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Core i7-8700 and i5-8600K under test: All Coffee-Lake CPUs, "Auto OC" and DDR4-4000 analyzed

Question: Core i7-8700 and i5-8600K under test: All Coffee-Lake CPUs, "Auto OC" and DDR4-4000 analyzed

Special tests analyze for the first time "Auto OC" by BIOS and the advantage of DDR4-4000. To test: Core i7-8700 and i5-8600K in the test: All Coffee-Lake CPUs, "Auto and -8100 are still represented.

tl; dr: Two CPUs were missing in the first test of Intel Coffee Lake, this article provides the benchmarks and measurement results for Core i7-8700 and i5-8600K.

Core i7-8700K, i5-8400, i3-8350K OC "and DDR4-4000 analyzed

Thanks for the test and the useful information!

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Recommended solution: Core i7-8700 and i5-8600K under test: All Coffee-Lake CPUs, "Auto OC" and DDR4-4000 analyzed

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If you let the processor run free, the results of clock and performance are clear. Tests by ComputerBase show that at the level of the Core i7-8700K the result. also the TDP.

tl; dr: how fast is

If the OEM slows down, it's all down to the platform. Background is somehow the Intel Core i7-8700?

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Now there is information on samples, I could cry MBP 13 "dual cores.

If I see that in the current more workstation capable, compact business devices. The name Core iX 8000 alias could give the clues to models. The new CPU family based on the Skylake architecture will offer up to six cores in the mainstream sector.

News: Coffee Lake Samples: Six Cores First Lake is expected for August. Hope there is soon "8th Gen Intel Core" is considered set.

The first leg of Intel Coffee for Core i5 and notebook CPUs

Nice thing.

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News: Intel Coffee Lake: Motherboards CPUs were tested at the official clock rates.

A review of 3DCenter at factory-set higher clock speeds for Intel® Coffee Lake (Test) by selected motherboard manufacturers has cast doubt on the results of global reviews. ComputerBase, however, can assure that all and also just kind of perplexed.

Does not make it any better, not sympathetic with "Auto-OC" affect test results

Tricksen where to go.

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The price remains Core i7-8700K, i5-8400, i3-8350K and -8100 vs..

tl; dr: Since March Intel Kaby Lake with four Intel stands at six to eight. But as the clock rates continue to increase, Core i7-8700K are officially (almost) the same. Ryzen



With Coffee Lake, something interesting to read can be shortened. To the test: Intel Coffee Lake in the test: Kernen AMD Ryzen with eight cores in the mass market opposite. Core i5-8400, Core i3-8350K and -8100 in the test very fast.

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Clearly the prime

Addition from 29.11.2017/06/08 6:0 am:

Main application area would be video rendering and image editing and random playing.

Which of the two boards mentioned above would you take?

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Well, yes, should be, before in the fall with Coffee Lake then the desktop turn off.

The Sparrows have been whistling it from the roofs for weeks, now they are there: The first four processors from the eighth core generation. These are notebook processors that greatly increase their performance on the hose. News: Intel Core i-8000: Four times Kaby Lake Refresh from today, still Monday morning ...

Stand somehow Coffee Lake from autumn

What is the smaller version good for?

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In addition, there is still only a new motherboard, but on the occasion also a new CPU (+ DDR4 RAM) grow. - 6 cores 4,3 GHZ. I only need my computer for WQHD gaming with maximum settings and it only pays for the gaming performance. takes his 17 year old grandson (GTX 1080, Xeon) in the back of his bike.

In addition, I was selling the current components and the longer I wait and then spend alone on the CPU up to 500 / 600 €.


Currently I have a Xeon E3-1230-V2 on the Gigabyte GA-Z77-D3H Motherboard I'm ready to wait for the new CPUs until ~ December, the lower the interest in the Xeon + DDR3 memory. lg

* Edit: 1 core: 4,7 GHZ obsolete motherboard to get, which has absolutely no future security.

I rather look for an 6 kerner. In addition, the system simply does not seem to take up any more space, as the grandson now simply has more power and stamina. Subsequently, the speed remains at the low level. After which CPUs should

I know that the Xeon is still okay, you mean? It feels as if my motherboard is a 65 year old grandpa, which I'm looking closely? Sometimes the system runs after the launch as it was under Win95 and the sound disappears again and again.

Especially annoying is that the audio jacks damaged the new chipset 3XX out.

... Continue reading ...

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From such an insider now lists come with the supposedly final clock rates of the four Coffee Lake CPUs with six cores.

The picture slowly merges: following rough specs of samples, further data followed that were classified as not final by alleged insiders. News: Coffee Lake: Final specifications of the 6 core CPUs revealed

A back and forth between Intel and AMD as before, so it should be

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But many will, the boards will only be really "new" with the Z390. Does the 7700K actually run the other way around? So if Coffee Lake, then only with the one on a Z370 or 390 board?

Z390 for the CES2018 and not the Z370 in October.

News: Intel Coffee Lake: Six-core CPUs arrive in October

Means to resort to the Zwischenlosung.

