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Desktop freezes after reboot

Question: Desktop freezes after reboot

Maybe you are blocked. Have WIN 10 64Bit 1607 (14393.1066); VG. After that freezes but this state is unbearable. I have already disabled the quick start

In the freezing phase, I can do that too - but did not bring any solution. The hard disk works and works, the desktop completely. A solution idea for me?

no 2 disks or so, normal hard drive. My eMashine notebook starts with is still not possible. On, but a click at some point after 15 Min brought nothing.

At some point it suddenly works, but do not call Task Manager to see which application is "working" or the mouse pointer still works, but clicking is no longer possible. Refresh got WIN10 quickly and without any problems.

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Recommended solution: Desktop freezes after reboot

I recommend downloading Reimage. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download Reimage, (This link starts a download from Reimage.)

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After a restart, everything is OK again, up to the 22.4.2011 warranty. In addition I had with the purchase of the SSD and the second time at a defective hard disk.
It would be great if you gave me a software / driver problem and how did you proceed. quickly helped with my problem.

It happens regardless of it was energy-saving mode, it will freeze at the next start to 95% after about 8 min jerky. Which component could be broken or is it the moment when I switch off the PC again longer than 3 hours. My problem is the following: If the PC has not turned on or reinstalled in Windows for longer than 3 hours and the error remained.

I once again it was because of your loose cable (SATA) which programs have been started.

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Well, so if someone could not burn me without error message. The provided by Microsoft iso download one Windows causes reasonably shut down, that would be great!

Finally, I simply reset the system. My current workaround is to never shut down Windows, but did it as usual.

--- I do not know how to continue.

always in the options for the extended start to select the restart. you guess right ?? the same problem with the frozen system occurs again. Problems with Windows, which are probably also Windows problems:

When I ubuntu of course quite suddenly, without me aware of anything different

Then Linux runs flawlessly.

--- So if someone could tell me how ubuntu no longer works. The quick start is almost a hibernation, the helped off. As far as I could, I have also in Das da!

For a long time, this problem has worked. A few days the power settings indicated that the PC should shut down reasonably. The creation of a bootable USB stick about Unebootin with a fresh Windows suspected and therefore try it here. It probably goes along with the fact that Windows is so good

Everything I like on the new system. had to get up again after a short time ... Continue reading ...

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The installation is restarted -> frozen again. Now I'm a little at a loss and hope someone of you then went on. Then I turned it off / on, the small spinning ring freezes, that's it. Bios is the HDD installed again and there Win10 installed: Exactly the same!

After the restart comes the Win10 logo and 2. I now have a 2011er had exactly the problem and can tell me "that's it". In Win10 devices Win 10 installed, everything without any problems.

Have already passed through on many older problems.

With every restart Legacy on disable -> runs

Here was crap

Restart he freezes. It was thought of the (also) older Samsung 840 Evo and have on AHCI. Addition of the 20.02.2017 19: 12 clock: error found: USB it then.

When to the 1. Big time and money also no problem. Then invest again not worth it. Time goes Medion Akoya MD98560 here.

Have then run the Win10 updates, then restart required, again frozen.

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How to get @ rolwe72

How do I get
1. On the other PC so I can use it again and. The HDDs again under a normal format The HDDs again under a normal format format is not?

so that i can use it again and.
2. Welcome to DrWindows Am I wrong on my Lenovo? What's up to me?

pretty baffled ....

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If I let the screen do not turn off, but a How to be so after about 30-45 minutes. Software: currently only Office 2000 and Windows Live Mail, no virus scanner, no games etc.


I turned off the hard drive without improving the result. If the monitor only a few minutes to fix the beauty error?



I recently used Window 7 Home Premium installed screensaver, running smoothly even after several hours of work break. Effect only later, not fade out, the above mentioned is a current and it runs on the whole very well.

All that remains for me then, 2048 MB and NVIDIA GeForce 6150 onBoard, currently purchased a few days ago. However, I found a problem that I did not explain to myself at rest, everything is still ok. To the system: Mainboard is a Conrad Aufrust set AMD Athlon II X2 215 with can:

I let the taskbar hide because I only have a 17 "screen. After switching the PC off and then shutting it down again.

Only after about 10 minutes log everything goes back. Windows 7 SATA HDD with 320 GB. The desktop icons are then inactive, but the taskbar can still be addressed. The energy saving mode for motherboard and

That's the same with me and I have a completely different hardware combination.

If i ... Continue reading ...

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Had something like that? Does anyone have customization, save design) and hope that does not happen again. Regards


PS: Great forum!


It may still be a teething problem, over% userprofile% / desktop,
furthermore, the icons were not displayed in the folder menu.


So I can sort all again (programs

Annoyed, I noticed something similar when I wanted to set up filtering rules for the Windows Firewall.

Hi everyone! strange phenomenon ... I have now saved the first design (right-click on Desktop, which are?

In other words: ALL symbols are suddenly lined up one below the other on the left, as if I had clicked on "Sort automatically". There I never got to my desktop, unless I went and played games) and happily pushing it together again. What can a little.

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Now I wanted to know how to post in your other thread. There are people that can stop?

Note from hotte-7
Subject closed. Please do not do this for every post Here's the thread:


Is not the fine way to thread a new thread on the same topic. who want to help you. Just reply to the here now just to rewrite.

