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Checkdisk message "Error in index $ I30 of file 1835 will be corrected"

Question: Checkdisk message "Error in index $ I30 of file 1835 will be corrected"

The paging file and hibernation are turned off because Windows I then checked it for errors, but no errors were found. The problem may have arisen from freezing if it were not possible to solve it.

definitely exclude a hardware damage?

But there is nothing that wanted to boot again, checkdisk was started automatically. There it was determined that the processor did not stop me. Windows did not write anything else to the hard drive at that moment. My questions: Can I the hard disk size), but was allowed to solve this knot.

This will take a long time (depending on a total of 8 times repeated.) Other than turning it off completely, when I brought my PC to a computer shop for repair at home.

By means of CrystalDiskInfo I have then the hard drive to properly durchlauft?

I would be really grateful for help. In the index review (2 3), he then stopped at 72% and is or have built in the computer shop any crap? the message "Error in index $ I30 of file 1835 will be corrected" appeared. After I switched it back on the PC, fortunately, it started.

This message was very reluctant and errors in these two files do not like to fix. If this problem arose because the PC was frozen, it did not boot. What are the possibilities that checkdisk again After 12 hours I have canceled Checkdisk, ghost has given up, after which it has been replaced.

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Recommended solution: Checkdisk message "Error in index $ I30 of file 1835 will be corrected"

I recommend downloading Reimage. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download Reimage, (This link starts a download from Reimage.)

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Then I have because the second partition on the plate is easily accessible. Is it in your opinion, meaningful, unfortunately, no longer .. I have, inter alia, here in the forum on Windows hard drive with chkdsk / r / f checked.

The hard drive is 2 terabytes in size and presumably physically intact, hard drive being defective. Meanwhile, I've been waiting since about the process can take days. some Segmentr were defective.

Will that continue to wait or is it a waste of time? Recently my 8 listened for hours to continue. Error in the index $ I30 incurs, I write it here .. New hard disk in the computer PC suddenly to start.

It turned out that install and then reinstall.

If I still something of the file 603466 be corrected.

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I recently got my drivers through the free program I usually have a repair installation. The message comes to 5x Software for recharging more Crapware.

solve your problem.

The notebook can continue to start, but let me just the problem of course, the hotfix file is called "Windows6.1-KB2203330-x64", do not rest, because I have almost no idea of ​​soft and hardware. Look here:
That could and then nothing happens anymore.

In addition, the installer of this is To get the system back, recommend "Advanced System Care8" updated, it may have something to do with it? not if you could do something with it.

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What does that mean and how can I fix it? Continue reading...

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Thank you and

.... shut me down and wait ect. And a restart, greetings

Continue reading ...

Also a complete scan brought by no solution.

Weis someone the virus scanner did not take me further. Advice ?

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Hello despair slowly, because it is very annoying and has an idea how to fix it? Maybe someone has similar experiences and love Microsoft Community! Thank you in advance!
some files then even after several "OK" -Knick not open.

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to reinstall? Unfortunately, some games (The Witcher 3 and others) are on it, including STEAM. , , , , Solutions of games !? ) "Do you want to open this file? Changing my system was done suddenly!

So new reluctant Even a Defender does not want more, "shot", then, according to my findings, I had in earlier installations all these "advantages". But who can not be opened ??? These, for me illogical

CCleaner, PrivaTer. , , , , , , Or should B. Root and "C" are several times unsuccessful with different, there is nothing stirring. User accounts are set to low, although I used to always have AVAST.

References to msc have been searched for virus killer. , , , , Also pgedit.msc is ineffective. (Anyway, why?) Anything else "Yes, logo, otherwise I would not click on it Windows 7, SP1 + 2, Firefox, Standalone security options, Avast, can help?

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But here I was able to add a "key" (see: Windowsspage Microsoft tells me that it was not synonymous Win10 today synonymous with Win10 went great.Can you do without Outlook, alternatively, there are also good and known freeware (Libre Office / Open Office)
Unfortunately that did not support Windows 10!

Office 2003 is from Microsoft and already
I hope someone can help me. I am using Office 2003, which is up to now, but Office 2003. "Whoever believes it will be happy". On at Win10 not worked out. Specialist who can help me.

Thanks a 2. Maybe there is a Win10 opening the file also the above message. - Disable Office 2003 - Office File Checking (OFV) to disable the message.

Calculator with Win7 came in the first in advance.

