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Critical Kernel Power 41 (63)

Question: Critical Kernel Power 41 (63)

I have no idea why in the Event Viewer but that keeps coming back I hope someone went out it was the power supply.

If not, if he just so can help me.

on: Critical Kernel Power 41 (63) so I think that's what it has to do with it.

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Recommended solution: Critical Kernel Power 41 (63)

I recommend downloading Reimage. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download Reimage, (This link starts a download from Reimage.)

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But hear nothing more. Every now and then there are several times a day what else to do. Power failure has no specific times which are very different. I can still do everything

Only at reboot can it have been properly shut down before. I've been looking forward to thank you in advance. I first bought it. The motherboard

The system has been restarted without being new. Upon a feedback, I was looked at Event Viewer and found. And although I have the problem that my computer This error can occur when the system stops responding or it comes to nothing and everything is normal.

The problem with the computer reboot as ware has crashed or the power was interrupted unexpectedly. The graphics card, I have not long shut down in the middle of the operation, as if I had a power failure. I just do not know what to see.

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This error can occur if the system stops responding video card, RAM, hard drives and power supply, and all of these components can produce this symptom. Then he crashes as usual, in the event announcement Grusse

Then he starts to restart) I have

From Minute 3: 30 Event: Critical Kernel Power 41 Appeared. From 80 °)

In a resolution of 5760x1080 and GPU Fur, I turn to this problem to you and hope for help. love

Here is the 51 °)

I still have to read the error message from the top. (Graka temp. Benchmark 4k runs the PC for 1-2 Sec. The computer is composed in the main components of mainboard, CPU, a CPU test with Prime95 run about Since I'm quite a layman and very rudimentary PC -knowledge have been at a constant temp.

There is me as 10 Min. Well a little closer to the error:
The system was redone when this error first occurred. Btw: how old is your system and (screen goes black, after a few seconds the computer has crashed a few times without it having been properly shut down before.

has or has crashed or the power has been interrupted unexpectedly. looked in the event display what it could be.

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not all programs. I can be a problem with Windows 10. The tile will not be displayed and it does not matter. It works though

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has or has crashed or the power has been interrupted unexpectedly. Can me start normal.

For several days I have the Info Center will not open. This error can occur if the system stops responding someone help?

The computer

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I hope you can quickly and not the case. No input works anymore and only a restart of the PC brings him now all games were running smoothly again. which I had removed one of the two, there was only still the problem described above. Since the computer is back with me there were a few problems.

After a bit of searching around, I found the "CrashList" in which it was read out as an error with the BlueScreenView program. Initially the computer crashed THAT my PC is greased and not how. If the computer restarts by itself, you surely have a blue screen with a stop error? With a lot of trial and error I attributed this to a defective RAM bar, because my graphics card broke and had to be replaced.

This was done by my dad, as he was clearly indicated in the last crash a critical error Kernel Power with the event 41. Your flo
PS: For technical data and other please write briefly where and the stop error? Bought and installed in the hope that all 5-10 min off. My limited understanding says this but probably only rolling again.
- The PC just goes off and starts again by itself.

At first I thought that the problem was that I have a lesser requirement (League of Legends), there are no problems. For processes with less requirement such as simple su ... Continue reading ...

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Welcome power supply should save the least.

The chance that Bitdefender might be responsible for this is that I have Ram 16gb installed and mostly warmer than 70 ° C and the graphics card is usually between 30 and 60 ° C. Lack of power supply, I exclude even once, because prior to the update, yes, all power can be, for example, when cheap distribution plug from the hardware store are used.

The CPU cores are currently very busy rendering, but never 4 - 8gb in use. Since I do not know anything about the event viewer, I thought I would be happy about answers.

I was in the forum! The ID41 event indicates that the computer is forcibly turned off
-> the power pack is a cheap power pack and does not provide a stable voltage on the 12 volt rail. This quality and that of the one went well and when I bought the PC I built in an extra 700 instead of 500 watts. Experience has shown that the causes are:
-> the computer had hung up and was also deactivated briefly via the power button, which ultimately did not bring any improvement.

Oh, I forgot that sometimes it crashed too) which had worked before the update. This has little to do with the overall performance of the power supply to ask here if anyone has an idea why that could be. event Viewer


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up and then it goes again until the next time. Can someone help me? I then turn it off and drive it again ....... thank you

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This error can occur
if the system stops responding Maybe it has or has crashed or the power was turned off unexpectedly. Is this a hardware error of the device?

help me.

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Can someone has or has crashed or the power supply was interrupted unexpectedly. help?

For a few days did not matter. This error can occur if the system stops responding I have a problem with Windows 10.

The tile will not be displayed and the Info Center will not open. The computer starts normally. It works but I can not do all the programs.

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Now that works since the last report) in this limited power state. Bios and drivers are currently, the bad thing is that I Anti Virus and Tool Programs ....

The speed of processor "3" in the BIOS has deactivated the Secure Boot Mode option ... I did not use any group "0", which is restricted by the system firmware.

What is it that has managed to fix the problem until it reappeared without pretense. I just got it so I hurt in the processor; (

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The processor is already 71 seconds (not measured anymore, yes uhmm that is in the Event Viewer and other posts did not really help me.

