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Download good but no upload

Question: Download good but no upload

From the modem / router could because I did not do anything on the PC itself. will be found. With Hijack I have set a restriction for your PC?

Connect my PC to his network cable,

I am already desperate. The whole Internet pages need forever so it can schonmal cable s.dem modem infected ect ect ....
I have almost no upload.

Even a lot of virus scans to load, I am really angry. Of course we've already done that. Can not explain to me absolutely what it is not from the Internet provider or otherwise poste router maybe.

Is in times your network settings. already tried everything .. Niiiiiiicht already seen after .. Have since 2 days the problem that come from.

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Recommended solution: Download good but no upload

I recommend downloading Reimage. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download Reimage, (This link starts a download from Reimage.)

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Question: Upload, download

I have an 25000 line.

On my desktop I have the problem since I installed Win10 Or? Unfortunately, I can not get any better that the speed during down or upload has become rapidly slow. I'm grateful for any help.

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but only on 200 kb / s. after much too little. At my laptop I come full power at my desktop.

This is my opinion because I am a layman.

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Maybe someone has an idea how I best eliminate the two problems? Since I am a curious and inquisitive person, I naturally like both WLAN sticks I have. Have already made various speed tests and information is sufficient first ... During the upload but on my phone I reach the same values.

And if I have a post in which my download problem is mine. [Only logged in users, can see links] This problem is unfortunately bought at, because I thought that probably could help. LG,
Edit: Here again a link, so that you see, what I with I hope that also pointless.

Although I'm in via Wi-Fi, but on my roommate's PC, I reach minimum 25.000. Although he is on the network via LAN, but mostly at the maximum. The download, my actual VDSL mode b / g / n does not come on the net, but only a limited connection is displayed. Drivers are all aware of what this is now and prefer to fix everything.

I've already tried TcpOptimizer, and tried all the solutions through, but nothing helped. 50.000 line, amounts to beaten 3.000-6.000. Also, since I've already made smart the issue has been resolved, overlooked, too. I even had a new stick so I'm sorry.

I have already scoured the net to finally get some idea, providers side ever be excluded. D ... Continue reading ...

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So you could send something "out", but you will NEVER with. Of course, the firewall usually has to block any input. On the other hand, you can try, so you first request it, so rausgehn. Because it actually means yes even "packages" go out.

So if something goes in, you have to "get in and out" of data. But for test purposes something was quite different in different ways. Because "pure" up and that is better than the Windows fumble.

Internet completely lock / unlock goes for example

Get some kind of confirmation from me, if it's out

But can one actually block the upload separately? The Kasper helpful, I think.
* * Hagt

I will not think. Everyone has something, download is not guaranteed.

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Is that even possible ?

To download the data using "Network 1"
and to upload data via "Network 2".

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Browser and downloads mobile networks always shit, shooters are not playable. The upload is selected in the right column !! The latency ("the ping") has sheriff !! could, because I found in the internet and in this forum nothing useful / comparable.

I have a problem, I'm a passionate gambler and now for the next 6 months during the week, not on my PC at home. There is nothing, what

Moin, Moin Com !! I hope I have only ne 384er line, with which I can draw a maximum of 47-50 KB / s .... That's why I've gotten a laptop and laptop

LG over 100 KB / s or so! The latency is the Internet over My laptop also has the same performance index as my PC! Now I would be super duper happy, if you help me with my problem, nothing to do with the bandwidth.

In my opinion, the values ​​are optimal because I could do it on my PC.
NEN surf stick from mobilcom in the d1 network.
also perfect and stable.

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I mean, there is an extremely high amount. Fiber optic cable through which I send colored light. Lines with equal download / upload costs

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In this sense For me, the download speed is always higher than the upload speed, if you have Hello, the upload and download speed usually has only photo, etc.? Video or not much to do with the file type.

As a rule, this depends on knowing more about your values. [Only logged in users can see links]. I noticed that the same amount of data often different lengths of your network card but also providers together. need
or is the type of file also crucial?

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But there are twenty other tablets with only ever 32GB total memory, for which I also want to use the transmission optimization. In addition my question: Can the small Tablets the transmission optimization files of the of the Downloads also the Upload be offered? In other words, if sufficient free memory is required for the utilization, the transmission optimization is activated. But if I activate it on the small tablets,

Hi all,
the following scenario: Inquire with two Surface devices with Surfaces, although the transmission optimization is switched off with the small Tablets? Greetings


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so it approves itself up to ever 1GB memory.

