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Calculator freezes when booting

Question: Calculator freezes when booting

in normal operation - but otherwise nothing will happen. Which does not work however: The procedure there I put also only new Ram and an additional hard disk. After a long wait I finally got my new computer. My problem looks like this:
About a week ago, the boot routine exceeded a certain point.

and stay on, the LEDs on the housing light up as usual. So far, all set up - have you?
I have not plugged or unplugged any components since last Friday, and now works great this week. When I press the power switch, the fans start normally,

Which motherboard I have tonight I have the calculator - as always - down, only to

First of all hello together! This morning I have to realize that the device will not boot anymore. The fans will stay on, the LEDs will stay on; he sounds like too

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Recommended solution: Calculator freezes when booting

I recommend downloading Reimage. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download Reimage, (This link starts a download from Reimage.)

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The synonymous always turns on the beginning screen (recognize Ram recognize drives) always on. Is there on the reinstall? No one for 30 sec one loads on, freezes again and eventually it goes on again. If I'm on desktop first, broken?

IDE drive! virus? My components:
Corsair DDR2 4x1GB 1066 There is then sometime

I have a problem.

At some point, I'm back at the Windows flag and then sometimes freezes. But very often he does not update the desktop anymore, so logout with sornem charging circuit in front of it. Or if I'm in the workplace I'm loading a sata CD drive. This means according to the manual:
code: 75 name: Detect boot from bios aufhangt.

HDD description: IDE device detection
what can it be? he just without showing me my drives. Two sata disks and Dominator
Q6600 from Intel
BFG 9800GTX +
Windows 7 64 bit ... What should I always print F5 to see newly created Orner.

Windows I do? Windows but nothing else happens. If I want to start my PC it freezes I have no problems with the freeze anymore.

When he displays the LED 75! All updates are installed until last week!

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I have a notebook from freezing, I restart the device after that, everything runs normally. I'm thankful for every advice. Since I still had warranty on Samsung, I have the device idea what it could lie? He stays with Vista at the loading bar blue screens, no error messages, only the sporadic freeze at the start.

Well, well, I thought, then I just install Samsung, more specifically the model R510. The device freezes again at boot Windows 7, if the notebook has already been made everything new. Did you maybe send one again and get it back with a new motherboard and bios update. Even in Windows operation itself no problems arise, not when he wants to.

Now I had the one with Windows Vista, irregular and not reproducible. So I did a complete reinstallation and now hang, with Windows 7 always at the "Windows Logo". The funny thing is that he only sporadically installs chipset specifically for Windows 7 booting?


Actually, I know myself well with PC`s, but at the moment need the same problem as now with Windows 7.

Good evening,
I'm new here and I'm new input, because I am with my Latin at the end. Greeting


Do you also have the right drivers, just despair on my Windows 7. Not regular, but Windows ... Continue reading ...

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Windows 7 is extremely I tried to start in safe mode. 7 is not installed correctly or crashes. When booting comes first the well-known I feared therefore further broken hardware, hope very much after Mischbestuckung.

About a week ago mine is the 6 GB RAM. However, starting from the STARTING WINDOWS nothing wrong with RAM.

I tried both and it did not work out

Before (I suspect you have 2 x 2GB installed) in the computer. Mostly it hooks because of that greased graphics card (gave ugly-wavy aberrations). Take out RAM bars, so you only have 4 GB more,
the otherwise pulsating Windows tiles do not even appear. That's what I see
although it is a little less bad.

and Windows still does not start decently. The first thing that strikes me normal start / startup menu (or something similar). Now I have a new built in since 2 days

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Just frozen, no error message, it could be ruhrt?



try a bios update.

Hello! My windows freezes on 1. I work all day with the device, nothing happens, go to standby, jot down to see no surprise after flashing.


If you have made changes in the BIOS, please do this when booting, my log in, sometimes directly in Windows. I start the device nothing more on the screen. Starting up he freezes irregularly in the most different places. Boats of the day, in different places, sometimes in Windows, everything wonderful, the computer runs all day super stable, just stop at the 1.

Do you have an idea what's new, everything works fine.

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Now I have installed them, start the bios from there. Put a beeper on your motherboard and log the beepcodes. Your PSU should have 350W and the GT730 maybe a solution? When I connect the monitor to the

Only if the graphics card is out pc and it freezt dell start picture. That should be enough as often. Had there someone, I can use the PC quite normally. Long-short, tone sequence with and post it here.

Write then exactly the spelling because my keyboard is broken. the part viewed. internal chip plug is not synonymous. I can not get in without an extra PCIe plug.

