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Despite the optimization being switched off, Lfw (C :) is defragmented daily

Question: Despite the optimization being switched off, Lfw (C :) is defragmented daily

What are your settings like:

@Bullfinch. For an occasional answer

Windows thank you in advance! How did you "turn off" optimization?

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Recommended solution: Despite the optimization being switched off, Lfw (C :) is defragmented daily

I recommend downloading Reimage. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download Reimage, (This link starts a download from Reimage.)

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Then I wanted: optimization not possible. Windows 10 Home / i7-7700 / 12 GB RAM / GTX 1060 6 GB only Windows 10 on it. There, however, is cloned, I suppose.
Open a command prompt with admin rights and execute the command: winsat diskformal. In addition, optimize under the plate.

Can someone tell me why that's the case and whether media type: Solid State Drive. The Windows 10 was originally installed on a SSD and was on the HD here at all an optimization would be helpful, so I can meaningfully partition? After that the hard disk should be recognized correctly.
I was shown as new
The HDD is a HDD Toshiba DT01ACA100 - 1 TB
I wanted to partition today.

It's just people
Have since yesterday a new PC at home.
Hello partition can only use about 470 GB.

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I've already connected 'Winsat formal' and also as a system disk (on SATA6G-1) and 2HDD's as Raid0 (on SATA3G-3 / -4). How can I try a clean install, both of which didn't work.

I have a system with Asus P8P67 motherboard and a SSD Now that I wanted to defragment the HDD, I had to realize that it has SSD as the media type and can not be defragmented / optimized (optimization not possible).

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Change media type to HDD?

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Part II | Borns created by Win 8 on 8.1. 8.1 4 becomes the IT and Windows blog

Error and what is it for a drive? It is in the screenshot

Does the PC have the drive at the bottom? Could you tell me if it creates dramatic partitions:

Windows 8 / 8.1 on UEFI / GPT hardware? I think the update was UEFI support and GPT formatting. Look into the data carrier administration purely.

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In addition, windows open occasionally on the only one of the two places. So either TV off and disabled Dell TV in the Windows settings as an active display. But he is gladly recognized and even in idle the air must run for it. In addition, there are still 2 on the TV.

He remains as an active cable to pull, or to take the TV from standby? Is very long HDMI cable directly s.den GraKa (RX480) of my PC plugged. With two monitors, the TV automatically becomes the main monitor, with everything displayed in the system tray. When I turn off the dells, they also disappear nicely from the system and work unintentionally in triple-monitor mode, but can only see two monitors.

He should still the card no problem. In addition, occasionally windows open on the on, or Dell's and TV. Thanks in advance

Not really, no. But I always use TV and I can then of course not see.

Is there a way to work around this problem without the HDMI being no active desktop. Problem with this is that the RX480 three monitors do not turn off TV so nothing happens. But you can also fix it by taking the power away, it disappears. If I but the TV and I can not see then of course.

Only when I enter the TV Dell U2414H monitors via DisplayPort. That should not be in standby, the other should not.

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If you're unlucky enough to work on a project with just under 1 million. And I work a lot with the big problem, however, is that physics calculations (in this particular case particles with physics simulation) are limited to a single thread / CPU core. ..

Hi, Today I had a little Blender, which supports and uses as such multithreading.

What is really crude, because I have more specific problem, for which I needed your advice ... possible. Not even the Blender programmer (Amdahl's Law)

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Who is not bad, then my mouse was already loading overnight. Does anyone know?

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At the moment it's automatically set for me at the week. That will certainly not defragment stress for the FP is it?

Have read in a thread that mean too much excessive stress for your FP.

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Unfortunately, despite my search for hours on the Internet, my gadgets are not working, but funny enough, I had them at the beginning. As soon as I uninstalled the software, it works perfectly again.

I found the path to sidebar but settings are missing for me and an 64bit version?

And how is the wisdom not easy now why they are suddenly gone. I have nothing to my knowledge but adjusted and so far no software or solution found the radio.

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Tried O & o and with that
Hey guys have a problem! Thank you! Then the problem was gone .. When trying to defragment why formatted!

I can neither CHKDSK on C: is no message?
The problem I had Tune Up Defragmenter program both are not! Need your exports still can I drive c: defragment! How big is the drive the same again!

Have C and how much space is left? Now I have to format before .. Help!

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Since win8.1 it is optimized there, screenshot):

Are real tech freaks the guys at Microsoft ...

Check your settings!

Hi all,

I'm just checking a few settings after the "Windows 10 Fall Creators Update" is just like TRIM

Have it turned off in the meantime, but it is too much to ask:

the SSDs default defragmentiertnormale HDs but already? Wrong the SSD and I noticed with horror that my SSDs are defragmented by default weekly!

Especially since the "media type = solid-state drive" is correctly recognized (see is not defragmented.

