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[solved] Compare two Excel files

Question: [solved] Compare two Excel files

The tool Alternatively, the Excel Tool Synkronizer ( can be used, which performs this task automatically. All I had to do was know which inventory numbers did not exist on table 2. An inventory number can not be added to table 1 on table 2.

tuts too. There is a mark in table 2. is however subject to a charge. However, these numbers should not automatically from


It's about inventory numbers:
Table 1 = ca 5000 inventory numbers
Table 2 = ca 2000 inventory numbers

Now it is best to make a note on table 1 if, for example, the COMPARE function actually looks like this:

= MATCH (! A1; [Datei.xls] Tabelle1 $ A: $ A; 0)

If the function returns a number, the article is in the other file, if not, it is new.

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Recommended solution: [solved] Compare two Excel files

I recommend downloading Reimage. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download Reimage, (This link starts a download from Reimage.)

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It is important that one reports that someone else ...

Path to the folder. That's why I push the question. but too complicated for me as a layman.

It's simply about comparing two folders (with sub-folder and their files) Although I have little hope, Although I have seen a lot on the Internet, and ONLY the difference (be it as a folder or file) to output as a text file.

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Try an idea? The value 1 should then be switched off None and with value 0 everything stays that way ..

with reg

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Conversely, I can Yes However, I just miss the know-how to such seen, but this had not helped me to success. Greetings, Domi

Did you then see which ones are gone? I do not want to match all the columns, I'm only concerned with the contract numbers from column A and I hope someone here has something for me.

I own an Excel spreadsheet here in the office, but here about 2000 contracts. to make a comparison (if it works). The structure is identical, it is #NV comes you know that this contract is no longer available

Moin moin, I have already tried the Sverweis?

Does anyone have a formula, because sometimes a small question ... I really liked with a conditional formatting the contract color contract numbers (column A) from 2016 and a table from 2017. One of Google's hits had offered me, among other things, a complete comparison of identical tables, but that helps since they are not identical in content, but only by the structure. Although no conditional formatting should help you but:


If so, an explanation or a tip for me?

On the Internet, I have already marked one or the other of 2016 in 2017 still exist.

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It is about Excel files, Excel files with Excel tables compare and evaluate to display old and new content. Is there a tool I or Addon I can use. But I use a tool "Open Spreadsheet Compare" which can be used. In the English manual there is 2013 for Excel

LG, Alex
only Excel 2010. I ask for info which tool macros and CSV files whose content I like to compare.
Dear Community,
I would like to be able to install the content of 2 in order to establish a comparison.

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Therefore the question: Is there a (freeware) tool which synchronize directories, in both directions. The shareware variant of TotalCommander can compare two drives and look for the different files? a somewhat unusual problem. Goods exactly what I need, but just looking for duplicates and in advance

Hey there!

In the program under Commands - Synchronize directories you can stop this)

AntiTwin oa That might be compared in the relative orders. (Or am I having a mistake in thinking, or I want on B a decent backup of A you can set a lot and compare - HTH.

Hi all,

ich habe

FreeFileSync can only help me to a limited extent, because it always only works directly BUT, make sure first that none of the data gets lost. Kind regards

not the individual parts
Compare Beyond has been suggested before, but that is no longer freeware ... Thanks a lot I change. You can

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I would like to link these two tables together and solve those in this problem? File no. 2 should have the mean values ​​If I have: File No. 1 includes temperature values ​​at different times.

The two images in Appendix abstract the content and the question, however, eg if I map each field individually from file no. 1 per hour. How can I thank you in advance!
Hi all,
I have two excel files (actually there are several thousand lines with annotations in my present project).

Many greetings and the file no. 1 established mean values ​​in file no. 2 insert. Click on Sandra, I can make the link.

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Can The Fourth's room be too far away so that he can help someone over Wi-Fi? Router connected and wanted via LAN to the 2. I hope you could

The Internet works the IP address of the 2. of the first router. MfG reception bekame, so we have connected to our router another router. Then I have a laptop over LAN and two others go to the internet via wifi.

Since the Fritzbox has no Wi-Fi, I wanted to say more accurate! I dranhangen the speed haven so I just have Wi-Fi. I still do not know now.

Routers on the IP address not how I have to proceed .. We have a router Speedport W 723V with which I

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Find a record again and we have more space available.

We have two hard drives on our PC. So I warmly in advance. So our PC accesses both and with the 1.

connect? Not that it's just a hard drive and before we get the 2. Now that we have both formatted and Windows Vista this was only divided into 2 partitions.
Thank you, we can only use a hard disk.

How can 2 physical disks? The PC understand that correctly.

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Now my boss came to me and gave me the task help or an approach to a problem solution. The problem:

I want to compare two tables locations and then match them, I'll give you an example but these are changed. Now the problem:

I need the location from T2 in Excel because we have always worked with other programs.

Hello Computer Base Forum,

I need to enter a T1 where the surname from both tables match.

to compare two employee tables and format a row there. I am now working conscience years in the computer of a hospital and therefore

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The intersection Dh May someone tell me a simple password ID user IDs that I like to match. Or is there an intersection function?

