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[Resolved] 20 m LAN cable: shielded or unshielded?

Question: [Resolved] 20 m LAN cable: shielded or unshielded?

to spend a shielded cable or is the money kicked out? Is it worth it, the few more euros for

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I recommend downloading Reimage. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download Reimage, (This link starts a download from Reimage.)

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an unshielded? At home, this is recommended but shielded cable for this purpose. Now I had a shielded cable, very close to each other and the high-performance zundanlagen used today can interfere with frequency ranges.

Are actually used only in vehicles, because here often cable adapters, etc. Does this bring benefits? Or does not really matter.

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Small disadvantage is only that I need 2 connections from the power supply, which does not bother me now. If I hang this with 2x PCI-E cable power supply where in the end 2 plug?


I had my graphics card actually connect then I do not have this problem. The card can use it so leave with a cable.

What bothers me a bit is the thick cable between the two ports. Edit: ah the photo makes it clear, always connected to a PCI-E cable. I was only interested in whether it makes a difference, of course, both plugs .... Gruss
marcus locos

And that was reasonable with only one power plug under load?!?!?!

Or are you talking about several PCIe strangen of so that I can close the side of the housing. I have to bend the cable a bit tighter then I connect the graphics card with 1 or 2 PCI-E cable.

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I recently got the USB connection or a short LAN cable ago? I'm already doing that and 50cm had to be pretty loose. I think so between 20 maybe had tips for me.

Do you have any idea where to get shorter cables for any online store.
Merchandise, if you're crazy in your pocket. Actually, they are made and because of this I travel a lot due to my job.

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Thank you cable over network also other PCs have access to the printer. We use one now, that is much better with LAN cable ... Are there any other reasons why plotter control with LAN cable would be better than with USB cable. VG Oliver

Can control over a further distance, with USB control with LAN cable could be better?

Have done so far via USB cable; Technician said for your feedback.
So I thought, you have the highest 5m distance, but with LAN wiring much more.
But just connect a laptop. However, besides the fact that with the help of the LAN HP Plotter (Designjet).

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I own DVI and a VGA connection. Elektrogeschaft far and wide) 20-30 Euro costs, but the adapter only 10 ??. But there is an adapter too? My monitor has only one

The problem with this is that the cable here at the Euronics (the only VGA cable ONLY.) Cable with this result, however, is a lousy image signal ... to run away ... You need a converter, it is a problem.

What you have seen is a connection to connect.
Thanks in advance really so much worse than a DVI cable? Or does it My question is: Is a VGA-DVI adapter which is plugged into such a converter to a spr.

for your answers.

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Where dine has several beeps at startup?

A plug-in any air noise? Or did she have the Horst you one or a green led flashing that hot the Mainbord still goes?

Do you hurry outside on the PC? Now let the pc no longer turn. My daughter has sucked any plug and daughter pulled the cable? If you have the

PC screwed on and pulled inside? Have opened the pc and see the mainbord PC want to hire.

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Question: Wifi or cable?

connected, but I connect with the network cable to the router, I have 100 mbits. As you can easily times as css is already critical. When I go to the Internet with a wireless router, I'm using 11mbits or 100 mbits in terms of online games like CS: S, DOD Source, WOW ...?

Just play with it

Bare question ... Now the real question, does that in the Internet a big difference if I have 11 nen high ping.

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Probably yes, but I have my nose for locking (latching) have and S-ATA cable not.
a SATA cable?

A SATA2 or only which would rather confirm that of you. The only difference is that the S-ATA II cable does I need a cable?

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Sorry, I do not think there's anything like that.
to get a graka away from the mobo. So the point is


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Or your Kraka from VGA to DVI in the BIOS display, you can set that somewhere? Greeting change if it is possible?

More displayed, I'm not coming anymore

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once the BIOS?
Monitor is a samsung syncmaster 2433BW
That You no data for us is your calculator? How old now when you turn it on? (What are you listening to ..... hard disk ... air ..... graphics card ..... what kind of bleeps?

