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Comparing ASUS Crosshair Hero 6 vs. x370. Asus Prime B350-Plus

Question: Comparing ASUS Crosshair Hero 6 vs. x370. Asus Prime B350-Plus

Hi all,

I am currently in possession of both boards. To offer more BF1, Ghost Recon Wildlands, GTA5 on one board?

Uber FPS than on the other? mostly the equipment such as connection variety etc.

What do you expect from the comparison? Criteria for choosing a motherboard are short suggestions I would be very grateful.

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Recommended solution: Comparing ASUS Crosshair Hero 6 vs. x370. Asus Prime B350-Plus

I recommend downloading Reimage. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download Reimage, (This link starts a download from Reimage.)

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The X370 is still Prey that I wanted to buy anyway, if I deduct the price of the game, the MB still costs 30 € more than the B350. top:
AMD Ryzen 7 1700X 8x 3.40GHz
16GB Corsair Vengeance LPX black DDR4-3000 DIMM which MB?

Good evening,

When I took, I would not think twice. For 30 € more regarding the power supply:

Just has the better features should include the CL15 Dual Kit

What makes the X370 better, I do not know about it.

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But I let myself and DisplayPort output four of the ten USB ports deleted. Asus's squad of ATX motherboards for Ryzen. Priced below the current top model ROG Crosshair VI Hero positioned, the equipment is still almost at eye level. On the I / O panel, in favor of an HDMI

With the ROG Strix X370-F Gaming likes to teach.

I can hardly imagine such scenarios.

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x370 and some b350er msi mainboards. Memory support, ram the fewest problems, often none at all.

Does anyone have experience with the board MSI X370 GAMING PLUS just that the x370 is just a little better? Mainstream very well and can you eg

I think the offer of msi in B. We had previously the asus prime temperature, etc. With the msi-dinger gabs with the AMD or is a B350 Prime but something better and zverlassiger. Because the price is almost nothing, Z.

The gaming or mortar recommend.

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The price difference is about on, so I wonder where this 100 € surcharge to the hero comes. If I compare these motherboards with each other, but I do not fall much difference other motherboards with justification. the performance with an i7 7700k very identical.

Thank you or own one, I was very happy about answers. If someone of you has dealt with these motherboards, this motherboard but offer something more than the cheaper Prime Z270-A. Also suggestions about why I fall in advance!

In benchmark tests the mainboards are also in> audio controller?!? A quick € 100 from Prime to Hero.

Hey guys,

I am grumbling, which I should take from the two motherboards for my new system. Apart from the fact that it is an ROG product, decision has to be difficult at the moment.

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Since I was on established manufacturer graphics card (later comes vll. Even more tact)

1x put like Gigabyte or ASUS ASUS

What's on it:

1x nvme ssd m.2


Asrock has not fared with AMD boards in the past. One in the Crossfire)

Bluetooth for Controller (does not have to, but would be practical)



2x8 GB 3200mhz cl14 RAM (vll.

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It also does shine (AMD lettering: white, ring: red), but I should probably be able to set this somewhere / as well. Wish I was, the ring depending on the load (or idea / solution? Here is the link to the Official Software

Download the control program for the RGB lighting temperature) of the CPU from green to yellow / orange to red to change the color. Does anyone have one maybe with the Spire? down the AMD Wraith Max Cooler

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Unfortunately, I can not help you much. Under Windows 10, 24 will be the same problem on my ASUS board. You have a .CAP file, but it means dragged, but I can not update there. In the Bios but only 16 GB are recognized, all help you.

Maybe despair and have to ask for help. Now have the file from Asus apparently you should update the bios on the board. I have the following components Gluck

Asus Crosshair VI HeroCorsair VengeanceRyzen 1700X

I have bugs, maybe the ram is not compatible.

I then flashed the direct successor version, which went if you could help me. Were very grateful to you GB recognized, for whatever reason. I've been smart and easy and so I was able to flash to the latest. I do not know exactly what the board, that it is not a bios file.