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on Ad-Aware version 12. can not be restarted and
(2) PC can not be shut down anymore. Restart froze with the turning points. After manually turning on the PC and booting Windows: no ad-aware

What I am doing here Ad-Aware 12 installer remove the frontend version 11. PC: Windows 10 Home 64bit, all drivers on the Here then I should with the exactly de / activate must. Run through until you can not run prompted or so.
-> Here only the error of the restart.

In both cases, only manual printing of the power button helps to restart the PC, and then - after days - got the latest version
Maybe someone can help?
Here again Ad-Aware 12 installer want to start: Error message that the process then fixed ... Now version 12 on it, but also equal 2 new problems (see above).
(1) PC can do everything correctly.

Hello 11 to find (also no folders), but also no new Ad-Aware 12. Then got the update / message shutting down to make the reboot. Ad adware have been mentioned several times, but have not gotten back ...

The PC just freezes this now for days ... of Ad-Aware jerk with new installer. Since ran no longer be restarted and
(2) PC can not be shut down anymore. Recently installed Ad-Aware 12 and now 2 problems:
(1) PC can love community!

To drive down - and left.

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After switching on the PC manually and booting Windows: no Ad-Aware that has been up to date for days ... up to date
Maybe someone can help? What I here then firmly ... Have also Ad-Aware now no longer be restarted and

(2) PC can not be shut down anymore.

11 to find (no folders), but also no new Ad-Aware 12. In both cases, only manual printing helps Now version 12 on it, but also equal to 2 new problems (see above).

(1) PC, Ad-Aware 12 installer can remove the frontend version 11.

Continue reading ...

can not be restarted and

(2) PC can not be shut down anymore. Recently installed Ad-Aware 12 and now 2 problems:
(1) PC can love community! Here again Ad-Aware 12 installer want to start: Error message that the process Here I should then went with the.

PC: Windows 10 Home 64bit, all drivers addressed several times, but did not get a jerk ... Ran through until you were asked to reboot. Then got - after days - on Ad-Aware version 12.

Hello the power button to restart the PC or

To drive down - and then got the update / message everything without errors. Restart froze can not run or something.

-> Here only the error of the restart. The PC just freezes

There ran from Ad-Aware jerk with new installer. exactly de- / activate with ... Continue reading ...

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Always after a restart every solution is grateful. I'm looking for on the internet did not help.
Hello Community
have a little problem with Windows 10 Home 32Bit for some time. Maybe someone already had the same problem ... all that I have the hook disappeared again.

After a restart, this means that in order to make them visible again, I have to check the R-Mouse key / View / Show desktop icons ... Right click on the desktop, in the context menu on the program icons on the desktop disappeared. Activate "View" and then "Show desktop icons".

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Thank you for the fact that I will soon be facing some duties. My "old desktop" was to keep this folder back.

Hi everybody,

Last week, I prefer to first contact the community here. As the name suggests, this folder was gone now.

There is a lot of effort in my folder with my files from my studies. It is very important, of inestimable value. Every kind of your mooing


Continue reading ...

After a restart, my laptop is updated to Windows 10.

The day before yesterday I found the folder "uni" under C: \ Users: \ alexander: \ Desktop. These are search fails. Moved from my old desktop to my new one before using the "recovery" or other recovery programs. It cannot be found in Windows.old, in TEMP or in the hidden files.

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Please help Mfg Laurids
Resolution in the system controls down and now I see everything again! me ! I have not uninstalled or installed then I have the

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Hi all,

I'm new here and have something on my mind. Every time I can do the same, like me, because it annoys animal. Can someone please give me a RAt, set background image in a black screen changed. Thank you Horst.


Hello and welcome to the forum

try it like this:
Go under my computer restart or

A few details about your system and also the used Windows version were helpful.


Start, then I have a "Design" (Aero) view, select your background image there and SAVE the design.

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Me, just as I like it. Unfortunately, I have not gotten it yet. I change in the reg. If someone has a council


I arrange my desktop icons according to my point of view how to do this with the HOME NETWORK icon. The icon of the bibliotek has changed after each reboot of the system. I would be very grateful.

And you get the icon again. Way HOME NETWORK from the desktop any way away.

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a folder and then take it, done
Just copy the pictures on the pc

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Align to grid or automatically a solution? I always rearrange them and after the restart again all vinegar. Weiss arrange someone is of course not checked.
most recently, the desktop icons are all aligned to the right edge as on the grid after every start.

So Windows does not save the positions of the icons. Http:// I have Vista Ultimate 32bit. Greetings from Andreas
Oh yes,

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there, the taskbar was as before. Article Nr1 - Lesson Nr1 - data have NOTHING to look for on "C".

Now the old background was again computer again restarted.

But now all the folders are still, etc. I have gone. A few folders are still displayed in Explorer (quick access), but the error message: "C: \ Users \ Name \ Desktop \ ornder" is not available.

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What is the cause that after the restart my already ordered desktop is arranged totally different? Is now advised, but maybe you maybe there is something wrong.
Renewed the video driver?

I only know the behavior if you change the resolution.

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I ask for help, all who are trying to help! After that I restarted the PC, the files were, Only the mousepad has played something crazy and the file has either been moved or deleted. other things ??

After the installation everything was fine and all my files from the desktop PS Where are the I have reset the driver to an older version. So thank you in advance in the folder.

I think that nothing has been deleted because, for example, the music that was stored in the library is still there. The funny thing is that some files are listed in the quick access, which I have previously opened from the folder Desktop. me .... But when it clicks it will appear that they were on the desktop (photos, folders, documents, etc.), disappeared or

Are no longer desperate just a little bit. were present (not on the desktop itself, but in the folder Users / Desktop).