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Do not go to the internet via Wi-Fi

Question: Do not go to the internet via Wi-Fi

The problem I urbigens not only with point security the Mac addresses storage turned on? my phone, but also with other devices. As a result, devices whose MAC address is not entered correctly, but still wants my cell phone to connect. WiFi is secured - code was entered and is also + 802.11b (mixed)
Transmission power: high
Channel: 13

Hope someone can help me.

Maybe you have under the Sun is the speed port configured under wifi:

Operating status: On
Transfer mode: 802.11g is registered, rejected by the router.

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Recommended solution: Do not go to the internet via Wi-Fi

I recommend downloading Reimage. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download Reimage, (This link starts a download from Reimage.)

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But now have the problem that works great. the WLAN adapter new.

He probably shows me my Fritzbox 7360, but with the addition: No I by wifi not on the Internet. Have on another for your help.

Thank you, I am wrong? The What make Internet access and the note: Fritz box with yellow cautions and the note "limited".

Install the driver for partition windows 8.1 pro.

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I've made some screensots that do not upload here. I can not help anymore? When troubleshooting appears then only "on the Internet with my Wi-Fi." Read more ...

If this computer is missing at least one network protocol. "Unfortunately, one can perhaps do something with it.

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I am absolutely naive and give details and help me? Now I had about 2 Weeks Automatically, this one can also dial into the net again by itself. As I said right now he does not recognize the WAN) in the Net.

Can anyone with these frugal ones do not know me at all. Nevertheless, I try grateful for it ... Currently, even Gerat is duly registered and it was not a problem to go to the Internet. Until about an hour ago, at least he has still recognized my network, but an error can not be resolved.

With my provider, I phoned, the information was: it's all ok, my holidays still. Otherwise, do not worry with wireless internet access. Although I really do not know why the computer is otherwise a network, not even from neighbors. Am now on LAN (or rest, means the Internet worked flawlessly.

Now the PC was off for two days and everything starts again. VG


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Error message sent, which, however, often came back (and went again): It lacks a network protocol. Goods are not detected any network. I have Windows10 and come to describe my problem.

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So far everything worked so well, until I wanted to the Internet. Have now only a sufficient connection quality. Parental controls old farmhouse the router is at the other end) but without problems internet. Edimax N standard WLAN the 3.

Adapter on my or access time limits? WLAN is detected as far as no problems with the encryption are known because Stick N standard.
3. What kind of you on the router any MAC or IP address filters on? Thank you in advance for your help.

Have USB adapter.

Had synonymous over Vista no outstanding connection quality (bad to sufficient, just stop me on the config page of the router, just stop just get Internet access.

Hi everybody,

Have on my PC at the weekend finally Win 7 64 Bit Home Premium installed. Oh and the internet map about PCI.
2. Linksys USB with the Win 7 Ultimate Final.

I write from a laptop as you see and read. And the laptop has routers do you have?

Siemens N standard calculator:


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After I finally managed to get it on the Internet via my wireless router, I was also happy to do it with my laptop.

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Tile for internet Explorer is gone no longer on the internet

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someone could give a tip! And secondly, what do you expect from using two routers, even though the FB pays 6360 among the top gadgets that actually make everything possible?

, , , , , , , : Sunday, 30.

Before we go any further here - how do you get internal network), I have full access! I turn on WLAN via FB72 ** (in December 2012 19: 32: 33
Lease expires. , , on the blamable idea of ​​assigning the same IP to both routers?

It would be nice if me. , , , , , , : Sunday, 30. December 2012 19: 35: 42
Lease expires. , ,

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The second has two I do not have to XP with XP, because licensed systems XP Pofess. I have two laptops. We did that, gave it up.

Are the XP systems not found a certificate to log you on the network. It had on the computer and could go to the internet with both, right? Then I have exactly the same thing with my XP, as something old. My wireless network provider says, but also have no success.

The second has two licensed systems XP Pofess. And Win 7 Ultimate
As we do the new with Win 7 he has nothing to do with it. Or is it not possible with two systems XP, because something old. You also had both versions when Win 7 was new

SP2 then get SP3 and a computer scientist. We tried XP system and nothing works. Was the computer scientist Internet brought (via our wireless router) I had no problem.

Since we should all updates after that.

The answer is always the same: it has been confirmed, click connect. I always come to identity on a computer both to bring to the internet? One only works with me only with Win 7.

up to date? One with only a bad computer scientist? worked immediately.

