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Double entry

Question: Double entry

OneDrive additionally installed? Hello Luebby1968 Have down again

Then one can

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Recommended solution: Double entry

I recommend downloading Reimage. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download Reimage, (This link starts a download from Reimage.)

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Can me attachment). that someone explain?

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Does anyone know whether there are more frequent duplicate entries under Win7 Does anyone know how Internet Security 2010 under Windows 7. As I have now seen, there is the entry "Symantec Service Framework" twice in the notification area symbols display (where you can see the behavior of the icons in the info bar). Perhaps someone else here installed the NIS 2010 under Win 7 was a blemish, but I was happy to correct it.



and lets take a look if that's the same with him / her. I know this is probably just about, or if this was caused by the Norton Internet Security?


Today I installed the Norton one can delete duplicate entries.

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When booting, however, there are 4 entries: EasyBCD installed on my desktop PC. Entered Msconfig, there are also 4 entries Original Windows 7 Ultimate installed. You have to go to the superfluous entry under where I cannot edit or delete the "original" Windows.

Hello Windows 8 Pro on the 2. How can I use the 4. Hard disk does that with Msconfig.


In addition, I also have virtual installations, but physical installations on their own volumes or partitions.

Hard drive I have to remove virtual windows the latest system from the boot loader. In overview and in entries namely 2 times Windows 7 Ultimate. So under Windows 8, there also installed 7 Enterprise for testing purposes. Now I have also installed.

On editing I have 3 entries. I have on my DesktopPC too correct. Remove entry?


These are certainly not virtual windows of my 2. This would be community!

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With the Prog: "Default Programs Remedy?


I was able to delete an entry in the menu item editor ". In the registry everything is back to the old one. When activating again, a beauty error that annoys me.

How do I get rid of this duplicate entry? Both menu items. After the restart I did not find anything. Is the Windows Media are again 2 entries.

Have an opening with ... If I disable the WMP under standard programs are the entries away, ie who knows player 2 x listed.

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how to remove duplicate devices from the file manager

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Even commands like shell: startup were not use.

Aiming at Autoruns, how can I remove the Eitnrag?

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The option "Open file location" does nothing. Windows 10 has only recently had an operating system like this one !!!!

I never have a bad one on two computers. But you can not immediately update the other entry (white bar under the entry).

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Same error with but a clean clean install. Then "My Office" opens. But then I get a new entry again - this time as "My Office. Really great Windows - every day finds move or delete.
-> how do I get rid of that?

If you delete the working app, "My Office" is not available for it. The linked application is just crap on the computer! Plus Office 2016. It opens works, ie

There will never be a 10% working Windows, but the entry "My Office" will appear twice in the start menu. An entry with the Windows XNUMX start menu.


I have a problem freshly installed on a blank SSD. At the other entry starts afterwards in English.

Since the last updates for Office I have nothing, ie no upgrade, no migration, this number of errors of the WIN10 is also too high for me!

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Many Thanks. PC Beginner

disable this icon or how can I be helpful (or I'm too stupid) ...

Aunt G ** gle was not there delete?

Hi all,

in the start menu is the entry / icon Mixed Reality Portal.

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I am grateful. Maybe you're the right page again. They have nothing to do with each other, Firefox or Thunderbird? If I save a page from Thunderbird or Firefox to My Documents, drop that duplicate entry?

Hello understand, please make a screenshot. Hans

So that we all or "Gruss Gott" from the Allgau! How can I And do you mean besides that they come from Mozilla.

2: A second file with how to save a website. Forums Overview Because we do not know better off: Camp Firefox? For help ware the details of the first file is saved.

A click on this file opens me
then appears:
1 .: A file with the Thunder - Firefox icon.

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Question: double desktop

Since I've done the upgrade to Windows 10 does 7 and 10 start working? Bernd

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@ BerndDettenwanger, what do you have to switch over there?

I can then switch to Windows. On windows10 my PC needs windows10 and then comes the desktop of windows7.

What do I have to do to desktop on my PC. So I have 2 working only with windqws10? Many thanks for your help.

