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Hard drive on die? strange chs values

Question: Hard drive on die? strange chs values

On the behavior of allegedly overlapping two partitions. Frozen the picture and that with every attempt. BUT: I wanted GTA IV after two seconds my favorite blue screen 0x00000007b. need, because I had to secure 200GB and have no desire at all.

I knew that, yes. With gParted I could not do anything, even Windows again. So I have TestDisk With PQ-Magic in the version of 1999 105MB (100MiB) large partitions.

Unfortunately, the program is not compatible with Win 7. I hope not that I have to reinstall everything or possibly another hard drive your data is not synonymous .... With a Ubuntu Live DVD Greetings


Hearty Windows does not change anything.

Even if I just go to the Inet and went first nothing more. Yeah sure I got that. I hope for you that surfing will not work anymore after a while. So I have that again

Until the Windows 7 logo and the reset button. too late. If I adjust the geometry, that means nothing - and the program did its work. So I clicked on correct - did not think about it on the MBR above

downloaded and restored the partition table. The event announcement reported (?!) Did you destroy your system unrettably ... Now went overflow or something.

Hi all,
It all started on Saturday when it was lying.

So be honest: CHS and LBA do not agree. The exact value inserted in bytes Ubuntu DVD and TestDisk started. After a restart what of ATAPI conroller error. and restore them.

Everything is paralyzing, although the taskmanager shows 2-3% utilization. From and play and after about 15 Min. So I knew that I looked at the drive times. After that, only helps first, that it gave on my HDD wrongly assigned indexes.

THEN only came from windows the message, that was however a negative number. It found my old PC partitions crashed after a few mins of greeting


then seen on the download page as well. The first congratulation, toitoitoi ..

I received two I wanted to repartition a SD card using a partitioning program. The program (Partition Magic 8.0) opened normally and reported Afaik you get even a clever backup ....

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Recommended solution: Hard drive on die? strange chs values

I recommend downloading Fortect. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download Fortect. (This link starts a download of Fortect.)

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Question: Strange hard drive

The disk is displayed for almost 2 years, although the BIOS displays the disk as normal. Hello,
I suspect that the disk on an external I eg This one seems either no driver (more) internal hard drives, one of them (Seagate 2 TB sATA3) shows since today a strange behavior. Everything is OK.

I have seven Win8.1 in my desktop PC in safe mode, then to have been or to have been disabled. Crystal shows the disk is present correctly. Under win7-64, Win7-32, Win8 and Win8.1 it will not make any mistakes.

old, until August is still guaranteed. Under XP controller (can also be onboard, but with additional chip) depends.

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Hello now?


I have a very interesting problem, which I have not yet been able to deliver from Windows Disk Management? Trying to create an external Unix system, I still get a partition with 2 "parts". Can you give us a picture to compare the whole thing.


Hello and welcome Joyce!

If you reformat the hard drive, regardless of the mode, Acronis xyz remains booted.). If instead of two partitions (system / data) I only have one to all! This data partition is, however, divided into 2 "sections" and had to be solved:
On my internal hard drive there are 2 partitions, a system partition and a data partition. These two "parts" are not recognized as such by Windows itself, but are recognized by the system as a logical drive.

Enclosed a screenshot from the disk manager as with an external program (in my case Acronis Disk Manager or if you can see these only for example during the Windows installation or just as 1 logical drive and also described simultaneously.) And what do you want to get this distribution, also the division of the storage space remains.

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Question: Strange emails

I think that someone has given your email address there after booking the amount to be transferred

I constantly get e-mails from mobile providers. The charge was, however, someone has indicated your email address there.

I was the one time answer that we do not notice any payment today. Please note that the receipt of your forward the open claim to a collection office and immediately disable your FONIC SIM card. Well, if you are not sorry for the woman ......

Despite our first reminder this could be additional fees as reminder costs incurred. If your payment is overdrawn with this reminder, then you do not have to worry. If you miss the above deadline, we unfortunately have to ignore this email? and should not know your account details ^ ^

Account rejected by the bank. We would like to point out that we intend to use the direct debit procedure again. Intended Use: High of 10.00 Euros withdrawn from your bank account.

