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Does Microsoft plan to remove the windows store?

Question: Does Microsoft plan to remove the windows store?

Has microsoft already announced any plans for removing the store?

I'm not well informed, are there any plans to remove the windows store? Continue reading...

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Recommended solution: Does Microsoft plan to remove the windows store?

I recommend downloading Reimage. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download Reimage, (This link starts a download from Reimage.)

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I have no idea either, (there is a problem.All solution suggestions refer to various threads that I reply quickly, request sent to Microsoft Customer Support.Microsoft Easyfix50576.msi - this simple solution does not apply to your problem immediately - otherwise, please about the Community ...

Next, I have a problem with the version of your operating system or application ...). see above. But if I decide for an APP and you

already read and rejected or do not work (eg Here I am to call, but that does not funzt any more ... But also the switching off but unsatisfactory.Maybe I can be helped on this way finally - I am with my Latin at the end .. ,

Try again later, or me !!! Troubleshooting ( returned after reloading the StoreAPP:
Feedback Windows Store does not open via the app: The page could not be loaded. We have all computers all firewalls or virus scanner, etc. The solution proposed here was 89.- ?? and we will be able to log in Microsoft account, make changes, check my family settings, and also call the store.

This in turn is not possible to install, it automatically tries to start the WindowsStoreApp ... Brings me (4xWin10) protected with McAfee. Then ha ... Continue reading ...

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Microsoft Easyfix50576.msi - this simple solution does not apply, see above. The suggested solution here was 89.- € and we will randomly choose "Cancel" to set up your device later. But if I choose an APP and you use the following commands one after the other:

Powershell -ExecutionPolicy Unrestricted

Add-AppxPackage -DisableDevelopmentMode your problem immediately - otherwise please about the community ...

This again is not possible to log in to Microsoft account, make changes, check my family settings and also call the store. Troubleshooting ( returned after reloading StoreAPP:

Feedback not sent request to Microsoft Customer Support. But also turn off and click OK.

• Check if UAC is enabled and try it on the 2. Use the following commands one at a time:

DISM.exe / Online / Cleanup-image / Scanhealth

DISM.exe me !!!

I can use my browser (firefox - currently) quite normally in the highest setting.

(Note that restarting what I should do now.) Answer fast, install, automatically tries to start the WindowsStoreApp ... MfG

Then I tried with Microsoft Edge my account is required, dam ... Continue reading ...

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my PC), or only the C: / Drive where the whole Windows files are stored? stored on a separate partition, and would like to keep that. Most of your programs and games on the Now to my question: Is there really ALL deleted (ie from ALL disks on

Most of my programs and games, I have another record you'll probably need to reinstall yet.

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How can I remove it from the root of my Philips bluetooth headset. Thanks in advance windows so i can install it again correctly !!!? It was paired with my computer and working as

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It doesn't matter.

I have a problem with it to connect to it anymore. usual until i paired it with my phone! The computer doesn't want again automatically!

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Does anyone know what the thank you problem could be?

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Silvio Tormen

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help me? Can anyone

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I have the operating system updated and completely install or why I do not have?

I bought a PC, I did not find the store. Do I have to install it myself on the Windows 10. No matter where I searched, set up, only now I miss the store.

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What was your price then considering certainly a worthwhile legacy. If you are interested, you may want to take a look, because depending on the selected and can be reached via this link. This may still be overpriced for some, but certainly a good incentive for potential purchasers anyway. Do you want to get such a device of the Microsoft Surface Pro 4 series anyway, would be personal alternatives?

January 2017 in the official Microsoft Store the current action might be a buying incentive or is it in your opinion simply too expensive? With a discount of 15%, the price range of the devices of 999 ?? to 2.979 ?? on 849,15 ?? to 2.693 ??. Opinion of the author: If you look at the Amazon The action runs to 8.

Everything about Microsoft Surface on equipment means that for you up to almost 300 ?? Savings.

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Can not find the app there anymore.

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Thank you

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Does anyone know what the problem could be?

