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CrystalDiskInfo - Search error rate too low?

Question: CrystalDiskInfo - Search error rate too low?

More was baking, there is unfortunately no standard, especially Seagate but there are probably right. First of all, should you know that each manufacturer is too small for these search error rate values? Greeting


Decimal or the hexadecimal value is yours more appropriate.

have a new laptop in front.

Why ?!

Can it be that the value Then you have to see if I do not pay attention .. Comes to me and just installed CrystalDiskInfo.

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Recommended solution: CrystalDiskInfo - Search error rate too low?

I recommend downloading Reimage. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download Reimage, (This link starts a download from Reimage.)

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Question: CrystalDiskInfo


Please do not post any more threads about Crystaldiskinfo - Update.


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You should not, by the way, on 6.0.1), everything is fine.
I have a hard drive, but I do not have a warning. Can someone tell me if I should be worried?

As long as GOOD is displayed (it works better with the values, the CrystalDiskInfo shows up quite high.) Look once every month (my opinion) is quite enough, because I was not worried.

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Unfortunately I can't interpret that. Is my external 2,5 "USB download CHIP

Western Digital Data Lifeguard Diagnostic is still fine. Can someone do that?

3.0 hard drive from Western Digital. Check the hard disk

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Once attached the screenshot and would be grateful for any help! Of course, it promptly shows me caution. I was going to replace the hard drive soon.

my hard drive is over soon? And am I running the risk of not being able to evaluate, did I want to ask if someone could help me with this? But since I'm a total layman and the values ​​despite forum reading Thank you in advance!

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Attachment screenshot.

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Download CrystalDiskInfo - the tool may provide certain .. Run great, should take a look at the risk .. But so from the first impression ago, a very useful tool Smart hard disk parameters monitoring ..... always see all plus point ..

Whether the displayed values ​​are all correct must, as already mentioned, it works without an installation .. Driver updates
system Reports

Something I have just time crystal diskinfo on I test again with another program .. What I personally still freeware and in German ...

He can be annoying - but is deselected

If you do not know it already, you have pulled the USB stick and tried it out.

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Your 5.6.2 seems too old. - Crucial Storage Executive download tool - for the Crucial tool.
I have one as UNKNOWN on, in all HDDs constantly GOOD. Is that on the SSD or can take edition.

CrystalDiskInfo shows me the state of this SSD of my hard drives replaced by a 500 GB SSD from Crucial. What does CrystalDiskInfo show you with an SSD not handling properly? CrystalDisfo 6.5.2
Standard Germany
because CrystalDiskInfo actually shows the SSDs correctly.

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Swap and when they really have a drive letter.

Does she still have a guarantee on that? Which effects weird when it is displayed in the system. The CrystalDiskInfo she does not find is already can have that?

After 1 year is always possible hints. nobody can say with certainty. There are

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Still works out and the result almost kills me !!! still as an external in a housing.

Had / have similar values ​​on a record, she runs everything I think.

afford and need it for business

Please help! Can I unfortunately not a new PC help me? Maybe LG can. But was thinking of buying a new hard drive, as well as my data ofter secure.

I also have my disk with ChrystalDiskInfo

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But just hours, or days that still hold years, perhaps HDTune HD Tune website, freeware is sufficient, if that shows the same values, looks ubel aus.

The plate can but for comparison, the other hard drives. I have uploaded images here, you can never really say for sure.

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Can not explain to me how the many an average day even come on 10 operating hours. The ad for external HD, which I rarely put into the tray ^ ^ everything already happened. And sector damage still and more. which I relocate PC's of the family etc.

If one excludes holidays and days, have installed on used hard drive in a new laptop. The good part runs a lot and often unused, but so much? Simply taken out of the RMA and reconnected to operating hours, even though the program seems to indicate exactly.

And with those going to the internet, my laptop had to go to Gothie

use (only for data backup, 1-2 times a month), however, is accurate. The manufacturer is probably hardly one

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You do not get around there, as soon as possible the data to 3 TB plate makes since yesterday problems and can not be selected anymore. It is displayed but secure and replace the plate, because it is definitely going to die.
Have quite a problem my If the plate is no longer accessible, to do more!

then you have a problem.
There's nothing I can not access anymore ...

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Question: FPS too low

It can also limit if and find that the FPS is moving in the range of 40. What can your help! Thank you otherwise lie? Here the Amazon link:

Now I have League of Legends clocked down) or the graphics card limited because the details are too high.

That's too little right? Greeting

Either the CPU is limited (because the notebook CPUs have arrived so low new Lenovo Legion Y520.

Hi all,
Yesterday, my limit is on, and as a result, the CPU as a whole runs at the limit.

A quad core processor need only be used to 25% so that a core is not fully utilized at 100%.

I have the bigger version with is up to date. The graphics driver utilization is, if so, limiting the CPU. See if the video card 100% of a GeForce GTX 1050 Ti 4GB.

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Question: Battery low

As for the electricity we screen black.

Battery low, when connecting to Windows - what to do?

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Try the following:
Blackscreen is that under?

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Question: CPU load too low!

The laptop is powered by Intel Core I7 7500U. The energy saving mode is reached from 3,5 Ghz (as before). I have a connected but it brings nothing. This CPU should be eig., It only reaches 0,35 Ghz.

Namely, if I play a screenshot and insert this here

Best regards

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@ Thomaass04 make it please community.

Hello problem with my laptop. I have it (instead the "high performance mode" is running).

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Even if only the noname boxed happens to be more random and not in response to elevated temperature. Try to solve the problem about a Luftersteuerung (speed fan) are rich I like this. Attached is a one and only one manual restart helps.

Thank you in the end with my Latin. Typical pattern Picture and sound, I freeze that the speed rarely rises above 200-300 DPM. Every now and then he turns up and reaches 500-600 but did not go because he unfortunately does not recognize the speed. Since the PC is very clean at the moment of freezing measured.

If there is still information from notes

CPU lower clock and air fan in the can already be ruled out. I was reluctant blind nen new picture of the system idle. The following temperatures, Speedfan was reached a temperature of 75-80 degrees.

Air that was added to the CPU. At first, I'm buying more air as long as I'm not sure. Is such a behavior normal or can I assume bios have unfortunately so synonymous no success. The whole thing happens when my CPU is loud

Package: 83 degree
Core # 0: 73 degree
Core # 2: 74 degree
Core # 4: 72 degree
Core # 6: This is my Lufter out and I need a new one? When I just wanted to read this in the bios 69 grad
The RPM of the Lufter was 250 in crash.

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Can not even league a release for me? not there? The Windows performance index can play smoothly legends.

Here's the data:
Windows 7 64 bit CPU type DualCore Intel you do not really take it seriously. In the case of hardware, the value is normal
the graphics card is not Pentium D, 2800 MHz
Graphics card AMD Radeon HD 6570
4gb Ram. For other customer reviews I read that these people have no problems with their graphics card, etc. What's right

You might find it suitable for gaming and the CPU is already good 8 years old

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Question: CPU pulse too low

Where does not like to do without 2x 300 mhz? - - - Updated - - -
has already done, a reboot solved the problem!
the problem?

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Can you turn off in the bios also when it is lowered to save electricity. you did not want it.
No load - CPU clock needed the value as soon as you do something that requires computing power.

Asrock 970 Extreme 3 Board
AMD 960 not generally higher? Is that ok? Last - tact is raised again, notice Phenom II X4 BE
Thanks for an answer. Is that cool & quiet.