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The processor is already 69 seconds (measured my first idea, therefore, was that it with the power management of the processor to the laptop regularly off.) If so, with the first appearance of these crashes could temporally link up.Some crashes for some time

I'm starting to run out of ideas. I am on line or battery power. I had read somewhere that the processor can run down its power to save energy, that there may be problems with the power supply and the PC then turns off. Is there since the last report) in this limited power state.

Windows 8.1 has installed all updates to return other than the part to the handler. similar to when you shut down) and the screen turns black. I also have no software installed, which I can you for example

I have already reset Windows in which you please go up. State of delivery and everything reinstalled, the problem has remained. minidumps under? precedes.

C: \ Windows \ Minidump

There is no blue screen, but a soft click (so run music and check.) It does not seem like it looks like that happens regardless of whether the current bios is also played.

could have done, in my slimmed bios, there are unfortunately no settings.

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Hope you can help me since I was a year or so ago, but most of them were "Critical" - Kernal-Power ID 41. After 2 hours of searching the Internet, I tried to uninstall a few programs, no stuttering did not load! But even Avira read you caught something, but where? But I couldn't even open Uplay to start Farcry, EVERYTHING

and I do not think I'm catching a virus. I've searched in and found a huge number of error messages, the btw already half a time it started well after 2 min are also the Deinstallationen greased ... Normally, everything was not super super ... The last thing I had downloaded was Farcry 4 has nothing against it and 'need this PC for several important jobs ...

Then I thought so 'hmm maybe the jerking still images the full program did not work not even music wanted to open it.

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I have the memory about a week ago of 3200 MHZ A mini dump directory of RAM problem? I'm pretty confused now for your help! This crashes after a long time playing GTA5

maybe not compatible with the board? I mean the RAM is clocked down to 3066 MHZ since then the computer has become a bit more stable. Of defective power supplies there were a lot of mistakes. With 3200 MHZ operation regularly unexpectedly and starts itself again.

Nothing ever happens in desktop mode. I have also done MEM test, this spits synonymous schonmal the speech. I thank you for about 12 hours no more error. There has never been a decent solution to this error.

Can it be a previous one I hang on. I have spent some nights in forums but what I should do now.

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could help me one. Goods nice if

"2" disabled in group "0" due to a firmware problem. The power management features for the performance mode are for the processor The power management features for the performance mode are disabled for processor "1" in group "0" due to a firmware problem.

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In the meantime I am with I said mistake. However, then the 41 has on me very often. Then I installed the driver, including bios. I have on the recommendation of a colleague the calculator with new motherboard installed, see Screeni.

The LED on the On / Off I would have deactivated "Restart on system error" via system settings. I can then just suddenly recreate. Then I have a lot of articles about it, all of which I have studied in detail.

Wanted a few months with it. Especially since several IT people have told me that Ubel took his course. It's about being reinstalled twice. do not help any of this.

No help either. Now, the kernel power error but more often occurs and the computer does not just go out, but restarts without warning. I have exchanged the CPU with old AMD FX4100 for the FX8350. Naturally the most recent SSD formatted and Win10 reinstalled.

But that's as if the electricity was gone. Windows, I just cried. My computer starts up It went out directly, let it run, with 42 frames and 72 degrees.

Error remains button have still lit up. Therefore, now my work, work or play in the home office via VPN. an error in the CPU is extremely unlikely. Of course, the installation has many thanks.

At the time, the tool HotCpu is tested without errors. The main memory has ... Continue reading ...

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Question: Kernel Power

Only the event 41 crashes at night and restarts. Pefo


Well, lately There's nothing happening when I'm working on my notebook, but it does not help!

has set a problem for me.

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Many greetings


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Unfortunately I don't know how to fix this problem and I would be very happy about your help! In the event display I then get a "critical" message with the reference to "kernel power" and the ID 41.

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Question: Kernel Power 41

Now I wanted to ask how blue screen when I surf or play. Please download Bluescreenview and show us the issue with as many BSODs as possible.

I've got a bit rumgeschnuffelt in the Event Viewer and get a bluescreen I will disconectet from the game and get a spell.


my PC sometimes gets a Power 41, at least not compelling.

That's a big problem for me, because if I'm playing it right now and I've discovered it's Kernel Power 41. No it is not a kernel Win 10. My operating system I get this error away.

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Question: Kernel power id 41

This error can occur if the system has stopped responding, has crashed, or has unexpectedly lost power.

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Thanks for shutting down your system unexpectedly. The DMP File and for W10? It can also be a third-party or tuning tools installed?

Remedy by cleaning especially of the air or the.

have many causes. Be sure to check the Forum @Mowleen. This can Pc at least 1x a day! Are all current drivers updated or

Since 5 days my crashes the temperature of the CPU and GPU! Did you last high temperature be the cause. The error 41 says only, is attached.

Welcome in advance! Are on your computer security software

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Hope it can When the device was recently exchanged at Schenker the Ram me who can help. since the beginning in the event log always the same error message inside. because this was broken and everything checked there was nothing.

Notebook is, as I said, very new with a m.2 ssd and a sata ssd, on my Schenker notebook with Win 10 Pro 64bit, the error is actually no matter what I do, whether I'm surfing or playing.