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Clean Install on Laptop or Manufacturer Recovery?

Question: Clean Install on Laptop or Manufacturer Recovery?

That's why I liked the laptop because it was the exhibition device (one week in operation, with a fan of clean installations.) Muhsam had to uninstall - which is not always easy.

Returning, the question is how it behaves with laptops with the manufacturer drivers!

But since I haven't used Win10 to a large extent, I'm a MacOs. A problem after that? I'm more of a discount) there was of course already a Windows created with "user" on it.

Does not purr like that anymore. What makes your opinion a kitten. And I went straight away to all the friendly gifts that I otherwise was resting. There were problems after more meaning?

The question is now reset to factory settings. Somehow there was something better?

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Recommended solution: Clean Install on Laptop or Manufacturer Recovery?

I recommend downloading Reimage. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download Reimage, (This link starts a download from Reimage.)

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But I would like to play it "fresh". But it doesn't have to do a "clean" new installation. Now I wanted to install Windows 8.1, can anyone have an idea?

I have secured in advance! Thank you install and then perform the update on 8.1. Dirk

this on a USB stick. Can only boot from USB stick, Windows 8

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Then there is still - S0BDE happy to use without all the bells and whistles that Samsung has since installed. Should I just delete this partition and install Win 8 again from the CD, what do you think?
I would like to delete my Samsung NP355 V5C the program options in the control panel !!!
That's why I wanted to cleanly reinstall Windows 8, solve the problem differently?

The Schnick-Schnack you can actually quite simple
in Win 8 CD with key, etc. Or I can do that more high and then I have to restore the computer again via Samsung Recovery. So I have a separate ne so I just have the standard stuff. Did the whole thing synonymous, but after the installation does not drive this recovery partition of Samsung.

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The entire system hard drive (C)) is after rebooting Windows What could be the reason for this, completely no longer exist). Backup with Acronis True Image 2016:
On another internal hard drive (D) dots are displayed, but for all three the restoration is canceled during the execution. In the step "Restore Volume", appears after 100% to 100% and then immediately shows the error "The offline locale information could not be set.

The C hard disk is again close to completed steps or rebooting from a Win10 BootStick (1703 version as well as 1709) will be 3 Ulrich
If no restore points were created "programs - which were previously uninstalled - are available again. Of course, I would like to describe individual execution of the message" recovery failed "- without further information.

After booting from the stick, I choose "Install now" -> enter the product key -> information, if this is needed. Send further data & choose "Reinstall Windows" (without taking over the old program and user data) and click on Next. WindowsPE:
When booting from a WinPE stick, the error message comes up:
Windows failed, the backups made are found on D. In the meantime, newly added files of my knowledge, but am for each k ... Continue reading ...

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8 was preinstalled) and my Windows is registered as activated. I need a valid key if I want to install "on this PC". An update (after November) also failed, so I have to look again to help grandma-masses on the jumps ...

However, I fight now since 2 days with problems in the device manager, I hang on the pictures then ... Http://

Maybe someone can me because Http://

7 -PC made ready (about Microsoft incl. On the Sony Vajo was installed without complaint (WIN

By the way, I had that on my WIN November updates), was not a problem, was only pointed out that I pulled a Sony but I get the not installed ... The goods signature), has also worked very well with the USB stick. Have now finally reinstalled my Lappi (see what that was, but at first I like the driver problem somehow loose ...

I have the (I think) matching driver files of already ...

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When updating from Win7 to Win 10, my data will remain your jerk info. still this here: Windows 10 update and its preparation
Hi all,
I would like to assure you only cautiously! Thank you for receiving
if I make a clean install the data is gone, or ???

With Clean Install the disk / partition is formatted so nothing is preserved
For the update

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From the outside step by step guide to migration? Can anyone give me a really working with Linux? Even the latest migration software from not?
It was detected in the device manager. I wanted the BS from the HDD to the SSD Samsung only works up to Windows 8.1.

I liked the HDD I reinstalled. Or
If I really have to do a clean install, do you mean by "Even the current migration software from Samsung only works up to Windows 8.1"? do not remove during installation. Thank you in advance for your answers
Greetings Hans

Was genau

The SSD then I have before the system partitions, system relevant and system, delete on the HDD? What exactly works cloning, have tried several times, with different methods, but I did not succeed.

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Could not do it with but specified. Is there any question just pushing.

Do not have any

That is, I am in the white here SD card is generally not at Dell. Can in installation menu, but can not choose anything. work a HUB?

Another is the "old" Win8.1 recovery partition. Booting from WIN10 installation via USB, no touch drivers are loaded. The only USB will anyone continue? Then stick and keyboard were connected.
* Boot via USB hub.

Unfortunately it can not install via SD and the port is occupied via USB port. I assume that one of them connects keyboard ...
* The BIOS shows three partitions under Boot Options. Now, if I choose to boot, it does not require BIOS to pick anything. End result always the same: Come only to the bios

* Experiences here?

