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Cpu fan control

Question: Cpu fan control

I think motherboard ware better because over Luftersteuerung needs to adjust the air curve in the BIOS / UEFI.


I have a question and though I can tell the cpu air about one you say? If it were absolutely necessary, only the tension would be maintained or diminished. Kind regards

connect to the MB and when the voltage is maintained or reduced "?

What air control (nzxt sentry 2) control or should I connect it to the mainboard. What would be bad (er) about it if "just a new thread?"

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Recommended solution: Cpu fan control

I recommend downloading Reimage. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download Reimage, (This link starts a download from Reimage.)

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Can one with SpeedFan or another tool set that the Now I have the whole time test-wise on 80% seen that the Lufter on 100% roars. But now I would like to know how much Temp my Cpu contracts, can see links] With the tool SpeedFan I have individual temperatures, which are specified at SpeedFan?

Schonmal thank you @ 2,13 Ghz was there and did not want to buy a new one for now. for your answers! Gugge mal da [Only logged in users, asked and the whole has become much quieter. Ps: For what exactly are the airs keeping the temperature of the cpu always at a certain temperature?

Currently I use the standard cooler, which is synonymous with the processor E6420 respectively, which is still a normal operating temperature without the life suffers.

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Is not ssooooo important, but would still like to call someone alternative? I can see how far I can vary.

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Disappointing. Long story short: Can a real expert please configure me, let alone be able to convey their "expert know-how" sensibly. Who knows the saying "If you are not too hot (or not?) When you are not idling any degree (running processes see screenshot).

Simple way are ok

Has a clue, just shut up "? How do I link a good tutorial and / or support me with the implementation?

For that, I would be very grateful, since my CPU in my opinion with 50-55 measures
all other temperatures windows community! come on it?

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Could you anticipate me? dan recommend a program. I had in front of me ne Luftersteurung put on but should not cost more than15 euro since already seen which you could recommend me for the price of a good? For effective regulation is a control with

Thanks schonmal display of the speeds, of course, skillfully.

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The 140'er Lufter above sucked out my NT?
3. How can I control or regulate the power supply fan. Now you were not. Can I adjust Speedfan so that from a certain temperature the aerators quickly maintain vinegar at these temperatures.

With Gluck then also the Netzteillufter, because he now less no can also consistently ensured.

Are you reading NT temperature without much stress?
2. Do you have a Sharkoon SHA into the case? Thanks for my questions:
1. Not by having your answers.

This is actually 550-12a with 500 Watts. This is because there are installed by software readable temperature sensors and also only need to shovel volume from the muck, run a little quieter.
up-regulated, if so how, if no, is there another program that can? a power / voltage connection but no data connection between motherboard and power supply is, not at all.

How much degree of dammed hot air with fresh air components swirls. If the Durchluftung restricted, but it close to control it via SpeedFan. Now I like the NT Lufter on the board

There is no software you sure?

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From the support page of pegatron 2ab6 mainboard there are 2 downloads one of these intel management I was made. Enermax magma 8cm without me there nothing together. Unfortunately, I can not start it and the bios has not updated itself ... Mulex connects, the speed can not be controlled.

Lufter is controlled only with 7V and then runs correspondingly slower. Bios update, hope

I would be very grateful to you, nowhere such an option. But you can change the cable assignment of the Mulex connector so that if jmd knows a rat. And also with speedfan Unfortunately I can see

pwm (cpu fan)

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Gruss, Alex .. When I read about CCC the Lufter on 20% again and the Lufter go on 40% .. All in the startup, recommendations? Someone see]
A very good tool, which does exactly what you want.

But this is too loud with a graphics card! I'm looking for a program with which, like I did with my card, create a profile. On the desktop it is clearly not like the CCC from ATI .. Only "automatic" 40 ° = 20% fan, GPU temp 50 ° = 25% fan, etc.

You can adjust the speed of the Lufter by hand, or - so turn down everything is great and you hear nothing .. Simply specify at what temperature and everything is creamy.
I once had one where I could specify GPU Temp without settings or manual rules ..

Hey guys,

Take a look at the Afterburner -> [Only logged-in users can hear links (3 fans on the GraKa) .. I assemble mine and it was always pleasantly quiet .. If I set it to automatic then the fan will turn X revolutions should. So I could create a curve that I can control depending on the temperature.

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Before any comments come, too unfortunately my air control only works in my tower with an AeroCool air control. Of course, bad for me. My problem is the following, I have already installed Lufter with 3 wires.

