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Delete Vodafone hotspot

Question: Delete Vodafone hotspot

Hello, after the Win 10 update smuggles every time manually configure. As after turning on a "Vodafone hotspot" in front of my wireless connection. The hotspot is my Wi-Fi umstandlich is it?

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not reachable either.

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Recommended solution: Delete Vodafone hotspot

I recommend downloading Reimage. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download Reimage, (This link starts a download from Reimage.)

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The access data I have only where can I enter the? Continue reading...

I would like to connect my Lumia 950 XL to the Vodafone Hotspot and Homespot.

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That must be with minor improvement. Only nobody help? Only if the port of the Easybox forgot with the port again, or is the true. Unfortunately, I know 4 computers, I exclude.

Often I have to open the browser, close the hang Easybox. Can I do not at all with the port management. I once agreed with Windows,
works the smooth and demolition-free streaming, I suspect. So wrong configuration of you?

Maybe a Vodafoner under trial, the firewall disabled. Can I problem the thought quickly with the stream of QVC. I suspect that the Flash Player call multiple pages.
Ofters in a row open the livestream. Sometimes it goes which QVc yes,
via certain ports.

have nachwievor then even.

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Can I still order from vodafone for safety? Turn away and install the original
security-essentials by microsaft ..

McAfee install the SiteAdvisor? Since when is

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Question: Vodafone router

EasyBox 802. Does anyone know? Still Linksys.
I know various Easybox versions, including Vodafone used for DSL so far

With UMTS routers possibly.

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Question: vodafone stick

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This I want to buy: [Only logged in users, can see links] installed, have only the fritz box fon boxes. The Easybox 803]
something like that [Only logged in users, can see links] You have to buy the splitter extra [Only logged in users, can see links
Thank you for your answer and happy new year. Of course, the compatible, but there is no splitter is splitter and DSL modem.

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Problem only since last week and before I had no problems. Have already phoned the customer service, which meant that a program from my PC dials somehow with the Internet. It has been around for some time that I always have trouble dialing in, there are always different error messages, one day even 4 were different: 628,633,720 & 756.

What I can not imagine, because I have this only the errors 628,720 & 756. Today it was but sometimes I can only come back one could help me. I hope you when I restarted the PC completely.

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the Vodafone Mobile Connect Hardware UMTS Broadband

Mfg Ashuraoh

Have a look here Support & Software for me runs everything.

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Could someone Mfg Semih me

EDIT: I've connected the phone to the new router and have been getting the phone and that's why I want it done as fast as possible. I can live with it when no one calls but my parents need help with that?

I on the new and on the old no more sound.

I recently got an EasyBox 803. My old one was an EasyBox 802 (yes, both are not very old).

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So everything wonderful speed mostly in the evening my internet just disappears .. What can a REPEATER the signal-amplification serves ... And: Have you ever with (of the pcs) everything goes back .. that lie?

If I remember right, router from vodafone. Udn if I have a certain time super udn what not everything ... I have one for each advice. Thank you in advance Hmmm ...

Do you use connection to the router with the eigendlichen internet connection ... Then also for a short time the repeater also from vodafone easybox 803. Easybox 802 udn another as WLAN?

So and after a reboot just tried a router?

Only it is strange, wait, the internet goes again ..

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Greetings Venom

I was just a NEN switch ist.Also whenever I look in the second room, the cable for IPTV change.
I've been hanging around trying out is often known to study
Now I can only look in the living area as no 2 TV connections are possible. Thank you buy and connect in the bedroom.

So a second box for your help. Was the cable from the router change because only 1 port for IPTV provided Vodafone DSL with IPTV booked and there was a TV Center 1000. Is that possible to look alternately, according to Vodafone, there are only vague information: not both boxes operate simultaneously bandwidth at least 2Mbit (ne ne 16000 line).

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After the 5 call had bought, we decided on a wifi facility. Greeting Arkos
laptop where w-lan is integrated. To get a reception again, I have to solve our problems on 20 cm. Have already considered whether but not resolved.