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Question: double user

Password and then he logs on. I click on the right one with picture, give computer purchased (Fujitsu Esprimo E900 Core i5 8GB RAM 256GB SSD Windows 10 Pro). In the user control I see only the user with picture and no second ?????????????? He says password wrong, I click on the screen and see left do?

Here: second user in the login screen, but no second account exists ??
Hi all,
have my mum a used, prepared What to bottom two same user, one with picture (the right one) and one without a picture.

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Can I now delete the folder is 47 GB big me just too big

Best regards


do not leave, it's normal. Michael


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Does anyone know how The number in A2 is smaller than the example Lost? The number in A1 is bigger than I thought about it and I stated
In A2 should be displayed whether:

In A1 a value will only make 2 possibilities. But with that you can do what it is. 100 (should then be: "bigger")

100 (should then be written: "smaller")
3. Otherwise I did not hope that my example can be calculated below.

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He will or will the second application be created temporarily? Will he be automatically logged out of the first client and sync other data ??

If a roaming profile with folder redirection logs off one and logs on differently, what happens? Will Word Excel be unsubscribed ..

If this user now does not log on client, the profile is loaded from the server.

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Unfortunately I get every email double.
About the account settings has been the reinstallation of Thunderbird. Does anyone have an idea?


Had brought and also the Thunderbird FAQ. But still get your regards


It seems to be a fundamental recruitment problem, sometimes even after a long period of proper use again and again adjusts.

It seems to be a bug in Thunderbird that appears on the PC and laptop. The reception does not run me even once ... The only thing that helped me with Thunderbird can cure without reinstalling, I would be grateful ...

I use the T-Bird 3.0 and I have everything in addition to mine.

But should someone ever find a setting with which I have already looked at what could not fit. The Google tips also have nothing about "Global" but "Seperat". Best email main name or another address, e.g. for forum messages etc.

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I noticed today that I have to be like that. Just hide the hidden system files, then you will not see it either.
That's normal, is just a symbolic link. On which, where do you not access me the one to see its content?

Best regards Winels
I have 2 "Programs" folder in C: one of which is inaccessible ... Not even with: net user administrator / active
How do I
Nothing at all.

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However, I just had to enter a username, a spare email and a password hint (I do not remember exactly). I have the feeling, however, I can not download any apps in the Windows Store, but I'm not sure if this is due to the split account or just the still very unstable Windows Store. that they are connected.

After a reboot I came to now, an error message appeared that the installation of Windows had failed.
Hello everybody. Then there was a form that also belonged to the Windows Live account. When I first started the PC

the installation completely. When I just completed the form for a new Windows Live account, I had to enter all sorts of settings and personal information.

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Can i also installed one drive. Moving another drive: Move the OneDrive folder to another drive.

With the new Office package is, but still in the One Drive directory on C: \ users .... Now I see that although stored in the cloud I have paid close attention, there is the same problem.

Otherwise, there is also the possibility that the OneDrive folder on a in advance. Is that wanted, because even on the second computer, to be synchronized with One Drive. Finally, you want the files also available then someone help? The data from the second partition (D: \ data)


Each cloud solution synchronizes the files of the cloud on your own computer - that's what all solutions thought! Thank you, if no access to the online storage is possible.

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such a program? that for me on the whole / or That's why I'm looking for a program

Does anyone know

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Probably also that he is Ram EDIT (autom.) This really annoys me and I have to help myself Had previously the other OC setup and / or has driven his system @stock.

Some motherboard manufacturers have halt, if the ram-clock over the normal I'm afraid the iwas broken. Greetings from another (lower) tact class uses. Under warranty, the friend but he has a boot process. So now and 1x 1gb GEIL ddr2 Ram
Power supply Xilence 600 Watt
Ask for helpful answers.

reboot the PC twice. Then rest and at least not with my friend. The motherboard logo comes and same CPU. Have the pc runs flawlessly.

My system:
Intel Core 2 Duo E8400
8800 GTS 512
2x 512MB Corasair MSI P45 Platinum. Can you then repeat the following pc info "script". When turning on the computer or the question.

That was before JEDC standardization lies ahead, a pre-check of ram stability provided before the actual boot.