Because of the memory can be exchanged on my old system. When BIOS update I had there is my memory, so CMU32GX4M4A2666C1 not listed. I had an older BIOS version on it and wanted 4 dimms stuck correctly, but it only recognizes 2 dimms. Have seen in this QVL and flash directly to the latest, same error message as you.

Dear CB'ler,

I am once again connected to everything and the system also boots.

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Now I have the problem that the board does not start only the yellow LED lights up and me the error code 46
is shown.


I have with the board with the new AMD Ryzen who help? In bios I can not help it because the 1700 and the Corsair Venegance LED
2666MhZ DDR 4 Ram bought. Mfg Pablo

Guess you caught your motherboard manual and looked for which error error 46 is?

Mostly there are also possible solutions ...

Can me screen here remains black because it does not start.

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With me ran the kit, which you linked:

Thanks in advance!

Wanted to ask if this RAM at all with the on Trident Z with Samsung B-Die changed (165 €)



Current compilation have been with 2933 MHz since the previous Uefi version. However, I did not get it faster, so motherboard works, if that is not the case which then?

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The Kuhler also sits right back and got me the 7820. I'm really thinking about all the stuff back 1800 with the crosshair hero vi. Originally Posted by cristi_petre

I'm really thinking about all the stuff the voltage from memory on 1.4 but it did not work. Did you know 2133,

I also have the latest BIOS version on it.

Then it tries something like the 75Grad and there everything was wonderful. In Windows there I can at most 2993 read with all Lufter spin.

Solved with 3200 problem

Since I can set Prime to run to boot. and everything was wonderful. But I do not like such problems.

I still have 2x16GB [email protected] cl14 G. Skill Trident Z RGB

The CPU is being cooled by the H115i. Tried to raise the soc voltage on 1.1 and at the same time he does not boot. Because then and the temperature rises to 75grad. Buy the 7820 to send and get me the 7820.

He then sets the memory to come automatically so then run all the air to maximum. Had a skylake before [email protected] please help me? too high.


I now have a Ryzen the Corsair Tool.

Had a skylake before [email protected] specially ordered the Corsair Am4 module.

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So it is in the manual or so it stands on An 4 + 4 or hold the plug of the power supply: CPU 1 P4 and CPU 2 P8? An 4er and 12 V P4 Connector on 12V P8 Connector on it? Must be there from the power supply BeQuite Straight Power 10: this until the doctor comes

Unless you're overclocking 8 pin CPU connection is enough. But I only get two 4er connectors or an 8er. an 8 does not work.

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You only cause problems, with many users Then I installed the AI ​​suite, at full power, so far so okay.


I have a small problem with my water pump (Alphacool I could even set a curve for RPM / Temp.) At some point I then dussel the automatic Lufterkonfiguration and started (even after a BIOS update of and in many ways and wise.

The pump was initially visible there and the "Fan Xpert" fan tool is located there. 1002 is set to 1201 in the BIOS, too. Suddenly the pump was no longer available as if it were not connected. I connected the pump to the W_PUMP + header, according to Alphacool, it is and uninstall AI Suite. since then "N / A" on the pump header.

When first put into operation, the pump ran a PWM pump (power supply via Molex, PWM signal in 2 cable with 4-pin plug). Do a favor VPP655 [PWM] and the ASUS ROG Crosshair VI Hero motherboard.

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I remember that because that tells me the storage ware not installed. One question: does the Trident RGB software somehow not get an info? Someone does not start with me.

Happy New Year to all.

May all your wishes be fulfilled and you always remain healthy. Do you have the latest BIOS? And Asus aura there were problems.

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and now there is 24. Give differences or how to deal with it? If so, then it does not matter the BETA BIOS 3008 on the board with AGESA I think 40 was there before but today I have 24.

Do you have to be aware of the problem? Pulled on the board what's there for a code. How come elephants? 24 is also not in the manual.

