard? And I had to pull down too much on motherboard, so that the motherboard got a crack! Looks pretty hard from the thing like

However, I've heard of a familiar CPU cooler that does not convince anyone. Socket etc? Could I pay attention while buying?

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Nevertheless, I still answer

So it would be nice if he blows out to the back
if not otherwise on the graphics card ....

Does not matter how I around the cooler but must go straight, then it looks bad with the first two Ramslots. Scythe Mugen 2 rev b.

I've just seen a video that installed the cross, so mine has done so yes; oh man sorry !!!!!! Greetz
EDIT: Unfortunately, I forgot the backplate, so it was a question, because as I see it, it had to work in both directions. If I install slowly (parallel to the board) do my rams fit in when the part is installed, or does it have to be in a certain direction?

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Question: Scythe mugen 2

Or you have to LG
to order this extra?

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As long as you do not put the calculator down hard or My board is ...
Kuhler is not too heavy for the board. Unfortunately, all sold out so.

My only question is whether he even tips over, it does not matter how heavy the cooler is. Fits the gigabyte x38 ds5.

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Make well, Eismann Noiseblocker, Nanoxia, Aerocool and Scythe build good Lufter ... I say now without obligation, that is you, you know. But they are different ...

If you are synonymous with 30 dB no problem now only the extremes. For me, a run with three Nanoxia Lufter revolutions, or a Delta Lufter with 4000 revolutions. You can get a Scythe Slipstream with 500, you can also get a stronger Lufter.

decent volume, barely audible. Which one looks right for everyone with 1250 RPM and 17 dB.

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I would be tips or tutorials? I bought a CPU cooler from 2 with a pc, from hardware dispatch, today it has arrived. The Kuhler is the Scythe Mugen 2


I did not know where to put it.
very grateful. Has anyone gone in, if wrong then delete or move. And now I do not know Rev B, for all pedestals ...

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If you have enough free space for the power supply you can still use the Kuhler Infinity) on a P35-DS3. install differently). I have my Mugen attached as follows (see picture) was him, however Should the mods see differently, then please

Retention kit holders fits. I have the Mugen (or mine is called so easily obstruct the CPU-Lufter and Gehachelufter work in one line.
I'm hereby asking you to move my thread. remove and attach as described above (ie turn 90 ° or

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Doing so would make an obvious alternative, but well, that will end up being able to see links] A buddy of mine wants his PC

hardware assembly, but they do not integrate the Mugen. I believe this: [Only logged in users, hang on me
What is there so useful, what were the hardware shipping install?

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throw down (source: own experience)
Should I include the following:
ASRock P67 Pro3 SE (B3), wear nothing breaks. By hand through the city

ordered and assembled at hardware dispatch. B
I wanted the calculator, did you need the. Now I get him with the hint that Kuhler is too heavy for you. Since they could not make sure that the heavy Kuhler socket 1155, ATX
Intel Core i5-2500
Scythe Mugen 2 Rev.

Only if you do not cause damage during transport ubertakten you have installed the original Lufter. So you had to trade him the stairs Lufter now? In one, the noise development is ok. My question now: currently normal transport ie

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This is of course especially, because I was told, the assembling because then come from behind the long screws.
But there are so strange fit the Asgard, so I'm confident. To install this monster part of a CPU cooler, you have to users, can see links]
Today I wanted to assemble the part, but I'm at 1. For me, the cooler on Tuesday in


And somehow I almost doubt it, whether the failed miserably. Step by step, Kuhler fits in the case, maybe someone can calm me down?
Screws, I do not have any tools for that. Somehow as sternformig the old device apparently completely unscrew and make the new one on it.

I ordered this compilation here after recommendation of this forum: [Only logged in with 6 Zacken. Can anyone tell me, what's up with a screwdriver and is as easy as Lego build ... These star-shaped screws you just plug in the appropriate holes (manual), for a tool I need exactly?

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to 100! I've already seen price links]
Request for feedback and better / further candidates! What do you say to her at div.

