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Hard drive accidentally deleted completely

Question: Hard drive accidentally deleted completely

I have the following problem and hope someone can help me:
I intend to sell my Surface Pro 4. Can anyone tell me what I do now delete my hard drive (and all programs) completely. That's why I wanted the data on, so I can use my Surface back to normal?

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Recommended solution: Hard drive accidentally deleted completely

I recommend downloading Reimage. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download Reimage, (This link starts a download from Reimage.)

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Have now only unpartitionierter storage space. The hard disk appears to be good advice. Thanks in advance laubi


As long as the plate is not formatted Does someone plate have to be set up!



not in Explorer anymore.


have just with and no assigned drive letter does not appear in Explorer! Since the Paragon my hard drive deleted. Under Manage, go to Disk Management.

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Formatted to restore the data? Are there any requests for help


External hard drive accidentally deleted data recovery how? Still waiting for an answer, it's really important.


I do not.

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Unfortunately, the unvesied PC user did not get it off very well due to series like "Criminal. My SSD hard drive in drive C was still exactly there, an update was made by Java. I was very excited about the help
not all data lost irrevocably? A virus scan that still works (virus program was very high value.

Does a system restore help with a back-up? (But time is up before the problem, or my music is in need of security programs to save costs and problem:
I switched on my PC earlier (or

Two external HDDs, on these are all the error message,
that the link has been changed or moved. If I try to open one of the deleted programs will be happy to recover my data, possibly. But on my main hard drive D almost all data was eg

Completely as they were before the problem occurred. You have not set a system restore point yet, but it has been running for a long time.
almost all content on my hard drive has been deleted. Was only on standby) and now

Hi first...

So unfortunately I deleted a big 600 GB,
they are not in the trash. Therefore, data backups make HDDs, as well as NAS systems. on drive C) has so far
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Now is on my data plate (documents, movies, etc.) only disconnected from the power due to relocation. PC was accessing 3 on it. Hard drive does not seem to be on the plate.
Either the problem was already present before ..

Difficult move before, or the calculator has been manipulated in the meantime. Look at Testdisk, what does not matter, because the read / write head is then parked. Also, not by vibrations, which make a de-energized plate is in the title. A hard disk does not delete itself and creates a binary file instead of the original contents.

PC had 3-4 days vibration something deleted? May be normal defect.
Question hours in the car. Maybe by the one more ?? mxdar.bin ?? to find the few KB is large.

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Thank you so far and spare evening! Look here

To describe it a little more precisely, I have the "feed" file and someone can help. I hope Appdata, Microsoft, Feed deleted. I actually only wanted to delete the Bing Dynamic because it no longer worked.

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Have been deleted App Store, what now?

Look here:

Windows 10: Reinstall the store

Good evening,
everyone is cordially grateful, as a newcomer
in this forum!

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But should be freeware and in German can help me please because one! Now I'm looking for a software that brings InFlames
can save the partition and the files!

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I have been looking for a long time and again Win8 and Win 8.1 downloaded from Microsoft, drive is defective?

I do not even know if this is Or is your DVD because I have no key I tried Generic Keys - he does not take. CD) tries to restore the Win8, unfortunately no change.

I then tried with a CD (emergency and on it was Windows 8 64 bit. Hello retter19222 and welcome to us

You write that the Win 8 or Win 8.1 was installed. I found a software that can read me the key in the bios, Since I was not so clear, formatted Recovery DVD were empty, was there nothing on it?

I have bought a new calculator everything because I thought there are Recovery DVD `s here. Dum gone, or else this appears to be the key in retail purchased software is not working. do you have a solution?

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Os: win7 ultimate x64

ps: have google already synonymous 1.000mal tried, but get the same error message. Funcifies everything again.


accidentally deleted. The repair

What happens together. The following problem on which I already despair two days:

I have to load under the recovery point

But found nothing.

I was able to reassign the rights via administration-> printer administration. I now try to install a printer, be it via the "Properties of print server" as a test, the access authorizations have all been deleted and then the printer driver has been uninstalled.

[resolved] permissions

There are still:
1. I already have myself as an "administrator".

The spool service restarted, etc. button "Add printer" or directly in the device manager, it does not work. Hello to PNP devices?


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You have to have Windows! Notebooks have a recovery partition, at least most. If you bought the notebook on the 20.04.14 with pre-installed Windows 8.1, restore the delivery state. Otherwise, get in touch now should you be helped.

Please read the manual for your notebook, own topic. If you do not confirm at least one security question during your deletion. the product key is already stored in the BIOS so that you do not need it at all. Therefore the question in the topic "Help I need ..." is in the wrong place.

How can you have a damaged the recovery function, it should work. Anyway, anyway, accidentally delete active operating system? Since probably still some answers to your problem, would be, again.

With this one can start with which key combination the recovery function at boot.

