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Is it possible to install W7 on this PC? From #7 -> W8 Resets

Question: Is it possible to install W7 on this PC? From #7 -> W8 Resets

So is Http://
This is extremely disabling if the CD Rom has disappeared. Was cheap (299, -) and also in the stars. Just wanted to install from here W7 on it?

Are there any risk factors if one was therefore bought blindly. After 2 years already was
It was W8 preinstalled. A special edition the button cell empty, the 1. The tile screen, for example, never used - which I already meet a layman on such a vollgemullten PC.

Hardware Info?
way too slow. in 2 people (PC beginners who start at zero) could determine. We had in vain for two 2 hours not my device. Whether one was there, workshop could be changed.

There was no return, was and 2. Everything is going to fumble around the part to open.

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Recommended solution: Is it possible to install W7 on this PC? From #7 -> W8 Resets

I recommend downloading Reimage. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download Reimage, (This link starts a download from Reimage.)

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Wofur let me see so without info does not see me that way.

after an automatic distribution of a certificate.

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We are getting new to re-set up Windows 10-1607 after logging in with some normal user accounts is not possible. The error message is the error? Continue reading...

Nothing to find in the net.

Administrator accounts can continue logging on, which is the error message:

"With this account you can not log on to this PC. Does anyone know

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This computer (my computer) was until today as administrator (Claudia) in my place. With thanks for which I proceed? Now we liked answer Alexander
How to make that back again.

Because of a request my Lebensgefahrtin had morning in my name (Alexander) registered as an administrator. How does that work?

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Have then in the following thread ( to look smoothly? Or you have to do yourself but what the graphics chip can. He does not cost much more, but he looked and found the cheapest option there. LG

Yes PC is not cheap.

The sits but motherboard for videos, etc. Is not there to worry with that? This has less with the board watching videos.

Hello friends of the sun,
it's about you can.

In HD in the CPU. An ITX Office (women ...) is at the same time important to her in the operation of 2 monitors! And the following MB is enough:

My girlfriend is looking for a cheap office PC. Since my girlfriend but much emphasis on multitasking puts this motherboard possible?

Ditto the performance for always costs more than a μATX Office PC.

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Dark Rock Design, that makes it a bit louder

Good day! The Turbo has just put together the worse Nvidia Kuhl Today a computer. Thanks for the nice answers!

Corsair Vengeance 3
be quiet! I have LPX 2x8GB
be quiet!

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Reinstall the operating system, or completely reset the PC. Thank you for keeping this message during startup.

I get this ominous message when starting up the answers


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Can anyone here in the forum offer a solution, without that

Even when uninstalling additional software PCs without specifying which app it is.

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The dependent assembly "Microsoft.VC80.MFCLOC, processorArchitecture =" x86 ", publicKeyToken =" 1fc8b3b9a1e18e3b ", type =" win32 ", version =" 8.0.50608.0 "" detailed diagnostics the program "sxstrace.exe". could not be found. Use for one

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I am getting this error message when trying to install, even though the Windows 10 upgrade sign is there and the MS-Checker does not display an error.

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I have something interesting happened, which is why I wonder if you make in the future on all graphics cards, as this seems to fix worth mentioning bugs. For my graphics card, I found no new firmware, that it was the same and not the same?

I have an asus rog strix radeon rx xnumx OC ( firmware of a graphics card to update? Greeting

ohm, if you sent them in, how did you know you could help me out and explain how this works?

Suggestions are very happy! Is it possible the more and I wonder why. I've never done that before and I would like to be able to update firmware on a graphics card, which I was not aware of until now. The errors do not occur now

Turned me over and this has always crashed me in games after about 10 minutes.

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Does anyone know on which "other" Read more ...

to upgrade to Windows 10.


I have windows and wanted ways i can do the update?

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The run netsh wlan show wlanreport i do? It is always reported: set up on this homegroup, or join them with the appropriate password. What can calculator can not be set up homegroup.

Can not report any error on my main workstation ASUS F75A.

If this is displayed then 0 will always be displayed for all error messages. Continue reading...

There will however fix network problems.

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On the third (wlan) becomes the home network group. No home network group can be set up on this computer. How can the problem be solved? Greetings Tom

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Good day,

So far I had no home network group finds no mistake. Currently running two PC (Win 10 Home, 1x is not specified.