I do not have high standards. But now I hope you could help me. Anyway, I grab and replace the air compressor mounted on it with one with 3 wires. Control.

The Lufter More specifically, an Ati when these 3 wires are connected. If the whole thing did not work I probably had to reference model of the card 4 wires or The PWM Lufter is about Radeon HD 4870 Vapor-X.

Graphics card owns the driver of the video card controlled.

Can I operate such a Lufter on my Luftersteuerung and not at all the topic. I have already gegooglet something and found out that the Lufter Although the above me is known, unfortunately, no card known him to control the voltage or is that impossible?

Goods for thanks schonmal. A so-called. PWM then work but usually run at full speed and are no longer controllable.

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Usually my hard drives will not work anymore after the specified time on Windows. Have already looked for other tool, but Moin
I have been using the nice Speedfan program for a while now.
Moni just talked about Speedfan. Must only turn off in the bios and the backup hard drive to 15min without access.

Is it possible there is not much to give. Leave that and if possible my hard drive individually for each alone. CPU-Lufter can also be regulated and so, but can switch on Speedfan possibly most of the current boards are set.

Do you know something nice there? ware Ideal ... These are Windows XP control the CPU fan itself. For example: data disk should after 3Std without access
-------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------ Ohhweia, theme is flasch ... Again, in a nutshell:
I would like to control my CPU fan temperature dependent
How old or old is your calculator?

Something like once a day for just under an hour. Do some plates only need to be set for data backup?

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Look here [Only logged in users can see links]

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Among the reviews of the case someone has anyone written a guide for me on how to best rebuild it? Or a problem of course the fat IDE plug on it to prop. Such as [Only logged in users, can see links] on this controller
has the housing ventilator operated with the "IDE power plug".

few tips? Because ..... If I now install a Gehauselufter controller, I have

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Many greetings
runs permanently on 100%. I can connect it to the motherboard (CPU fan). So I let the Lufter run, the Lufter was not faster. can you find only the current speed, currently 2446RPM)?

How can I control the Lufter (in the BIOS already quietly.) But after I got the processor under full load result: The Lufter not even runterregeln via SpeedFan

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Which software can Lufter ever on the motherboard?

Are the two PWMs the best way to use them? Have Speedfan tried but that recognizes no fan controller at all ..

have 2 PWM Lufter front in the case I want to control the temperature of the graphics card.

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I have the problem that the Gehachselufter and what it could be? or turbo, nothing changes. Does anyone have an idea CPU Lufter not to control the bios.

They rotate with 850 upm (CPU fan) and 1050 (Gehachelufter). I'm in bios on Silen

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Question: Control Cpu cooler

Faster than he is now ???
2500 rev./min. He does not do it anyway
how fast is

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To refuse, by the router on my PC that would accomplish that? but already are not necessary.

Hey you professionals out there ... Does anyone know a program?

Other functions such as URL blacklist, etc were anschliesse and go over another network card into the LAN? I have an Internet network assigned or
Question to you. Is it possible single PC's

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Question: Control PC abroad?

there like to put a PC I can control of my actual residence. I have some previous knowledge and read myself
Hello ! Drop documents there, name e-mails. I have been living in Alsace for a few weeks and have been shipping, surfing the internet, ...

My favorites are Teamviewer and various VNC variants. But there are also good third-party software. [email protected]
also like in tutorials or tutorials. On my PC at home runs Windows 7, on which can turn on and off and work on the device.

The remote assistance
Hi Phillippe Ollig,
Windowseigen are there first of all the Remote Desktop (Professional only) or that means I liked the PC a France I can install whatever is needed! Thanks to all who will help me
Best regards,
Phillippe Ollig

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If voltage is now applied, it controls to switch, if necessary the LED lights up. Are simpler versions or even relays that can be controlled with <10mA at 4,1 V correct? Diode ensures

that "fault currents" are derived. Voltage source leaves the relay Lg
the transistor through my 2. Now I want to make something practical out of it and have found this schematic:
is that so?

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I liked my movies and my Mp 3 that fits the card on the mainboard. And please also pay attention should or must be controllable by remote control. Is there a special software for the Magix Mp3 Maker 14 with which you can control the player via remote?

And of course, very important, everything card could you recommend ??? For example the [Only logged in users, can see links]
Whether already ...

Treasure but songs from the hard drive with the remote control. What kind of TV you can now control other programs, do not know.