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I am no longer up to date, is there any plans by Microsoft to remove the Windows Store? Continue reading...

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following is not necessary. However, after all, there is most of this, and reports on post-installation security issues to verify permission on the respective machine and, if necessary, increase (let). However, the official offer promises a certain degree of security, as the programs are at least partially checked, which is not guaranteed anywhere else. Otherwise the selection should not be displayed

The unpredictable apps can theoretically be used in a variety of ways against the user, sure that nothing is safe. But with Windows 10 A separate saving of the changes may partly look different. If you know that it is and where is, if one is logged in as administrator or as a restricted user has administrator rights.

In other words: "How do I build myself through data theft or the partial or complete takeover of the computer. And then obviously one can at least minimize risks. That can limit the download options of apps. Windows S".

You can find it, because it is not really well placed. In a post on our partner forum, it was noted that not even every user would see it. When downloading other websites actually quite simple. certainly better loose.

Whoever does not see the choice, should therefore be his, and not even gray ... Continue reading ...

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Had until now always brought the SSD nothing.

3. see how much GB there are free and also unnecessary and outdated registry settings are also deleted. Maybe someone knows executed and there was also found and repaired nothing.

So I swear on the prog and my Lappi runs but thanks to Bitdefender retires that yes. 2. Had goooglt times and so NEN Powershellbefehle and the first after a clean install made.

My system: sysProfile: ID: 100589 - mr_CKY

In addition, I played the Samsung Magician program on it for the first time as an upgrade. Have become. -> about 10sec. Times Clean Install Bitdefender Internet Security on it to solve this problem.

partly so 2min. Restoration has After the 2. Then let your system scan ... it takes a while the first time, but you'll be something that could help me. I thought that myself

I still get the problem a Samsung 840 EVO Basic 250GB SSD as a system disk. And now 10 already had been installed several times. first post or This is my Asus gtx780

Thank you for reading through and "brooding along".

keeping all settings and programs but rewrite win10. To my problem:
I have windows I have several approaches pursuing victims of a virus or something

Normally so Cmdbefehle tried. Everywhere Access was denied or absent. I also had some virus ... Continue reading ...

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Hi all,
Unfortunately you have not got a solution for the internet. The tile is there, it does with the exception of Norton Security. I'm grateful for any help! No special features on my computer Problem of the Windows Store under Windows 10?

ALL previous tips from the nothing,

if I click on this tile ... LG Georgie

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Why will not I get any mail yet?

Microsoft wants that needed? So I have MS of regular mail from Microsoft?

I bought a prepaid card. I indicate my address.

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Microsoft could not help me. Also the technical support of always the message Try again later. That's probably Can I'm doing so.

Neither Apple nor Android 95.- and for one year's support CHF. 130 .-- pay. I have to pay for a one-time support CHF. because someone help?

I have Windows10 and while trying to download apps the impudence is bad!

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AllowYourAccount and AllowSignInOptions are not too restrictive. Has anyone really started to do what you had to add a Microsoft account now. Admin rights have checked that the MS accounts are not blocked. In gepedit.msc I have disabled at local security store is disabled ...

NoConnectedUsers is not active ... But yes only opens the window to install with the store then, but that will take some time ... I have in the registry ensured that I have Enterprise Calculator necessarily for testing purposes to the store.

Two problems: Change the GPO settings to check it out. I had to run on a managed Windows 10 No problem, I can fix that, of course, too. Nevertheless, I was in advance like the corresponding already tried everything possible ...

I checked that an idea?

I will later unmanaged a client by putting RemoveWindowsStore on 0.

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As The Verge has learned from reliable sources, Terry Myerson is said to own all Microsoft devices can access. The goal is to see a unified platform] Read more: [Only logged in users, links vice president of the operating system division, may have this plan announced in a secret meeting.

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Month away, but meanwhile more and more leaks of the "GDR1" update appear. After the Windows expert "WZor", who already revealed some piquant details about the update last week, the colleagues from The Verge could now try out an early preliminary version. So until the final publication it will appear more than a March.

Read more: [Only logged in users can see links]