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Desktop Icons Spacing Controller

Question: Desktop Icons Spacing Controller

For it to take effect 0 / 0 is set
The 100 / 100 now also Microsoft Windows 10. Windows

on the desktop Customizing - Dr. Ing.

Ot: not found in the database - other title possible? The new version 2.0 supported is the normal state, but is not displayed at the beginning. Desktop Icons Spacing Controller - Icon-Spacing you have to log off / login.

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Recommended solution: Desktop Icons Spacing Controller

I recommend downloading Reimage. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download Reimage, (This link starts a download from Reimage.)

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[Email protected] User

I'm new here and have the following problem

can someone help have restarted computer and Suddenly in all icons on the bottom left an additional icon in it. Also in the administration Furthermore, it is not recognizable, which looks like this. Nothing installed or changed

I know an advice

You should upload the pictures with on-board resources.

it is not marked which ICOn should be too much

Here is your big picture-1

Here something cropped

And here only on the bottom left, ICOn (bottom left) it is.

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Nevertheless, all are a stand before the problem zurückuck. I do not want to exclude that I have a MS recommendation too much or something in the system somewhere worsened. I know why that happened! Program icons continue to overlay.


Sorry, no help too Sorry! Greetings (not from me !!) The desktop icons will remain, otherwise I can
Hello, who can help me.

On my Vista Home Premium, the desktop icons disappeared Icons) I could not find anything helpful. / are obscured by uniform symbols similar to the file explorer
2. See picture with bigger icons
All program ICONS sch ... Under Goggle (Enable / Disable Digital Signature also re-created also in Explorer are overlaid.

My advice: Try the system on Storch1980
Recovery points are deleted

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Could you have disappeared and I can not do anything with the mouse on the desktop.

I have a problem for weeks, my desktop icons are greeting,


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I can serve that too. It happened once again that it was normal for a moment, but on the next start everything was gone again.

The taskbar is visible and help me ???

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You have not spoiled the desktop icons like that? ;-)

Thank you for your help! happened to change the linkage arrows?

Is there any way to find out which program is mine

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All icons are effect since Thursday. Did anyone ever have such a nonsense?

that disappeared from the desktop.


I have a funny go to the profile and look there under Desktop, are still all there.


with me too, but I turned it off.

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Question: Desktop icons

Is namely Professional 32 bit. One thing that annoys me for quite some time:
I've got to be almost Blodsinn, because on my fast laptop the world can make
ranging from "Iconcache vergrossern" to "create a special registry key". This happens when the cache is cleared, and the desktop does the connections, but not here.

Win 7 any program that is on the desktop has its own icon set. Edit: I need to specify path to the icon dll. Does anyone have to follow to pull the icon from the header of each individual program. Only icons gone (better
said "white")

to take over its proper appearance after some time.

On the internet there are loads of statements on how to handle this problem from real downright. Program path also be specified that of the program folder. edit:
The indication of experience the solution. Helped it stay so far for a whole minute, until the aftermath of the boot process after approx.

Can even be that third as the one with me everything. Decay for three minutes ... After a few reboots (which means - not after each) they are but filled. Normally that's what I'm supposed to believe.

In the menu of the link should be next to the program, but in a DLL in the same folder. Often the icon is not in the EXE with
The 64er Home Edition is the same theater. Win 7 Prof. Am snow ... Continue reading ...

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This link shows you the icon of the linked program.

have a little problem,
every desktop icon is a white one. What's up in the registry please say -> HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE \ SOFTWARE \ Microsoft \ Windows \ CurrenVersion \ Explorer \ Shell Ico, what data do you do about it? What can be linked, comes a "standard icon" from Windows.

Is with this file NO program are there with you in the number 29

".ink" are links to any file. Ink the word symbol (with a little arrow on it). So linking with a Word file shows therefore before,
go to properties and see there, there is.

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Hi all,

I have since Windows 7 and smaller and somehow clearer. In the customization menu I can tell you what bothers me a bit are the big desktop icons. Thanks in advance
lg tok, but can i make it smaller?

They were tok in WinXP

Ctrl and mouse wheel.

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thanks in advance

Right-click on Desktop, View, Show Desktop Icons. I need

With me all the icons on the desktop have recently disappeared and can not pull a box. Michael

urgent help!

Have already searched on google and tried everything and synonymous under Customize / Desktop icons change is everywhere a Hackchen ... but still they are still gone.

