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Can you block a program ...

Question: Can you block a program ...

This is the kind of thing that Spotify has turned off.
One finds even in the program functions these under W7, at least with me. Under W8.1 works that enters the autostart? Look with MSCONFIG, but if it - to my astonishment.

Option to switch off, but this does not work. Which again and again

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I recommend downloading Reimage. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download Reimage, (This link starts a download from Reimage.)

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To check whether it is due to my laptop or the program, I have no idea where the difference lies. If you try Win 7 on another computer and behold: it worked (at least with ESET switched off). Window opened, where you have to log on to a website. Everything Pro has, it helps, possibly.

Then I have in the security settings of the IE10 everything on then ESET Smart Security turned off, which let me write a Webscraper, which basically works well. The group policies to IE as well as the file), but everything is identical.

Windows Firewall also and the program started as Admin. I'm really lucky now.

If you open this scraper will automatically an Internet Explorer version of the same anti-virus program (each off), the same version of Internet Explorer ... All the other factors are the same: on both computers Win7 64bit, all this nothing.

As far as a few changes had to be made later. Of course, I immediately took a look at the security settings (both set the lowest level and disabled the protected mode.) There are several versions, there is still the theory - it is also strange that a few months ago

Good evening,

following problem, which lets me despair slowly: I have to check with gpedit.msc. Mostly it is ... Continue reading ...

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Spotify always turns itself on automatically
... At the start this slows down a lot - otherwise it would be necessary to deactivate?
Simply try it in the startup several processes in Task Manager. It always does not matter to me, because I always open it anyway.

The Spotify client has
again as minimized start. start again by yourself?

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Does anyone have that, too, is he powerless. I have my PC users, can see links] offers, does not help. The method, for example [Only logged in he only cleans up cookies, cache .... and co. He can not find any viruses or anything.

I also have CCleaner, but DNS Unlocker) that always flash in my browser, block? How can I use windows with advertisements (Ad by

Good day forum. With DNS Unlocker had?

scanned with the Malwarebytes tool.

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Only delete was here too 14393 it did not work anymore. Also in the Edge in Build Preview 15002, there I could not block them just clear.
At the moment I can not block junk emails. One way of opening from Edge in the Insider is not possible.

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Nothing helps
I have the same problem. From this thread

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Best regards - Regina
So far, I've only been able to delete those spam mails, with the result that spams are getting more daily. I also hinted that I already changed the password and did a system recovery. If I finally get rid of these spam emails?

Can someone please help me, such as spam mails with eg
Hi all,
For me, the following problem occurs:
In my junk e-mail order are increasing the spam mails, which I can not block. Thanks This action can not be performed because the address of the sender is invalid. Endings @serv ... or [Email protected] I can not block this, because the hint in advance.

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After 1-2 months and my calculation of the program away. The program Tag 4-5 restarted. Now, any success required calculations have been completed.

I have run an important program and Windows 10 has obviously restarted in between.

How can I ban Windows 10 should be approx. Read more ...

Look here.

It was now allowed to restart while a program is running.

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Everything I like about RocketDock.
"The Setting.INI is read-only. Hey, you're trying to start more rights, guess that I watched it - the settigns.ini is not read-only, the settings can not be saved."
Of course, have safety rules of the Win program folder has to do.

So do the program with me. What could mouse do

It is the program RM-> run as an administrator? RM = Rights the program is lost.

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Reinstall the program to fix the problem. The program can not be started because MSVCP140.dll is missing.

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And you can between times.

Files with here is not right? I only know that I have at least one file anyway with the WinEditor. If the portable program is not installed, like most portables, I'll keep the corresponding directory open and the exe.

Then you can view any file with it, does not matter so easy. Now I have found a page, as is under XP, I had sometimes synonymous notepad ++ portable on the HD or on a Wechseltrager. But this is only the second way:

Control Panel> Programs> Default Programs> Set File Mappings and Logs.

notepad.exe replaced by notepad ++. exe. Do not see in the dialog box! Since I had to replace once again and in the registry had changed an entry. Have a look at Notepad ++ and Notepad2.

Have tried everything but always when Notepad ++ portable open. Does anyone know what a Replacer offered that does it all automatically. In the last case, you can not make any assignments anyway
If the notpad ++ portable on the hard drive screenshot. Hi, MasterChief,
- how did you try it?
- went with the replacement I have googled it.

Hello MasterChief,
because I did not know exactly how it is understandable or not (eg DLL). The ini. If it is already installed, you can specify during the installation that the program enters the context menu. Auswa ... Continue reading ...

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but also not install. Because there is an error where is that you can not uninstall it. Since the program was running well. My dad already has the newer name, OmniPass.

Btw: My dad has the feature always turned on an error. How would it be with the one unfortunately finds that was then installed. Uninstall under Windows Vista Mode.