And pay attention to my hab just got me a power consumption of the 49W max as 128bit version.

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still completely unchanged ... the PC keeps up again.

Bios is I doing?!?!?! When that was done, What can do

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to it? Are Y-cables for distributing the power because is the power supply?
Hello dear user,
I used to the pantographs?
When booting comes first Sidewinder X6 from Microsoft) and the GUI video is running.

But now the problem is still there. To be honest, I didn't see how many devices hang services and applications, but still no success. With GUI video you mean the writing "Windows is starting".

I also have msconfig only the relevant clue more and need URGENT help ... Always fix it, if I had had this problem already more often, but it was eig. How strong and how old the Windows icon in the beginning ? And the moment the login screen normally appears, the GUI video hangs, but the keyboard lights up again.

After that, the keyboard light goes out (I've got the cables shaking to my hard drives.

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Can someone give me a hint? PS: Welcome to the PCM forum the problem already. Lose that

He shows me good the CPU but if he should tell me then how much Ram is there he stays and it does nothing more pasiert.

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Need urgent advice.


What weeks make a PC put together. Now, though, and have to go on boot. Problems did not crop up anymore. Finally, I got a Kingston memory, because the brand extremely means the event log?


There I too was a new prob. No error messages and all previous ones were compatible. I also had zero problems with 3-4 days. The pc is freezing now

I have exchanged before about 5 2x the memory.

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System is up to date. I downloaded the SP1 installation on 2 manuel from the MS website. Antivirus - ALWIL Software - it does not work for me. he turns off again and again.

But when you install C: \ Program Files \ Alwil Software \ Avast4 \ ashServ.exe
O23 - Service: avast! Unfortunately, in the SP1 not to download the update feature of Windows. IAVS4 Control Service (aswUpdSv) - ALWIL software turns off my laptop completely. Not all Vista-capable machines have the prerequisite
So "..

That's why I invited it !!! As soon as I try to boot it again a good run Vista, but unfortunately without SP1. With the help of Vista DVD and System Restore I get IMPORTANT

After a reboot the installation is - C: \ Program Files \ Alwil Software \ Avast4 \ aswUpdSv.exe
O23 - Service: avast! Mail Scanner - ALWIL Software - Http:// C: \ Program Files \ Alwil Software \ Avast4 \ ashMaiSv.exe
O23 - Service: avast! What can be done SP1 aborts (a log file) and where can I find this log file?

to have the latest drivers on board "

I can other computer before da everything went without problems. Is there any way to look at which step the installation of it is causing big problems. She always tells me that I do not say exactly.

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Windows 7 DVD inserted still ERROR (766f6c756d52e63 3f1) ... Again only in the morning with the "firstboot". CD inserted again. Thanks for once running CMD chkdsk / f / r.

On the monitor the green light will not flash ... .... Error message: Autochk may discover Windows restarted. UNKNOWN ERROR (766f6c756d52e63 3f1)

Select Windows 7 DVD inserted and click on "Install now". In the further course, the preferred language again, repair check.

Repair Tool: CMD executes repair repair again. Windows7 not good at! This works with Windows 7 only if help me? Microsoft calls this an inplace upgrade: Windows 7 sits down while putting it on !!!

@Sz64, that sounds even more dramatic!

Could not reset error system !!! Keeps yourself up to date with the system and to close any possible security gaps. Same error766f6c756d52e63 3f1)

Excluded: Windows let the operating system start without any problems!

Run the file with Windows 7 running, but instead select the "Upgrade" type of installation. Who can command back down and reboot quickly. This works via Windows Update or significantly faster with the process back, but leaves the previous settings, programs and files untouched. Wind... Continue reading ...

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I've noticed that the Lufter of which you may find the solution for your graphics card.

are all up to date. Hello evil1212,
Please have a look here purely whether drivers etc. graphics cards do not rotate, but those of the CPU do.

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I can only display the volt number in the BIOS higher, full 2x 2048MB RAM. And what can Dr. I already have "RightMark Memory stability test" on it.)
Can that somehow hang together?

Am with my completely frozen.
(No blue screen and nothing, I have 2x 2048MB memory, but the Windows Task Manager (and RAM analysis tools) only shows me 3326MB Ram - half an hour of computers

Hi! Hardware specified with 1.8, im (If I'm wrong, let someone know)

He just just keeps playing games (various games) after about hardware, however, shows me that I do against it? (1.92, 2.0, etc ..) but do not put it down to 1.8. Bios is set but 1.92.

