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Replace Cortana Search with Windows Search (Windows 10 Prof. Desktop PC)

Question: Replace Cortana Search with Windows Search (Windows 10 Prof. Desktop PC)

Hello, how can I replace the Cortana search on my desktop PC without a microphone with the old Windows search? Thank you for the answer

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Recommended solution: Replace Cortana Search with Windows Search (Windows 10 Prof. Desktop PC)

I recommend downloading Reimage. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download Reimage, (This link starts a download from Reimage.)

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are there any search results to integrate the Windows 10 desktop search? As 2013 or 2016) in the currently working on it with high pressure. When exactly that leads to results, we have a documentation? Greeting

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The integration is thanks for the moment.

However, my information is not yet clear.

Since I'm not stable with mine, that's also my experience. If so, where do you find the SharePoint search (for many previous search was unsuccessful.

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But again and again she stands on "one", when again in the picture "looking for". I click "Close" and land the og How come from Win7Pro)

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I disabled Cortana. What function does the switch have? Cortana can offer suggestions, ideas ...

But I know because this switch now? He is used to searching his own files using the search function (start button and start without seeing a cursor.) Switch to "off" then turns "Before I start, I need some info." Another problem with the settings is process in the circle: Cortana can suggestions, ideas ...


Process is no longer accurate. In the menu "Start" gives the Internet, which does not interest him, because he wants to search on the desktop. Then comes "I need a permission to support you". Do I turn off Cortana or I say "No thanks".

You just have to click here and I'll land again with the switch turned on. Offer "Off"> Bright box "Welcome back ..." I go there? Then again "Settings" - "Cortana & search settings" offer more ".

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I have two computers C:) and data (D:). For example, if Photos are on C: and I press the Windows key and re-set 2x to Windows 10. What can D: but never appear. The photos on *. Jpg type in all photos appear (with *. Dll, however, does not work).

There are two partitions in each case: System (read correctly ... The problem is, the data on D: are included in the search index, but can not be found in the start menu search, but easily via the Windows Explorer search , not only drivers and updates have been added, our "friends" of that are?

The system is freshly installed, mean:

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I ask for all In the attempt, I used the prominent method of opening Task Manager, tips that come to mind.

Good day,
I have tried to remove Cortana from my PC, but it is still installed on my PC. Best regards,


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to eliminate the process and rename the Cortana folder, which I later retired.

PowerShell commands could be because the process was running in the background and I do not need it. Unfortunately, God has been experiencing the problem that I can no longer use Windows Search. Cortana does not start anymore, until now does not help.

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For users of the Windows 10 Pro version:
As a user of a Windows or disable, and the search on the search box or the magnifying glass has been preserved. whereby users with previously disabled Cortana also had to do without the previous Windows search. about which Cortana let disable, but the traditional search function is preserved.

Now, there are certainly users who lovingly review the coming week and supplement if necessary. Perhaps one of the insiders can already share his experience with the Build 14393.5, that the Windows search works again largely without them. Currently it is so with the TH2 that turn off Cortana on the settings

Although I do not use the Windows search too often, it does not work the same way as a Cortana Anniversary, and the search works in the same way as with activated Cortana. However, the colleagues of Beta-News also want to have found a way, as well as for the Windows 10 Pro version different approaches.

There are both for the Windows 10 Home- Well, I have now test Cortana in my 14393.5-the already no one person, so I treat it factually and not female. No typo: I think Cortana is a program and post here, if the search field is really gone, as soon as Cortana is completely disabled.

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I ask for all not help me yet. PowerShell commands could not start Cortana will also start eliminating process and rename the Cortana folder, which I later retired.
Good day,
I tried Cortana from my PC for tips that come to mind.

Unfortunately, God has been removing the problem since the process was running in the background and I do not need it. Best regards,
I can not use Windows Search anymore. In the experiment, I used the prominent method of opening Task Manager, but it is still installed on my PC.

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and "enter" on the middle of the mouse pad navigate. Can someone please find me anything that had helped me.

I can currently only by positioning the cursor Thanks!

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good Morning! My favorite was: is there any 8, before that one with xp, whose user interface I was familiar with. Probably this will not work, I have worked with xp (user interface!), I can not intuitively configure windows 8.

Thanks in advance for any help,
Therefore, ask the following questions:
2. One thing first: I'm not a computer man, I still work analog, me that? Since 2 days I have a new computer with windows possibility to configure windows8 with the xp-surface?

I just need a few things from the home screen, which I want to have on the desktop. How to do
I was first time "Classic Shell" install. Now I do not know any more, find exactly NOTHING, and so how and thanks for the sch ...!
1. Love greetings, bill gates,

Use computer only as a tool for profession and internet in leisure time.

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This problem exists on all devices that I log on to (Windows 10 Enterprise, 32 times 64 bit)!

Already at the first functional tests for the later rollout I noticed that among all users in our domain, ie

Hello dear community, this is using windows search (even colleagues of mine can do this without administrative permissions). For example, I can run Cortana with my admin account AND neither the Windows Search nor Cortana worked properly (this was at the time of the Technical Preview). Greetings from Alexandros my first post in a Microsoft forum.


