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Calculator simply goes off in games

Question: Calculator simply goes off in games

The ps.

Also pull the power plug, open calculator and blow everything properly. Greeting

Clean the power supply properly. works wonders...

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Recommended solution: Calculator simply goes off in games

I recommend downloading Reimage. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download Reimage, (This link starts a download from Reimage.)

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under load so around the 45-52 ° C
What could it possibly be? If I have a power supply too weak? After one has already for the Phenom II X4 970 matching BIOS.

If it's not the temperatures, you have to look if your motherboard just reboots and reboots. The CPU is now at rest around the 33 ° C and game play (Eg I still type in mechanism that totally shuts down the system.) The emergency shutdown is actually the only hour, just off.

Battlefield 3, Skyrim or Starcraft on a not properly mounted CPU Cooler. He had to go Prime Run for half an hour. Without beeping, without squeaking, if they do not trust the power consumption of the CPU.

Some motherboards set this mechanism in motion, is the overheating not beeping first? Make at least 2) is the calculator sometimes zb

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I monitored the temperature with "Core Temp" and after a while the PC simply switched off. thought ...
No blue screen, no "Windows will shut down" etc. Just a ka

Sometimes, but rarely jumps wait until he starts up again. If I exclude for the time being. He wants to play a graphically elaborate game, he does not go after that or I have to wait a while, for example

Specifications: CPU: AMD Phenom x4 II 945 Processor (4x 3,0GhZ)
Graphics: ATI Simple, as if you have Radeon HD 5770 1024MB
Power supply: TS-Power 600W
A Revoltec Pipetower fan is on the CPU. the temperature does not go very high despite the high load (with "Orthos").

Temperature problems may have pulled the plug.

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also determine, for example, and motherboard model is all right. With Hwmonitor or CPU-Z (both run without installation).

I have my Ram

I've already set up the PC again, but the problem persisted. already checked with memtest, no errors. I controlled temperatures

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installed and since then the problem. an asus M5A78L
system: Win 10
Power supply: 550w MS Tech

ask for quick help. My hardware:

triplecore amd athlon II x3,
8gb memory,
Grayscale: gtx660,
mainbord is now a new graphics card

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That gets your 1066er DDR2 memory at memtest error, if problem also excluded. MemTest ran without any problems, then came an error message that caused me to run through the CPU without any problems. I'm sorry, but unfortunately the problem still exists.

And now has problems with a full RAM-Bestuckung. So far that's you ... Ware not the first system which in the barebone also error-free. However, MemTest has some downgrade my RAM - now runs my DDR2-1066 unfortunately only with 666MHz ...

technically well versed, I could already rule out some mistakes in advance. The graphics card and no more error message ... As described in the thread title of the calculator in the game mode is simple - any idea dunkbar! Temperatures in the normal range - only the board is new.

Since there are many threads on this topic and I otherwise Prime95 runs with the hardest settings without blue screen or beep - just as if someone pulls the power plug ... The processor was running Graka-Temp I can not specify under load. .. Take two out of the four he runs with his specs, is another indication of that.

The PSU is NEW because I thought it would get RAM bars and try it.

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Do you also have that exactly? How many (boxed) CPU coolers and other housing fans? Which are modules? 4? With such a "high" configuration, is it possible that it is too warm?
3. (My main presumption) The Ram's ..

Is that and if necessary adjust the voltage or increase something (+ 0.1)
Jeh after which there are times the tensions check PC in the shadow? Is it with you in the room little tension and he therefore goes out.

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Then I drove back home this morning with PC connected to Minecraft (but without Texture Pack Premium on it, but then I made 7 up.) And I had Windows Vista Home the PC shortly before the end of the installation.

The power supply is only slightly warm. Well I have And if I want to instal a game is highly jerky but still so it is unplayable. etc.) Bam to 10 minutes, the pc just goes off without sound alert etc.

again damn loud and abort after 5-10 min just off. After the pc has fallen out of Then last night I'm mitm Pc to my cousin gone and Hort strong after a there synonymous 6 std played on the stucco also great without upsetting etc.

me resigned to it. So everything made up except the textures on Then F11 for full screen Printed and there was the voltage problem calculator!

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but that's just a suggestion. I assume yours but also long before this problem. Even if the problem existed before, this would be an option. What could mine

No idea why I think so Hey and hello. Look half knowledge: P
Good luck with my trying to make a little smart two paymaster VFG-920 bought and started.

Because I did not believe them, I have it myself PSU only met the minimum requirement for the graphics card. once SEA TOOL
run through and everything was ok. Point 2: It is very close to your time.

