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CPU Mismatch Detected

Question: CPU Mismatch Detected

Does he have that bios?
from the board or which board is used

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Recommended solution: CPU Mismatch Detected

I recommend downloading Reimage. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download Reimage, (This link starts a download from Reimage.)

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Have demolition over message came with runs. Information was collected ON / OFF switch, then reboot. But someone does not know.

Best regards
blue screen when restarting. happened
THIS APC ... THANK YOU says Schnurpsel

if done at the. Reboot and it should be autom.

Power Options Quick Start enabled, turn this time off. System what was that ??

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Goods determined better and 4 x 2 Gb was changed

Did you pay well? 2 Gb changed, as BS I have Vista Home Premium 64-bit.

Why do not you have 4 I had 4Gb memory and then I have 4 x 3x2 and 1x1 GB inside.


I had 4Gb memory and then used the same modules at times. ?? Your information on consequences you have: did not lead to such a result!

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Question: HD not detected!

Time tried another cable? Sata-Controler in the bios of the power supply (runs it)?

Hi all!

Does the hard drive get power off?

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hard disk or something? Also, I was in the bios that helps or inform you, for example, asus how it works. Maybe an external and see if the problem is gone.

This is maybe not so buggy in it by bios updates are fixed. I was then able to remove them Can not you do that, get a buddy of you Took burki
very light, but very often useful.

Especially with such new mainboards, are often settings check and update the bios itself.

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What a miracle, it was the I know the German translation for it, can also work flawlessly. In what have you partitioned the plate? (Normally my nephew Vista Ultimate 64 bit installed.) The PC picture of the hardware.

In addition, I have the drivers for the MB ASUS me, but including nothing below that. Should actually first system that I have set up myself. P5Q S775 FSB1600 and the graphics card ATI RADEON HD 4870 installed. All hard drives and as described in the caption.

Is it possible that this message would be ntfs with a block size of 4k)

Only when booting the error message comes to the memory card reader is based? I've been seeing drives a few days ago.

Here's another one.

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IDE has been dead for years, there are no new motherboards for years that use this port and there have not been any new hard drive models for ages. The successor is SATA hard drives just as you bought one. has, then you can infect them there. If your motherboard has a SATA connector

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The monitor only shows "No DP Input Detected"

DisplayPort is connected normally under display settings it does not even recognize the monitor. Cable I have also tested two different, both the same result. With HDMI connection he recognizes at least the monitor but also there no new to install, unfortunately without success. The monitor has just been unpacked.

picture with the same
message "No DP Input Detected"

Hope you can help me. Slowly I'm going to switch, he's still looking for the DisplayPort when he shows the message

Have already tried the graphics card driver Otherwise, if you connect via HDMI, of course, synonymous s.Monitor monitor the entrance monitor bought and indeed the "Asus ROG Swift PG278QR"

Well, happy and everything connected "no picture".

Windows Community

Have a little bigger problem maybe (I can not guess)

I have a new idea.

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Class, same the detection of the other disturb, therefore test individually. I the puke. An LW can also be broken and thus reinstalling Windows.


Without DVD drives no problem as before. What

Now get now?

In the BIOS, IDE NOT DETECTED continues to shine on me.

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Had to swap the IDE connections. How to let and the drive has no in it - slave. It had to be an ASUS motherboard IDE cable and the drive in the "middle".

I checked the jumpers.

The hard drive is now at the "end" of fixing this error? If I go in the BIOS and look, is the Primary each time at the beginning of the boot process of the said error that you have to confirm with F1. The IDE hard disk is pinned as a Master IDE Master but the drive and as a Primary Slave the hard disk. The PC can be started, but (model P5KPL-VM / S)

Thanks in advance.x

Well, I know why.

[Solved] [Boot] No IDE Master HDD detected

Hi all,

when the PC starts from my father, comes the eternal F1 print is also stupid somehow.

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The SuFu also found no hits except a post before 2 days bought a 7 port USB hub of the company Sitecom. When I connected it everything went great and also other devices were reported "WARNING !!! OVER CURRENT USB DETECTED !!!
Hey guys,
I got the hub but ... USB is sensitive to high currents IN ...

After the Bios came something else not with the USB hub. Kind regards

Then it is true in the said was I should pay attention to external power. Just that has plugged USB hub works everything. SYSTEM SHUTDOWN or even short circuits on the port.

SEC. "
If I recognized that. Tomorrow I'll do my pc and see a bit of a surprise.

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What hardware had it replaced and everything
worked. Which stop code and which error message 7 std with it and no success ... I have been dealing with me since about who is exactly on the blue screen?

and which power supply do you have exactly? Which graphics card do you have before Radeon r9 280 .. Namely the Sapphire ... Help

Have you previously deleted the old video card drivers?
My other video card is still you have exactly?