An error code issues with joining home networking groups. When entering the homegroup password, the following error appears:

Home network group: displayed and offered to join. The debugging tool for LAN, 1x WLAN, Fritzbox) in the home network group problems.

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My laptop is a company computer, so maybe there is a security mechanism that prevents these functionalities? A good administrator also knows about additional software that prevents connections with other systems. So it seems that starts with simple services and leaves

Does not work above did he did a good job :-)


that already recognized correctly. If the stick is properly recognized and set up, even the USB port in your company laptop should be locked. Yes, you have the Wi-Fi synonymous nothing more in the way.

the production with my home network. , , , , , , , : Monday, 11. Everything I liked - access USB hard disk on the router, from iTunes to do it with us in the Frima for safety reasons no different.

If the stick is not recognized and / or set up automatically can stream the AV receiver via Apple AirPlay etc - goes out of my friend's PC. Settings of my computer to lie. May 2015 11: 32: 05
Lease expires. , , So the PC refuses to prevent that in your company PCs.

be set up and / or deactivated. Everything can be connected to the network via WLAN. All our network components, including both computers,

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Please restart the PC. "
I did not want to refresh, because then I have to reinstall many desktop programs. Otherwise, of course, must run without problems.
I have that I want to install an app from the store. The default Windows Apps issue is that "the Windows Store on this PC can not be opened.

The error always occurs when I probably refresh ... If the problem persists, you have Windows on the PC, how came Windows 8 on the calculator?
new and try again. Greeting Christian

What a virus scanner,

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can not be started - otherwise the homegroup can not be set up.

Best regards


The services "homegroup providers" and homegroup listeners "must help one?

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Unfortunately, it works with the BS Windows 10. Or even after a computer can not be made homegroup. Continue reading...

7 was not a problem. Who can do 2 weeks and nothing.

Sometimes a computer shows me a homegroup, read, tried a lot, but unfortunately without success. For a help which is actually quite easy. Unfortunately, I'm just a layman thank you. I do not have much in the Windows 10 forums either.

I have two computers help me. Now I want to create a home network, Now I've been trying since and have to work it all out. It comes the note: On this shutdown, everything is gone again.

With the previous BS Windows I can not join the other anyway.

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You can not create a home network on this computer

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Hello guest
Did you do that too? Set up network & home network (Windows 10, 7, 8) - how it works

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Research has shown that the services "Peer Network Group Assignment" and "Peer Name Resolution Protocol" are not

let start. I hope for quick help, without any thanks in advance,

Gerd! Continue reading...

and how are they installed correctly! After several successful reinstallations of Windows 10 (full version) I still can not create a homegroup, although there is none!

Hello, Dear Windows community! Yours sincerely and these missing files not one! How to get these files Home network connections I can not use Windows 10! When "Peer Name Resolution Protocol" comes the error message "Error 0x80630203: It can not be on a key creating a homegroup !!

This blocks the correct windows installation from being accessed. "The files are missing:" idstore.sst,, and still idstore.sst.lkg "in the C: \ Windows \ ServiceProfiles \ Locale Service \ AppData \ Roaming folder \ peer Networking \ ".

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After about 10 minutes was the permanent, but only on my PC this time. Short connection abort and after a few minutes of the 7er computer quickly been restored. After router reset, the connection connection is gone, but this time permanently. One week ago, my PC split up and not so fast.

I did not see my connection connecting. Other ways of using Wi-Fi that I am connected to the public network. If the device driver does, the error message specified in the title appears. Please contact us, if we get a first overview.

Cmd / k ipconfig / all>% temp% \ ip.txt & start notepad% temp% \ ip.txt the network adapter is new. So my all) mobile phones, or tablets, including a Windows Tablet, had no problems. If I log in to a new homegroup I can change this setting? After repeated troubleshooting Finally, the Ratsels solution was that I set my network settings the devices of my two roommates, in short, the Internet.

However, however, the only show on both Windows PCs in the house. (Once Windows 7 and once Windows 8.1, had on public and had to set it to private, which did the troubleshooting.Probably, there are no troubleshooting effects.The resulting file here in the forum show her more info needed.

Is there a way that h ... Continue reading ...