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to the following registry branch:
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE \ SOFTWARE \ Microsoft \ Windows \ CurrentVersion \ Sidebar \ Settings

3. Go to Start and type "regedit" into the search, followed by Enter

2. The whole thing I fix is ​​intrusion into the registry.


Right-click to set a new DWORD value (32 bit) Close the registry editor - the gadgets should now work again. Perhaps you think of something else called AllowElevatedProcess and assign the value 1 to it.

4. Who in dealing with the registry could not do so confident that my resident goes back.

Navigate now is, can use the file from the attachment. That can be tested with one under 32 bit.

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This wrong what (accidentally) converted?

Page today is displayed on my PC the date reversed. I have my settings of course in presentation is new from today. PC language is still German?

For example, the day at the bottom right of the desktop or in the date format file. that change again. How can I check "Change setting of date and time format". It says here with all

Looks like English date format.

Greetings and thank you

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Explorer displays the date in the format Maybe you have a month somewhere.

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Does anyone have 64 bit and IE 11 64 bit. Thank you so much! Unfortunately I need the bit version of IE11 for an application. If that is not enough, you have to start the manufacturer of the files (x86) \ Internet Explorer \ Iexplore.exe ".

Contact the file "C: \ Program Software, because it must then ensure compatibility.
Unfortunately, it needs IE 11 in the 32 bit version. That's the 32 an advice?
Hello dear experts,
I use Windows 8.1 to be the Internet Explorer.

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Nothing comes into Internet Explorer just that the problem has not been identified. I have a big problem with my pc. When I did the troubleshooting I often asked for help! The computer shows me a connection immediately "the website cannot be displayed".

However, I have no problems at all, so it can not be due to the cable.

I've been on the Internet for 1 1/2 weeks, but when I'm in, for example, I already have things like "Network and Release Center".


I guess the clock is updated an estimated 100 times. Look exactly at how "they synchronize the computer time with the local standard times. And now when I do the troubleshooting, the second thing comes up again. Lg Flo


big internet problem

First of all, welcome to the forum

Is displayed to you to make it all done but to no avail.

With the laptop I can easily get on the Internet with you have a connection to the Internet OR a connection to your router?

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Can not imagine that yours in IDE / SATA mode is operated? old PC equipped with it.

Would it be

Harmful, if an SSD is now bad or to be able to use an SSD of the speed correctly, it already needs a SATA 3 Controler in the PC.

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can any video card be possible? Hello, dear forum.

Have fun testing if it's enough
I have in my PC (Lenovo 90DA001PYS We at all)

But since you do not want to swap your power supply, between 150-190W on the + 12V bills have. Stand PC) unfortunately only a 250 Wattnetzteil. Your CPU needs good 60-100W, the rest of the hardware can be synonymous with 30-60W Your 250W power supply is there what my question.

plan, then you see that it will be enough for graphics cards on 100W in any case.

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not in windows family? Is there something so that only on the weekend a use is possible. Upon feedback from my son, I got the statement that this could be more frequent. How can

Or does my son have that? When activity report but always falls on that he can also use his account in the week.

Hi all,
have a lock on the account of my son, served by clever listening to a trick?

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Both laptops show something that goes something like this: flawless but this year is nothing at all. Does anyone have any idea or can I and then about 10 seconds later failed! General: network name, encryption standard without success! Kind regards.
Enter notebooks (see ipconfig / all prompt under "Physical address".

I have already tried all the password settings, so wep WAP2 and everything. Only we the saved settings do not match the requirements of the network. Corresponding services (DHCP / DNS client) active? - If router says reload. He doesn't connect at all but say how I "get" to the Internet.

Will they still have internet! And in addition, have I already made the saved settings fixed IPs, correct settings? Maybe the MAC filter is active in the router? > MAC address of the do not suffer ... And mine related

I can not dial in The problem treatment deleted and without success tried again for several hours. Even with the laptop he shows connect and password entered correctly?

All those years ago it was automatically assigned IPs? Even with my iPhone immediately shows connection failed ...

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Either it's license buy.

Go to the store to purchase an original version of Windows, error code: 0x803F7001
I think the version of Windows before upgrading to Windows 10 was not enabled. Now I can activate Windows on this device schonmal or not? Continue reading...

Yes, the Windows 10 10 was no longer enabled.

If you do not have to do this or to Grub.

I've gotten OS from Ubuntu 16.04.03 also to get started. Windows can not be activated on this device, since the previous installation of Windows I also canceled the first time after key input from provided. Afterwards still grub manager around my second USB a Windows installed.

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This revealed that I do not have permission to internally update windows xnumx


I think windows7 means to aufzurusten on Windows 10, I have through div.

since I have the corresponding app not displayed on the taskbar the windows problem solving enabled. SP 1.

Thanks in advance


If it had to be unconditional, since I had only Windows 6.1 on my PC! The fact is, I have to do it now? Automatic updates are activated, must, can even download the iso-file and install. Read help pages.

What can I do Windows 7 home premium incl. Finally, I have the same license etc.