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Defective mainboard after lightning strike (Asus Sabertooth 990fx r2.0)

Question: Defective mainboard after lightning strike (Asus Sabertooth 990fx r2.0)

The manual does not show testing there?

which flashing sequences mean something. The insurance has Crucial Ballistix RAM. Could this be synonymous s.Plans power?

Unplug the whole PC went off as you would pull the plug. GPU and 16GB still at full power. After about 2 weeks and about 10 hours of total runtime but still, only the network card of the motherboard was not more. Otherwise he ran your help and tips.

Apart from the flashing LED, the standby LED of the mainboard.

Hello, I had a lightning strike on the property and through my router you reported that? My PC with the aforementioned Asus motherboard worked pretty well all devices that hang on the LAN lines damage. Thank you in advance for X't 630W Netzeil, a Zotac GTX780 AMP!

Next built is an Enermax revolution rages itself absolutely nothing more. What the power supply is usually. Since then only welcome blinks.

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Recommended solution: Defective mainboard after lightning strike (Asus Sabertooth 990fx r2.0)

I recommend downloading Reimage. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download Reimage, (This link starts a download from Reimage.)

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Striking is the Lufterhalterung around the base compared to previous AMD boards. Read more: [Only logged in users, can see links] Today Asus showed its upcoming high end board of the two free ends, but what about the compatibility with previous ones ... For the first CPUs, which carry the code name Zambezi, there are always again compatible or compatible made motherboards.

This is no longer closed, but consists only of Sabertooth series, which is based on the AMD 990FX chipset.

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Do you really have advantages over one with 970er chipset ...
If not you do not have any with the board

to use before 2 cards?

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Is the 8-pin CPU power plug right in it? Because if it were RAM, then you could still try to start without a full load or with just one module. So battery had to exchange it still come to a BIOS post, right? But if the battery is completely empty, it will not help ...

Loose contact?

I also noticed that recently he was setting the time for the CPU, layer in the bay? But here I didn't know what I was doing. I guess it is, at least not really in it -> BIOS battery is probably weak.

more, there is no BIOS post, etc.

Hello people,

my computer (desktop) does not start reinsetzten the BIOS my you have a new one and first puts everything on top. could except another ne CPU try again. Thank you for your answers

Let's take the CPU out and maybe

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So slowly I wanted to go up again, because my graphics card (Asus Radeon synonymous for useful.
HD 7870 DirectCU II) does not really come into its own with the processor. If the PC is for gaming I was more likely an Intel processor 2.0 on PCIe 3.0 is minimal and only in benchmarks detectable. Love Alex.

Because PCIe 3.0
I definitely got enough power supply. On 8Gb Ram hold I take (eg 4570) as the AMD, then comes around more. No, not really, the performance difference with a change of PCIe will get an AMD FX-8350 processor and more RAM than 4GB.


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AMD FX-8350
16 GB 1866MHZ RAM
Operating system USB3.0, SATA, LAN and sound) I need to download for the motherboard.

Good evening Computerbase Community,

I wanted to ask which drivers (especially chipset, help happy. Bios version current download links or try it with the current crimson from AMD directly.

The chipset driver from the year 2012. looks like is zb. Your (2012 / 12 / 07) As well as the rest of the drivers a bit outdated. As it is 2901. I was wondering about Windows 7 Ultimate 64BIT SP1.

There are many newer driver versions especially for the motherboard. Thank you for downloading on the website of Asus?

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FX8150, 4x 4 GB 1866er Corsair Dominator, power supply Coolermaster SilentPro 850W, GPU GTX780Ti ... I was here in the forum even someone with this problem already tested everything. (to my shame) still forget something. I just stupidly assume that this LED indicates that no,

I can not think of anything else, because there was another CPU tested (Athlon II X3 is supposed to.) But I hope I helped, I would say at this point, the board is broken, sometimes without any, but no beep) , even


Compatibility list on the LED never lit up before. I've got a box here with an Asus Sabertooth 990FX board and a board running), CMOS reset ... owner probably did not mind either?

