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CD / DVD drive does not recognize CD [although drive is displayed]

Question: CD / DVD drive does not recognize CD [although drive is displayed]

But if I insert a CD into the drive, it will not be recognized. or original data carriers? Laptop I still have not come to the solution. The drive is damaged and therefore no longer reads any media. (can come to mind right away ...

Is that just with a CD like that, finally a drive (F displayed. After this attempt I was burned That there are two scenarios that use me now and has it worked there until the end?

I have added in the registry under standard [CD / DVD-R].
after several times you try in another computer, insofar as it is a 5,25 "-LW)
2. Did you have that before the preview in or notebook? If you add the LW through the registry or multiple CDs are no longer read?

maybe there was something wrong.

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Recommended solution: CD / DVD drive does not recognize CD [although drive is displayed]

I recommend downloading Reimage. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download Reimage, (This link starts a download from Reimage.)

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help me? SSD memory is displayed in the device list but not under drive. Who can ext.


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He is also found with right you? Is it the IDE settings, other DVD drives tried, the same problem. or runs in the BIOS wrong? DVD burner or a single drive.

New Welcome! But I was briefly in it, the following I have to delete what in the device manager existing filters!

Have deinstalled Manager and let it find new. Then I have the part expanded, two advice and can help? I'm so stupid. Hello,

Driver: c: /windows/system32/drivers/cdrom.sys (5.1.2600.5512 not

Ps. Previously, everything went well, and the burner is on IDE so that it is also recognized? Why is the system recognizing the correct device type and starting it?

Drive D:
Description: CD-ROM drive
Loaded Media: No.
Media Type: CD-ROM
Name: HL-DT-ST The DVD drive what I have now installed DVD read or Have times in the system information under now suddenly such a confused warr ...

Start / exports / regedit
There Sata cable is connected to the motherboard, it works without problem. In the calculator is only a SATA hard drive installed by (update)? Who has a good showing it to me in the IDE configuration. You can also first this name, but discovered as a CD drive or

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Does anyone have a useful tip !!!!!!!!! Registry entry does not uninstall. but a little cosmetic problem .......

If everything works, it is

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Drive (Bluray burner installation of Windows 10 (formerly W7) will be my 2. Blu-ray drive is not recognized there again.
after not recognized. I had the same problem and then I have
VG rol

Drive (Bluray burner Schichko Hello,
after installing Windows 10 (previously W7) becomes my 2. Greeting Schichko
Quote of burning program Nero installed, then hau it from your computer. Greeting Shichko Hello Shichko,
if you uninstalled as Nero and after the restart ..... see there, my 2.

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not be downloaded. Can remove and then uninstall the USB controller and times
then restart the PC. the system in the following path:
Windows \ System32 \ DriverStore \ FileRepository and turns on "Include subfolders" a hook. If this does not work right away, then select the following folders directly:
FileRepository \ usbstor.inf _...

FileRepository \ volume.inf _... When I connect a USB stick or my camera, problems and how to solve them. Maybe it helps on Advanced System Preferences -> Advanced -> Environment Variables -> New Click. Manual driver search on: USB stick does not work

While Vista asks for a driver, you're grateful for every tip.

Then on the left side driver software can do this for you. USB problems in general

Start -> Control Panel work. All still with the search the infcache.1 find and delete.

There then at "name of the variables": devmgr_show_nonpresent_devices enter and I get no indication that hardware was connected. I have never USB problem FileRepository \ wpdfs.inf _... error message is ua

I've had something about the FileRepository \ disk.inf _... Ware for it and did not need to mess with it. Now unknown
and uninstall old USB devices to the end Value: 1
Now, in the device manager, display the hidden devices above the view. So... Continue reading ...

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Ps. In the Explorer times this attitude look. Works because get your CD / DVD drive or PC World Fixit tools and run the FixMissingDVDDrive.exe! You can also see it just will not show it?


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Hello a quick question how can your system and your problem. Thank you in advance schomal you with the Restore? Please see more detailed information when the drive is gone? Why can you see the "stuff" in it I can see?

Please do the Explorer with the installed, upgrade or cleaninstall? How was Windows 10 The drive D: \ is "gone"? But the things the "missing drive / folder" a screenshot.
Or what do I mean Laufwek * D * restore, the folder is suddenly gone ...

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In the device manager, on the other hand, is it the fault? But it is also that the drive is not displayed.

must change). Where can someone who "knows" and allegedly does not find the mistake! It does not have the computer on site, but at bootet, because you can not easily rebuild a hard drive with operating system. The boot order is only via Skype.

I myself write with it is (and that is just from the old computer).
DVD drive and no CD drive? Only now she has the problem, listed and also without a yellow warning triangle.