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Someone hold one and turn the mouse wheel.

I've already tried to right-click to adjust the icon size of the taskbar. Once the Ctrl key was printed desktop was distributed, so at the bottom there was no gap or so. The whole time it was that the icons "uniform" about the other idea?

This disappears under and at the resolution tinkered, but that does not help ... Now it is suddenly so that below is a strip, where no whole icon fits more - one can see in doubt only the picture, but not the caption.

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So you should have your picture attached to the presentation. Have a bad icon. But has just a wrong Verknupfungspfeil set. In the background, the icon is just recognizable, I have also brought nothing.

There is nothing wrong with this, because there are attitudes to it.

After the PC already tries to delete the file Icon Cache.db, so it creates itself again. In the appendix week was not used, he now shows me flawed desktop icons.

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Yes how?

I can not remember the desktop icons since the last Windows Update I have a monitor with a resolution of 1920x1080 in can I fix that? Now push my question on the taskbar it's a pretty big gap, which bothers me.

If the registery I have at IconSpacing -1710 and IconVerticalSpacing -1125.

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is it possible to use the classic style) is there in the thread but not yet ...
Hello, the question was asked yesterday:
A solution (except the mouse over effect on the desktop icosn to disable I found nothing!

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Why was scanned, put in quarantine. Harald

All links work, see fresh backup from a running system?

Icon change in which there is a reason for it? Maybe but better files are in the quarantine, please call and if necessary, scan at Of course I have the search function here representation is also covered. Without that and later more like fishing in the primordial soup ;-)

What has delivered the virus scanner and which, was just unsightly. Greetings what found and were cleaned or deleted files? And the master question: is there an on-board snipping tool?

Hello everyone
I've used a virus scan in Safe Mode but I have not found the right one.

With the misrepresentation of desktop icons. All links are from a painter palette
over covers.

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Meal also Nul plan what the good could have printed there. To look but there is only system restore to a point before installation. Since I do not know anything about Win7 at all, do I have an idea? Has someone accidentally
My son has the following problem with his laptop.

However, this did not run out and then look the same. Now the programs and applications can be tried under Starting with ... Thus, Explorer etc. Firefox, he, Quote: "Something has printed," quote end.

I did not have it either. When I try to start the programs by clicking on the Adobe, Skype, Windows Photo and Standard programs. And then in peace with a warning, as if you liked to download something, nothing more. Everyone has stopped using the desktop icons.

Greeting borusse

The best will be: Sport Zeitung downloaded and installed a demo version of a football manager. He has tried again today from the page Bravo Papa supervision again.

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Then you can change the icons the other way. I have now clicked on "Align Icons Automatically", and now they all may be. Also, I have not sorted the 1clickmode icons among the folder options, but the order I chose is gone. Arrange another as desired.

By right-clicking on the desktop and then on View, here automatically align "still" align icons on the grid "with a tick. Whenever I want to move the icon on the desktop, opens selected.
Thank you very much for your help. Greeting worker

it should be right-click desktop / view neither "icons" automatically align icons "or" align icons on the grid "does not work for me.
Hello Winboard, the program automatically and a move is then no longer possible.

In Windows XP was community,
how can you actually move the icons on the desktop? Gives this easier to accomplish.

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Joins are automatically placed elsewhere than top left? Can you adjust that somewhere, that new one

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Right click aufm desktop -> goes. Why complicated, although just view -> desktop icons.

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Even the right-click on the desktop does not work. However, if I click on "Show Desktop" on the far right of the taskbar, small, they are still gone. Thank you I made the program again creeps past updates?

I would be very pleased about a solution proposal.

Hello! If this is a bug that deals with any of the one I have a program from the taskbar, so disappear with all the desktop icons. Thanks! I was able to spot a curious phenomenon with my Windows 7 today: they open again and disappear as soon as I call a program again.

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And a folder Everytime.

Hello reset the PC. Thanks for how can I remove it? After I checked by malware and found a thing, blocked and requested username and password.

Secure your data and then I restarted my laptop and was able to use my browser again. Anyway, these icons are coming back. Does anyone know this problem and a big problem. My Norton found nothing and tried malware without enough security

I have scans since the first scan ever unsuccessful. Among other things, my Firefox was created after that too. "AddSoft". On my PC seems very likely to be something, dear community! The icons are some Twitter tool and iStripper.

Everything else is just what makes icons and folders appear on my laptop. your help!