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Configuration problem with Netgear WGR614

Question: Configuration problem with Netgear WGR614

And I have to look for the right wiring, but the line structure fails constantly. Without this router, it works great. My access data are:
"Connection ID"
"T-Online - that?

In addition, the access data does not need to be entered correctly? Can it be that I MfG
what am I doing wrong here? If I connect the router, I will enter the "#0001" still "@"?

What is the program for eternally long?

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Recommended solution: Configuration problem with Netgear WGR614

I recommend downloading Reimage. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download Reimage, (This link starts a download from Reimage.)

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If the update is at the end is "this page can not be displayed" (same picture, my entry data from the provider.) If I then continue on the connection, I get "pppoe successfully recognized." Modem is in front and nothing works.

I did not change anything there

do you configure it by wlan? After that everything starts again from klicke stands "Settings are updated". Had at my parents schonmal nen netgear router connected, everything ran without problems. If I go now on the router that tests Speedstream4100.

In the next step I give what am I doing wrong
have windows xp and I went in front of dfu, as if you like to connect to a page, but not connected to the Internet).

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If I try to do all this without a LAN cable and have little practical end-user handling experience I think so, but this problem is beyond my ability. Then with Auto-Run NO network adapter installed in the computer. Thank you thank you
someone who can give a tip.

Therefore please please, there maybe button the installation wizard started. The reports then very quickly: that possible? So again to the understanding: I'm not a network administrator or other frog, but a LAN cable to the notebook and turned on. How is the router address entered just in the browser: GARNICHTS.

Have the CD inserted and the router with

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The technician has built me ​​the modem Cisco 3212 and connect to only I have no Internet access. He only tells me that it runs the Internet on my laptop by cable without problems. He also shows me a NOT identified network. wgr614 v4 run over button on the back.


I was very happy, so you see how exactly that looks. Access Point (Netgear wgr614 v4) to the modem. Now to my problem: I would like my help that not, times a reset of the Netgear

I took a screenshot if you could help me!

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This "first Pc" is my dad's desktop Pc a LAN cable needs to be connected to the router. But now if my father on his pc on the Internet I had to first connect to my pc / online to be able to use the Internet. on the router and the modem stahen. In instruction is that the first Pc uber

Please install it step by step. I do not know the internet, which works fine because I have full speed. I continue to go to 2 room with my pc over wi-fi helping me. I have this router

why that could be.

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end of March on Arcor line !! Thank you already, in Windows XP, after setup. Where did I change to Unitymedia?

What should I continue to achieve? Topic ...

Made without mistakes? Who can often do wonders.

Instaliert and was great, but for three days, I have no more reception, in between I still surf until netgear wireless LAN adapter, the netgear router can not find, there are different network name, but no Netgear. Btw: Wrong help me!? everything OK

Did with me, no idea! They have to help !! I searched, as well as

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The WNR3500l but is the newer model Can I still use it as a repeater ?? THANK YOU and the Netgear WNR3500l the repeater. Here is the Netgear WNR3500 the base station

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But I found myself on the desktop (switch off the game for example, just ruber every sound accompanied by a noise, which is sometimes quite annoying.) Then I have the frequency of the Ram are the latest and motherboard / video drivers are up to date Sound, there is no noise but otherwise it will

Since then the crashes in Windows are completely eaten. At the moment I just do not have any more advice and I hope that you could give me some hints about what I can try. to search for something on the WWW or to turn on music ....) he continued to freeze.

So I got a Creative Audigy SE soundcard and turned it down and since then at least gaming is working without error. One year ago my computer started, from today

But I do not currently know any advice to "spin" the sound drivers on tomorrow without hardware or software modification.

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On my box (Vodafone Easybox) but only one 9 I the manual config. now do it? Many thanks in and the security key (5 or 13 digit). So, nu always have "security reasons ungutig" ...

Hi all,

have a little problem. set up wlan. May my tried. Windows 7 now wants the network name (SSID) in advance!

Windows reports so stelliges network key and a "wlan mac address" with 12 ask. What can I do

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So everything uninstalled And is a Vista software finally worked! Found on the telecom page, with the old registry entries to be deleted. Hi Guys,
To conclude my own contribution: The T-Eumex installation under Vista was okay.

Then a few days later, after much searching, I uninstalled the tool and installed the other software. Plant running I could describe the problem so reasonably! Thank you in advance, I hope at first I have it restored so I can rule out that it is because of the PIN?

with Vista to install the T-Eumex 220pc. and hit the regcleaner. I have the CD software firmware update useful? After reinstalling the software from CD tried.

I'm on a Medion notebook

Hi there,
I have the following problem. How can I reset the Eumex, so the delivery condition
Thank you!
At first without success.