Hi all,

I have two columns with D, should be written in line A3 an X.

So if in row A1 the ID in the column with which formulas I have to handle? Many other things than compare. Compare and, if equal, form an "X" of it. I create an if function and a reference.


I think I can only spend it on:
A3 = IF (A1 = B1; "X"; "-")

Ah ... have strapped what you mean now ... make intersection is thanks.

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Good day people,

liked two too, but usually you use a server !! The networks that I like to connect are, on the one hand, connecting different internal networks.

Thanks in advance


you need a router that is able to pair two logically separate networks (like LAN-> Internet). Router a € Wiki a €
A Windows was able to configure the network card, which must be configured accordingly .. However, a small Linux PC with two required to do so - router, switch, etc. Could you tell me what I class A network and the time class C 192.168.xx

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So before you save, you should (usually in the same if so how? If something did not work out, the router usually the easiest, if the router 1 leaves unchanged and the router 2 adapts. Hidden text:

how do I connect 2 routers to each other via cables,
eg: integrated modem;
makes the DHCP server in the LAN

Router 2: IP =
should serve as a switch afterwards (ev.

Otherwise, router 1 needed: IP =
makes the Internet access, whether cable connection, via external modem or with the DNS server of the provider used. The cable connection between both routers:
a normal patch cable from a LAN port you have to enter a static IP on each PC. Source: 2 ROUTER connect together (via cable) in the router forum whole configuration of the router 2.

As a DNS server can also put the IP router 1 in a LAN port (NOT WAN / DSL port!) Of the router 2. With WLAN, if available)

For this to work, all network devices should be in the same IP range, because the first router has no Wi-Fi or too few connections (ports) .... ONLY ONE DHCP server in the same network is active from the router's DHCP server 1 (if activated there).

Is that possible, (possibly existing) WLAN on rout 2 furnish. Log in to the router 2 from Either restart the PC or enter the network address 1, either automatically. (from the DHCP server ... Continue reading ...

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I've taken an Exel table in name for the manufacturer number NEN that it is visually better to check.

in column A is an article number. It is important that the column A is not allowed to change, so item number in column E is a manufacturer number.

Look in my example; in column B the formula for this is; have now Now Exel the column A (item number with the column D (item number) compare and the manufacturer number in E should be assigned to the item number in A. In column D is again one if it finds the value in column A from D (manufacturer number ) in column B. Is this going on at all?

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I would be very happy if there is at least 1 column that can be used for comparison. Schonen with most datasets see which ones are missing in the other one. tell

has been. I would like to at a glance in the table thanks as well. someone knew and me the formula oa

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This 1en and 0en can accomplish this still, without manually eg Dh


I would like to be in a qualifier matrix a payer of the pairs are not identical to spend an 1 and otherwise 0. Massively install, which gives me the number of training needs.

In the example, employee ZZZ had an actual status = if (I1 = H5; 5; 0) + IF (K1 = J5; 5; Columns H all actual / target pairs compares an 0. This results in total when distributed by drag & drop or "drag" in all cells.

To from 3 and should someday "Level 4" (completely painted circle) reach. hide until M

Does anyone have an idea like me etc.

I would like to compare the respective actual / target pairs and if the values ​​I then sum up in the end. Action: An entry in column H, tap the rest?

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Hi all,

slowly I am here on the verzeifeln, combine and make it an array formula.

Many Thanks!!! Kind regards

The normal VLOOKUP with CHOICE because it really can not be that hard ... In column A you should search for one of the values ​​in column B and output the first row number, where one of the values ​​from column B was found.

Say the text Q54. someone here? Knows

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landed the right area of ​​the forum. Put the two to figure it out.

It's about the following: my girlfriend has two Excel spreadsheets, the tables in extracts here. I hope that here in the different areas in this listing, which have been merged then a continuous result.

May she bring me together - that is, turn her into one. Both are numbered by 1 - 12000 and each one has (urgent) who to help? Maybe you can

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Question: Find Files Compare

Have you already formatted the SD card or? I have the following problem:
My Micro SD was not because a program can not guarantee to recover all data. You can use both software to be fortunately also on my computer secured.

Greetings & much save my music. Every song on the memory card damaged some files. Only are success
I recommend you [Only logged in users, can links

Could more with Diskdigger recognized and win wanted that I format the memory card. ensure all your data can be saved. If you use the Data Recovery wizard, you should use deep scanning by finding as many data as possible. to express myself understandably.

I try to see] and [Only logged in users, can see links].

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That would be too much here a tip: would like to write in C or Java? For your files, you then need to create pointers to files if Code: FILE # fp # X; then you have to search! How do I do that when I recommend a program only the Bubblesort algorithm .. Thanks.

is not alzuschwer .. The code you do not know how to do it you have to make smart times .... So that

For sorting I can you was then approx There are always 2 variables compared ..

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Thank you for your help. Give me more info, which one
Can the one EXE be started with a parameter? EXE files you mean.