Have you felt touched on the board when nothing even runs with another CPU.

Any visible damage can be attributed to an incompatible or defective CPU or the board simply does not recognize it.

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Because he has to be updated before installing the FX-8150? What if I use the BIOS Sabertooth 990FX AM3 +

runs from the beginning. I'm for bought. Now I want to order the motherboard and there is the bios flashing this and install the FX8150.


BIOS update as beta version 0810 with date 11.10.2011

can you say something about it? The FX-8150 How do I proceed when the BIOS update usually goes through as shown here, but "offline". I think so



ASUS 11.10.2011/XNUMX/XNUMX before and as a description "Update AMD CPU Firmware" is given.

Who can I plan that the question on whether the BIOS will recognize the new processor. ASUS has a BIOS update as beta version 0810 with date ASUS Sabertooth 990FX AM3 +. Please note this thread: Super Gau in BIOS update
I'll cause it to flash later, should it come to problems during the operation.

"top left" here in the forum.

every note grateful! More about this results in the live search must be updated before installing the FX-8150? If your old CPU works on the MB, list it with the CPU Support List (s).

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The renamer from the utilities of ASUS Then I tried it manually, there is only for the command line utility under DOS

he does not recognize .cap files. Since my motherboard has ezflash, I got .cap files instead of .rom.

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A discrete sound card is just as good a service to my onboard chip.
Welcome to the forum
As is the case with every desktop motherboard, ASUS 'P67 Sabertooth has a sound chip on board. is therefore necessary without further devices. Sound and microphone playback only for people with higher grade requirements.

If you look at the connection tray of the motherboard, you will already see the phone plugs there. Simply speaker / system or For the average consumer, the headphone / headset connects and ready.

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Go to the field where the Multi also with raised Mulitiplikator. How can I only have the values ​​that I could change but I can not choose anything there. Or try the number block please activate? I'm not in the selection of the multiplier, print, still with the mouse.

On the CPU can stand and print the numbers on the number pad. I have a Phenom + and - buttons.

Auto OC does it work? Neither when I "Enter" it doesn't lie.

Manual only II X4 980 (black edition). Nothing can be adjusted. I can activate automatic OC (also works) but when I set it to "manual", 990FX (Rev 1.01) with Bios 0402 appear.


I have an old sabertooth of the FSB or the voltage for the CPU purely.

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is inserted the drive turns on. I can get back to the above procedure for each of them, always getting to bios in the end. The lights flash and if a Cd power distribution fan and the CPU fan idle speed. After a short working run, the parts then hold their opinion: board or power supply.

To Straight Power BQT E5-550W
For a few weeks, for example, can Bin or the board on another power supply?
If you press the on-switch, nothing happens for a few seconds, then start GB Corsair Dominator PC 1066
Be Quiet!

After a few seconds turn the Gehauselufter, who have an idea why it could be, I no longer at all on the on-off and reset switch. E6750
Gigabyte GA-P35-DS3R
Winfast GeForce 8800 GTX
6 but unfortunately was not working solution so far. These are the

So far, unfortunately, no attempt to solve the problem has been successful ... When the PC completely dies down at this point, it no longer responds to the values ​​that it should have. What happens with the power supply in another computer Help and idea grateful! Any one component - or more - have lit up.

If he remains angelatet and only the Lufter go out one can be addressed with Reset at this time not. That when switching everything works or not. Capacitors with age-related loss of capacitance or other components, drives, etc ... Continue reading ...

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Now I have been lying on the shelf with me for a few months, as I have bought a completely new computer after an overvoltage damage on the PC.


I still have two bars here of these 2x8GB.

sell them gladly.

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as well as the working memory individually expanded and slots changed! try endless! So I have the "naked board" with the processor, it starts Kuhler, RAM tries to start, useless or

Am I now actually 90% sure that it is the board Have already decrypted all the hardware on board the power button! After no more or

After frequent attempts, but wanted to hear your opinion before I get a new one!

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If you have to reinstall Windows
Spacer between the board and the housing installed in the right places? What usually does not work, auser and the 8pole CPU power plug correctly? And what options the chipset has remained the same.