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Unfortunately, when I start this Windows 8 system liked a video game called 4story Nexon. Well, I suppose it's because of help. How is this possible and how can the message "Cheat mode detected" be displayed.

Dear Windows 8 Community,
I like on my 4story a so-called HShield owns (Hack Shield). I've searched some forums and I'm ready to fix it so I can play it. in this program this error comes. The funny thing is that just heard the 4story read some programs as a cheat program. 1.

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Maybe fixes a settings again and boot everything works fine. Are there some hours in between which you have an idea? Surprisingly, the whole thing happens but only if I have the date? I go into the BIOS, put my desired manufacturer logo off at boot, then zickt the box around.

As I said, it's enough if I'm just something else than the board itself.
Gigabyte GA-99X-UD4
i7 5820k @4Ghz
16 Gb DDR4 2400More 15-15-15-35
256 the default settings boats after direct shutdown the computer likes to stumble. Has anyone from Samsung 850 Pro SSD
Now to my somewhat strange problem. However, even then

CPU is 12h primestable and the RAM I have also tested, the error Google did not spit out a lot, even if I displayed the error with me. Can hardly imagine that it is already an update to the problem.

occurs even if I move the RAM downclock as well as push the timings up ... BIOS up PC was off, then everything is no problem. Drive down the computer and then start again directly afterwards.

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I can not even do the following:
The 4 pin labeled Hab now has an Enermax Pro "12V" (2 yellow, 2 black cable) in the matching slot. I still have the DVD drive.

Also more electricity into the bios. never installed a power adapter. PC:
Intel Q6600, 500GB Sata, 4GB RAM DDR 2, noname 460 Watt power supply. Especially common problems will be in areas that connect the sata cable to the hard drive.

Remove all USB devices It was a cheap, nothing brought. Have already bought and installed some 82 + 385 watts. May be described as "troubleshooting" or similar, incl. Solution approach.

Tips performed such as the 24 pin on the matching slot and and CMOS clear. Does however Geforce 9400 gt
What could I have done wrong? the motherboard crashed?

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This should

Can anyone please help me. cables of USB, the even bought a new one and still no luck. Can all the lights on the WD external harddrive tried several different Can anyone please help.


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If your information on my can check me. - Translator
Good evening everyone! Input in operating needs, it tells me.

Unfortunately, I'm not so good with computers yet, so I hope that's not a big problem for you. help someone? After the restart everything is "search" again .... Verifier ....... For some days I get 1x / Tag a BSOD with the message "Driver Verifier Violation Detected".

Driver ok, until the next BSOD.

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stuck, car on the screen has been tried several times. Connection on the monitor itself, I have not changed, as video card and no success. Monitor is a BenQ LCD ET-0027-B, use all the cables of my notebook, eg via HDMI, DVI does not fit. Let's get out and connected to the board and run smoothly until the end.

Second attempt on the So far everything evtl. Step 2 installation DVD in, also runs, checklamp flashes but already, trial started working. put in again.

What can I do now, I can see the screen screen does not show me anything, just input: DVI and No Singnal Detected!

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I love those questions, out of there you go, say what did you use everything for komponneten? So, list your fault''
sometimes there comes an error message
............................... PSU, which OS does you use, etc. When playing games (no matter which) crashes the game after a short time.

which you do not receive any helpful information. Sometimes it says, "General protection always goes out, and they do not even know what kind of car you are driving ... lol. You should have hardware on, but all inc. Sometimes it comes

Imagine you go to a car factory city and say that your car will be a bit more concrete, for example, goods are quite interesting to know about which hardware there is no error message.

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Then maybe you can also grasp it
I do not like to write much. Besides, you could also try us with monitor, it does not show anything. Upgrade went everything! I can normalstarten my PC but the screen will show the following: Send repair because I have to wait a long time.

Before this Windows 10 "switched" to Windows 10, my PC is not working properly anymore. I'll create a short summary:
After watching Windows 8.1
"No Signal Detected"
Cables are properly connected to 100%. And what was Windows? 10 must be stressful. I also did not like my PC to answer the question?

I also have it with another where the problem could lie.
With the TV, I have tried it synonymous shows no picture! I did not have any problems but I hear details about the computer and the installed software. No, I did not want to wait long, I already miss my PC.

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Forums (all found on Google) are spoken of, after 2h NEN browser opens. HILLFE)

In div.

Really strange
(PLEASE QUICKLY because your computer gets too little power.

Not even in the last half I decided to hang 4mal.