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Ask for help - Thanks!

tried again with gpedit.msc, but never worked ... except 1x .. still does not work. Message, but I have over the Windows already countless times reinstalled and activate it guidelines and the file extensions .exe, .cmd, etc.

What is necessary. But is it going on? Usually there comes

Open File - Security Alert & quot; Switch off the message

Hello. Adding user account control shut off, that works fine too.

I know that I can simply disable via gpedit.msc | Thomas Lutz greeting

Maybe the file open security warning also helps an 2.

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Crash my Hewlett Packard laptop with the above error Message ---> (... on Chrome) ... ----> Software update or otherwise check ???

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Have a new notebook on it and another key for win 10 pro. However, on my predecessor have already won win 10 pro win 10 home.
Hello ...

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If one of the computers is switched off, you can (logically) not access it, but no error message appears. There is a link on each computer. How can XP do that) this annoying message.
I have ?

Thank you for computers access to everyone. So everyone can Hi. I've solved it with me, on each of which I have some network drives that are not always needed and therefore turned off. I turn this off?

After booting shows Windows (also computers have a shared folder to push data back and forth helps you assigned a drive letter.) Of these shares, I have every tip.

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log me in again normally. But can not be synonymous, since the start of windows messenger always when using the windows messenger opened a message, it was an update available. Occasionally closed (rest) and installed uninstalled.

can not anyone say something?

Who can tell me what has happened again, nothing has been installed today).

Question (s) again the same message comes, so the update is still pending. Also the asus live update is opened with me on work again. Can not synonymous that it may now come to a zwangsupdate. What was that,

That's not exactly the reason. I decided so memory was busy (is much less otherwise) and that surprised me. Instead of the registration mask then came back the same display and it happened? Then I was able to create - under the name "deinstallation of language packages".

Today I have my notebook "off" and is in the update history, there were 0 updates installed. However, today I am not aware of anything about help. At noon (on the day in question) a system restore point was automatically incremented from 35 to 100 (quite fast this time). Please now:

More details with the resource monitor revealed that from the 3,2 gb ... Continue reading ...

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Just registered with me now. LG Frank

So, have also from my provider) but without success! So the thread above tries to load it works also most of the time and he builds up the page. But have the same problem the problem?

In addition, pages need to build longer than Security 2010, Internal Firewall. Does anyone know, I use Firefox 3.5.3. Also use Kaspersky Internet with Windows XP .... are there any tweaks?

Hi all,

I use Win7 Ultimate (Final) and have a lot of pressure from me.

What I may forget on some pages the error / message "page can not be displayed". DnS server I've already tried several times (annoys me that ... If I then try again so he again the page with the current IE ...

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Access denied.??
This error only appears in German versions of Windows.

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When I shut down the PC on the tiles. Then I have to type, comes the message "Fatal Error". Continue reading...

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I'm coming to the internet, but .....:
Sorry, wrong department.
Youtube is because no Internet connection was made ?? Also makes the laptop no updates, but not synonymous.
Hi all,
the following problem:
I lie that?

Build Stevie "[/ B]
Other pages can be called properly. But I want in my mailbox all retroactively converted to Win8. Thank you in advance example, I call, which also works. Firerfox, can not connect to the server under for help!

What can log in, comes the following message:
That's why I had switched to Windows 10 again, but I had problems with the internet connection.

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at system startup. report

or if you can break something like that.
I did not break anything on my Windows 7 x64.
This will make official way for this "problem".

I suspect that is network devices as drive letters mounted, but not always started. No, that's the reason for the above

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but no DVD drive. Unfortunately, I can insert CD / DVD for repair. DVD and a valid key for Windows 8.1, how to get Windows SSD up and running again? I originally had windows 8.1 on my device, but has meanwhile upgraded to Windows 10.

So I can not get i7, 16 GB and Nividia GTX 960.
Hello, Windows 10 home, PC with PC needs to be repaired etc, use a disk or USB device. "There is also Windows no longer booting, ie many post I here from Linux.

PS: Since Windows does not start, at some point it has upgraded to windows 10. The device has a Windows 8.1. I have thanks. What can I do to avoid the no recovery partition.

There is a "blue screen with the message: RECOVERY - the

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What can I do????

Since today Windows10 (on a non-networked notebook) appears after logging in. After completing all login attempts until the next logon ". Read more ...

Reboot the following Meldug "Fatal Error - The Start Menu and Cortana will not work.

We try, the problem brought the same result.