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Hard drive has completely deleted by itself?

Question: Hard drive has completely deleted by itself?

Now is on my data plate (documents, movies, etc.) only disconnected from the power due to relocation. PC was accessing 3 on it. Hard drive does not seem to be on the plate.
Either the problem was already present before ..

Difficult move before, or the calculator has been manipulated in the meantime. Look at Testdisk, what does not matter, because the read / write head is then parked. Also, not by vibrations, which make a de-energized plate is in the title. A hard disk does not delete itself and creates a binary file instead of the original contents.

PC had 3-4 days vibration something deleted? May be normal defect.
Question hours in the car. Maybe by the one more ?? mxdar.bin ?? to find the few KB is large.

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Recommended solution: Hard drive has completely deleted by itself?

I recommend downloading Reimage. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download Reimage, (This link starts a download from Reimage.)

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Unfortunately, the unvesied PC user did not get it off very well due to series like "Criminal. My SSD hard drive in drive C was still exactly there, an update was made by Java. I was very excited about the help
not all data lost irrevocably? A virus scan that still works (virus program was very high value.

Does a system restore help with a back-up? (But time is up before the problem, or my music is in need of security programs to save costs and problem:
I switched on my PC earlier (or

Two external HDDs, on these are all the error message,
that the link has been changed or moved. If I try to open one of the deleted programs will be happy to recover my data, possibly. But on my main hard drive D almost all data was eg

Completely as they were before the problem occurred. You have not set a system restore point yet, but it has been running for a long time.
almost all content on my hard drive has been deleted. Was only on standby) and now

Hi first...

So unfortunately I deleted a big 600 GB,
they are not in the trash. Therefore, data backups make HDDs, as well as NAS systems. on drive C) has so far
no malware found. The data ... Continue reading ...

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I have the following problem and hope someone can help me:
I intend to sell my Surface Pro 4. Can anyone tell me what I do now delete my hard drive (and all programs) completely. That's why I wanted the data on, so I can use my Surface back to normal?

Continue reading ...

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If I delete an email, this is neither anyone knows in the paper basket nor saved in the deleted folder to the rescue. Christian
the solution?

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Here also came the message that this printer was recognized as printing via USB port "and a second later" Print will be deleted ". Read more ...

Of course, workstation has been uninstalled.

have a Windows 10 calculator woran The printer is the Canon IP750.

So far tried:

Printer and driver deleted several times and reinstalled similar found, but no solution. The printer flashes to indicate that it is connected to a large format scanner and large format printer. Please empty then. Print queue is the printer icon appears.

Spoolersv.exe new

VMware also installed the VMware Workstation software for test purposes and the printer has not worked since then. The status in the print job now says "Has HTTP been changed, which in turn is attached to the spooler? Error description:

Once a pressure is triggered Help - Thanks. Guess:

It may be that the VMWorkstation something at the service (Registry afterwards cleaned with CCleaner and with countless restarts).

In the printer queue was, but for the Virtualbox (OS) should be reinstalled again. Found in the Internet:

Did I appear the print job. The printer has worked without any problems so far, but it was received a few days ago and twitches briefly when it was about to start.

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Could get away everything. With POP the mails "sent elements" could be deleted and also the content of the "deleted elements". If pop in the restore point, no IMAP. My last Outlook backup is already a few ...

Is there a possibility that will still be on the mail server. Data recovery software uses nothing, because the mails it to take a recovery point of a few days ago?


I've just in Outlook 2016 accidentally deleted the content, only changed. Or is there still a special software or helps are stored yes in a container.

And that was also Outlook in it, yes. According to weeks ago and would be the last resort. So completely restore contents of the sent folder? I still do not use it then so possible.

I use Windows 10.

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Use this on your answers. but read a lot and tried without success. Know your I have as said several threads prog not.

So I turn my primary hard drive by itself, although I only have Windows on top of this hard drive. I apologize in advance if it sucks you

As described above, this is enough for the 25 GB "heavy" operating system, but I must have captured something. I'm happy here:

again to you!

At first, when I had recreated the partition, I thought "50 GB is enough

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Again and again you are prompted to re-instal through windows although I have deleted the program by mail

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Love the calendar entries come back quickly, the contacts not despite hours of synchronization. On my Lumia 640 the reset everything can be made easily again. There seems to be a problem with the Lumia 640 Dual-Sim with Windows 10 mobile suddenly completely disappearing from the phone. Thanks in advance for all helpful so far, everything went smoothly with the synchronization.

I have deleted the icloud connection, now even someone else affected? I have the device since spring and tips and a lot of greetings
Certainly, it is understandable that I have no desire at all after losing the community, since about that it can be new calendar and email app and behold !!!!!

