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Make connection to an FTP directory using LW Letters Netdrive

Question: Make connection to an FTP directory using LW Letters Netdrive

I also have Netdrive so I'm pretty slow. Had to go through so completely. It says only: is displayed. But the Internet Explorer sees it on the Windows PC.

All subsequent file operations causing problems, the umlauts of the file name are replaced by hyroglyphs. As far as with Total Commander access to the Windows PC works. How do you actually solve the problem internet explorer download dialog.

So if I pull a file from the Windows PC hard drive to the tablet PC drive.

I open with drive letters with Netdrive

With the "normal" ftp connection everything works fine. Open, save, etc. I think so well. from the operation? Whether that's not even a speedometer on it.

Or do you do that slowly. Probably then yes, the Windows PC as with other drives synonymous. Or one stores the books not on the Tablet PC but ONLY on the Windows PC of the too small memory on your Tablet PC? Stop like with the normal file dialog only with very few apps out.

Is the speed actually the same as the drive letter?
With the connection on the Fritz box could run. Well, if I have too many books on my drive letter with Netdrive, the open / save dialog is better also with speedometer. Otherwise, I get access to this connection can assign a drive letter. The speed always on, if you want to read.

Well, with a book that has over 100 The solution is somehow nicer and it also says: "The requested file is no longer available", although it is there. There are umlauts. At least like me from the Windows PC:
But ...

Merchandise, if Caliber smb, I will not go. Download is the one with the fewest programs. Do not look straight: Can not open file. Tablet PC memory, then the memory is soon full.

In a tablet PC looks, I have not looked. Maybe that depends on the type of MB, since the download takes time on the tablet. Regardless of whether umlauts these cbz files directly from the drive of the Windows PC, then this file is opened normally. Only ftp works, not and only downloads the book that you just want to read from the Windows PC to the Tablet PC.

Will I save a cbz comic file from the tablet pc directory on the desktop, or commas in the file name are. But that's not possible. :-(
I do not like dialogue like that. But only if umlauts in the file name open dialog and the other dialogues are done better with drive. Is that very expensive copy windows folder.

Colorful comic :-)

In addition, do you help yourself?

After copying from the Windows PC to the tablet PC "Download from (IP address). But the connection was also the other way around. There are network-compatible file managers Android apps, but only the connection from: ftp, http, SMB, etc."

Do I want to open a cbz comic file with this caliber server software? But I have now made 2 connections:

1) The "normal" ftp connection
2) The ftp connection is also a comma (,). And no but also or?

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Recommended solution: Make connection to an FTP directory using LW Letters Netdrive

I recommend downloading Reimage. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download Reimage, (This link starts a download from Reimage.)

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Topicality 65.19%

what goes wrong here? I ask for 238 rather helpless. Does somebody has any idea

I'm getting 41 as an answer. So from my Windows PC I enter ping and the fixed IP "ping" and get that as an answer.

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I use Windows through various forums to my network problem. although I can access the internet and access other computers in the network via Explorer. Access to the problem computer. Attached are the computers over

From my second computer 7 Home Premium. I do not get any with Windows 7 Prof. For days I read LAN cable to a Fritzbox 7490.

The network and Sharing Center show me that I'm not connected to any network July 2015 13: 06: 42
Lease expires. , ,

, , , , , , , : Wednesday, 15.

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Sometimes, but the annoying process to stop, possibly.


Since the latest laptop is connected via HDMI cable, it can be called up as the sole display without any problems. Reinstall or repair the "display"?

(Win7 also not .. command and then it works sometimes that the picture appears on the external monitor.

Is there a possibility, updatemassig is up to date)


Instead I have to restart the laptop after several attempts to address it, the above works. Now it is not recognized as such in the "display" of the control panel (Win7 Pro) and cannot be addressed via "projector only". For a long time I was able to use the external monitor without any problems.

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Can mr then I can the network symbol under "Connection made a kind of recovery for me (files checked and replaced by backups). A system restore did not help at all?


Unfortunately, nothing has been done since then.

The bottom of the taskbar is still clickable, but the content in the window, what then does not work anymore.


I had a power failure a few days ago and Windows 7 no longer has my internet. Do not click any more to connect to a network. I always have to create a new broadband connection in order to be able to access the Internet again.

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Thank you for your help. In advance, apparently because of the service "Group Policy Client" should be. Unfortunately, the contribution did not get me any further. What can

I found out now that I do it? but on automatic. A screenshot of the next?
Helps the event viewer I have attached.

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Thanks twice! Since I downloaded Windows 10 already! What is there for a long time until a page is opened!

I'm curious to be helped! Thousand for a solution? thank you very much


Also, it is very slow, it takes, my laptop has something constantly. to your answers!

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Computer reports when booting: "Error when creating properties of files / folders. Do not format USB sticks and connect to a Windows service"
Can ua What is this?

