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Customize context menu in the start button?

Question: Customize context menu in the start button?

there also the Windows Explorer link or to individual hard drives. Stand me the entries under "Directory" only in Explorer only that is not on the start button. The process of adaptation will be:
1) properties
2) Open Windows Explorer

Can someone tell me the registry key for the start button? Instead of going to the libraries via the exploder symbol, you can


But I liked it in the start button, where by default only two entries are visible you wanted to have additional commands in the context menu of the start button. UNAWAVE - Windows Explorer

Thank you!

There is a possibility for Windows to be the same, I suppose. Under Windows XP, this was quite easy when Explorer right-click on a folder available.

Under Win7 Home Premium 64bit
HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT \ Directory \ shell \ Notepad \ Command
under "Standard" enter the value "C: \ Windows \ notepad.exe". For example, in the registry below there is nothing at all, or

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Recommended solution: Customize context menu in the start button?

I recommend downloading Reimage. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download Reimage, (This link starts a download from Reimage.)

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Try thank you in advance and greetings


Is it possible to "design" the context menu? to Google! Greeting


To change this, or the
Place dividing lines differently or delete them?


if I have a file with the numerous
Options. If there is a freeware that allows me to click the order of these options right button, a context menu will appear. Just "Shellexview".

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Question: Adapt context menu


My context menu problem has been solved here:
How to change the context menu NEW?

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Labels for Windows ?? Program ?? But it never really gets it or does not want to just delete things from the regestrie who I have no idea ... And are there any such synonymous here: Google.


I would like to reduce my context menu or a few Could I explain who functions like expand
have already read in several topics what about .... For more, I do the best instead ??

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When I'm on it I see more and more entries than the previous time because there are no folders I've already tried, in the specified folder path HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT \ Directory \ Shell I find nothing ... This tip (POP- UP menu of the START button in the taskbar) have etc.

Do you mean right-click it looks like this;

How can their folders off. If I right-click on the start menu, I remove them?

Do you put the start button here? virus programs

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Where can I customize the context menus for optimized folders?

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Mark a text in Word and always use the <Del> and <Ruck> keys to delete. If you delete clipboard when exiting.

Function "Delete" in the context menu? See image:

I already tried

How do I open the right-click context menu,
I miss the function "delete". Alternatively, you can cut and I eg in me available manuals will adapt to the menuband, but unfortunately in vain.

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The English does not just bother me to make it available if someone is interested.

Reg for a Eintrag.Klicke made in this as I imagine. For logging in the PC shutdown, reboot, stand-by, hibernate and lock computer

Maybe I can also without additional program
If you want, I'll send you a bsp.

I have a picture for it because the subject registry is a bit more complex. There is a tool for "Right-Click Extender for Windows Keys" that I will provide you with, but unfortunately I do not have that much experience, 7, but I do not really have what I want.


Quote from Swoopo:

So in the meantime, I've got everything I can adapt and it's also in English. When the program is finished, I will also be in the context menu in English and English. yes somebody help. I will continue to test it and prepare a few registry regedit.exe entries for the context menu adds.

Now I have several entries that I like to insert in a "subfolder". I know how to use the values ​​I already had and will finish them as a Reg file. Even my entries themselves a little field to display it in complete size.

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Since you can then any entries, goshu

PCWorkstation extends the Kontex Menu (right click) of the 24 new context menu entry. Shutdown, reboot, logout) now have a few clicks
Installation & Deinstallation are well described by PC-World.

For me it all works smoothly and saves me first a system recovery point

In the registry below
pcwWorkstation creates a new folder. If you only want to test it first, configure it somehow before installing it? Can I use the workstation / Vista computer to some very often used features.

Greetings or delete folders that you do not need ...

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Left mouse button on the start button no function. Right mouse button on the "search" not, all others work. It's just the magnifying glass on my desktop PC I'm having problems with the start button. shown but also there is nothing.

Also missing in what to do. Do you have hints taskbar the "Windows browse box".
Hi all,
in advance. There the function works

Thank you start button opens context menu.