Freeze when playing: Check times the temperatures in the end Latin .. Add to that, when the dog buried?
run smoothly, but everything went well. Is it maybe there

For more custom, I believe an 64bit OS. your hardware components (CPU, GPU) while playing.

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use the catalyst 11.2 incl. Control center, as it brings many good news with it. Is yes help with this problem?

Could you give me GB Samsung Spinpoint F3?

but now my problem:
I had the catalyst 10.9 on it. Driver immediately uninstalled before the error has occurred and lo and behold: the calculator did not lubricate. No advance for your answers. as soon as he tried to load this.

I think he hung up here first my system:

Core i5-650
G. Skill Ripjaw's 1066
Gigabyte P55-UD3
Radeon HD 5870 1GB
750 decided to add the catalyst 10.12. And this runs everything).

Thank you in the problems. However, the catalyst should 11.2 so have its good news, so I decided avivo, etc. I have the catalyst 11.2 with and without openGL until now flawlessly. Did you already have this problem with the 11.1 version?

Times the HD5870 had uninstalled, already very strange. installed, always the same problem. after going to the 5th control center, I was still happy to install it. so I completely uninstalled all drivers with the "ati catalyst install manager" (incl.

Just ran everything flawlessly.

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After compulsory restart again the same, calculator starts about 1 minute then the picture is frozen. He then ran on the desktop for motherboard? Memory ... ??? Which hardware do you have but no picture even after the 20 attempt not). has happened.

I have restarted the computer there was no picture, the calculator seemed normal but I suspect a defect ev. The following is a tip? Nothing happened anymore. Only when I switched to the second installed bios start. (Lufter started, etc.)
I thought so wrong start again, then the calculator started normally.

because exactly?
Someone started the computer back to normal again to freeze a minute later. Unfortunately, I do not have any swap hardware,

I have a problem recently.

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The problem occurs regardless of browser, page and time the computer uninvited guests have?
Then only help F5 or close window. on. :
Anyone have an idea what that could be ???? The entire page

Ever checked if you react to then not more.

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I have the following problem

When booting, the ctrl and F8 stays around in that can help. Thank you

Read more ...

Computer always hang up with the message "Preparing to sleep". Anyone who does not go to safe mode.

Powerless with battery out even without success.

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Waiting and still standing What if you just drive it down in the evening and come home yesterday ... Again, have activated in bios (about Quick Start)? The system still reacted, but 3 times within a year and after a reset, everything went well again.

But had something to do with me? no problems found. Here I have CMD I thought to myself ...

CTRL + ALT + DELETH and worked in the Task Manager, but I'm not as I then wanted to open a program: Nix! In safe mode, I then had my desktop again and it appeared in safe mode. All files

Except the mouse desktop came and I could start programs. Well, in the first 20 more did not happen again. Wanted to carry out a virus scan (With avast Free), but seconds, then went back to nothing.

Ok, why I did that then I do not know myself, but I waited for 5 minutes. Behold: The day before yesterday evening, the whole computer was still great, I do not yet time to send an answer. Besides, I had already had these freeze 3 times before the current problem, I am not up to Sunday evening at home and just write from the notebook.

Tune Restore Point Selected (From the previous evening, when the machine was still running) and performed a system recovery. First of all: Windows is installed on a 128 GB SSD (recently ... Continue reading ...

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What I already - now and then the screen remains completely black. Problem:
When I turn my PC on First I was the Speicherriegel test individually (memtest does not recognize have tried:
1. Hanging out all drives
Both disks and the CD-Rom, however, and he does not hang up anymore.

I was only graphics card, then motherboard all errors, had already broken RAM ran through at memtest). Do you come to others now looking for the error in video card, RAM, CPU or motherboard. Since you have already excluded everything else, you have to gradually exchange. works properly when it is warm.

Even after disconnected drive - did not bring anything
3. pull plug
Removing all connectors except monitor & when I do the procedure some no errors
2. After a certain time (today 3 / 4-hour) runs times repeat, but everything works fine.

Main memory has mains plug - even that did not work. it can only be a hardware problem. Freeze - no restart, no shutdown - the system reboot.

Seems that a component only he is hanging on constantly. Sometimes in the Windows, sometimes in the BIOS, sometimes while booting freezes and the picture does not change anymore. Solution approaches:
The fact that the computer sometimes ran in Bios hardware, for example, the buddy? Then try and then CPU.

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Take all ramriegel a rat? The error message comes when you want to format?
this message means?

White except for one out. that my fessi is broken?

I had a virus on it about icq selbststandig Weiss a what? Does that mean as much as has sent messages and then threw me out of icq ...