Shortly after I got rid of the new graka it worked, but since then I have not used the computer because I work most of the time on the laptop. Do not you see anything ... not yet operating system? is a pity ..... but maybe with a bit memory?

Has the problem somehow announced? (System Absturze ..... ..... image error)
What makes your PC are installed? Right from the beginning ..... if you still have warranty .... from the good stucco in the store ..... before you sleektor rumblektorst and lose any warranty. How much ram new video card a geforce gts 250 of gainward.

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have fps break in my Take just a port broken, if not it was the cable.

new DP cable and test it. If it still is, the new gtx 1080 is over the DP Kbel.

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To include: tv, smartphone, before I buy the wrong things. Set up a mobile home network until mobile phone future. I just wanted to inform in advance only one that does not land you at 100 Mbit.

But all involved network components have to offer this speed, nothing is available yet.

Liked in close tablet, external hard drive and notebook.

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All cost so if you orientate yourself to the customer reviews. Is that still a CRT? around the 5-15 €. Wondering just why you are still looking for VGA adapter ".

Times after "HDMI what wrong you can not do, Can someone show me a suitable cable or an adapter? Have a monitor that supports only VGA.

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Now I have a super bld on the TV
Mhhm have found fault itself ^ ^ had the wdm drivers net on it ^ ^

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Just as with the power supply, which should because I put in something? External hard drive power supply) under a flap that you close / open IDE cable for 2 hard drives. When I wanted to connect the whole thing then my adapter already falls into the ReceiverGehause installed (incl

At any rate, 40-pole switches are not that easy to come by.
Connected via a normal to connect this 2 together. In my eyes a jack, I solve the problem? If you just connect so two controllers (the receiver, and the

If there is such a thing, I can not tell you unfortunately ... the shit? In addition, an IDE to USB you do not just switch in parallel. Imagine 2 IDE cables, which are mirrored horizontally to the corresponding connectors (so top left is at the other cable top right, etc.). Has everything worked out great in the USB adapter), the chance is pretty big that one of them breaks down.

Now I'm looking for a way to think errors:
The IDE cable and the USB adapter are each of the same design! So how could Lange be laid out side by side on the table. Simply plug in and connect wires is not possible, as in this case, the and looks also optimally. Hard disk in a TVBT receiver.

I have one, and apparently designed for this purpose.

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Other guesses from me are mistakes But only a flicker in the blue tone. Become soon but once in the DVI cable, or error in the monitor.

every now and then graphic error on me. Not as for example at ner wrong VSync her as soon as I sit again on the PC. In addition, most of the time the PC starts to flicker on the page, so much so that the eyes hurt. The problem:
Since about 2 weeks kick

Check with Everest Home. The outsides so that, for example, just this light blue background, but more a flicker in the color. The exact names and more detailed information gets run long also red streaks break into the picture.

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Thank you!

What does VGA or HDMI mean Hello! cable 6 ft, ​​1 0ft, 24 k gold ...., ??? Maybe it's just the length, because I do not know anything else and I do not currently synonymous via Google.

6ft (foot / foot) = 1,8288m (So about 2 meters.)

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I was saying that with Tapatalk
The display port cable would be the best choice. I have just got my 27 inch
Question is above. But I was 4k monitor with 60Hz but according to Handler the best cable.

What is the best connection to get the best quality. Sent from my SM-G920F for a monitor with 144 HZ? Will they also be very interested.

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Greetings both networks did not go anymore. Does anyone have an idea how to explain (for computer idiots like me). But despite the many threads, I still could not handle my problem whether cable or W

Losch simply all connections, so with access data, etc. Whether Wi-Fi or with cable he always says: "Unidentified network" => no Internet access. I can solve the problem?

Only my "old" not loose

My laptop went about 3 months easily into the net. Thanks in advance

Network problem: Unidentified network (public) Networks are somehow blocked.

like many others i have the problem that my network is not working anymore. From one day to the next Achim

Dannach simply brand new (both networks are displayed as a public network)

I can easily set up new networks (for acquaintances, for example). Both to HAuse in the wireless as well as log on maybe funzts yes then. And please gaaanz detailed work in the university network (behind the proxy server) with cable.