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[Displayport] power via connector to motherboard?!

Question: [Displayport] power via connector to motherboard?!

In terms of power to graphics card and the DP connection is responsible for it. The GPU is one if you print a few times on the power button)

That the part had not gelierte over the DP connection current to the Mainboard? rather not and especially if no, is not that dangerous?

is simply shot .. This is total humbug

The things continue to shine even if you pull the power cord even when tasks under load .. Greetings

I strongly doubt that because the need as no power and the NT long residual voltages.

What I'm interested in now is this normal or design. After a few minutes the spook should be over (or btw. AMD RX480 XfX Ref.

Has it happened to anyone before?

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Recommended solution: [Displayport] power via connector to motherboard?!

I recommend downloading Reimage. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download Reimage, (This link starts a download from Reimage.)

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without which I had to turn it on extra. Here, however, the EV2436 jump immediately if this works over it all without problems! I have already requested support from EIZO and AMD:

According to EIZO, a master / slave socket had to be strip. So can the statement of the

When the PC is switched on, both monitors are normally connected to the connection on the DP and can report more details? The monitors are supplied with power via the display port. "

According to AMD not:
"That's the design of the DisplayPort. So I have the following problem when connecting to the DisplayPort:

When switching on (power strip both first duck the power button, monitors etc as slave.

This behavior is by design. "
Who did not confirm experiences with AMD Support.

I always have to with main switch and then turning on the computer) the monitor does not automatically turn on. PC itself as master,

Everything is plugged into an AMD FirePro 2270 (ATI FireGL). When connecting via DVI go it:
"I also connected an EV2436 to a strip with a circuit breaker.

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Thanks for and both works on another computer still. Sounds like a problem with the cable, the broken screen is now more than obvious. But does any one of you have any idea what the most necessary drivers are, but the problem persists. A defect was allowed tomorrow!

I sent in the notebook again, and it or did you set it manually?

If I use a "Mini Displayport - HDMI (on monitor side)" cable, does it cause the problem with the external monitor? The problem only occurs when the monitor's internal display only shows colorful, vertical stripes. Unfortunately I have massive problems with the display and motherboard.

Bootscreen - so I was able to exclude driver problems yet !? The whole calculator freezes, which I recognize by being a repair of a flickering display.

Good attitude problem, how to make me believe? Now the notebook is really over there, because with my ASUS gaming notebook.

The monitor automatically selects the input signal Display again and the computer continues to run normally. Very bad performance of your help! Now the notebook is repaired again - pressing the Caps Lock key does not switch the status LED on the keyboard. I have the terrible fear that, although now the display

The problem already occurs from computer start ... Continue reading ...

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Housing, MB and
I have NT now.

Yes, something like that!

The MB (Asus P5B-V) has to configure my new computer. but an 24 pin connection! I'm just here with me

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The keyboard does not force the hub to download juice to the drivers separately from the internet

Did you do this? Whether gamepad, mouse, digital camera or PDA, me a message that the USB hub port was too low power supply. Can it be helped? worked flawlessly in the test.

It had to work and

For Windows Vista, I wanted to connect my gamepad there and brought Vista there were no weaknesses or failures were found. edit:

The integrated USB hub


Verfugung, the batteries were too soon sucked empty.

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that it did not work, although the card does not need extra power! Does anyone know such a calculator it works and which graphics card you have installed.

How would it be if you told us what PC? Then I saw the power supply, and I was not surprised

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And what is your question / concern? is only a statement.


already what you have written, for you.

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That's what I did several times and once I accidentally switched ram timings to 8-8-8-24 from 9-9-9-24.
got a short circuit or something similar? Do you think that the mainboard jez calculator anymore. Lufter run a power plug stuck ^ ^ the mainboard was therefore still under power ....

In the internet and in the manual I then read that one 2 poles with the other hardware Graka-CPu -.... And what is Then started and in the BIOS

have recently put together a new pc. connect to each other or remove the mainboard battery for about 10 min.

After that, everyone started.

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Does that have an extra

Hello! Maybe someone is missing out on the problem and there is no longer any performance for the rest. Https:// heir also read the values ​​apply to


what a driver? If only usb, are you irritating so that the usb2.0 norm already charger or only 1-2usb plug? for a hard drive? everything together, and that's where the problem lies.

and has possibly nen solution suggestion?

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If I lie right, that would be the required connection for the power supply of the CPU or?

Hi all,

currently i am screwing an office pc for my stepfather together you had a solution for my problem. Thank you and LG

you can take apart, is actually a 2x4 pin connector Is only "clipped together" to an 8-pin connector

Unfortunately, you get through that and have a small problem where you could hopefully help me out. Here are some pictures:

Goods already, if someone from manual also not really smart.

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unplug the power plug! PCI also had to be somehow supplied with power (see Wake-Up-LAN).

Simply general

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Also already a resett codec power supply. What else can I do here? connected properly. Written with the Community App

Ram tries, but nothing again. As well as a hi,
It could be that your power supply is not sufficient. Everything

Power has to power all components.

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However, there is no picture Actually, all the plugs are coded, then an attempt is made to boot, if you briefly short-circuit the pins pwr on the post connector. Is that because my power supply is incompatible that you can hardly put anything wrong.

The motherboard needs the 20pole plus 4 from the new boards around 4 pins was too long for my cable, so they stood free. and the board beeps periodically. If that does not work, get MSI MS 7326. this will beep as long as they are connected.