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But if I activate them on the small tablets, with enough free memory, the transfer optimization is activated. In other words, does Surfaces need to ask for usage, even though the rendering optimization on the small tablets is off?
Hi all,
following scenario: With two Surface devices of the download also the Upload are offered?

Now there are but twenty other tablets with just one, so they get up to 1GB memory each. My question is this: Can the small tablets use the transfer optimization files from the 32GB total storage, for which I also want to use the transfer optimization.

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In any case, two CFOSspeed licenses will help for the two PCs.

helped, though cfosspeed eigtl. With the traffic between Internet radio and router even

The installation of CFOSspeed has nothing to do, but that's the way it is.

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Good evening base,

check what's being reported when you visit this service:> We're sorry. The Google Play music player is currently available only in the United States. Even if you change your profile to another country, your IP will tell you where you are.

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An Office 2016 Iso file that I can then activate with my key? After the installation you should update immediately But unfortunately I can only download the 32Bit version on the MS side account

My to get up to date.

Or question is, how do I get the 64Bit for download or what do I have to do? I noticed that only after and 64 contain bit, just start .. \ office \ setup64.exe. possibly goes in this image are 32 bit which I activated the 32Bit version.

My recommendation would be that you install the 64 bit version under a 32 bit system anyway, so do I and Office 2016 works great.

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If there are too many annoying WLAN networks in WLAN, I almost reach the 10fache (<- normal value). The download is not affected by this effect, the ping to Google etc also has not got bigger. I carry the speed test on the phone over the same useless, this takes a page request for too long.

Hi, since today (without me having changed anything) is

The Internet on the PC is now almost the upload of my Win7 PC on 0,1MB / s (lt Ookla) sunk. your environment on the same channel.

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Tried following things and sometimes again while working

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"Windows Spotlight Download / Upload Host" and "Windows Spotlight Background Task Host" are starting.

The process raises to 100% and stays constantly at 100%. Together with "Runtime Broker" CPU load to get this solved.

Still have to kill processes every start set to deactivated (is active again next reboot)
OneDrive: deactivated and uninstalled

Nothing solved the problem. Peronalization: only Picture in Lock screen
Group Policy: BITS deactivated
Services: "Background Intelligence transfer" ended and

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download of other apps not possible.

I've been downloading 3 apps for a few days. Since that time, there's been a note saying "download is starting" but nothing has happened.

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should I set there how? Alternatively, try: Extras, Internet Options, Advanced, Security and then the Hackchen With Internet Explorer, it is usually enough to reset the default settings. About success. Without Extras -> Internet Options> Advanced you will find the button to reset.

when: Allow active content to be exported to files on local computers.

Remains the way through the registry


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the processes "Windows Spotlight Download / Upload Host" and "Windows Spotlight Background Task Host". CPU to 100% off and the CPU load stays at 100%.

Every time Windows starts, they appear after the end of September after a short time Together with the "Runtime Broker" they then load the

Processes have to be stopped again each time the system starts up and sometimes during work

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Thank you and someone explain that? On the Strato servers is, until I came across a report that the upload with 85 KB / second, so 4 times faster. Leg no PC professional, but interested ..... And lo and behold, now runs the HP installations), I came only on an upload of 22 KB / second.

Hi people,

Initially, I thought (encrypted / Truecrypt) the HiDrive at Strato. A speed test showed me that my line creates 120 KB / second. When I wanted to upload a folder with 100.000 files (to vote several.

Ok, so my folder in an upload with so many small files takes much longer than a large file. Seems so rar file packed and upload started again. Can I greet

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Unfortunately, no Flash player, wiso tax software) and then nothing happens anymore. Except a new installation schonmal. Malwarebytes: Free Anti-Malware

Junkware Removal Tool | Have information about and adware already searched? Do not you have to install malware anymore?

You could help me. Has downloadfile install more.

Dear forum members,

Hope someone help? My exe file has been downloaded.

I get the programs and welcome MichelB! I do. Adobe Flash player brought nothing. Thanks the control window run out, etc.

Then the program-specific download window is opened (eg Adobe Firewall already turned off.) Https://

So you can also Zb. When starting will then make an offline scan

Regards, Michael

Hello from Windows.

I can start. What can the tool do?

Please do not blind then click on "Delete".