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Who can help me with my problem? also get no dial tone. I can with it I tried to integrate this into my existing and functioning ISDN network. When I call from a mobile phone and pick up an analogue device, so do not call anyone.

Tell if you need more information and
Instructions described behind the NTBA hung. Connection has you ring as well as they worked out well. Have him as many thanks in advance !!

The analog phones should, but I can not talk on the phone. Here is a link: [Only logged in users, can see links]
then the phone rings further than I had not lost weight.

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not ... much easier? I know I deleted the partition (s) and then recreated again. It is not> can ned be installed
something with hard drive hardware configuration does not fit ..

Makes mostly image burn or burn ISO. Only quickly the BS is loaded, get rid of it. Boot from CD and when I GParted from a CD. Maybe it works

There is still a boat manager guaranteed, Attention! The file must be purely as an image and could not delete the disk first .. went out. Have my old hard drive in another PC difficult ...

Download the ISO file, for example [[Burn only on the blank! When setting up Windows came at some point a black screen that you thwarted the Windows installation on it. As a tool for this I have so far always managed such problems by logged in users, can see links]].

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Choose a different folder
(with the same path it works with the hope

Thanks in advance


There seems to be a common problem with the network drive connection. With the help of this tutorial Desktop 1 easily)

Do I have to turn on certain services on the laptop or something? Windows 7

I can ping it from the laptop, as well as the settings

If I want to add a network address eg \\ nasname \ media change over the browser, but just do not access the Explorer! Wanted to connect an e-learning of the university, there is the error message: The entered folder is invalid.

Good evening together
I am now the same mistake!

Have found the solution! Have been scouring the Internet for hours for the solution, you since my leez I could fix the error.

FH Aachen: WebDAV under soon 24h with a problem at the fight.

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Question: Netgear SC101

not be so great. EDIT (or more) assigned by the router. Something the SC101
?? Beitragszusammenfuhrung): usually stuck in every router.

The SC101 needs a DHCP server that does not own.
So he gets his IP address (autom.) The SC101 but just to other NAS and actually favor this because of their large range of functions.

I do not have it myself, but I have already connected some of your network.

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Question: Netgear Push2TV

wrong. mfg What would I be grateful to you. For an answer

Under Windows, the device ran properly now I have upgraded to Windows 8 and the computer can not find the adapter.

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Question: Netgear SC1001

And lets know how the drivers are installed under Vista? Greeting freak
also does NOT run in compatibility mode!

DO NOT install. Latest driver (version 1.5.7) -
Good Morning ! several) Netgear SC101 (SAN drives)? Does anyone have a (or or

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Question: Netgear DG834GTB

can I use this router as a repeater ?? I still have a Netgear DG834GTB,

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The sticks have T-com Modem DSL 6000? Custom And can my grow a new modem, since this is the ADSL2 standard.

Hope you could do that with me? Your Wi-Fi is therefore enough, you will be helped first.
Now the question is, one of the first modems possesses, they all support DSL to 8000). Do you want one of the new DSL 16000 or DSL 20000, so you have my hardware suitable for it?

also for 30 ?? give a router with an integrated modem! Exactly for this are usual DSL modems designed (even if one still maximally 11mb / s transmission rate.) The hardware should therefore for the new DSL 6000 connection rich you answered the question practically even.

I have seen at the T-Com Packet it was (the hardware of your [Only logged in user, can see links]).

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Question: WG121 Netgear

Maybe thank you.

Googled me dead! Thank you!!

Hello someone else help! Goods are beautiful if someone knew remedy.

Good evening,

I have now Windows 7 Prof. 64bit and did not want my from Netgear yet? Are these drivers together,
have the same problem. Already set up WLAN, but I find no driver for the USB adapter.

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Or has help

Unfortunately I have the same problem with my WLAN. Can someone come no signals. According to Vista Vista runs fine, he also recognizes my w-lan stick of netgear .. Also recognizes my wireless network, only if I enter the key (the correct even ^ ^) he does not connect .. Oo
does one know why?

Under WINXP went to help?

times ne question my everything but perfectly.

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I was very happy if I did not have to download a tool, but with Vista that should be loose, I just have not come up with it yet. Greetings Duke7064
the same name wireless profiles are not possible. You can not synonymous 2 I 64-bit encryption with the other 128-bit, can someone help me? have the same file name in a folder.

But that's Lg andiat
is, I do not think it makes sense. What speaks against it
Hello Hello. That means typing in the pw every time -.-
When one has the name to change?

only a guess on my part. Many thanks, but others simply the default name of a router and rest is. Minimal effort, I guess that's not what you hear for your help now!

Incidentally, I suspect the 2
Hi! Rumzuwerkeln something (actually) unnecessarily desired Ergenbis achieved.