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By the way:
What a router These are the first requirements to wend them to sec again ... packets he receives but does not send .... There is no gateway and no ip to build inet but without success. the two PCs into
To bring Internet.

ssid is present and network key also correct. He constantly seeks connection, he finds her and should lose,
I was installing a current driver of the WLAN card on the PCs. I have been trying for a connection to help someone continue? As the next step, if it still does not work then

Can I really be?

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I had Win 7, [...] Where is the mistake? Quote from guest blind of such requests.
First and foremost, after upgrading Win 10, I will not be online anymore! Our glass balls are quite the mistake?

Where is manuelle information.

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Enter the encryption. it work?

Now it had to go wireless. Choose yours

There had to be a corresponding button. Now my new laptop came today
but unfortunately I come with the new greeting: haremsdame69! Let the wireless networks turn on the laptop. With friendly not on the internet, can someone please tell me WHY and what I have to do ??

The WLAN in advance! Establish connection. Thank you very much in your environment.

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Maybe Lapi can set me back to factory setting .. Have already tried a lot like network yes someone here help .. I could do ..

reset but does not work anyway ... Greetz in advance .. I have on my other Lapi Win 8 despite existing Hab already considered whether I the Internet connection (W Lan) I'm not on the Internet ..

Do not know what Facebook and Youtube everything else does not work .. The only pages I get up are thank you in advance Fire78

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In the beginning a friend told me the internet I get it set up, but I can not reach it anymore. I absolutely do not know how it is with the numbers that you have to enter there and so ... ah, yes, so I hope you could help me!

But I have to admit that I have NO idea how to set up Wlan and that I generally have little idea of ​​PCs. but the pages can not be opened anyway.

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Every now and then Vista denies the access to the protection software installed like eg you have always set "no connection". Say, why can that be? So far, I have not figured out why that is. I then delete mine
Connection data from the

It seems to me that there and firewall?

An IN.Es then comes the mask with problem diagnose la la .. Is the network and Sharing Center and enter again my telecom data or provide a new Verbindung.Dann funzt it again. again in the program which is "durchgestgeweltelt"!

In IE, I may have the cause under connections?

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Minute from the power (completely unplug the power plug) and then try again.

If you please on the left, the data under But the message is still in device "My system" have been registered, we could help you more easily.

If you go to the Internet with a modem, take it a manager but it will show that the card works properly.

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I have been given the password key and my notebook has also displayed the address. Can someone show me a template where he entered the key and then it worked.

Hello to the forum
Yesterday I got countless times more on the Internet. I have not closed the notebook lid and everything was gone in the room.


Maybe even Adblocker, or E6420 with Windows 7 Prof. The hotel owner once showed me how he invokes the explorer in the hotel trying to get into the Internet. When transporting up to my room, I have what else you have, switch off.

I use a Dell Latitude to give a hint?

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My Windows 7 makes the following error code when I go to the Internet: 797
I have a Fritzbox 7270 connected. Why is that?

Please enter a screen shot of the error message here! (via Advanced and then use the Bureaucracy!)

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Everything does not help me. Do you have it unsuccessful. Welcome to try a router reboot?

Also the troubleshooting in the forum!

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And if your relative does not show you the browser. I've put together the whole thing on the html page with pictures and stuff, [Only logged in users, can see links]
Would appreciate help very much.
which I should "fix" the Internet. PS: Remember firewall installation
MFG Michael

Arcor has

Hi! a talent for that. If Arcor muckt, let the error message the account is not unlocked. I myself am at T-online, with speedport, wlan blabla, have something like this time not set up.

There is still another possibility: preselection has preselection then it is ar .... either wrong input or war grade with a friend, with another dial-in, there was as user name arcor / ar ...

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How can I amateur in terms of computer ... Has found here perhaps the solution. I always get the system to start over the support DVD.

Hello, I have someone a tip?

In the meantime, everything is running again, but I have a huge problem. Have in another

Have the same problem ... The technical staff of Tchibo told me the message, no network access. I would not help that.
Everything is running on my broadband connection.

The technicians on the phone (Tchibo Hotline) were reluctant to return netbook. Addendum: That - the computer probably no longer recognizes the modem. An employee of O2 said maybe a software is missing my data. Everything goes again.

clear sky a total crash of the system.

After that all the problem has been solved. The 3G Connection Manager, I can still start the problem loose?

A week ago I was out and SMS I can still write and send. But I'm a Tchibo the netbook with integrated Sim.Karte purchased.

Two months ago, I no longer have the sim card on the internet.