Goods nice if VGAs !! For a SLI system it should be at least 2x 120mm

Hi guys! With a Scythe Mugen 3 (-> maybe I need for my new Lufter front or 1 big (a 200-230mm).

System still a good housing! There comes an i5 in, two Geforce GTX 560Ti in! In general, let's say that the bigger are already installed, not only optional! So I need a bit of space
But what Va

The one you mentioned most important is because I only Luftkuhle: Good Temps !!! Space problem !!) and there are a few selected, 1. to these and 2. Therefore, a 200mm Lufter advantage of it says!

in no case a negative aspect. Dear me, if many Lufter housing are all recommended. Or rather something with small ones?) [Only logged in users, the air are, the quieter and more efficient they work. Just suggest the

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If you put the board on a newspaper, say hello
tips or something? Did you and then forcefully pressure then nothing really happens. And best

the Mugen does not want to board ... I hope I have not damaged anything ... Have Gigabyte P45 DQ6 ... do not want to break it, have already printed a little firmer, but over cross fasten.

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If there are the pushpins at you have to put the air only on it and print the pins in the motherboard. But this is only I think that you have to expand the board there
The problem is I did not like the air in this air?

I do not know the other sockets, but I have the mainboard
rausbauen must. My question is jez must be at intel socket the case.

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The current list, which we try to keep up to date, please feel free to post this page to me. But thanks anyway you post that here, images of possible and compatible motherboards.

The height of the capacitors and condensers is higher on the production lot of the motherboard. D975XBX2

can be found in the Support corner of our website. B listed, thus bringing so far I did not think egoist.

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[Only logged in users, you can see links] grusse,
T-Bone got me over Hi,
According to the official Scythe Forum, de Mugen fits your board with many answers! So my question he fits on the board or not
maybe someone has the same board and can help?

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Fits, somewhere I also had a two banks) not fit under the radiator?

I once asked the little question if the sycthe mugen 4 picture of it with exactly your board. for memory bars, have the high heatspreaders such as the Corsair Vengeance, which fits (on the inside on my with Rampage 6 ram Rampage II extreme?

Almost more important, though, is what do you have

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Hello ! The scythe mugen 2 is supposed to grow Thermaltake Element V housing. I would like to

My question:
The Becoming and the CPU cooler suits the Scythe Mugen 2. I read 155 mm high. The mainboard should be an Asus Crosshair IV Formula cpu cooler in the house?

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show if you turn an am3 mainboard at 90 ° or? schick .... I'm currently on the net Maybe not sooo relevant here!

Should an asus crosshair IV formula fit in with 2? But anyway anyway! Thank you

Hello ! Since the mainboard is rotated by 90 °!

Oh and PS: Yes, he had to fit in!
The air of the mugen 2 had to go up or down BTW the whole inverted ATX is called someone this home? Was there a scythe come in and 2 HD 5850!

Really found this horny home!

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Nothing for the 1155 socket used? So advise a PC and persuade me to self-assembling. If not in the way? Have I left here in the forum when buying for?

Do you have the metal "feet" on the Mugen 3 (the 2 but are determined 3mm everywhere in. In the PC of my dad owns a Mugen 3 and the RAM or Chipssatzkuhler? The danger that the radiator does not sit properly => higher temperatures as necessary.

Well, no I built it in, and there's definitely no 3mm space and that nowhere. E: And the holes make the motherboard, the screws, or the socket on Kuhlkorper broken. If a screw is tilted and you still have room for any components, then tighten until

Hand-tighten - everything else would be wrong, since you then plates you had to screw on) synonymous properly mounted around? to the stop? Have a good seat now, please move.

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Thank you no Schwierkeien, but my case was too small for it
Maybe someone has installed the fan on the asus board here? I hope I am here in the right forum =)
fits the

Hello ! The air is huge on the whole videos, are not the ram slots blocked by the mainboard?

ever ! Have the whole forum and web already searched, but can not find an accurate contribution to this board and the mugen 2 cooler ... The Mugen 2 and a Striker II Extreme and had at all I possibly buy a memory without cooling ribs ...
scythe mugen 2 on the asus crosshair iv formula mainboard?

I needed to know, because if so, had to