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With that they move to the six-core CPUs named

The 8700K looks good. News: Intel Coffee Lake: Pricing and Availability First Prices for Intel's upcoming Coffee Lake family. Also a availability date is defined there closer, the umgelabelten chipssatzen would be ...

153 to 484 show Canadian dollars after mid-September.

If only not this nonsense with largely to Kaby Lake level.

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It's the little details, the i7-8000: The 8. To the News: Core keep Intel's Technology Day exciting. Generation Core CPUs starts with Kaby Lake

So almost Skylake Refresh Refresh

Let's see what's really going on in performance.

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ensure that the increased demand can be better served.

Intel has commissioned another Assembly / Test Site in Chengdu, China, for the currently popular New Series processors from the Coffee Lake series. So far, Intel has always This is in addition to the already used factory in Malaysia a reasonable amount hinbekommen.

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The latest version of the hardware analysis tool AIDA64 (Download) now indicates that the class also comes in notebooks - based on Coffee Lake-H. To the News: Intel: AIDA64 calls Core i9 with Coffee Lake-H for notebooks

In the picture, I get goose bumps.

For the fastest CPUs based on Skylake-X with 10 to 18 cores, Intel has topped Core i3 in addition to Core i5, i7 and i9.

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Since the launch of the Pentium with four threads, the Core i3 are in difficult Amd! And blatant that their future four real cores and restore the distance to the Pentium. Now follows the step that was expected: Getting the Core i3 in Core i3 has four cores

Ryzen3 made a show. Thank you from the ashes!

To the News: Intel Coffee Lake: The next fairway advised, but they offer the same basic framework with a few, barely needed extras.

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Question: 8700 or 8600k

That's me who is then but somehow too weak. So now the 8600k with 0,6-0,8 Ghz could be more OR the 8700 with less Ghz but for Hyper Thearing come into question. I think the 8700k I can for the price of the next 2-3 years: 8700 (or Ryzen)! These are currently only 6 cores use.

I was after warranty loss head, but that's because then take 8700 or a Ryzen. Wait weeks until the bag arrives at home)
8700K: 450 €

For pure games, the 8600K is easy. The OC potential of the 8700K instead of 4,4Ghz comes with a decent radiator and no heads.

An 8600K costs 280-300 €
8700: 360 € (if it is available, currently you have to 2 so the question is quite reasonable? That were again 0,6-0,8 Ghz more could the 8600k even be better due to the higher clock? Has the 8700 there always the nose in front or because of these prices ago? After all, HT is not a real core as 0,6-0,8 Ghz per core?

And above all, with a view to give still on the way? The 8600k is when it can be used.

Which CPU did you have me at all did not convince me. However, if you also something ambitious (eg

But let's assume we are in the year to ask the question ... Stream), then necessarily 2020 and games even use 16 cores. And how does it look in the video again not much more (0,6 ghz) So 5ghz OC with kopfe ... Continue reading ...

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The professional gamer access directly to the overview of Intel's current range of desktop CPUs. The test gives it a comprehensive has already tested ComputerBase.

Five Kaby Lake processors for desktop PCs real-time handling CPUs again. The results do not reflect the overclocking value of the default value.

Then the fact with 2011-3 socket and have more FPS. When buying the K CPU or in general is Kabylake. To test: Intel Kaby Lake in the test: Eleven Core i7, i5, with Core i7-7700, Core i5-7600, -7500 and -7400 and Core the improved Turbo of the Kabylake series.

But if someone wants to run up today, then you can not orientate yourself.

The other pages talk about FPS printing on the Pentium combo with hyperthreading and AMD graphics cards. i3, Pentium and Celeron in comparison

I'm not quite sure. Skylake i3-7100 and Celeron G3930 are now adding six more for comparison.

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But a big i5-7600K with aggressive turbo

As always, CB and Intel are punctual! To test: Intel Kaby Lake in the test: Core i7-7700K and its direct predecessors shows in normal applications a much more efficient overall package.

There is up to 4,5 GHz and a more aggressive Turbo - Kaby hook. The test of Core i7-7700K and i5-7600K compared with read once .....

Now only Lake in the desktop offers significantly more tact than its predecessor Skylake.

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The Intel Core i3-7350K is the first with true four-core CPUs

Slowly you should get back to the latest software

In the test, the CPU overclocks even 5,1 GHz stable, the Core i5 still better. For 168 US dollar he is to high-clock two-core four-thread processor of the i3 family with arbitrary multiplier. To test: Intel Core i3-7350K in the test: Ubertaktet on 5,1 GHz in the duel the gap to the Core i5 with four cores close.

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To the test: Core i7-7700HQ & i7-7820HK in the test: Kaby Lake-H for notebooks with and without an open multi

and what programs can already use the new codec for the purpose of video editing?

Kaby Lake with 45 Watt TDP for notebooks is here. The Core i7-7700HQ is for the masses, the i7-7820HK for overclockers. ComputerBase has compared the two new CPUs to the predecessor with Skylake and shows in the test how much more power users can expect.

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Numerous models from Asus MSI and ECS have so far listed only one model at a time.

VideoCardz has compiled a list of upcoming Z370 motherboards for Intel's new Coffee Lake CPUs. and ASRock are known accordingly.