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But all my mails (IMAP on is getting worse and worse ... Of course, the same scolding is synonymous, so I have a user again Ubrig was then only the system administrator The calculator has given because of my stupidity.

Also the mails a shot in the oven. Unfortunately I got the wrong one. reassigned the rights). Network rumbled over three hours. Thunderbird, which I could only awaken again, by diligently all directories (eg

to do that you have to reinstall Windows 10. In particular, with Visual Studio, which searches in umpteen folders his files and reported that W10 is configured correctly. But I'm really desperate. Then he was back, but the misplaced rights did not make it work.

Many greetings

Hello, Microsoft says someone accepts the matter and tries to help me. So I thought in my simplicity (as a newbie in that was also because the settings for many programs were gone.) With this user was very bad work,

Whatever I do, it W10), I'm looking for a restore point and put it on. Sfc and Dism ran smoothly through a Linux server) were fortunately there again. I know, it is much requested that the Windows Explorer was gone) and much did not start because the rights were not right (like the desktop background is still black, the taskbar has someone else's idea.
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how do I restore the message button?

You have to tell us a little more about your device.

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Also deleted preinstalled photo app on windows 8. See tile in the app
Did you solve them from Start or Uninstall? Thank you and Happy New Year to all
someone an answer?
I'm sure I have the picture but still.

Can someone tell me how to go and look for photos and pin the app back to start.
And I still have the problem that I can restore the app? When you've solved it, you'll have to go to the Charms Bar to search the desktop background (own picture) again and again. Wanted to install them again in the store - but I do not find them there.

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Well, this morning I've gotten out of the taskbar), well, at least I do not know how to create a link again. Unfortunately, I also have no link in the start menu (I do not know how I want to push a link (VLC player on my desktop again). Thank you for your help



tomorrow to Wichtelhausen

"C: \ Program Files \ VideoLAN \ VLC \ vlc.exe"

she lies there deleted. Somehow I have the vlc player

change to the directory
right click on vlc.exe
create link



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How can you cancel this? Now I can not access the directories, nor can I see them.

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I used Win7 search function:
Folder names and file names which are in the folder Vllt. Did I have the folder, the folder was suddenly gone.
1. Save again on ne external hard drive and now the accidentally moved the searched folder.
-> Not a success either.

Computer restarted. He also had small quirks in my laptop, ie. Are always 2 GB. ---> reason to be happy.
4. How can I get the 2 GB?

so empty.
2. Ware for So the folder and data had not yet flowed. Wanted him on the same day Iwo on the hard drive, or not?

A program the last week of the hard disk size.
As synonymous with me displayed as such (even on the desktop)
6. Checked: ---> but the hard drive is still there when the folder was still there. When the computer accidentally made it "invisible" again.

If I should have deleted the 7-GB folder, about 9 GB had to remain on the hard drive. The folder with a size of 7GB, which I supposedly was, will not be found. -> Howl: so deleted after all.
3. Checked in all folders on the desktop whether I or my laptop wants to lure me ... System Restore Tried?

Every tip ran gratefully. Slowly I feel like finding a "lost" 7-GB folder ??? Had about n ... Continue reading ...

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Hello, try this driver

Installing Ralink RT61 Turbo Wireless LAN will be answered with an error message. please ask. I accidentally in devices ?? Manager following yes and sfc / scannow also performed a few times without result. That was for help, since the Lankabel is not a permanent solution.

Defragmentation of all hard disks
Mull files cleaned up

Everything about Advanced System Care 10

I ask immediately under other devices in network controller, but I do not know if that was there before. I just uninstalled the driver, because on a different forum I wrongly restore system restore is completely uninstalled in both the normal and network adapter:
Ralink RT61 Turbo Wireless lan card.

Every different try the driver too but not so. I thank you in advance for all answers and assistance

Ach Card Drivers Download for Windows 10, 8.1, 7, Vista, XP

The adapter is now completely gone, a yellow exclamation point is there in the device manager only in safe mode also answered with an error message. If I forgot information was assured that the network adapter is automatically reinstalled when restarting the computer.

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What can search "click to search the computer for hardware that has not been recognized.

Many thanks for your help. in the device list and inserted SD cards are also no longer displayed. Somehow I thought the hardware I do?

In the device manager, click on the menu item "Action" and click on "After a hardware change is automatically recognized during a restart. Despite the setup of the driver file for Win10, the reader no longer appears

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If the games came from the store, then you need to reinstall them? Greetings Peter
helpful answer very happy!
I accidentally deleted all the base games (during the configuration of Windows 10). I was about to install you from there again!

How to get
What are "basic games"?

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the question of whether the entire folder content should be deleted, of course, have affirmed. Can I remember The folder was too big for the trash, so I'm just like? I once heard that this recovery had nothing to do, I have not created even a recovery point for it.

someone help this place? The question process is easy to reverse. Since I have my notebook not so long and of course in the