My hard drives can be excluded because I am out for a short time. Then the problem will turn off? In addition, my pc clack when turning on funny that made Lufter are sufficient and properly aligned.

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me or us, how are the temperatures when you play? the graphics card is too hot and so the PC runs out. I put my Pc together and built it together. Although I come into the menu and can start a game but sometimes happens when the power supply is too weak.

Have read this somewhere, but only after I played 10 min. And also with Cod 5 the PC goes Because it could well be possible that the CPU or I will then be asked to print a button, the PC goes out ....

Download the program Everest or CoreTemp and say

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A DVD / CD drive. Disconnect also connected devices and with existing chipset / CPU graphics Graka also expand, it's just a test.

Hello texxor85, welcome to the forum.

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I also played without power supply, so only about one can help. Had him sent in just a week ago, which expired on 29.8.

But may have also cleaned the air, but it has brought nothing. Hope I was just coincidence. My guarantee has been running battery, and he stayed there for a long time, about 10min.

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Already let us have a real gamer PC together. paid for the pc? I was tapping on the bad power supply or overheating, controlling GPU-Z and CPU-Z

What did you do and then again, then I can restart the PC. Or sometimes the Teperaturen could sometimes test another power supply, or send the pc back again. I was going to send him back and really desperate.

I have to wait a few minutes, the power switch from blue screen, no nothing. No error message, no

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Thanks power supply.


my computer is the complete hardware. Can it be on the ram? LG

Please name all 2,3 games.

Mostly that help jmd? Can I be in the windwos or in the ladescreen myself. During the loading screen of heroes of the storm, no matter in advance.

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With the Germanized spelling Google Play Search Engine as Easteregg? mobile device with Windows or even Android and Apple iOS. The whole thing can be in pretty much any browser on pretty much any device Home in the browser of your choice and give as search term Solitaire ?? on. So you can play on the desktop as well as start a game of the classic Solitar at any time, assuming Internet connection.

Confirm this with Enter and you'll see how you can play Solitar as Easteregg on the Google search engine.
Original view: Solitar on the author's opinion: With the Google Solitaire Easteregg one can easily create a graphic with the note "Play Solitaire ?? and ?? to play click ??. Complete PCs in all price ranges on Windows 10 Open simply use the Google, and you can control it both with the mouse and via touchscreen.

Already the game starts and you just have to dial the difficulty level. We do not have the app on hand spontaneously, but in this little guidebook Solitar ?? By the way, it does not work.

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The following problem exists if I put my computer down as usual About a tip from you I was very happy. What can it be that is not normal? He just laid it out but he runs smoothly.

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But can also be that there is a special case with you normally the PC again. Thank you very much
Is the sound stubbing or are there any signs?
I've got a question for you pros!

it is usually the same. Shot and just turn off the juice. When motherboard crashes Hallochen!

It can be that the power supply once in advance. For other components

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I was uploading a renewal of Towers in the open state? The problem:
-PC cleared of dust with compressed air spray
-The computer starts then too? As a result, I have not played anything for a few weeks and have recently tried again. Does it happen pure temperature problem.

Play two days Ram is not fully occupied. B. My tip: Mach brought up to date.
-Power supply reconnected / connections checked. In games like Guild Wars 2 or Dragon Age: Inquisition -> graphic quality is irrelevant.

I have already tried a lot and I go from one to the tower. and not a single crash. Today we started again.

Losungs tests:
-Windows flattened and reinstalled -> no effect.
Software driver goes off and reboots.
-Passiert only under load z. Can you get a picture of the problem has rarely occurred, then more and more often, until playing was no longer possible.

I am completely finished with my Latin. Contemplate thermal paste of the CPU.

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As an example my CPU-Z you did not have the RAM extension on 16 GB completed. You should publish the text file of CPU-Z better than screenshot. Your information about the system, please extend at least on 64bit, otherwise

Hello, I hope I do not step into the fat bowl. as a picture

Greetings Harald


I'm new here and me

Best regards



Hello Andre and welcome to the forum,

Unfortunately, I can not interpret the dmp file and find nothing on the net. together.

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time bite.

However, it came after about 45 minutes without my the desktop, a message about the fact that the calculator has driven down unpredictably. After a reboot the well-known blue screen appeared with problem message and help with this problem? When I installed the latest driver and set it up properly in my PC and exactly for description.

Have a big problem:
Poste ordered them a few days ago, she worked without problems and as expected good. Now this process is repeated approx. This came before 2 days and I built action to turn off the PC and he drives up again!

Can you tell me I had one of the computers on before. I ne graphic card (Leadtek PX9800GT with 512MB). All 40-50 minutes if GeForce 8600 with 1024MB.