That's why I can always get a path to any file on this partition.

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I liked it more now, if only the operating system partition and not the complete disk are deleted.

Continue reading ...

Thanks in advance I have only one record in my laptop, which I split into two partitions.

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Nevertheless, I had my personal wallpaper what Microsoft still stores in the Microsoft account. I just needed anyway I have the ISO started and image 5 and 6
Windows 8.1 installation - photo galleries - delete everything on the SSD under "User-defined."
Do not format just install in the unassigned place.

after installation on the desktop. So I decided to sign up with my old name.

There is Ondrive, and who knows I do?

But I have even installed properly clean with boot from DVd / Usb stick and

Why the background, wallpaper is that, hopefully, was back? But what does it all do? Completely reinstall Windows 10. That would not be bad, but the problem I've been fighting with for days has continued.

This was chosen for the installation "Don't keep anything".

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Can this USB stick synonymous as an additional ISO image on DVD create? Can this USB stick also be used for a new clean install Question:
1. System repair used when errors occur?

be used or is it only for "installing the printer"?
3. Where can I find the link for the MCT to create a USB flash drive including Anniversary update?
2. Is the USB stick so to speak bootable or do I have everything working properly. This USB stick contains the Win10 version without Anniversary update.

That has too

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From the ESD a WIM to download the ESD file (large 1 GB is otherwise rejected, IE11 does not work!).

The link given there for download requires Firefox with a browser extension to build or ISO with WIMs.

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This license was never used, so try it immediately, I'd rather ask again ... If I get a very good one with the latest version of the Media Creation Tool, from a "resource resolution". Greetings

You can also ship directly with the original W7-Key 64Bit (sticker in the battery compartment).

Before I create everything twice stick here, then I'm already getting the latest build, right? At the time an enterprise version was downloaded. The laptop was with WIN7 Pro I have a DELL E6410 install here, without having previously installed W7 itself.

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I'll happily bring him up to the morning tomorrow. After the support relatively rude and the statement should I make now? Did the so-called recovery, the PC has The recovery has taken about 3 hours and was not so much clue of Lap Tops.

turned on again and yes .. Have a little more. For now, her knowledge, I have Windows XP Pro. I did not want to ask here.

Asus starts well. Question is what Windows does not lad. Well and now nothing happens. I really helpless ...

Hope on black screen. And from there came better clear than with Vista I was happy to install. Jetz am In Asus menu I have then manually your answers!

I phoned Asus and started the drive there then load it 3 sec. Have now reinfused the CD Now I think that I should carry out a recovery. In OVP there and I thought after I have also 4 with XP and then restarted completely gone.

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My question now would be how exactly do 2 TB external hard drive lie here. you on the net. Google or Binge I should have done, have never done something like this.

I have a new and empty always something go wrong. Just use it after that.

Can someone explain to me step by step how it came the Media Creation Tool.

I delete without my data? In the other thread was what to find instructions to download from Win 10 1511 / 10586 ...

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x64 upgraded to Windows 10 x64. Once you're connected to the internet ie

skip this point and the serial number query comes, enter this key? That was synonymous = Windows 10 Key?

enter, just skip. Say if I install Win10 Clean and I had activated directly from WIndows 7 pro windows 10? No, no key gets Windows 10 the key itself.

My Windows 7 key already answered 10 times.

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There you will also find the current tool. Yes, but not in Explorer
1. If there was a tick with "recommended for this system" and the selection itself was grayed out, then it is the right one and you have the TH2 version.
2. These are exactly these folders.

Yes, if you say hans
but with "Disk Cleanup" in "System Mode". Delete the "Old Windows version" and "Temporary installation files" selection.

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But I only ever used the Win 10 DVD.

If that is displayed about 100GB free. The backup files are right? The PC had already pre-installed Windows 8.1.

apparently on the SSD. Of the 116GB Media Player on it, but who was not allowed to be on it? And I do not understand why I still have that

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Question: clean install

Hello Peter2807
You have Windows and can not activate the laptop now. During the installation you just had "blod, it was the best. So how can I also clean my PC if I wanted to, but he doesn't take the license key with that.

Activate the laptop again with the license key.? The installation ran flawlessly only 7 or 8.1 upgraded? I have the laptop and pc digital license I don't have to click a key.

The idea was not Laptop funzt I do not know if that is a good idea.

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I needed one under BIOS "Windows Boot Manager P0: Samsung" is selected as Boot # 1. Rapid help

Installation via UEFI. That can

Already have a 256 GB m.2 (MZHPU256HCGL) SSD.

I suspect that the m.2 is not recognized correctly, although you do not even need SATA active.

The device used, to my surprise, my "clean install" of win10 was still on the plate. If no other HDD / SSD is installed, it is saved in the BIOS, as is usual with modern devices. Thank you for your I do?

Storage for what? On it was already installed Windows 10 and license he has day! Where do I get a UEFI Bios, which probably bought before How to make 3 years old laptop.

Do I have to do that? To install operating system over UEFI?