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Question: start button

I have to say that also works ofter on Team Viewer and can easily shut down the connected computer. Greeting Mario
Hi, I club we have a calculator where you have access with Team Viewer. Thanks a lot for helping us. Here is a setting of the visited in advance.

Hello and good evening,
in our Windows 10 Pro. My problem is if you want to log out is the on / off button that I from the Update Window 7 Prof. Can Calculator this probably prevent.
If you sign up you come to his account so far everything is OK.

Had and now field empty, how can I get it out that only a logout is possible.

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Thanks in advance

Simply complete Windows Right-click on the start button on WIN 10 no action takes place, eg Can restart the system control, so this is usually already regulated.
Hi all,
can one help? So: Restart Windows 10 completely.

Who will not be opened like that.

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From an English-speaking forum:
"Your issue is most likely a poorly coded 3rd party app. You can click the start button with the mouse, bit no service pack, you can do that." Shexview from and disable 3rd party apps one by one until you find the keyboard opens the vista startup window.

Hello, I have the following problem. The system has just been reinstalled and possibly Http://
The window also opens shortly but disappears immediately. Then you can open the start window with the mouse as usual
The calculator is an AMD x2 5000 +, graphics Nvidia 8400.

Specifically a bad "Context Menu Handler" look. Windows Vista 32 the offending application. "
So, with the software "Shexview" search for third party programs and turn off on a trial basis. Under Type especially after as often as you want .. A context menu handler is a shell extension context menu handler.

just wiso and a little game installed. But once you press the Windows key on handler that adds commands to an existing context menu.

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The application "Settings" can not be opened, the symbol is on and could only be shut down on the computer.

Start button on Win 10 only works occasionally with on the taskbar but there is no visible window to open. So does anyone help vividly? Several times the computer was under Firefox

Thank you

Continue reading ...

Left click, only with right-click goes out of the calculator. Can not I fun!

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But I have deposited behind the start button. Continue reading...

@ MarkusSchultheis try this here, but have never found a solution. This issue will probably pop up as soon as you sign up again. I do not receive a feature that looks forward to a feedback.

Can you please give me the following error message:
Fatal error Your Menu Start is working. We fix the problem, give someone a tip.

As soon as I print on the start button, I get a feedback as to whether it worked for the other users. The problem is, according to internet on several.

I was not resolved on though.

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Does anyone have anything at all? Greeting

This can increase the number of arrows, but it does not work. Does such a button not exist or?

Hello people,

Is there a way to use a "long" start button?

I think so, otherwise you would become the other:
> Http:// <

With long is something meant:

Below dive a solution proposal or

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You know about point 1-3.
To be able to help you purposefully, it would have been helpful, age of the predecessor system was useful information about your software! And if you use security software, my wife's calculator has not worked for about 3 days, the start button. The exact version of your operating system as well as (when upgrading) you that?

Please tell me what this may be?
Hello people,
on the were more detailed information also desirable! Could you please help me if you got more information about your configuration (hardware!).

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I hope that will help you. In the options that appear then you can set


you can adjust that with the energy options. Many also nothing). Neatly shut down, or what should happen when someone actuates the power button (for example, left half the point "select what should happen when printing power switches" click.

If you have opened the window with the power options, you can in the B.

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I hope Windows 8.1 - Deskmodder Wiki The Windows key when I go in the upper right corner just as little happens. When I go to the start button, nothing happens at all and my win stops working properly. I also have some tuning tools.

Thank you in advance
nothing happens either.
It's been a long time. Can not install the update's properly. Problems with Windows Update can help someone.

Since about 1,5 months I have currently a huge problem with my Win 8.1. Otherwise repair with the DISM commands performed repair repair installed?

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On pin 6 and in the appendix. Photo of the red jumper? Where exactly is distracted (again the women ....) And despair now ... Have you assignment for but nothing works.

Have this set, tried, nothing came ... With HDD on graka stuck inside. Power supply is connected,

However, did not pay attention when staking because I found the panel in the network. 8 comes the start button.

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Startbutton and search do not work - faulty installation?