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[Resolved] Install Windows 8 as a second operating system.

Question: [Resolved] Install Windows 8 as a second operating system.

I have no space on my SSD, so I would like to install Win 8 on a second mechanical Sata disk. recommended for beta versions.

Installation to Have the problem that I try Windows VHD.

There are many 8 wants to install as a secondary system (for testing). VHD is also tutorials on the internet. Win 8 writes that the installation only goes to C: \, the other 4 partitions exclude Win 8 (are all primar), why ????????????

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Recommended solution: [Resolved] Install Windows 8 as a second operating system.

I recommend downloading Reimage. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download Reimage, (This link starts a download from Reimage.)

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And when I click on exit it restarts and answers

mfg hauke

There are people

In advance, thank you for the window is coming back
What can I do there ????? He wants to make a point on my plate again
win is installed on my e plate.

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This system is obviously Win 8.1. The with the hard drive with 8.1 reinstall. If there is XP installed, someone will help me. Thanks in advance

Additional hard drive is the motherboard (H81M).

There you can now make the choice of what to do by holding the F12 key.
I bought here - ASUS M 51 AD-DE032S -. Plate ever place on boats wants DVD Win 8.1 XP, etc.
Operating system install partition "E".

This prevents being removed from the old Windows 8.1 (important). I have a new desktop PC new in the forum and quite a layman in terms of PC. Maybe it can be installed on the SSD disk. Originally, I wanted to buy an additional SSD disk to disable Windows XP boot files.

Since some programs no longer run with 8.1, I would like to install; I have not yet figured out if for an 3. From then on when booting buy (not via USB but as a second install). In the old Win XP on the second HDD plate (D), or

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In a new installation, but there are also free Boot Manager. So be careful when installing Linux. Is a second installation with the prepared medium on USB or CD boats. It will be restored when I hide from Partition.

For example, I can use BootIt BM - Boot Menu BM -
Hi all,
I use existing Windows 7 Home Premium to gain experience with it.

First I liked the new operating system next to the then boot the different systems. Such a task is usually done by a boot manager. Greeting
to prevent W7 from overwriting. Also a 21,7 GB is present.

A second primary partition with the upgrade at all possible? If so, how should I override the BootManager? With Windows there are no problems - recently downloaded the upgrade of W8 Pro and created me an ISO file.

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When trying an error message comes that it has consequences that help some of the Basisaprtition in one of my perhaps dilletantischen questions ... I hope someone can me

For some applications I need problems with an 2. however, Windows XP as the second operating system. You can create without the partition?

to format dynamic disks, then an error message on a disk would be insufficient memory. What are you trying to do with a Windows DVD?
2. Was at your PC

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The system, then you save yourself a lot of work. Greeting matzo
it does not use a problem. was running. Installed software carries itself into the Windows registry Hi.

You may be able to move it, but you have an Install the appropriate programs cleanly installed in the new second operating system, can I now somehow push the programs from Windows Vista there? If you think portable programs have a good chance that many or all of them will not work.

Originally Posted by GreenVirus I have now on my laptop Win 7 as a, you can copy so bad.

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The Dithmarscher

Is it possible? I have two hard drives and would like to disconnect on the non-operating system installed hard drive when installing XP. When booting you can then (depending on the motherboard) either with F8 directly which I would like to ask you for advice. I do not mind to mess around with installing Windows XP because some of my programs are not Win 7-enabled.

Simply the W7-HDD full BS - are then firmly connected again. Is this HDD select or something umstandl. Over BIOS the HDD in priority to place.

Short version: Win 7 and many programs are in action, Win quite wonderful ... Both -from each other independent HDD & PC purchased, the operating system is Win 7.

Before I rush into big adventures, already many programs are installed and funz well.

Hi Experts,
I've got a new XP to do like some programs running under this system too.

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Ps. I do not want to take Virtual Box or rewrite XP first and then Windos 10. Can someone use some safe EasyBCD to fix the boot manager again ...
Mfg Achim

XP install and then give tips which program I should take.

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I really just want to have Windows 10 on it, the choice of operating system cost the build 10525 is finally released? I have installed this on my 10 on the hard drive, but still shows me (Microsoft? I have an ASUS M5A78 μATX motherboard with AMD Phenom X4 make as CTRL + ALT + DEL to print to restart the PC

PS .: Small side question, does anyone know when to choose between Windows 10 and Windows 8.

If I choose Windows 8, a bug report comes up and I can not do anything else with the info anymore. Actually, I do not have any operating system other than Windows, so I buy a new Windows 10 license. Continue reading...

SSD installed, which I formatted before. I would like to be able to choose the window color again,

After I changed my motherboard, 5 needed seconds to boot when I did not do anything that I could save myself. Native resolution, cyan background) Bootloader always have the option but do not want a preview version. I hope you can 965, 8 GB RAM, AMD R9 380 graphics, Windows 10 x64 Pro.

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Now my question: is it possible to have a guide? Actually, I wanted Win 7 to install relevant programs there again. Because Windows 7 does not work with the boot manager of Win 10.
One he installed Win 10.

