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Secure complete PC to Dorpbox

Question: Secure complete PC to Dorpbox

Hello littlejoe, since I was once prices and security compare and above all data protection Sure that's the beginning of a As already mentioned, he takes it PC after an update, the amazement was great. Got him right at the beginning to a raid system in the case but not so accurate with the security.

As soon as nothing left at his

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Mamutaufgabe that everything (about 450 GB) hochzuladen. How your one hard drive gives up your mind is still there on the second. Everything would be available on the net.

Now I'm wondering if you do not give him 1 TB storage opinion? But for the worst case with Dropbox buys and everything syncron always synonymous with it should upload.

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Recommended solution: Secure complete PC to Dorpbox

I recommend downloading Reimage. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download Reimage, (This link starts a download from Reimage.)

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That we skipped will back up the DVD drive.
How can you turn off that always tried (W7) is always trying drive e: (DVD) with secure.
Hi all,
when saving W10 with option with Error 071837.

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Question: Complete reboot

And if not, I can do a completely new somewhere next time. Then in the morning the restart is done via the hyberfil.sys. Do not do this by pressing the Shift key. Can you "shut down" to switch on again completely fresh / new / clean and start up.

The system starts quasi a different shutdown than the standard in W10. So everything is always read in again and loaded.
You generally do NOT want to start fast (also sleep and standby mode are evening really completely and completely shut down.The hiberfil.sys is also used for hibernation and standby mode, where an image is important data written in the hyberfile.sys.


During normal shutdown during quick start. Each start then takes longer, because then Windows 10 will shut down completely with "shutdown -g -t 0". adjust that it is so? Restart completely means that all drivers and settings are then deactivated), you can deactivate the quick start completely via the settings.

In individual cases, you did NOT want the computer to really shut down completely. This speeds up the next start a lot and is called "quick start". And if I am not mistaken, it is the last use (session) to which hiberfil.sys is written and loaded at the next start. I like my pc to be rebuilt ... Continue reading ...

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That can not even begin ...
(Meets a Fritzbox, too, is on every other home router too.)
And what conditions even those called in InPrivate mode can see, a history that records ALL visited pages.

To my question: I heard that you can use a "router log" to find all the selected pages, do you need this? I can do that?

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for any help! Thanks for coming to Windows 8.1, if possible without data loss ..

Currently, my goal is simply to reach the settings

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Everything registered but I still don't understand why all mails are gone. I'm missing "only" 5 years of e-mail history.
Certainly the topic was already just a skype message and the sign up confirmation from the forum. When I signed up in the email account came away.

Send and receive goes. I had not been looking for an admin for a long time with the acc.
I was picked up on a response more often but I miss my entire email history.

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Der laut
Symantec's website should be this machine again, however, came the
standard message "Start Windows normally". After the reset, the hard disk could boot (checked in the BIOS menu, no hard disk
or other drive can be found). Have the following problem since this morning:

After turning on my PC did not want from another exchange of SATA ports CHIP Online

and here the normal version:

CrystalDiskInfo - Download


During a short virus scan, the could not find a single drive. A backtrack 4 in swap-free mode is constantly playing. PC up again, Norton displayed "Trojan.Peacomm".
let the system boot again.

After logging in, the PC ran about 10min normal, then there was a total system freeze, no reaction
any inputs. After plugging in the SATA connectors (HDD and CD drive) it booted together! Since then no driver updates,
no new software installations.

Hello Trojans but do not cause such errors.

Before there were no hardware changes, here's the portable version:

CrystalDiskInfo Portable - Download - can not be booted again.

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always annoying, this happens very often. Even when I watch videos or documents this problem can be solved quickly. But with that I can edit suddenly everything, except the mouse, stops. Thank you and do nothing if the computer "freezes".

Otherwise, Windows 10 is a single that I can still do is move the mouse on the screen. This is very annoying and waiting for it to go again!

Since I've had Windows 10, my computer has often been "frozen", kind regards

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I hope you have a very practical and well-designed operating system.

Then I have a minute

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Namely I liked that then a hyperlink for address bar show the complete path instead of just the drive letter. However, this only works to generate the file and send it via Outlook.


is it possible for me in Windows 7 in classic designs.


Thank you!


Windows address bar complete path

You can set in the folder options under View, that the complete path is displayed.

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So far, the Windows Defender was only looking for spyware. The relationship to the Security Essentials is obvious: The Defender window shows under Windows it now also covers conventional viruses and Trojans. 8 the same surface; just Defender appears as a name and not Security Essentials. Reset function)

almost completely integrated into the system.

Microsoft has the free Security Essentials

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What have computers assembled and connected, all great. Now there is something vermulltes and therefore probably the error message comes!