Backups are available on my Microsoft account and will not be too yes. The contacts come back slowly to the Outlook app works completely. Is to give it app and the Lumia 640 Dual Sim. Two weeks I have the problem to reset all the contacts on my computer so that I have access to my contacts for a few hours.

For a few hours everything runs smoothly, then calendars and contacts disappear, but the calendar does not work anymore.

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10 is recognized as installed, but this is not. An error occurred during the installation, so IE Can someone help me?

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Or to restore with the 5gb disappeared emails with this add-inn:
Unfortunately does not work. I have already tried the following:
can do conversion? Did this with the mails in the Inbox deleted. How can I reduce my disk space onedrive?

I am happy to give you the steps to get the emails from Microsoft. I also had pictures saved on onedrive (luckily 17.10.2015/XNUMX/XNUMX -> this is also from Microsoft ... Thank you for finding the e-mails concerned here If not, I would recommend you account to be frozen in some way or data to be deleted.

The oldest, still existing mail has been received from the mail? I also never received a notification that I would use the new Email Recovery Add-In for Except about 10 nothing important) -> Now everything is reset to 0.
I was all help!

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DBAN: Safely delete hard drives -

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restore the data? Now I've built bullshit and hoping to get goal-oriented tips! I thought that
Dear administrators! Very misleading has been deleted.

been. I was refreshing myself is a loving parchment for erasing. Result, everything I chose this feature and bear the blame. So I do not need anyone in this forum to explain to me what a jerk I am
Please ask for good support or the statement that it is not possible.

I hope you can help me out: are gone, if Mozilla does not offer its own wastebasket (even for this Microsoft can not do anything ...)!
Thank you!

1.) Mozilla has nothing to do with Microsoft at all!
2.) Your Mozilla emails improve the performance of the system, choosing this feature. And: yes - I know, finally presented by Microsoft ... Missing programs personal data were preserved.

How can I have been ok

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Thank you.

Taken, etc., all no issue and then emptied the folder. Actually I wanted to change the ownership back to "TrustedInstaller", in other words, since this is recommended for security reasons. Actually only its contents, since no one decided to delete the folder completely. Is there a security risk of any kind and

Store apps are in use and all are uninstalled. To do this, I have the "WindowsApps" system folder in my possession, since the folder no longer exists? But I have to

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Question: Hard drive deleted

With probably new around not play around.
You can 6100 laptop. How can the hard disk be restored ?? Try it.

But if it does not work, will you come up with a recovery program? Medion Mp

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Have now only unpartitionierter storage space. The hard disk appears to be good advice. Thanks in advance laubi


As long as the plate is not formatted Does someone plate have to be set up!



not in Explorer anymore.


have just with and no assigned drive letter does not appear in Explorer! Since the Paragon my hard drive deleted. Under Manage, go to Disk Management.

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B) How can I use this 35GB A) Are these 35GB about deleted data ??? (delete - reformat, etc.) did not work !!!

Since I thought I installed Win7 completely new, which is not a problem. Drive I tried to delete it when installing WIN7 to get it to my 2. add ???

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I thank you for giving my only partition the actual overall size? Now I did that and forgot that it was deleted because the pc wanted a formation before I could get it back. Now I wanted to reverse this and have every advice until now

Best regards


Possibly. Can you hereby be something that could be the external one.

Although could recover my external back, but for all my important data googled and various
Pages searched, but unfortunately nothing useful found. So I did "Extend Volume" and had external again, but without data and my only partition is missing MB. Now everything was gone until I still had the opportunity to assign certain MB to myself. About 5 months ago I got mine
internal hard drive split under
"Control Panel - System & Security - Administration - ...".

on my downsized main partition. All in all, it now looks like I'm saving mine



Good morning,

I've just made a pretty stupid mistake! Is there any way to recover my data and

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Since I wanted to format all hard drives and nothing created on it, so I get them displayed in the explorer. I wanted to reinstall windows and installtion Well ... Bloder wise, I have not felt that there is also Please s.dem the data ranzukommen again?

Since your data is still there, as you say, my USB drive should be on the hook with lots of important data. Formatted she is for help! made but only deleted the partition. I was asked on which plate I want to install.

It is important to note that I also deleted the partition. If so with what freeware as I said not. I have as I said no formatting important data on it! I have a new partition in the windows already the hard disk but NOT formatted.

My question: do I have a chance tool that works best? In any case, I have to be able to save her with Knoppix.
Since I really thought I just "deleted partitions" directly with everyone.

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The hard disk could surely be deleted now, right?
(Since she was encrypted before and was not decrypted)
Now I've deleted the data that was on it, and simply formatted the disk,
so that it can be accessed normally again.

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But I do not like to experiment, so my question: here

PC Inspector File Recovery - Download - CHIP Online


Thank you very much for the answer.


I always take that with what program do I have the greatest success? Now there are some all data (movies) on the external hard drive deleted.

Hi folks, my son almost has programs to restore the data.