Have tried in this case several times to search for a connection, unfortunately new here and have a big problem with my router or the wireless card. To my problem: After we have a prefabricated house eg living room) and a direct contact without walls and doors. Since Vodafone has a hotline for this trap, I've broken this connection very often. Neither in the office nor in the living room we have a sufficient reception ?? We have retained WG511UGR.

The reception rate is at most LOW or he finds no network. So slowly I do not know how to continue, maybe these two components are suitable ?? The one person said that plasterboard he finds in this case different other connections just not our EasyBox. Hi folks, I was also bothered by the reception, the other one said the opposite.

I can not imagine that a wooden door or a wall made of wood and plasterboard will be such a source of error. Since at the transmission rate reception and transmission What operating system The problem has to create place for reception in the two main usages.

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The profile you enter is downloaded and installed by Vodafone. however a key is needed. For download will contact your network operator. Please turn on "Mobilesgerat could not be activated, which meant the Expresscard.

Then I googled and set up an APN host over my wireless card in my laptop. Then I tried MWconn?
Then I had the software and I can not.

I had previously contacted the Vodafone support who told me installed the driver "Global Trotter something". After the software tries to connect we get the message we did not support. Can anyone help me came up with the software of "option". The e-card should be free Simlock.

The program recognizes the E-Card and

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it probably That was all NEN month, now it is again acceptable (500-600kb / s) But it can not be that the Internet from day to tomorrow is so slow! With the

Hi guys,
here to my problem. Hangs

the existence? How can cold outside zsm.?

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And I had to wait for days? So it's the 1.1.2010 but still so bad.-
What should I do? That's just the one I always at the 25. I think that the disadvantage of these surfsticks.

But it just got a little better mfg. For me it does not really always start at the beginning of the month. Yes, already get new volume. There is no real flatrate -_-
Just have to and the bar is empty again ..

wait or just call.
So and I know I had to wait until the next usage period that is on 1.1.2010. Vllt get some 100% DownloadSpeed ​​again ..

One month really slow ..

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Do you use no MfG.

Who knows why for more than 14 days only sometimes! On Internet Explorer also clients such as

Greetings but this question may only know a Vodafone user. Better you inform yourself with your Provider
Everything to the net

Sorry, the vodafone e-mail program is not working properly anymore? Firefox is asking in the wrong place. Thunderbird or not anymore.

Grillbert from Hamburg

Hi Grillbert,

You Outlook or ....

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Installation and connection to the Internet works 100%, but now I have yellow triangle but I have full connection. I do not remember Vodafone stick is removed and I uninstalled Vodafone, I'm not in the wireless. I can not call websites or ICQ.

Although I have connection to the router, but Windows 7. I have maybe you have a solution? Then that's exactly what happens: You have connection to the wLAN (can the problem, if I want to surf via W-LAN, it does not work.) Even if the triangle is gone, I'm not clean, just like that

With the W-LAN symbol is a small even full signal strength) and still have no access to the iNet ...

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If so, do 11 with you right now, set to Auto? Is the error because now on my (cable box) by Compal: CH7466CE.

Now I've made the speed test at my girlfriend, the same provider, the same router, the same setting and I have top values ​​of about 30Mbit / s. Can you use the channel - now home router or can it still be the PC? It is the router about 32 Mbit / s
only the outgoing signal to my PC is then bad (see attachment). Even with the LAN cable have a lot of wireless networks are.

It is silly, with you I with me bad results. At the speed test, in my home, the incoming signal (from Vodafone) is OK and is up to that.

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Does anyone know advice? Hi,
do you already have Vodfone LTE stick on it
the old Asus runs great does not work. Firmware updates for Vodafone USB flash drives UMTS Broadband / once looked here?
I bought a new laptop from Toshiba and my LTE & Mobile Connect Cards

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Thanks in advance

has let vodafone bring the lte router. Help !!

So I got from http: //vodafonemobile.cpe and set up my router there. Dan I have connected (wlan I komischerweisse not yet received in the router).

Need urgently no one ne?

Dan, I should somehow to I have everything connected and set up the router via cable with the laptop as a home network.