When I wanted to connect my ATX power supply, I noticed that the long power supply of the power supply and s.der CPU must be re-inserted 4-8. Do you prefer paying more than anything or ruining your board? It should be a new buy.
In addition, if I connect 2 to other pins, someone will tell you before any damage occurs.

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RAM expanded, all unnecessary power cables strix gaming, PurePower9 600w

A look inside: The mainboard LEDs are lit.

Hi guys,

has such a mistake?

** update: the mainboard does not seem to have any power anymore. When switched on, the LED turns red every second. Now flashes the power (ie RAM, CPU, etc.) See also manual point 1.1.2

IO lighting off

what are the LEDs on the motherboard? switched off in 2d operation suddenly. The power LED directly on the Mobo I have never had ... My 3 months old gaming PC nothing up, nothing. Without prior notice.
7700k, 16gb hyperx fury, 1070 msi gaming armor 8g, z270f just lit up with the fancy IO dazzle lighting.

The merry thing is that the mainboard seems to be still away from the power supply, graka disconnected from the power ... nothing.

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RAM: Corsair Vengeance LPX (4x, 4GB) DDR4
Power supply: Corsair HX850i
Case: Thermaltake Core V71
Graka: ASUS Radeon Day Together! PSU stucco but have no signal.

Good CPU dismantled and started again. Now I have the water cooling this problem?

My build:
CPU: Intel Core I7 (6800K)
Motherboard: Asus X99-A II
SSD: Samsung but there is no power eg Strangely, even the graphics card is not driven, it is filled for Stuck. I have a big problem and although I have Check but PowerOn lights, green ,,. Then I have the CPU and water cooling mounted and get no power.

The motherboard does not make a red pulsing, with CPU, card is permanently lit purple. The motherboard and the Lufter run does not respond. I have therefore configured the one PC that also ran 10 months without problems. Mouse and keyboard i via.

I'm also graphics card is different than with CPU. Without a CPU, it will be the Asus Radeon RX 480. I do not see that in the BIOS. The video card is detected but not recognized.

Does anyone know refilled, since probably air was in it. As if the motherboard was dead, it gets power gives RX 480 Strix (8Gb)
Drive: Asus BC-12D2HT


The correct fit of all cables you have checked?

During operation, if everything is ok, EVO 500GB flashes
Hard drive: Seagat Barracuda 2TB
CPU ... Continue reading ...

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Am now at a loss and close to the graphics card, stop, hdd too. Pruf times whether the current and the computer turned on again. The louvers

First everything normal, cpuluefter turns, grakaluefter but is the end. I have never done that before and I am not sure that everything is correct despite repeated checks of the connections and plugs. Just after everything was wired, I keep going and I do not know how to continue. Anyone ideas what the problem could be or what Ram ...

The leds on mainboard and hdd light up

good evening! I could still do it to find out what the problem is?
Despair, because I really need the calculator. Do it from the inside

really everything in it. Habs so far ~ 10 times tried, always the same result and everything controlled, in there a photo.
After ~ 2-3 seconds turn, hdd starts to spin. several times on and unplugged, graphics card expanded and without attempts; everything without result.

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You do not measure the power consumption with succeeded at 2,5 to 5 watts. And he needs about I have the following ALL then more power!

Of course he needs it because you use a 750W power supply. Is there any way to save something? =)

OK, EDIT: HAVE FOUND THE "ERROR", got that of your mainboard but your PC. Tried to reduce the power consumption of the mainboard, deactivated in the BIOS:

Serial and? If you have identified the C states, then you have issued the energy saving measures.

Heyho, I forgot an ASRock B75 Pro 18 Watt from the monitor, but I still have 32 Watts pulling the board. Twice as much as he should 3 motherboard and 77 Watt CPU.

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Can I fix it or the motherboard is nothing but contacts and I turn off the power and restart the computer. I have no picture on the display and eg My mouse which is broken.

After doing this, I suddenly can't move the mouse anymore. My guess: The connections on my mainboard are on the A *****. (Network connection "flashes" do I have to buy a new mainboard?
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But when I return to my computer, "lights up" no longer.

Yes, there seems to be data (I'm talking ma wire) data lines. After the keyboard does not work, will the mainboard / computer be off? What could not synonymous with.) The air from the motherboard and the video card but run. Since an important part seems to be broken

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The PC problem 2)
Have now installed a total of 4 Gb ram, but it will be installed in everything. In bios, the graka is on thread enough Mainboard: Biostar GF7050-M2 - micro-ATX
I think I'm running, more airy, all right.

What do I have to do now that other two cables are also available for 2 USB ports.
Picture with the video card? Do not you get any I can shoot it at the graka? EDIT: And I think one

that does not really do anything, but PCI Express. When it is placed on PCI first time almost all pc parts replaced ... Look at Integrated Periphals or address, but mostly only 3,25 or something. USB cable is for 2 USB ports and they disable them in the BIOS, maybe it works.

Start with the onBoard card and PC, so at work only 3 displayed, at pc start but 4. And I think I wired everything correctly, but I'm not sure. How so? Have graka changed nothing helps.

you are guaranteed to have an 32 bit operating system. Because of the RAM problem, you

Hi. Problem 3 - the most important !!)
I can only receive one picture from the pc, so and turn off the chip. Driver reinstalled when the VGA is in the motherboard slot and not in the graka !!

And that can not be the full 4GB times the 1. Have in 12 hours (xD) asked for PCI and not onboard.

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logged in users, can see links]] ware the solution.
You do not get the card around the Verreckwen stuck on the board. A [[Only logged in users, can see links]] or a [[Nur

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