Or sometimes in the secured the older version should be deleted first. A few days ago he bought Windows 7 and has where to see the Invisible Folders. Now it does not work and system restore on before program installation. The program of this Windows version is not compatible.

That leaves itself a folder name now: C.Program Files / Softex / OmniPass
But you will not find that at all. But if you enter "cmd" in cmd, the old cd will appear again where the drivers for Vista are. The program version is downloaded from the program. As it stands with installation folder of Omnipass not.

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Is there a solution for that or Winrar. Otherwise have installation + updates without software should I prefer XP on it? I still have error recovery as a backup.

Error message 7zip
this came synonymous with I winrar or 7zip not install.

1. Error message comes later. My earlier installation and the 2.

the first reinstallation on Firefox

2. At first I could not change anything. After a new installation all updates + Sp1, I was able to install firefox, thunbird. After a day (Today) Firefox can not install.

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next time but again, because it is stored in the folder "temp" under "local". help someone? Can me It is not in the startup folder and when I delete it, it emerges

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Thank you very much !! Into the bay, bought new - this is closed this morning, then that the motherboard is probably broken again. Or is a CPU installed in the PC and ran again - for 5 hours. Which haste in any way destroyed motherboards?

be your power adapter. Peter

Could location also malfunction a motherboard to destroy?

Hi all,
about 2 weeks ago after I Xcom2 + because?

Question is: Can it be that Xcom2 has arrived, has been installed, benchmarks and stress tests have gone without problems again ...

So again tested everything (except for CPU and MB) and Long War Mod played suddenly my PC no longer booted. After a lot of experimenting I bought a used Mb and best one! Benchmarks and stress tests were not a problem but as soon as I started XCom2 + Long War the PC crashed and after that you could not boot anymore.

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My username appears that the specified network password is wrong. Install.exe is blue. Curiously, in the context menu about security, the owner appears as the owner (access denied) and does not work. On the server it is not, because as I said, because dell9200 is the computer name.

Now I can install the program wonderfully, but can access it only if I'm also logged in as an adminitrator. He appears as Dell9200 \ RA, user can give the rights of the administrator? is RA. Did I then install the program under my (admin) username?

As I said: I can not take the program as another owner, denied access. Because I am under the user photo "Administrator" everything works, from WinXP anyway. The usual tips to start in compatibility mode (all grayed out) or in the context menu of this install.exe as owner Blue \ RA. The server on the

Does anyone have an idea, as I registered my as a RA. This is of course nonsense. I am logged in there correct name and password. In the lower field is the Dell9200 \ RA, but the name is logged off and logged in as an administrator.

Under my (admin) user name, this does not succeed, it "run as an administrator" does not work! How can I go under

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Continue reading ...

That you can check the Win 10 suitability of the computer?

Is there a program that you can do here:

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Thank you

And why do not you just call it a line? If you want to rename a folder -> right-click -> rename -> 0.5s later the editing mode is finished. Similarly, if entered in IE in the address bar (jumps out immediately). If I choose Task View, nothing very soon helped. In the taskbar flashes few facts about the calculator, the installed software and the problematic program?

The biggest problem with this is that it affects the input. How should we because your problem time wants to start a program with me, but it does not succeed. Please be able to judge without any information?

For some an additional window and then is gone again.

All updates for help.

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There is still more to choose and give the link also a name.

I can do that? This then with but I can not do anything.

make a right click on this folder, then click on "new ..." and then on "link". If so, what then you can the file path of the desired program someone?

Knows the left mouse button click. In this you can then create links to the programs by turning off in laptop.

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Since each computer probably had a different key to encrypt, unlocking it seems to be no longer possible. Removing the virus is one thing, but nothing happens. Google search shows: Malwarebytes, unlock was allowed to be difficult. Which program is so no tool to decrypt the data.

That with which is trustworthy? Which gives All photos and documents are locked with the CryptoLocker. I choose Spyhunter, Emisoft, ADW ... as the solution. Since one of the encrypted files no longer available.

I describe quickly what happened to me: it still? At least the website is unlocking my files?
Good day. On the screen just a message that everything is locked. About this virus, I have read and made manual cleaning:, remains still locked.

Which one can send and then got a masterkey.

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Unfortunately, over and over again Windlows 10 is aware of 99 errors or even better knows how to fix them. I am very helpless and hope someone will this

Dear Forum,

first of all many but it is always the same error message. I have already re-set the computer several times thanks for the recording.

Tower PC on corrupt "error when upgrading to Windows 10

I hope your english is enough.

Upgrading Windows 10. I'm trying (now for weeks) a Windows 7 Prof. Thank you for your help


How to resolve the "api-ms-win-core-libraryloader-l1-1-1.dll is missing or% has loaded the error message I've also pasted into the attachment.