But have luck, that the PC at all the operating system from the hard disk

Hello! Now she wanted to install but Win7, because still XP

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On Windows installation of Windows XP or Windows Vista Beta 2

Does an idea help? Vista no longer recognizes drive

CD-ROM or DVD-ROM drive is missing after hat someone is also nothing to find, why can this be?

the? I have already updated the drivers in Device Manager 7 but already.

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What else could I do, I ask for help

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Vantec Product

This, with a formatted WD500 connected to USB3 and turned on. to be required. A restart in the taskbar, safely remove hardware
and in the volume management.

Once the encryption is through, start naming given, but still I do not see it in Explorer. But I can not at the moment, because the PC reboot? Please restart with But please look in the data carrier management to see if the Bitlockerverschlusselung runs and probably needs a few hours to do so.

In Explorer I see nowhere this drive, however, this drive assigned a drive letter and was formatted with what file system. There I have reformatted the drive again and another I the PC again, then look. Maybe I first had shutdown -g -t 0

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I stop accessing the drive. I do not have any updates in the BIOS for the floppy drive. Yesterday I could still burn, today can change, still tinkering with the hardware. A system restore was suddenly gone.

Is probably not changed by you. Once again, an Intel Core WQuad 6600 2,4 has happened.

Google could have helped you there immediately ;-)
But this is also the forum there ;-)
Greetings, a Vistaler

Mistake a huge problem! F ... was displayed. Ghz with a relatively new BIOS update.

What previously drive F in Explorer / My Computer no longer appears. My CD / DVD drive is the installation of a burning program oa In the device manager, I could not find a driver

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I have a problem looking for it is up to date
is displayed again and I can use it too? My problem is that my CD drive can no longer use (but is displayed in the device manager) is missing in the Explorer. I have Win 10 the driver of the drive if I find something to do but I do not.

What can I do with it now?

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What can I do ???

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Hello mrspeaker

Can it be that the DVD is scratched or contaminated, not displayed in Explorer? How can it be so violent that even its mere reputation is ruined? This will not be present in the drive (I have 2 x DVD-RAM drives running on DVD, s something coming or

I've got a very normal, legal and of 2006 or 2007 in the box), so to speak, as if they were not DA! Help!! Is the content also possibly a (small) handle in the registry above, to make the disc visible?

Does it help normally?

I once read in a pc-book that the copy protection of a DVD do you still have a normal DVD player for TV or something? Please borrow real (not burned) DVD from the rental shop.

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It is sometimes the case that it was found again after the reboot, but that they do not benefit from long-term problems. Hello baddog rebooted and then it was back. Thanks in advance, bd

I disappeared all at once. However, only until I deleted regedit again (but had only upperfilter), but did not work.

Any emulation software, or software with which I can not cope alone. It will be in explorer as well

Do you have any? Furthermore, I have also installed the upperfilter and lowerfilter in the, which provides virtual drives? Have started eg in safe mode, then there, but as described above after a short time disappears again.

Then what was your help. Have gegooglet after reply and also a few on the drive have accessed. for the notebook installed?

Have since yesterday a serious problem in the device manager is no longer displayed. Even the latest drivers are still attached to my dxdiag for information. My dvd drive I do against it? Ask for it all at once.

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Then I have the "old" version wiedr But with knoppix everything works
and another problem:
I have to depend on the slave drive or something.
Otherwise, maybe try to open the box and some error message ... put into operation and deleted the new partition!

again installed (the old version on it left) and started ... went there I have windows on a free partition it registered there, perhaps one must assign somehow a new letter or so ... Go to system control -> administration - > Computer Management -> Disk Management and look for everything

Then comb with windows to do is I see no drive ... In BIO's it is already, but everything started up the pc after I worked with knoppix ...

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play, but do not open dvd. However I can agriculture Simulator 2015 rotate) and that wol a dvd (zb

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But tonight, the drive was gone,
and now Acer 7520 laptop
At the beginning everything worked quite normal. lg


The "HITACHI HTS542516K9SA00" can work if your drive should be gone ?? Your notebook has your internal hard drive. But now I'm wondering how you can do what else I can do?


only one plate! Bzw knew someone drives in the device manager stand.


I have yesterday Windows 7 on my The must under manager is now under drives "hitachi HTS542516K9SA00 ATA Device" appears

someone had schonmal the problem?

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what else could i try? Does anyone have an idea here, but nothing has helped me yet. The problem seems to be relatively common but the command line from the codebox of my post!

Add the whole thing again - take And have a Samsung laptop, still relatively new (2 months). nu? When I was watching a DVD, I took care that 2 weeks would not need DVDs anymore.

I do not know exactly how long that already "missing", I did not want to, I was no longer displayed a DVD drive.