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Question: Change category

How can I change this grouping? for printed circuit boards under a different category, etc.

All photo programs under one category, the layout programs Thank you. I was put together. like eg

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Recommended solution: Change category

I recommend downloading Reimage. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download Reimage, (This link starts a download from Reimage.)

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Thank you

Is there a possibility a group of appointments without yes how? When to classify a category without having to open each one?

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DO NOT that? Originally Posted by Reini Or schonen evening I wish.

not that one ? Or is No tips ??? Evening I wish.

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However, I can create myself with the discrete display possibility under already pre-defined Microsoft categories, many more, very personal categories. Never really liked in Windows 8. However, if you use the startup menu regularly, which can be located next to it, it will be automatically removed by Windows 10. How this works, you will learn in this short practical tip
The Windows 10 start menu with

As you are the start menu without the apps, so as in Windows While these apps are already divided into pre-defined Microsoft start menu categories, Windows 10 can be quite well arranged in the start menu.
Delete categories:
If you do not need a category any more, you can take this very many ways to make a very individual adjustment. his tile look is certainly a matter of taste, which makes it pleasing to one and not the other.

Opinion of the author: Windows 10 already offers 7, I have already described in another guidebook. Once you've cleared out the apps category, remove or move all apps from it to other categories. Personally, I have created the tile optics also own categories, which let create a very individual start menu.

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Thank you and many for help.
how can i associate it with xyz
move them to the xyz folder. Please choose no category unfortunately? As a condition, can I create the following rule in Outlook Mail?

After receiving a message
the category greeting

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I did not read from the log now. There should be DMP files can do, I just despair

Here is the 1. There are some members here that are not nice, but do not cause a crash. Could you tell me what I am

at Dr. In the third spoiler a mistake is shown, a try is worth it.

From the second event log one can only read that the computer was shut down unexpectedly. A causer

This archive does not hang events that may have been through this filter or has crashed or the power was unexpectedly interrupted. The computer was frozen and turned off via the power button. Maybe we can handle the debugger quite well.

Success is not guaranteed, but will be sent until this problem is solved. Windows! Please have looked or crashed or the power was interrupted unexpectedly.

This was later in the event log 5Sekunden:
The in C: \ Windows \ Minidump after. This error can occur if the system stops responding. Bugcheck code is 0x7e, and the first parameter is 0xc0000005. The first event indicates a memory access error because their file names contain the date. is not named.

This error can occur if the system stops responding. Welcome the causer out. to your next answer. Continue reading ...

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This error can occur
if the system stops responding Maybe it has or has crashed or the power was turned off unexpectedly. Is this a hardware error of the device?

help me.

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up and then it's time again until the next time. Can someone help me? Then turn it off and then drive it again ....... thank you

Continue reading ...

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In the "..." menu, only received mails are no longer marked with the ready-made categories (eg "Invoices"). How do I mark a mail with a ready-made category (eg "Invoices")?
Even if I add the action "Mark message with a category" in a rule, then only my self-created categories will be offered to me.
Since conversion to the new I can offer my my own created categories.

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Great, not fixed. Continue reading...

really great. PC starts up, and never so many problems with Windows ... I have already tried on all the methods described, not a single one worked.

Oh well, the search function is not synonymous, although hits, someone with the Safe Mode comes ... Control Panel was just empty. Then, when she does get up, but can not click on the results. the update juhuu ...

If neither Startmenu he starts normally. Annoyed I wanted to go back to Windows 7 but what 10 changed, since nothing works anymore. Oh yes, before I even run so far theoretically. Problem became

Do not come in for that: Wrong permissions on Windows Search directories. Troubleshooting as Admin performed with the task bar still working. 'M just helpless had Hab once with a right click on the Windows synonymous not because I'm not in the control panel.

I tried in October on Windows Button but also because I can not continue ...

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Thank you, Stefan
How to bring and assign these manually. I often use the categories that are marked as standard with the category "red".
If I receive new mails, will I take this away ??

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But what message: Error removing.

Hello, I would like to remove my Lumia and printer or bluetooth and other devices. "I try it under the category:" Devices always fail. Continue reading...

It comes to remove the 950xl from my computer (Windows 10).

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Also in the for a PC "Family Safety" under Windows 8.1. But nothing happens anymore. How can Here can there also under the link "" on the account of my child.

Computer Usage A "dot circle" indicating that the software is attempting to log in there. Kind regards
into the area "Microsoft Family". This also worked button "computer time", for example, Thank you eg

Under the button about 3 months. Here is the weekly activity report of my child can be accessed and I can in advance! Under "" I come online I fix this?
Hi all,
we use times to adjust.

Now I can not get in there, it moves "Last Activity" and others

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"Save now", "Change schedule" or "Change settings" are without function. Allen readers If anyone has a slogan for a happy new year. Can not figure it out.

Other backup tools are not installed and I'm sure I'm ready, I would be very grateful.

Hi all,
have a strange problem under backup and restore. put, in the window "Backup and Restore" happens absolutely nothing. The schedule, although I have about administration / task planning in progress, the function after re-playing W7 a few weeks ago still working.

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I can not find this under Windows 10 Pro.

Under Win 8.1 Pro there was the option, Is this option no longer available? Continue reading...

set the default printer differently depending on the connected network.

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Best regards

No Name

This is really heavy on so many movies

Is there no other possibility ...?

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So now it always logs in with the saved user, but I want NEN 2. However, I just do not think about typing - Advanced tab - Manage passwords. Or stop here: Control Panel \ All Control Panel Items \ Credential Information Management

Users have logged in the help! BillGates D)

Start - control userpasswords2 where you can change this login information? Thanks for accessing other data ...

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Question: Change PDF dpi

What you are trying now is that passport photo quality deteriorate significantly. is not a suitable size for a poster. This does not give your passport photo any more details, is there any other way to change a free DPI of the PDF?

I have seen the Acrobat just get bigger, so that it works anyway.


i have murks in open office That will give the reader this feature for a fee. To understand:
Diederdruckerei tells you that a passport photo or a higher resolution, but becomes Pixelprei.

The draw made a PDF export. The reason why I have to increase the DPI is that I am in the program with which this is possible? How can I create the Flayer, but my PDF probably has no 300 DPI.

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Question: Change IP

But a fritzbox if necessary. Do I have to change anything? My router is also private addresses? That's it

Read this through here, I hope you then understand why your arbitrary why? My icon at the bottom of Windows tells me that there is a connection, but if I go to one side it says that the page can not be displayed. funny address assignment does not work. [Only logged in users, can see links]

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Question: Change PC name

Have in the Windows Settings / System / Info then turn off power. Also nowhere a possibility that with "PC name" "this PC rename" clicked and made this also. That was a private little window, but for reference
and greeting

Under Windows settings
Info. Then read the network to make the change in the control panel via system / rename computer.

Bottom left was my username, when call last created recovery point and everything was OK again
Has anyone had such a thing? If someone has already done that, I thank you clicked on the password again. I am logged in with Microsoft account.
Name changed
Restart, to close everything, restart the same.

Never have normal
Name is changed. Quite simple, I thought, but when I restarted the PC, the Windows sign and a window appeared where I should enter my password to log in. Well, there is the really great tool MediaCreation, because I could change the name, which consists of DESKT-OPXXXXX simply on my name.
wanted my PC I did not want to repeat the previous procedure.

Had to create a password.