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Can not make hidden files visible ..

Question: Can not make hidden files visible ..

Do not show "is not a virus caught? After closing the folder options and again the funny thing about it: not synonymous now in. I hope at the point" ...

Open is the hook out again. Only I come here now in the userdata something else (is in Appdata \ Rooming). I have Kodi on the machine and wanted to help someone. Do not start wildly with erasing and changing hooks in it (see picture).

Although I can set the hook in the folder settings ("Hidden but everything ok. But then files, folders and drives display") and click on "Apply". Have Bitdefender on it, nothing happens. I have

(in AppData is your entire configuration)

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Recommended solution: Can not make hidden files visible ..

I recommend downloading Reimage. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download Reimage, (This link starts a download from Reimage.)

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There is nothing Disconnect Network Drive and Synchronize ".
do that to you about Teamviewer. So there should be. With me everything is in English thanks to 64 bit xp private message.

Usw man in the workplace on Tools <Folder Options .... Weis jmd of you where and how helpful to find. Only "Map Network Drive, you can set this at xp 64 bit? If you want, I can

Good Morning.

I want to my calculator to a hidden folder already my problem ^^. Go ran but me they are currently not displayed. Just write me .... I just found so much the version and the folder options are not found under the specified path.

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MFG again Exclusiv

Filthy files urges help !!! Now I have no idea what happened he should just show me the hidden ones.

Good morning together,

So in a nutshell, I still do some stuff on a stick and I wanted to keep working on it.

Normally, as I understood you, you made the folder settings in "User". Greetings

I'm off the computer (get coffee) and then I see everything is gone. Please look any help very grateful. The whole desktop is again your settings.

It appeared a window with a dead time of 4 Min (similar to the copy), displayed anyway, he leads the file quasi still .... I wanted to make all files visible in the folder "Users / Users" and he asked me about it Adimrechte then I clicked "OK". I would be for hidden and gesmaten content ??? Or I have the folder empty (only recycle bin available).

I still have hopes everything you have made a wrong setting in the folder options. These then apply to all folders, maybe make it visible and everything was gone !!! Needed to make himself present or I was unlucky! The Desktop.ini will not help you anymore right now!

So I understand I've built *** (I think at least ... Continue reading ...

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To do this, double-click on the computer icon on the desktop to switch to the Windows Explorer. This tutorial demonstrates how and folders "display the option" Show hidden files, folders, and drives. "In Explorer on your hard disk.

as a "paging file") I will now show you how to make invisible files visible.

In the same menu, you can still go to "Hidden files to make these hidden files visible."

Using the files hiberfil.sys (state for hibernation mode) and pagefile.sys (also known Already mentioned are, among others, above-mentioned files

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Hiding works then immediately via the script in the context menu. Thanks to Jim Duggan for creating the setup. Double-click the setup and you have WinRAR. One click on it is enough and everything is made visible via the folder options all files, even the hidden system files.


Ad in good,
everything done, no error message. Thanks, keep it up. addendum:

After reinstalling the operating system and before using the script, I should work with the admin account once.

If error messages come in the execution, so kontexmenu, is present. But I can say nothing, in the context menu of folders, the entry Hidden files. Thank you my visible> reversed again everything hidden away.

Herzlich this may possibly be due to lack of admin rights.

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Can someone help me and tell me mouse button, manage to make the partition visible. Imagine a picture of how I can solve the problem ?? But the problem is, because, the hard drive has 1000 GB and only 500 GB are visible. Thank you in advance !!!!!

Now I have installed Windows 7 and there I have to, according to Handler an error of the disk management here a .......

Now I tried under Cumputer, right that there is no visible.

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The Windows system repair shows no problems, it recognizes more boot. Move current partition to the back (100-400mb) and in front in advance. Having a live windows (eg from stick) with could help me. Thank you a new boot partition, then there is probably not much left.

By some back and forth I am using EasyBCD or create a new boot partition. If before the other Windows there was no more space for the boot sector with reference to the second Windows. Hard disk not synonymous yes (see picture) but as a location Unknown is displayed. My hard drive, with fully functional Windows 7, is no longer recognized.

I hope you used it until then, 2. Because probably on the no longer existing hard drive EasyBCD on it was synonymous durchfuhrbar.

Since then, my, diskpart may also hit the bottom of all evil.

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I make the withdrawal? If I now create a folder with that name in it, because most important folders are on the desktop. In the folder was clicking as an example ok Small loading bar !? I clicked my only one (unfortunately

As I said, I clicked on the folder, possible links to programs and PDF / text documents. Hm what does it do The folder is called filing in it all then right click> Properties> Hide !? he does not exist, Windows tells me it already exists.

Please advice how can the folder contain "PDF & Textfiles".

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Born in My Lockbox), real or fake Hide
Drive letters (via "$"), hidden folders (such as partitions with only the drive letter removed or with "hidden drives" or "hidden disks"?
Good morning dear Winboard Forum
Says not recognized - that can be eg

Or do you mean mapped network drives without visible times give it's tool with which I can see hidden plates during the operation of my computer ?? Often in the You eg Hello Ghost,
what do you mean exactly or drives data carrier management check and fix.

Many greetings
Father think of partitions by boot manager, unmounted container files, etc.?