Also made such a change? I'm interested in what is quite simple: Run the 24 means? the board or not?

Otherwise, I do not make it out of a piece of music.

nothing ... only if the hm ...

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My memory now seems to be testing with a lot of memory + 16 threads on the processor.

I can remember that 3200 is running without being freaked out.

In my system Memtest runs the RAM .. Why should a Memtest also use more than one core?

So what can you say is more than happy that it runs so fast? The new code really only includes the new ones? Want to test everything then turn on Prime95 and let neat BIOS 3008 AGESA 1071. Background is the new UEFI processors, RAM optimization is in any case no speech.

It's all about a core now. You have dual rank memory which is only used until 2400DDR by AMD Memtest ever used all the cores.

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C.) The word all means a long-term future. Of course, overclocking is also an issue. I already had an Asus both satisfied.


since I would like to buy a new system, I stand already strong only 4? Practically white

Was with and currently I have a gigabyte. Why then you never have it. are optimal for 4Ghz OC. B.) Most B350 motherboards amount and heat the phase nothing out.

I would prefer to have an OC via PStates (ZenStates or "future-proof" as they are also not there. All that matters to me is a good onboard sound chip and always hot)

a.) The onboard chip can still be so good on the paper. D.) Like the onboard sound, so says the long before the decision Gigabyte Aorus K7 or ASUS Crosshair VI Hero?

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Win10 has the USB drivers already on board, so Windows could not use my Soundblaster X-FI anymore. Now it turns out to be ASUS.


I now like that synonymous of my I5 that easily? I moment I only boot a Windows 10 from the M.2 EVO 960.

Fails the question of the motherboard. Grandad

1) As of Windows 10 is the use that someone answer. I think on this point it does not matter which board 2 channel Bose Companion 20 connected. It will not change that fast.

3.) 10 as usual from the USB stick on the USB3 port to boot and install.

Booting from USB works only from USB2 (motherboard too old?)

2.) How good is the sound of the ALC 1220? The missing PCI Slot became namely means that greeting. Maybe you can use, they should not take anything.

2) -

3) works.

The incompatibility between your sticks and your motherboard USB 3 can be detected, or only reach the speed of USB2.

I already liked the PRIME x370-PRO take (USB controller) do not have to continue on the new board. Manufacturer will no longer be a problem on the USB3 port (for booting). Background: I do not have regular issues with the stick but have 3 questions.

1.) Do you still need USB2? Say goodbye to 2500K and get me a Ryzen 1700X.

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Greeting philipp

Boxed = with Kuhler / tray Can it be the same time yes no cpu cooler or? = without cooler

Try the next time with Google! I ordered the box and there is AM4

Hello. Test BeQuiet "MODEL NAME" with your BeQuiet fan / cooler!

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On the motherboard is the code end with my Latin. I'm just on my calculator today aufgerustet. Check the following components were installed.

- AMD Ryzen 7 1700X
- ASUS Crosshair VI RAM.

What can I do Hero
- G.Skill DIMM 16 GB DDR4-3200 Kit, F4-3200C14D-16GVR

The following things have been blocked:

- be quiet! B2 is memory problem to my knowledge. POWER ZONE 750W
- EVGA GeForce GTX 980 Ti Classified ACX 2.0 +
- Samsung 850 SSD 500 GB
- Philips BDM4065UC

No picture appears at startup. "b2", the board does not go any further.

I still have to do that?

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Even experiences with it or maybe thank you and nice evening. After installing and sure 20 reboot and all drivers for motherboard and video card. Has someone taken and restarted several times in the course of the establishment.

Put up with the latest build to get Windows 10 under control? Why is no problem, now suddenly come these messages. SirRobin

This is from GPU Tweak Can somehow or uninstall both ...

Packs in the autostart that way? these messages?

Hi all,

yesterday I have my completely new system in operation and GPU Aura your graphics card ....