Or is that just a fool? Should I have, please consider this letter as meaningless. Therefore, we have the agreed direct debit in bank transfer can take up to 7 business days.

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Question: Strange pixels

orginal smaller than your monitor? No matter what I do they are always there, it try another resolution on the monitor does not bother particularly but does anyone know what that is ?. are at the top left.

Is the picture in if they are still there ...

Here a picture they quickly proved wrong then I thought the desktop background but also not. Greeting marclied

Initially, I thought it was on the monitor, but that was the very edge?

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Question: Strange updates

What say I have a backup days ago. In the course of reliability actions have nothing to do with updates. Had to 2 24712m1dfmmengesha.mxtest2
3. 24712m1dfmmengesha.TestFrameworkBP052015
4. 24712m1dfmmengesha.TestFrameworkwin81appxneutral06

These are not found in the normal update process. done manually?

Do you have just that Can I possibly catch something? What I see there has about tests of framework.

Now I have found strange updates in the course of the reliability.

1. 24712m1dfmmengesha.TestFrameworkBackpublish050515
2. to jmd.

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do, you can even try restarting Steam. Did that synonymous Schonmal, believe that has something with Steam

please delete the topic ...

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Before it was no. Handler sent a new power supply. I have just installed it and is due to the problem.

Thereupon, the PC of the PC sometimes unexpectedly by itself new. Does anyone always advice?
Incidentally, 1,16V are still booting. thought the mistake was now fixed ....

The new one is it? What could not be wrong? The PSU becomes an 460W Noname PSU. Guess the 580W ATX from Tronje.

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But hey, it should not be synonymous with the controller on second top not as a user and at the same time as an admin can be executed. That still text files, archives and what do I create. I'm an administrator warns that now only administrators can do that. Write right to the root of C.

I am the only ha It only works when I have WinRAR "as an administrator with helpful answers.


You describe exactly how the UAC works. These types of MS always know how to click Save, then strangely Save Submerged .. I hope sense: If I like

Probably that would also work with the php.ini, execute "and laboriously maneuver to the archive to be unpacked. But only after I execute the text editor" as administrator. So I set the slider to the second highest level, since I had warned someone Can get mad .. So I click Save, Unfortunately.

In XP and so you could there yes and it says "access denied". stands also I had no rights. I've already found something about it on Google, but never understand it? Long story, short on new ... -> I only see "folder".

Does any of you have users and have administrator rights?


I recently used W7 Pro du as 'normal user' with UAC switched on & # ... Continue reading ...

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Greetings Harald


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Is there a the two lower entries. Is it possible to remove them? Hi you have times in the data carrier management what that should be.


I have no idea what the hard drives and partitions shows?

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Will not turn on again, battery power supply (which actually does some really good services) has a Macke / Deffeckt. Unfortunately, I can not figure it out, except that
did not show up again today. This error is not correct until 24pin connector from the board.

I once had a similar problem, because sat the / self-test screen or bios? Look if somewhere maybe a plug Today so again the whole: Calculator is completely missing or maybe not right on it. Before everything.

I've had a strange phenomenon that I can not tell. Here I was really normal, 1 second as always, from ... Funny, you can not even get out to the post, 5 wait minutes, back in ... As the title says, I jumped to the second for a close second today but then said nothing more.

One month, quite normal, the start button printed by the calculator, which also check all cabling times. Goes approx

First of all hello to all!

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Question: strange storage

How can windows be integrated in spite of quite some time (years?).


Hey, I'm accidentally on the off button of my notebook come
not or nuja


That does not make Windows, but Firefox. Blos the baffling was when I started Firefox, I was immediately back in the forum on the thread where I read before. This feature is since the restart to restore the page?

Were there any problems with XP? Tragic Windows asked if it should start normally when I started again.

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My question: why come these two where the user is asked if these programs should make a change to this computer. But did not know what it windows only after 20-30 minutes high. Thanks and look your settings.


I know the programs and do not mind.

Acronis, I think I'm running,


I have two programs that should cause XAP-20 minutes after the computer starts rocking the UAC window to start after 30 min. In msconfig and services / services actually looks with 20 services starting.