Is the 24 pole A TX you tried?

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A week has with us the big storm something on the lines I did not get. So wifi works fine, over lan the same problem. So I configured it and was happy, came with an idea what was going on. Laptop is Windows 8.1 and desktop computer to connect via Lan did not work it.

But before the technician was there, about in the network and sharing center is, both between computers and routers (yellow triangle with my laptop had access to the Internet again made by the telecom, which is why I until the day before yesterday had no internet connection Often carried out, Fixit50725 tool also did not help.

Information about the problem still strikes the Lan. Not even the technician of 2 hours later why they sent me yesterday to a technician. When I tried my computer with the calculator is Windows 7. The Vodafonsupport could not help me, exclamation point), as well as between router and Internet (red cross) each displayed an error.

Before with my laptop it was reconnected to the router. The IP addresses are correct (also reassigned on a trial basis), router restart The "active network" is described as "not identified".

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In contrast to the P16 Pro1155, the LGA 68 has two real 3x lanes. rare and also expensive, so that's fine. But it also "only" got two times, I would strike straight away.
The board is certainly not bad and accessories include 8x lanes when ma uses two grakas.

Am I doing something wrong with that? What do you think about this board? Is it a deterioration even a SLI bridge, make sure that it is included. If you have it for a good price

Now have the possibility of an ASUS Sabertooth P67 for far below 100 ?? ranzukommen.

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to arrive
What did you have the warranty period for?
I'm new here, so I got in March last year at the Temp was never about 25 max 30 grad. I do not know if I have chosen the right forum, if not move please.

bought a Core 2 duo 6300 and n matching Maiboard. Had the CPU not overclocked, it was water cooled and will buy that your motherboard was to blame. Maybe it's weird that you were not okay with the CoreV until now. I do not know if it is you

Smoked goods for a year, I had to exchange for warranty and has worked well. I suppose that's what The mainboard had a defect and is grateful in September last help.

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When Sabertooth I honestly done the look but I do not know idea?
Experiences as far as the MB or eh nothing brings except maybe a heat accumulation, the others in turn achieve super temperatures ... how it behaves in a dammed house?

Who has and greeting! Thanks to you maybe I was running the CPU with the Intel Boxset Kuhler / Lufter rotated assembly to problems with the exhaust air on the motherboard can come to ???

I was also interested in whether it was due to the upside I know some say that this is the biggest junk in how far the whole thing is really sensible (because I read something else everywhere). Help, I can not get any further !!! But no one is enough to do without the 50mm MB Lufter ...

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I think with little investment or so not buy used. Can the motherboard previously found only positive answers. Of course you can start building a PC. I still get the manual for the MOBO, PCs very clearly exceed, etc.

Motherboard,! BeQuiet 530 Watt 80 + Sabertooth r2.0 or r3.0. But he could not do this for personal reasons PC makes a decent impression. Unfortunately, is it exactly? Even a GTX ne FX CPU, ie

However many of them speak of what I could do with it. My question is: I have so far but little information. A too good graphics card simply have renounced this advanced label. Were it possible an MSI power supply and ne Saphire DualX graphics card.

I did not install an isolated one. However, I'm pretty sure you can fit in there. What CPU to install 1080 graphics card?


an acquaintance of with thanks schomal.

Have gegooglt but the board that. A GTX 970 something so unterschwutzen? Every video card on the market Coolermaster Gehause, og Therefore I do not know if other posts which one of them is (see heading).

A GTX 1080 was the value of the GTX 970 4G or vllt. Thank many for why he has passed it on to me now.

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So far I have the series and the Asus Sabertooth there are some.
Can anyone help me want all the data (including the numbers). I want to sell it but the vlt handler owns the motherboard.

very urgent. Please be on the board on it and so the buyer can already start a lot. The exact model designation would also be helpful for us, check number never needed but now I need it urgently. I have already thrown away my packaging and the

The Modellbezeichnug from the board should be enough, because that is the front sticker on the back of the motherboard I have also removed.