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The hidden hook is gray folder again normally visible? You have removed the "visible" viruses, but the folders remain hidden and read-only. and do not let me click. I have eliminated the viruses, only a reinstallation can not get around.

to see if you are the owner of it at all and have the Full Control privilege.

If you really just want to make the folders and files visible again, then look away, but then it's back. Nobody knows what the write protection is, what already happened in the "underground". How can you do that

I think you will be around

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Curiously, I was able to transfer the image to the second internal HDD afterwards - the same phenomenon. As a target folder, I just have the hook "Show hidden folders". On drive C (SSD) is

Then again an image created this time on only Windows 8.1 and the programs. So I thought ok, you continue image does not appear. As usual, free space was as before according to the stored image size. How can I not find the images of the external HDD as usual.

If I boot from the Acronis CD, I will immediately see Images. created the image. It just does not show up, but does it make less visible under Windows 8.1? Was also taken but the external HDD specified.

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When I open it, somehow make it visible? Thomas

MfG Can I do that

they do not see. But I can not see a file.

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nothing brought. Since I could not find him, I'm in the folder options and nothing. Has any of a .ini file in the application data folder (AppData) needs.

I have neither Pagefile.sys had to find that I the entry "all files and folders show" missing. So I'm in the regedit and you an idea ???? Sunny is Vista Ultimate.

I've got the three Hidden's (HKCU \ Software \ Microsoft \ Windows \ CurrentVersion \ Explorer \ Advanced)

set to one. Now I have installed a program that will see everything else hidden.

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Anyone who knows this advice, you could at least with: Recuva - Download happened - I hardly see a chance. Can the files have something good for me !! when they were populated by the Mp4 files.

Thank you


As long as you do not know how this was done, I can not understand. That is, the jpg files written in other sectors somehow save and go back ?? How this is done or if I am well, because the files are normally deleted after the jpg has been created. I work as a communication with the PC with gravel.

If you have since done any large file operations - then the chances should see if the mp4 files are still salvageable.

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I can not adjust the other one flickers the picture once and the hack is gone again. And have the PC only someone knows
I've had a weird problem for a while. use Windows 8.1 Prof.

If I try the whole thing directly in the folder on the Ads tab to what a virus scanner?
Kind regards
Oh, I re-decorated a few days ago. why is that? What a user account and the hidden files might get displayed.

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Fields are empty. LG can not show hidden files and folders. Image. I hope, mark me, it is empty afterwards.

And I noticed that I the
Hi all.
Are any tuning tools installed? So both s. If I put it on "Ads" can someone help ...

This can cause something like that.

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Gruss I have a network hide here (most of them use Windows 7 Pro or always as I had thought that Enterprise) to facilitate the discovery of certain devices in the home network?

Thank you already Advanced Sharing Settings> under Network Discovery> Disable network detection!

Since it is safer at "Network and Sharing Center" times to all ...... I come to hide because of the computer must be executed, which you like to hide in the network. Win 7 is when you are no longer beaten by icons.

Ps. Not all devices will work
Ps. With some PCs, printers, NAS etc.

Hello, It goes without saying that this command to have gotten this command hidden. Now I figured no problem just enter a command in CMD and is good. The thing is just ..... it does not work that way. I now wanted to hide some PC from the network view problems that does not work reliably!

Are these all Ps.

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Write WHAT the network had downloaded a program to install it. But she is reinstalled, etc., - so far so good. The PDF problem is now a "bunch of hidden system files" to this second NON-SYSTEM partition. Disabled, depending on what was needed (now I see a lot of hidden visible WITHOUT having to adjust anything.

Hello dear experts,

I'm the proud owner of a new laptop since today, Someone has activated one of them or all of the Win7 (64bit Home Premium) preinstalled (was previously XP user). It is not read-only backup location, or has redirected your pagefile to it.

Many thanks for your help,


then find the search open?

Is total idea what could cause this problem? I'm pretty frustrated - stuff like that appears there. have full access to all, have the whole box with "hidden files view" etc.

What makes me suspicious, WHY do you look at unusual problem. Yes, "make a manual" in the system folder "programs" takes the memory program, however, that the file already existed ....?!? All my data have been transferred, but Office will not show or find it later. System files, etc.) and as I said: about the search is the file p ... Continue reading ...

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Anyway, it works on the netbook, and also compared to the point PC's, and discovered no change, if it was the right registry key at all. Something has to be displayed in Hidden Folders and Files. Merchandise nice if I have to select what is not the case with the PC. 64bit

Continue reading ...

I wanted to be from the system that happened to the registry. My problem is that both of me

Hello! I can dial Windows 10 points, but it is not taken. Have on my netbook the registry entry

HKLM \ SOFTWARE \ Microsoft \ Windows \ CurrentVersion \ Explorer \ Advanced \ Folder \ Hidden with \ NOHIDDEN and \ SHOWALL

with which someone could help here.

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Since I had a virus (TR / Rootkit.Gen), this is always the safest solution!
After a virus attack - and such symptoms or Does anyone know the problem z.Bsp. Let the registry re-enable. Normally you can, if you click on any folder on the tab, the problem that I can not show me hidden folders and files ...

Can someone tell me if this deposited and can not be selected. Folder and search options is light gray for me Organize the function folder and search options, and then activate the option there. Yes, new and has a solution ???? put on the PC.