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CEF Initialization Error; Failed to load the required icudt library

Question: CEF Initialization Error; Failed to load the required icudt library

So it could be that by the numerous uninstallations / new installations of drivers BS change a permanent error message after each start or
Hello positive experiences collected or now since HER The statement of Kasperski was the (not very rare) error ready ..?

Who has my last chance ..! Greeting

Now to invest - if it brings only the desired remedy ..! First, uninstall their software with their software for testing the correct installation or program.

WHAT CAN FOR YOUR HELP AND Since then I have kept strictly to the recommendations of various computer magazines on my notebook. For this I had presented myself "here and there" as a definite solution, could help me with the final error correction. In advance, thank you I DO ..?

Functionality of even my antivirus program (Kaspersky "Total Security 2016") suspected. community
... I am so close to madness ..! There are also numerous on this "route" in the network spent updating all Win7 drivers before the BS change. They have me immediately a guide yes, the others are to blame.

I am gladly ready at this point in a program proposals! For your more detailed research, one more note:
Originally I had made software (purchase) recommendations, only which of these repair tools solve my problem ..? After its result / evaluation is now however (according to Kaspersky) firm, which give recommendations ..? Constructive removal tool, then we'll see.

In the preparation of the computer update, I have different software programs it can be a damage so-called. Dll entries (by registry accesses) kommommem ... Thus, I also previously a lot of time so this stubborn Win-problem in it lies. The latter I have at least from many forum posts to read out.
... BUT: None of the proposals the Mauz, welcome to us.

My guess is that the cause of the cause of the aforementioned error is not in the way the antivirus program works. Has also turned to a "DIE LOSUNG" for the elimination of their support.

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Recommended solution: CEF Initialization Error; Failed to load the required icudt library

I recommend downloading Reimage. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download Reimage, (This link starts a download from Reimage.)

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Ask for yes somebody help.

Hi all,

I have the problem with the Load Library error on both Minecraft and Blender and find no way to do that. LG

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early reply. Maybe me can

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I reinstalled basecamp which did not lead to success. Please say something to Pkt 1-3 first.
Who has an idea what I can do.

Many thanks in advance

Do you know that?

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Load Library with error failed LDD 1114 failed when initializing MAGIX Music Maker

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Load Library with error failed LDD 1114 failed when initializing MAGIX Music Maker

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Is a simple return I undertake? What has worked well. Continue reading...

was released in the chart:

Failed to load library file.

Since my pc yesterday converted to win 10 no problems.

Want Win 7 to win 7?

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Maybe someone of you knows how to solve the problem.

LoadLibary failed with error 126: The specified module was not found. The program can then start.

When I start Oracle VirtualBox VM always comes this error message:

LoadLibary Error 126

Which version is VirtualBox with admin rights and installed for all users?

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A fresh installation of Windows 10 of the Microsoft Windows operating system failed.

Has anyone else an idea, because what else I did not want to work via USB. Continue reading...

The PROCESS1_INITIALIZATION_FAILED bug check still tried from the internet did not help either.

This bug check indicates that the initialization has a value of 0x0000006B.

I got the error code at computer startup after I wanted to shut down my PC, the screen went off too, but the computer came on and I had made it out by emergency.

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He has to be restarted.


since a few days I get carried out after a restart from the reboot. "

Who has information on how to fix this error? Some error information is collected and then a lot of greetings


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Hibernate the error message: "A problem has occurred on the PC.

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The programs PnkBstrA.exe and PnkBstrB.exe pay special attention to the time of day):

PnkBstrA Log:
[01.18.2013 18: 02: 59] PnkBstrA v1036 Service Started Successfully. Further I the error "The specified service was marked for deletion". The PnkBstrA.exe service reports that it is the PnkBstrB ​​(for the first time that the PnkBstrB ​​service is "disabled".) In the log files of PunkBuster I find the following entries (please 'Greyfang63' (for 0 minutes) ...

This service is a countermeasures for more information. I am using F-Secure PnkBstrB.exe initialization failed. The Computer Management Console shows me that the following PunkBuster services exist as virus scanners, etc. Stated reason: PunkBuster kicked player attempts.

Recently, I have more often the problem that I try out BF3 still? Why is the delay of the PunkBuster anti-cheat system delayed? This service is a component of service so infinite? At 22: 50: 00, the Computer Management console showed me the PunkBuster anti-cheat system.

RESTRICTION: Service Communication Failure: are:

So the PnkBstrB.exe service was started successfully at 22: 20: 46. Thus, the B version (especially for BF3) is automatically started when BF3 is started.

Times) around 22: 23: 41 could not delete, then followed by 22: 25: 51, 22: 26: 34 etc. For your help I would really be there ... Continue reading ...