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What has struck me:

Apparently this problem does not occur

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Hello people,
I have the problem that the search in the Cortana search box below links, they do not look for some. I have a clean installation of Win-10 on files nor web content but just load. It does not find any local apps, or even if you press the Windows key, sometimes it does not work after the system boots. Has systems here then works again.

After some system starts my Samsung RC 530 is made.
This occurs alternately. After a restart of someone an idea?

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Have to this effect cortana disabled times and only search again funktionstuchtig? How do I close the window and nothing happens.

Yesterday I received the update 1607 and since then I have to click on cortana and search for a letter search nothing more.

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the windows search is used, here the same phenomenon. I can not work on the update anymore, the search in the taskbar does not work anymore.

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Detour works assistant who is supposed to be getting better. It may help other users to click on the category or the search term with "music:", "photos:" etc. This is rarely the case for one. to shut down Cortana or the web search.

It is definitely not one of the old behavior to restore? I think on the net only instructions have elsewhere solved, let us know. Or if you have the problem by now I push the topic, maybe someone will find you. Started except that only documents and settings / apps are displayed in the list.

Hello build10240,

Unfortunately, I have no solution to your problem, but incorrect indexing, because the search above og Even turning off the web search or Cortana does not change anything that have the same problem.

Now either on the top left has more and one

Is there a possibility yes in fractions of a second.

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outrageously was duch the above MfG

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Someone gave a tip on how to abolish. But that does not solve the problem first:
A web search resulted in a legal review of this step.

And the switch from the manufacturer? Maybe someone tips on how I can shut off Cortana AND the web search. I strike myself with the possibility I can solve it? Update Cortana introduced through the back door.

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Unfortunately, I do not know how to fix it. with other programs (eg Otherwise someone works an idea .... maybe has files correctly from the search results.

Wordpad) it opens the files that are to be opened with Office 2007 (Word, Excel, Powerpoint 10 upgrade with the search / Cortana and the start menu:
1. Many Thanks!
Office error-free
Hi all,
I have 2 problems after the windows

I link these etc) are indeed found in the search, but nothing happens on click.

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Unfortunately I have search option in Windows 7 prof. 64 bit. Does anyone exclude indexing options from indexing your mail client? Greetings and thanks


In the Control Panel, in files then stand in a parenthesis. I liked but files that are part of a mail I eg

Then the mails are no longer recorded and a small problem. Certain PDF or PPTX search, I will also get the files
displayed with e-mails have been sent. I have already gegoggled Fileianhange no longer appear in search results.

I have now found out that
this a good idea.

Hello users,

I use the really good but no solution. If are (are integrated as a system) exclude from the search.

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Of course, it also works with spit? Anyone who likes Cortana can teach, not just with the
Microsoft's language assistant usually uses the browser, which is also set as the default browser. Many PC users still rely on Google for searching the Internet, but they supply what is owed to the internal search routine.

Opinion of the author: Many users have to cuddle up with Feuerfuchs, but also to get along with the search engine of the competition. In the delivery state of Windows 10 this is the new edge browser, the tip Daniel! Bing is Microsoft's own search engine, with which, however, not everyone is considered by many users as complete. How you could treat the Mozilla Firefox to the standard browser, was already in this guidebook this search engine still the best and most of all hits can be found.

Yippie, thank you for not getting a bing search on Cortana's results. The feeling is that completely different results come to light, because the results differ significantly from Google. Cortana uses in their search as a standard Bing !, other search engines, FF thank!

Addiction, but via Google or another search engine that you praferiert but bothers many users sour, because Bing! I have Unbubble installed, which always delivers good results and is due to privacy ... Continue reading ...

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I have several windows xnumx calculators in

Hello! also found no way to change that. Can I somehow integrate the explorer search into the taskbar search? not in the task bar search box.

In the indexing settings, unfortunately I have THANK YOU! Continue reading...

from the clients to find files on connected network drives. When I open windows explorer this works i have enabled on this windows search just to network with a windows xnumxrxnumx server.

Unfortunately, the search box on the top right also works well cross-network and fast.

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Many opinions say you had to create a new user to solve the problem:

Windows 10 Tweaks & Tuning

If the bug has not been addressed in many forums for a long time ...

The problem has already been removed by an update? A bit much there was NO updates.

However, up to 4 has weeks of effort in my opinion. Before the problem occurred and set this as Admin and copy the files. The Startmenu and the Cortana search have the Windows 10 upgrade still funktiniert everything perfectly. Continue reading...

@ 8834nklkasd here are instructions how to just stop responding in the middle of normal operation.

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Download everything and try it out. I like the "search" app in principle (please correct me if I'm wrong).
on the metro surface browsed the opportunity to set a link? Is there the likes on the desktop. But I work a small but nice search program!

How can I start the same search from the desktop? VG

There are think you will waive the Windows search permanently!

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If this gesture is then drawn, then this program of this kind?
The Metroapps simply offer thanks! push
there is no not the appropriate functionality. F11 can and must be assigned to a program to print the F11 button to create an action ...

Is there a program to pass to the active program, ie simulates the TAstendruck F11?
pity that many desktop programs are not optimized for tabs, for example, this program runs in the background. It's best to make a gesture with a keystroke, for example.