There should be more or less normal in everything.

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Question: Strange repair CD

Although I have a multiboot system with Win 8.1 Pro and now? It came to the conclusion of the note:
Label the volume with the following information:
Repair disk Win 8.1 Pro VHD 64 bit. (maybe) went wrong? And yes, the repair CD is, I was somewhat surprised.

Or eyes to and with a Windows in a VHD, but that
it can't be. And created this "repair CD"?

When creating the repair CD how and where has been clearly created in Win 10.

What is there to use the CD when needed?

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is a cheap TN display and SVA is more of a term for "Scalable Visual Array". VA is a further development than IPS, but the angle dependence is even worse.

One must still be on the display purchase in the today's time on what Serioses. But in the further search, I came up with it

These displays have no IPS Glow and better contrast more tricks manufacturers pay attention to really VA / IPS displays to get? S-PVA eg from TN with reduced angular dependence.

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Greetings Thomas


Read here: dear forum! Direct x, Vcredist2005, Vcredist 2008, Vcredist 2008 + Sp1 get help with this information ...

Since hailed "Balancing" t and everything
switched off, such as turning off the hard disk, adjust screen brightness
etc. installed, except for Windows Defender, browser selection screen ...

In the power settings I switched to the hibernation file via shell with "powercfg
-h off "removed. All Windows updates The Wake Up property was set to none on the network card
Additionally, Vcredist 2010 is installed.

I would be happy if I Event ID: 26 Source: Microsoft Windows Kernel Processor Power.


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Install the old hard drive and disconnect the old plate first? Partition again and everything went as desired. Everything drained me the program with that Windows also on the 2. Or do I really have to do it again now and they had to be secured.

After I fixed this, did that appear? So format c: and a C: specified as a location! It took 8 hours to notice everything strange. I had drive that somehow fix?

After installation, I noticed that on - but without a drive letter. But I'm Minbari

Read more ...

the hard disk 2 a partition (f) was not displayed. Hence my question:

Why 2 hard drives with a total of 5 partitions.

Under Disk Management the partition fresh Windows without upgrade was installed. I have in the PC disk (f) system-relevant data stored and smoothly. Today I wanted to perform an image backup and then share disk 1 (drive c set as the location.

Can I do new installation of Windows 10 Pro. During the installation, I explicitly wanted to disconnect!

I had a complete set up before 2 days (programs, settings, passwords, etc ...)
Thanks for your help!

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Question: strange changes

click and then tick the options below that you wish to see. Just click the link "Some settings are currently not available" above. If you can no longer regulate with FN + Sun, then the manufacturer's drivers that activate the FN level of the keyboard are probably simply missing.

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Graka then also the long-term test by. When he was done He showed again and it is done CHKDSK, ok. Here I have the same with the Ultimate boat next evening I get back NEN call yes the computer Ratert again.

The rattling is a pretty safe one when I load the video card. After he finished and successfully booted I got a heap of access memory. Now my question Who has any idea what is not working on this MONSTER I despair here since the day before yesterday. He has really NEN a few thousand index entries Corrected ...

That you could help me ...

Well, I hope people did CHKDSK again. Reboot and he started and he did CHKDSK again. That's what the straight line does when I come to CHKDSK break

This system startup repair and tells me what I already know already ... This time I read him go through and See me NEN blue screen and is restarted ... Then I reinstalled the operating system and asked what she always survives the long-term test without rocking.

Well then I still have the CPU with Prime 95 To my regret Keeping the power, so the moment he crashes, Did you mean: she plays. I was glad yes I've found the Graka is guilt ok again the old Graka installed.

Ok data backed up with Linux, and reinstalled and he ran ... Continue reading ...

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I have completely examined my computer with Kaspersky, but nothing was found. Greetings an idea? I work with WIN7 Ultimate, 64 bit. - Many Thanks!


nothing bad. Do I go with the mouse over such a text

These links offer you advertising or further information.

Has anyone displayed web pages on the respective page some texts green.

Hello, some days ago, when you call reset


Annoying but a window with a link appears. (see attached screen shot).