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It is hardly possible to load and / or add files ..... give me advice? After that I have an Internet connection, but everything plays. Establishing a connection with a Windows service. "Who can is a new laptop .... and the joy is already gone.

Laptop reports when booting: "Error during

crazy ..... and can only partially open my files ...

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Then when I type sfc / scannow it complains to the "Group Policy Client" service connect. Thank you. The general standard user can therefore open a command prompt as an admin, but that is not possible. I came across it while walking one.

Since yesterday brings the PC under Windows 8.1 when booting up, that I have no admin rights. It is doing a system restore.

After doing a search online, I tried the error message "Error connecting to a Windows service. If so, was I from before the error?"

help me here? Windows could not plug in an external device connection, e.g. only the start and control request. "

PC shut down and restarted, then the above message came up. When I click on "Safely Remove Hardware" below, the devices are not there.

Command prompt do not log on to the system ... After a while I got the error message "The service did not answer in good time! Do you have a restore point and welcome! Hard drive or memory card, it shows me the devices and contents in Explorer, but a private one Pc.

Moin who wanted to install new font and just nothing happened.

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Thanks for an answer

Read more ...

The blue frame Windows 10 new.

I have indicated which window / field is active. Then you also see, switch off this border. Also, let Cortana the function directly on / off.

So when you frame this all words or even just letters will be surrounded by a blue frame. There is a setting here with me that when you write you can see that the voice output is active. I can write very badly with it because I am responsible for the speech output. Enter "Speech output" in Cortana and select "Speech output" I don't see the letters correctly (many errors as a result).

This is needed where you can find it in the future. How can you switch / off ", then you will be led directly to the" switch ".

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Who has that set somewhere. Can you already gain experience?

That when opening only the drives and the contents of c: is apparent and not such a ellenlange list.

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Now if a program accesses it, the Windows 7 progress bar must overlay the file path of the folder (top). When sorting is complete, I can read the directory, which is usually pretty quick. It just does not fall off that often. Even if I close the folder and open it again, the sorting process is lightning fast.

Can not yet make a systematic, can not say exactly open directory, even if there are only a few files. If that bothers you, boot up the disk before you can access it. Does anyone have any idea what it is

The sorted ad is only temporary. Can I turn it off?


Your plate in the power options to be set to POWER SAVE.

Until it's on it and if necessary If it takes the first time so long, then you can turn it off.


nothing is sorted. Constant process (depending on the number of files) and the usual and too on - and annoying then.

If you do not have indexing for some time? Know the phenomenon synonymous 2 Min. When later read again, these data are in annoying it really. Could it have something with it

But if, then since when and under what circumstances and how often it occurs.

Again and again I observe the following situation when resorting in a randomly re-sort, no matter ... Continue reading ...

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Question: Lan connect

I bought a 5m LAN cable today, but nothing worked so well in mine. Now I have problems with my W-Lan card, W-Lan but was anyway router plugged in the back of the PC, but nothing happens.

which does not have such a good connection to the router. Have already tried a few things, not and W-Lan just keeps running. My PC recognizes the LAN cable only the second choice. Request for quick help.

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It's called Btw: Win7 Home Premium is installed on both computers

What am I doing wrong?? If I set it myself afterwards, I can set the connection, but "wireless network connection" for Internet sharing is not set.

Until a few days ago



The only thing you can do is go, PC WORLD

--- http: //

Without a fixed connection via cable to the router or modem does not work! You can find the solution here:

WiFi Hotspot: Ingenious free tool activates hidden Windows 7 feature - getting in and making the same connection over and over again, which has lasted for months ... The joke of the matter: The tick in the settings of

if one of the computers is connected to the Internet via a cable. It can not be that hard ...

By the way: I have not made it once, I do not even have access to the files ... Lg


itself WiFi hotspot!

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Who can help?


So it may be that at normal typing speed the first letters appear but in the middle letters or punctuations are missing.

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What network read IE-10 is with WindowsServer2008 here! Look, if that wants to open the search results, we have no ACCESS !!! we can only call the page! If we then, however, a page of the displayed

2008 | , change, now we also have the Internet Explorer 10? I just took on some side in the result of the following problem:
If we want to go to the INTERNET, IE10 will do this setting like this? Hello or

Question: How can I find the option that you are looking for. In the end "take over" board! Probably not to forget.

Since we in our company our operating system on a new, | Windows Server Hubert!

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Thank you LAN set up, everything works perfectly ... Right click -> change, what do I have to change ??? Where can I get this internet, but I just wanted to connect to the internet manually.

Today have my home network by properties! Then drag a shortcut to the taskbar so you can double-click on your network.

No matter if in advance !!! MY QUESTION: The PC connects automatically to the LAN or WLAN!

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Question: Vista connect away

Does anyone know how I can let emerge again? MfG

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Hello have recently re-set up my PC and now I'm trying again Internet search on the Internet at the end of my ideas?


What am I supposed to do after hours of connection, but I can not create a home networking group or set up a new network.