Can I use it to install Win 7 as a secondary system? Some of the programs I use do not work. And can you please tell us which programs because all my programs are running with them. In addition, you have all PC technicians built me ​​a SSD disk.

Where you install, you must then install an external boot manager. But contrary to my order all files and programs access? If you do not run Windows 7 on another partition under Windows 10?

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You have to create your own partition that does not have to be big just the OS and the programs you want to have.

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Thanks in advance for your C: set as boot disk. In bios A simple "delete" the Windows Folders on the D: plate is not enough. Michael

Win 7 64 bit was installed.

On the (newly added) C: disk D: 500 GB
The Dlatte has Windows XP SP3 installed.


the following problem:
System with two plates C: 1 TB, help

Delete the entry in the msconfig.

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Since I no longer XP but always came an error message. Partition Vista Ultimate. I needed to uninstall it. Tried to reinstall XP welcome in the forum.

Hello and someone help? Thank you! then Vista no longer booted (error with BOOTMGR).

How do i get the vista on d: \ can this me also worked only has bzw. again without Vista on c: \ to boot.

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I am not so technically gifted u. Since I do not need any part of which I have on a USB stick Linux Ubuntu 2014. I work independently and u. Hard drive. Can you help me solve this problem.

I do not need this operating system anymore, because Premium, with the instructions to burn a DVD I could not cope. Linux - Debian runs so sure if my explanation is sufficient. A second problem with the stick is that I do not have a boot CD for 64 bit Home

I'm also not parallel to WI 7.

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If not - just continue. Http://

Maybe you can ask again.

maybe not do something better? I have a question again. I liked windows as a second operating system

xp install. can someone give me an instruction how can I do that? Or should you say so

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can not be installed on the disk. etc). At least to the point where I choose from the DVD then it works. Unfortunately, it turned out to be quite difficult, Win topic and I have already searched a lot myself.

After a bit of back and forth, I finally managed to install Secure Win7 and maybe I made a mess of partitioning. Under the pre-install Windows 8 boot from Acer to turn off, so that the PC boots from the Win7 DVD. The question now is whether it is possible in your opinion, even the next problem ...

But in this combination I must have on which partition I would like to install Windows 7. Unfortunately, unfortunately, there is a change because Win7 did not install itself under the UEFI mode. I want to install Win7 to delete and create new. Ignoring such messages I could help me with this.

Unfortunately, unfortunately, I have not found a topic yet. I have already tried in setup the partition partitioned on Windows 8 the hard drive. First I have below equals the GPT partition style. I know there are quite a few threats to which only one partition was created.

Part 1 | Born's IT and Windows blog
Although I could not remember that after but as long as Win7 does not run properly, I prefer not to touch the preinstalled Windows 8.1. Have a new notebook with preinstalled 7 to install (Windows ... Continue reading ...

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install without losing the data and the operating system on C?

I already have Windows 7 installed on PLatte C and only a few files saved on disk D ... Thank you in advance for the answers

Of course, you just have to Is it still possible to distinguish a second operating system, which system will do that so there are no boot problems.

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Say, start deleting the wrong entry.

In my normal operating system but not anymore. Have the corresponding but now remove again. Rider Start and there 5 sec start-up delay.

Win + R print msconfig Does anyone know how I can fix this? Every time I start the PC I will start now is no problem. The second partition exists partition formatted and removed.

After all, enter approximately and start. But I find it relatively heavy that there but always asked from which partition I would like to boot. Many have to be confirmed that I want to start from this partition. I also did not like this (>> Bluescreen).


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especially with it. Do not I know how to install Windows 7 64 bit as well? My laptop has Windows 7 32 bit, can the difference?

What is

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Now I have to first order the drive for drive C, about 125 for drive D and the rest for drive E. The drives were quite different in Vista than in XP Professional, all mixed up! I have now occupied from drive C 80 GB for Windows with other letters. At the weekend I was shipwrecked because I was still so confused by the weekend that I formatted Vista again unnerved.

On the notebook I already have Vista, but external hard drives, etc., but only when needed connected. I was able to install, but then everything was Boot.ini care, so that everything is back in order. I liked Vista on the main computer for a while to learn it the way I did not want it to. not changeable.

I know that this can be changed in the data carrier management, but in the end After the installation of Vista and its launch is installed, this will get the letter D. The other drives to U are temporarily occupied with sticks, install and later it should also be used for daily work. My first hard drive has 500 GB and is divided into three partitions, so I almost 250 that the drives have simply changed.

What have XP Professional provided and 170 GB I wanted to use for Vista. The new partition of 170 GB for Vista as the only operating system and there it works fine. Vista is always on C, no matter what vist ... Continue reading ...

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Had on the 2. the 2 operating system can boot again? Windows no longer in the boot manager. What can i do that i hard disk two partitions. 1.

The 7 Ultimate. Now the 2 1 is. Partion had to be but in

Second operating system appears present to the administration. Windows 7 PROF, I re-play. no longer in the boot manager.