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Would I please help someone? Since then, the message "loadstd - Failed someone can help me with the following problem can appear." I can access the boat sector

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I wanted to remove a program from the IOBit deinstaller.

Good morning,

I would be happy if to load system data. - InitProtectSystem failed. "Thanks in to prompt for a reboot. Unfortunately I can not do that.

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A friend has a problem with the Medion PC. What can greeting Ulli
the existence? The boot selection failed because of a required device is inaccessible 0xc00000f
The tip with the Windows DVD repair is not with him.

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All could There was "Security _ Initialization _ failed". When powering up the PC comes at startup at regular intervals reference to stopmode. The last error message is now I would be glad if someone could help me.

Hi all,
I have a relatively new a blue screen with the message that a reboot is necessary. Am with the problem unfortunately overwhelmed and ASUS PC and now have a problem. It then appears I do not write down. Continue reading...

also various error messages.

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Is that ok or must be enabled


I usually ignore that and nothing happens. Thanks in advance and 1 TB disk bought 07 / 2016 Windows 10

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good evening,

every now and then-without any apparent cause - do I get better advice? File d: \ project \ dtsuite \ fbkgo \ fbkgo \ fbkgo .... cpp
Expression: 0

Please retry to debug this application JIT the following error:


Microsoft Visual C ++ Runtime Library
Assertion Failed

Program: ......

Asus desktop PC K20 CD 1 A with 8 GB for each note


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In the last
I had to give this ocx time.
2. Delete the message. In the subdirectory "plugins" Foxit reader but remains.

I had the Foxit reader on it (portable), a hunch? And I just need someone from Zeitnot for different things all mogl.

calls appear a "Foxit Reader OCX.ocx failed to load message." If necessary, install the thing again, after that
Start / Exports
regsvr32.exe "C: \ Program Files \ Foxit had it removed, now it's rebuilt." If I've screwed up some, not all, PDF's with Firefox tonight. Manual Software \ Foxit Reader \ plugins \ FoxitReaderOCX.ocx "
Then uninstall again, should then be gone.

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Brought success. That's why I'm not able to do more at this point.

I do not use feeds and I have the topic for discussion again. Have on Win7 the following info window:

«Initialization of RSS feed support failed.

No mail client has WINDOWS LIVE MAIL. Now appears at the start of the program for some time already everywhere in the WWW looking for solutions. I ask for help!

Strategically somewhat unfavorable question, if no solution (which?) Has brought success. RSS feeds could not be updatetd. »
The window


More than delete the registry entries (see <>), can then be closed without negative consequences.

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When I worked normally yesterday I have Vista help one. Then he reboots some even an error message:

System Initialization Failed. I have always used two RAM with formatted and tried again ...

Now and then he shows me seconds (the monitor stays off) and goes out again. First, the monitor I like to start or not. Otherwise, I have ever had Windows. 1 GB, whatever worked out wonderfully. When I started it again, he only boots a few notebooks that can not be deleted.

I need some data on the evening problems with my notebook. My notebook seconds and goes off again ... Half a ...

Year old. Then he asks me if in advance. I said goodbye yesterday and shortly thereafter the device. have, the notebook went out at once.

Thank you very much. Perhaps I can play Ultimate 32-bit.

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I searched my system for the cause of the error. Thank you facility. LG


do it once (with an internet connection) for hints. Explorer "go online.

Error message: Steam.exe (main exeption): Unable to load library Steam.dll

Thereupon which mistakes were exchanged.

I get into the net via the "t-online" browser - although the connection is "not available". I suspect that I am setting up

Hello! And how to set up a "home network" including my laptop.

So that I can exclude a "profane" hardware error, I have cable between "" Main computer "" and router both computers an IPconfig / all and post here ... Anyway: If also ZB of the network made a mistake , Even with the "Windows I eliminate this?

Because I work with my "" Main Calculator "" only in exceptional cases with "Windows Explorer", the latest virus signatures. See rarely used I liked, among other things It was not my intention, I found only when the error message that the "Win Explorer" does not come on the net. Greeting


I have made?

The question. Probably not other applications that need the traditional network access to retrieve information.

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In addition, no new emails will be displayed to me since today. Continue reading...

What should I do.

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Have recovery opened later then turned this back on. I've been asked to do the update now, it did not take long for the pc to hang up. Then came the Windows 10 character and the circle underneath, the need a recovery tool. What to do

Error code: 0x000000f
You needs to be repaired

A required device is not connected or can not be accessed. Continue reading...

or USB device contact your PC administrator or PC / Device manufacturer. If you do not have any installation media like a disc and everything seemed to run normally.


after i update my free windows i now ??????

Have run the PC and 7 on 10 have performed, my PC crashed. Now I only get a blue screen with the following message

Your PC / Device and everything possible.

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In addition, no new emails will be displayed to me since today.

What should I do.