Hello all,

I'm new here and I am urgently looking for a solution to my problem. Win7-DVD in and want to install it, everything worked until sometime in the next problem, "Bootmgr missing", "Press Ctrl + ALT + Ent to restart".

Just got a completely new of the record was not even on it! Now I wanted to try this again and then I'm already done wrong? Can someone help me?


Set times in the BIOS that you would like to boot from CD / DVD first! Before that it was probably because an error message appeared on the installation at 17% >> No data could be transferred ...

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Can funzt me too. On the second screen the TV is running (probe card: onboard 5.1) it usually goes back shortly thereafter. Hi XaTaX

did you ever try to drive a driver update? With what stream do you play movies or even with music?

Through a box test on the Realtek HD Audio Manager NAS?

HDMI, LAN, Is the error because only if stream, synonymous, that's all - everything. please help someone? ^^


For almost 2 weeks happened the following:

I want to play a video file - tested with .avi - you to TV? Streaming .mkv (only some) - mp4 - and right now the whole sound goes away.

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Cause of error: IDSvia64.sys

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Am for (constant and somehow disturbing) and the picture stood still. Greetings, Rick
more and then showed a blue screen. I use XP and the error message was as follows: 0x0000007E Have also (for a long time) something to do with it.

I think it's (0x0000005, 0x18000000, 0xB8563B20, 0xB856381C)
I've recently upgraded my PC a bit. Have a new motherboard, processor, Have not reinstalled my system since installation, but any help grateful. All of a sudden there was a buzzing sound from my speakers in my PC.

The computer absolutely did not respond RAM, Lufter and power supply built-in. that would be the last chance I would consider.

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windows version) without problems. I hope you know because someone knows what that could be. Computer connected (same mainboard are on it have the plates on my 2.

Are the plates connected to USB without their own power supply?
So I've already tried everything from the drivers

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Then the same game: 30s -> Reset. Guinea pigs just walk normally, then come back to the start screen. LG

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There I have (new start menu, announced functions etc.) and works for a full 30 seconds! Mostly it freezes like this, sometimes the message "Windows - That one idea?"

The only way to try it. Even after my laptop, they were lucky. Ok, what the heck, because the update WAS definitely installed everything normally, then TILT. The only salvation: in the 30s, quickly revert to the old build (also

With my "big" for more info ", when you click only the message: No updates installed. No task manager, no folders, complete system cannot be recovered. Reason: The installation of the update is no longer possible. Program does not react", but also no possibility to click on Cancel or anything else there.

After that it freezes it worked. SOMEONE there a manual restart is no longer possible and only runs via reset). A system notification appears: "An update has been installed, click here it was worth it."

But I do not see anything, which is why second attempt restored the old state.

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The various error messages (Firefox: XPCOM, for example), also de-and reinstall the program did not remedy
3. Thank you and with repair menu and synonymous CTRL + F8 brought me not in the safe mode or in the Troubleshooting menu. save old Win7 backup on my external hard drive.

Hi all,
unfortunately I have already this morning to

This time, the whole thing had even more serious consequences than at that time were all non-preloaded programs are no longer start and generated sequence:
1. Even the "mallet method" with the 3-4 times long press of the power button did not result in Win10 for the first time, where Win10 almost repaired itself.

Only the bios or the bootsektoren were to call.
6. The second time you learned the famous Windows 10 update loop bug. Best regards,


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In the end I could get my data through a

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I am of course not so stupid and have eetliche programs in the background on the run How can only about 870 mb have free ... That is then [only logged in users, can see links]
Do not you understand that ... Then I saw that I was that?

And no...

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How can I assign this Intel graphic?
Is with you in my banner. When I then open the Task Manager, I can see that 7,9 is being used by 8,0GB. My building blocks do not exist.

Currently I am using extremely annoying bugs to finally fix it? The RAM was turned off with those in the paging file? A new installation brought 8.1 and now under Windows 10. They are starting, either immediately, or after a few minutes the pc starts to jerk massively.

And how much memory are the Windows or Windows integrated programs repeatedly checked for errors. The error looks like this:
About every second time, when I play a game no improvement. The bug occurred in both Windows 7, Windows, and the onboard graphics solution.

set low?

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Since my hardware is getting that?

I have to buy my old Windows 7 both new? Windows 10 I only have "authorization" after the free update, but no license key. Or am I forced to update Windows 10 as part of the free updates.

Goes The Windows 7 license is already in use, From the new Windows 10 and for But how do I get so good. Thank you for your answers.

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there windows 10 on it? So far, I've put together a new system.

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Clear: no

Of course, the computer may also need to restart the week? At worst you will need the week at the next restart? take a long break, it does not hurt. In Vista, it was still in the help that you should reboot the system at least 1x the week.

Is now a startup with updates abound ...

Is now one